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La distribución espacial del taller de dise?o y los códigos de conocimiento educativos dos casos de estudio: el taller de planta ‘tabicada’ y el taller de planta ‘abierta’
Educere , 2006,
Abstract: the main aim of this exploratory-descriptive research was to complete the space evaluation of an innovative educative space (design project units: dpu) in the architecture major in the university of táchira. the specific research objectives were: verify the premises of unet ’s architectural project, regarding the design of the dpu, describe the spatial behaviour of the main users in two types of building distribution of the dpu and explore how the physical space is related to teacher training in the projects course. the qualitative approach was used, within the framework of bernstein ’s (1973) pedagogical transmission theory and peatross and peponis’ interpretations (1995). according to bernstein, education space is a medium for social control. the knowledge code in education, understood as the principles that underlie the curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation, can take one of two shapes: integration and collection. the results show that the spatial distribution of the workshop not only reflected the pedagogical principles, but it also generated its own pedagogical efects.
Perfiles de bienestar de los grupos vulnerables en el área Metropolitana de Santiago de Cali
Harvy Vivas
Lecturas de Economía , 1996,
Abstract: El presente artículo muestra los resultados más importantes de un trabajo exploratorio de las variables de incidencia en la pobreza, realizados para el área Metropolitana de Santiago de Cali. La investigación toma como punto de partida la clasificación apriorística de los hogares con base en criterios carenciales y prosigue con la utilización de metodologías alternativas de clasificación, mediante dos tipos de discriminadores: lineal y logístico. A partir de estos ejercicios se pudieron detectar diferencias sustanciales en los perfiles de bienestar de los hogares, de los grupos vulnerables y no vulnerables de la población, según los vectores de atributos para una muestra de 1923 hogares. Además se demostró que las variables de capital humano en el hogar, explican el mayor porcentaje de inercia de los grupos vulnerables de la población.
Path Integral Treatment of Fluctuations in the BCS-BEC Crossover in Superfluid Fermi Gases
H. Vivas
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: By using a Path Integral formalism, we study the fluctuating fields in the order parameter for a 3D uniform Fermi gas at T
Parametrization of unstable manifolds for parabolic skew-products
Liz Vivas
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Given a parabolic map in one dimension $f(z) = z+O(z^2)$, $f \neq Id$, it is known that there exists the analogous of stable and unstable domains. That is, domains in which every point is attracted by $f$ (and by the inverse $f^{-1}$) towards the fixed point. In this paper we prove that there exists a natural parametrization for the unstable manifold in terms of iterates for some subset of parabolic maps. Furthermore, we prove that this parametrization is valid also in the case of skew-product maps that satisfy certain conditions. Finally, we give an application of this fact to construct Fatou disks for skew-product maps that are parabolic in each direction.
Degenerate characteristic directions for maps tangent to the Identity
Liz Vivas
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Let F be a germ of (C^2,O) tangent to the identity. Assume F has a characteristic direction [v]. In [Hak] Hakim gives conditions to guarantee the existence of an attracting basin to the origin along [v], in the case of [v] a non-degenerate characteristic direction. In this paper we give conditions to guarantee the existence of basins along [v] in the case of [v] a degenerate characteristic direction.
Aplicación de un método para el análisis de las redes semánticas en pacientes que sufrieron un accidente cerebro vascular
Vivas,Leticia Yanina;
Interdisciplinaria , 2010,
Abstract: there are many ways in which semantic organization can be assessed. the methods usually used are useful in many ways but fail to provide the possibility to visualise the configuration of a semantic network corresponding to a certain group of concepts and to make qualitative and quantitative comparisons between different networks. the aim of the current research is to show the application of a semantic distance judgment method to stroke patients. this method is called distsem and it was build on the basis of spreading activation theory (collins & loftus, 1975). it allows obtaining the configuration of a semantic network according to the semantic distance judgment realized by the individuals between pairs of concepts of different and equal semantic category given by the examiner. the method has been administered to 30 stroke patients and 30 healthy controls. in the current paper, the response patterns of the patients are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively and comparisons are made with the production of healthy controls. in the first place, all the matrixes were correlated with an interjudges matrix and the results show that strokepatients obtained significantly lower correlations than controls. in the second place, the matrixes of the stroke patients were correlated with a matrix that represented the mode of the estimations made by the group of healthy subjects. there were found two atypical groups. on the one hand, there was a group of patients that found scarce relations between concepts. on the other hand, there was another group that found a great number of relations between concepts, including relations between concepts that were not from the same semantic category. this data can be interpreted in light of collins and loftus theory as a failure of the spreading of the activation. some patients seem to fail in the searching process within the network, particularly in the control of the spread of the activation necessary to look for the similarities requeste
El campo cultural venezolano de los a?os 50: Un espacio abierto a la escritura
Vivas Lacour,Carmen Victoria;
Letras , 2009,
Abstract: this article emerges from the intention of discussing the view that considers the decade of the 1950s in venezuela as little fruitful in terms of literary production. with this discrepancy as a starting point, this work attempts to recover the outstanding presence of women writers during such period of time in the venezuelan cultural field. and, in this sense, to highlight the important role that women achieved, for those times, as well as the way in which they assumed their own discourse referring to their role in modernity. in the context of the cultural agenda of the 1950s, it is outstanding that feminine writing acquired its space and argued against the traditional way in which women had been represented, making her a constant image in literature, a subject to be redefined in fiction from the incorporation of new subjectivities and interests that this view proposed.
Sistemas metafóricos en discursos de Fidel Castro
Vivas Belisario,Ana;
Letras , 2010,
Abstract: the essential aim of this study is to analyze the use and function of metaphoric systems in speeches delivered by fidel castro ruz in the context of three anniversaries of cuban revolution. with support on critical discourse analysis (van dijk, 1998 and 2003) and cognitive linguistics (lakoff, 1991 and loyola, villa and sánchez, 2003), the study is designed as a qualitative research of descriptive and interpretative nature. amongst the findings it can be foregrounded that the metaphoric system privileged in such speeches is that of fair war, which strengthen the legitimizing conception of castro?s power as it presents him as the leader who faced an empire.
Amargo el fondo (1957): El diálogo con la tradición femenina en la literatura: distancias y cercanías con Teresa de la Parra
Vivas Lacour,Carmen Victoria;
Anclajes , 2009,
Abstract: the main objective of this article is to analyze the novel amargo el fondo (1957) written by gloria stolk. the interest for this novel is based on the turning point that this publication seemed to produce in the trajectory of the writer and the venezuelan feminine writing. as far as subject matter is concerned, this study emphasizes stolk's search for new parameters that lead her to the fixing of subjectivity boundaries in an open dialogue with teresa de la parra's novels. the narration shows a change as regards the camouflaged position that the author showed in her first texts, thus manifesting an opener feminist position. after having obtained certain public recognition for her previous works, she adopts, in this fiction, the romantic novel format to question and undermine its bases from inside. although such a decision aims towards a moderate breaking-off, it is possible to notice the obliteration of the classic representations of venezuelan literature related to the feminine subject.
Clave pictórica de triatóminos (Hemiptera: Triatominae) de Venezuela
Boletín de Malariología y Salud Ambiental , 2009,
Abstract: this article updates the taxonomic status of the triatomine species in venezuela, excluding synonyms, using recent systematic revisions and museum specimens, including not previously recorded species in former keys and new species from venezuela.

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