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Knowledge and Risk Perception toward HIV/AIDS among Students of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”  [PDF]
Violeta Zefi
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.63018
Abstract: The primary goal of this research paper is to examine knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the perceived risk of infection with HIV among students in Kosovo. The research method used in this study is the quantitative one where data were collected through questionnaire. The survey was conducted with two hundred students of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, from four study fields: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Chemistry and Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Knowledge about HIV/AIDS among students was not complete, i.e. they have misconceptions regarding the ways of transmission of HIV virus. The less that students were informed on HIV/AIDS, the higher was their level of stigma. Perception of risk to HIV/AIDS was very low.
Spectral results for operators commuting with translations on Banach spaces of sequences on Zk and Z+
Cubo (Temuco) , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0719-06462012000300002
Abstract: we study the spectrum of multipliers (bounded operators commuting with the shift operator ) on a banach space of sequences on . given a multiplier , we prove that where is the symbol of . we obtain a similar result for the spectrum of an operator commuting with the shift on a banach space of sequences on . we generalize the results for multipliers on banach spaces of sequences on .
Gnero, ciudadana y control de constitucionalidad
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2006,
Abstract: el control de constitucionalidad se inscribe dentro del problema ms general (poltico y jurdico) de conciliar el predominio de la mayora con el respeto incondicionado a los derechos fundamentales protegidos por el rgano mximo que es la constitucin. en nuestro pas, es ejercido por el poder judicial, cuyos integrantes se convierten as, en los intrpretes y garantes de la constitucin. en este trabajo se sealan algunos problemas del control de constitucionalidad que generalmente no aparecen en el tramiento sobre el tema. aqullos que no son registrados, ni social ni jurdicamente, como violaciones de derechos y libertados, y que afectan particularmente al colectivo de las mujeres en su condicin de tales. el desconocimiento de la autonoma de las mujeres por gran parte del poder judicial, fundamentalmente en el rea de la sexualidad y la reproduccin, expresados en normas y fallos que se fundan en el modelo tradicional de femineidad (maternal y dependiente), obstaculizan la posibilidad de reconocer a las mujeres como sujetos con capacidad decisoria. es posible mostrar que aunque una ley no tenga relacin con el sexo, se puede aplicar de manera discriminatoria, o no proteger determinados derechos. el derecho, en la teora y en la prctica, no opera con las mismas categoras cuando se refiere a varones y mujeres, y estas diferencias se enmarcan dentro de las construcciones sociales que han definido histricamente lo que es ser mujer y ser varn, en desmedro del colectivo de las mujeres, y desestimando durante mucho tiempo su capacidad para ser ciudadanas plenas.
Declining Urban Structures - the Galati County Case
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2011,
Abstract: Constraint by physical and territorial-administrative limitations, Galati county displays an internally manifested functional enclavization, present at the level of settlements that is the first stage for declining territorial structures. The functional enclaves have a double nature within the cities, their relative isolation correlating with a certain process of social-cultural segregation, as well as an unbalanced economic cover. At the outside, the surpassing of the natural and administrative limitations takes two forms, that of territorial community under the shape of pseudo-suburbs and declining structures or, the second one, the form of complete “de-location”, beyond the administrative boundaries, at different distances, according to the main factor that generated the process.
Peri-urban Area of Galati – Risk or Positive Alternative?
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: Article proposes a brief analysis of the two facets of the phenomenon of suburban applied to the Galati city. Apparently confused, suburban and periurban can be considered both two stages of evolution of a territorial body and two modes of manifestation, not always mutually exclusive. For the purposes of this article, integrating contemporary views of literature on the evolution of city, suburban phenomenon presumed positive dimension, but not without risks. Conclusion based on data and cartographic material used in the present research confirms this assumption.
Los corpus discursivos orales como herramienta didáctica para los niveles iniciales
Violeta Nica
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2012,
Abstract: Actualmente, trabajar con muestras de habla real a la hora de ense ar un idioma extranjero es un hecho muy frecuente en especial en los niveles intermedios-altos (B2, C1). Sin embargo, el input realia autentica es una herramienta que también se podría aprovechar para los niveles iniciales, dado que, en estos niveles no se ense an solo palabras aisladas, sino que también se trabaja a partir de un contexto.
Zur Konzeptualisierung der Abstrakta als stehender Objekte im Litauischen und Deutschen. Abstrakt kaip stov jim ymin i objekt konceptualizacija lietuvi ir vokie i kalbose
Violeta Jociuvien?
Kalbotyra , 2008,
Abstract: Straipsnyje nagrin jama abstrakt konceptualizacija lietuvi ir vokie i kalbose. Tyrimo objektu pa-sirinkti erdvin s būkl s veiksma od iai stov ti ir stehen, paprastai vartojami su mones, konkre ius daiktus, augalus ar gyvūnus ymin iais daiktavard iais. Straipsnyje aptariami atvejai, kai ie veiksma od iai vartojami su abstrak iaisiais daiktavard iais. Siekiama nustatyti, kokias abstrak ias sritis nukreipiamas po ymis būti vertikalioje pad tyje‘. Ie koma atsakym klausimus: Kokie abstraktūs dalykai gali būti konceptualizuojami kaip stovintys? Kokie abstraktai gali būti suvokiami kaip vieta, kurioje galima stov ti?Nustatyta, kad abiem kalboms būdinga metaforin vertikalumo po ymio projekcija OBJEKTAS → VEIKSMAS, VYKIS, tik vokie i kalbos pasaul vaizdyje vertikali pad tis priskiriama kal-bai ir kiekio vienetams. Abstraktai, vartojami kaip lokatyvai, gyja erdvinius parametrus, jie koncep-tualizuojami kaip daiktai, turintys ribas, vid ir i or , galintys tapti atskaitos ta kais, pagal kuriuos apibūdinama kit abstrak i s vok vertikali pad tis. SKAL kaip erdv organizuojanti sistema la-bai detaliai kategorizuojama abiejose kalbose.
La investigación en lingüística hispánica en Espa a y en el contexto europeo
Violeta Demonte
Hispanic Issues On Line , 2007,
Academic Curricula Models of Teaching Foreign Languages and Economic Profession Standards
Violeta Negrea
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2006,
Abstract: The development of academic training in Romania is a must for our country to adapt to the European Union professional standards. The article makes reference to the late evolution of English for Special Purposes (ESP) training in several universities in the country and to the case-study of ESP learning in the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. English for Special Purposes is an academic subject based on the long-term professional and social needs of the specialised labor force in market economy. Its authentic content and learning/teaching tasks are selected and adapted to the curriculum subjects that the students attend to make their access autonomous to original professional sources.
Effect of strategy based instruction on achievement test scores in a mixed language ability group of ESP learners
Violeta Jurkovi?
Ibérica , 2013,
Abstract: The present article reports on the findings of a study that explored the effect of explicit strategy based instruction on achievement test scores in mixed language ability groups within an ESP course in a higher education setting. The research results indicate that language learner strategy instruction, which focused on cognitive, metacognitive and memory strategies, did not have any effect on achievement test scores among students with a higher level of general language competence. The results also indicate that membership in the experimental group was not a positive predictor of scores on vocabulary tasks of the achievement test among students with lower levels of pre-existing language ability. The results, discussed with respect to the context in which strategy based instruction was conducted, bring into question the justification for explicit strategy based instruction in mixed language ability groups, emphasize the importance of metacognitive awareness, and suggest that when insufficient time is available for integrated strategy instruction, a separate and independent module on learner strategies, focusing on different strategies for students at different levels of language competence, or implicit language learner strategy instruction seem to be more appropriate.

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