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Chemical Elements in Mulch and Litterfall of Beech Ecosystems and Their Total Turnover
Mariyana I. Lyubenovа,Violeta G. Dimitrova
Ecologia Balkanica , 2011,
Abstract: The beech communities on the territory of Bulgaria had been objects of regional, local as well as large scale national investigations aiming their classification, determination of their ecological characteristics, conservation status, habitats etc. They are included as objects of the intensive monitoring of forest ecosystems in Bulgaria also. The investigations of chemical content of the litter – fall in these forests were conducted until now. The novelty of the present research is investigation of these elements in the mulch and the ratio between the established quantities calculation. The main goal is the biological turnover special features characterization of the investigated elements which give us a chance to define the investigated ecosystems state and functioning. The indexes as litter – mulch and acropetal coefficients were used for this aim. The content of macroelements as N, Ca and K and microelements as Pb, Zn, Mn and Fe in soils, mulch and in different litter fall fractions have been calculated. The investigation was carried out on three sample plots. During the investigation was established that the soils are characterized with acid reaction, high content of Fe, N and Mn and low content of Ca and K. The concentration of Zn and Pb are high also. The calculated average store of investigated elements in litter – fall is 81.312 kg.ha1 and in the mulch 314 kg.ha1. According to the acropetal coefficient N is accumulated mainly in the acorns, K – in the annual phytomass fractions and Ca – in the perennial fractions. The leaves and the acorns fraction accumulate Mn, and cupolas Fe. The litter – mulch coefficient vary from 1,6 (Mn) to 4,2 (Pb). The tendencies of Zn and Ca turnovers acceleration are discovered, while the turnover of more investigated elements is inhibited. The litter – mulch coefficient for Zn and Ca is 0,8 and 1,4 accordingly, i.е. corresponding to the intensive type of turnovers which is not typical for the broadleaved forest communities. The determination of cause factors and the functioning of beech communities in the future have a great importance for the environment and the economy of the country.
Influence of MnTE-2-PyP on Inflammation and Lipid Peroxidation in Mouse Asthma Model  [PDF]
Lyudmil Terziev, Veneta Shopova, Violeta Dancheva, Galya Stavreva, Milena Atanasova, Angelina Stoyanova, Tzvetan Lukanov, Anelia Dimitrova
Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases (OJRD) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2012.22006
Abstract: Our aim was to investigate the effects of MnTE-2-PyP on some markers of inflammation and lipid peroxidation in mouse asthma model. 24 female mice were divided into four groups: group 1, controls; group 2, injected with ovalbumin (OVA); group 3, treated with MnTE-2-PyP; and group 4, treated with ovalbumin and MnTE-2-PyP. The mice from groups 2 and 4 were injected with 10 μg OVA and 1 mg Imject Alum? in 100 μL phosphate buffered saline (PBS) on days 0 and 14. The animals from groups 1 and 3 were injected with 100 μL PBS + Imject Alum? (1:1). The animals from groups 2 and 4 were subjected to a 30 min aerosol challenge of 1% ovalbumin on days 24, 25 and 26 and those from groups 1 and 3 were subjected to aerosol challenge of PBS at the same time and duration. One hour before inhalation, and 12 hours later the animals from groups 3 and 4 were injected with 100 μL MnTE-2-PyP solution in PBS containing 5 mg/kg. The total cell number, total protein content and 8-isoprostane, IL-4 and IL-5 levels in the bronchialveolar lavage fluid increased in group 2 as compared to the control group. Malone dialdehyde content in the lung homogenate and IgE levels in the serum also increased in this group. The total cell number, total protein content, and levels of 8-isoprostane, IL-4, IL-5 and IgE decreased significantly in group 4 as compared to the OVA group. The parameters set out above in group 3 did not differ significantly from those of the control group. MnTE-2-PyP administered intraperitoneally, 48 hours after the last nebulization, reduced the inflammation and lipid peroxidation in mouse asthma model.
Multidiciplinary Treatment of a Haemophilic Person with Total Hip Replacement Surgery- A Case Report
Erieta Nikolikj-Dimitrova,Antonio Gavrilovski,Violeta Dejanova-Ilijevska
Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Treatment of hemophilic arthropathy may be conservative and operative. Conservative therapy includes medications and physiotherapy, and surgery includes synovectomy, tendon release, capsulotomy, osteotomy and total joint arthroplasty. During physiotherapy, surgery and postoperative rehabilitation haemophiliacs need to receive clotting factor.Aim: We present our first experience in multidisciplinary treatment of a patient with severe haemophilia A during and after total hip replacement surgery, the patient’s outcome after postoperative rehabilitation treatment and 6 months later.Material and Methods: In a patient, age 28, with severe Haemophilia A, hip replacement surgery with total hip cementless prosthesis on his left hip was undertaken. Prophylaxis was done with concentrate of human coagulation factor VIII. Patient assessment was made with clinical findings, VAS for pain, Harris Hip Score for surgery outcome. Results: The postoperative rehabilitation treatment program consisted of exercise therapy, occupational therapy and education. After the rehabilitation Harris Hip Score was 79 points, and 89 after six months follow-up.Conclusion: The arthroplasty of the hip can be a valuable option in the management of severe hemophilic arthropathy. The successful outcome of replacement surgery in haemophilia depends upon a close collaboration between the orthopaedic surgeon, heamatologist/specialist of transfusion medicine, physiatrist and other team members.
Knowledge and Risk Perception toward HIV/AIDS among Students of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”  [PDF]
Violeta Zefi
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.63018
Abstract: The primary goal of this research paper is to examine knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the perceived risk of infection with HIV among students in Kosovo. The research method used in this study is the quantitative one where data were collected through questionnaire. The survey was conducted with two hundred students of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, from four study fields: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Chemistry and Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Knowledge about HIV/AIDS among students was not complete, i.e. they have misconceptions regarding the ways of transmission of HIV virus. The less that students were informed on HIV/AIDS, the higher was their level of stigma. Perception of risk to HIV/AIDS was very low.
Biological Efficacy of Herbicides for Weed Control in Noncropped Areas
Tsvetanka Dimitrova
Pesticidi i Fitomedicina , 2009,
Abstract: An increasing problem facing agricultural producers is the invasion of weeds, perennial in particular, so that implementation of industrial technologies is impossible without their highly efficient and rational control. For the purpose of studying efficient herbicides for weed control in noncropped areas (stubbles), a biological study of five total systemic herbicides was conducted in areas under natural weed infestation and pressure from othersurrounding weeds at the Institute of Forage Crops in Pleven in 2005-2007. The trials were carried out in field conditions using the block method with plot size of 20 m2. Treatment was conducted at the predominant stage of budding of perennial dicotyledonous weeds and earing of monocotyledonous weeds. Herbicidal efficacy was recorded on the EWRS 9-score scale (0-100% killed weeds = score 9-1). It was found that treatment of noncropped areas (stubbles) with the total systemic herbicides Touchdown System 4 (360 g/l glyphosate); Cosmic (360 g/l glyphosate); Roundup Plus (441 g/l glyphosate potassium salt); Leon 36 SL (360 g/l glyphosate) and Glyphos Super 45 SL (450 g/l glyphosate) was highly efficient, so that it was a successful element of a strategy for controlling weeds of different biological groups, and was especially effective against perennial weeds.
Effect of Weeds and Some Methods for their Control in Seed Production Stands of Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.)
Tsvetanka Dimitrova
Pesticidi i Fitomedicina , 2010,
Abstract: During the 2007-2009 period in the experimental field of the Institute of Forage Cropsa study was conducted with the purpose of investigating the effect of weeds and somemethods for their control in seed production stands of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.).The trial was carried out on a slightly leached chernozem on an area with a natural backgroundof weed infestation. As a result of the study it was found:Establishment of very uniform and productive seed production stands of sainfoinrequired effective weed control concentrated mainly in the first year when the degree ofweed infestation was the highest and reached to a number of 245 plants/m2 and the freshweed biomass to 1311 g/m2.The chemical control method showed the highest efficacy had the highest efficiencywhen, in the year of stand establishment at the stage of second-fourth true leaf of sainfoin,the treatment was conducted with imazamox 40g/l (Pulsar 40) at the dose of 48 g a.i./haor with the system of Bentazon 600 g/l (Basagran 600 SL) – 900 g a.i./ha – fluazifop-P-butylg/l (Fusilad Forte) – 120 g a.i./ha. In the years of seed production in spring at the beginningof vegetation, the treatment was conducted with imazamox 40 g/l (Pulsar 40) at the doseof 20 g a.i./ha + adjuvant DESH at the dose of 1000 ml/ha.An alternative to the chemical method is to sow sainfoin under cover of spring barleyachieving more complete use of the area in the first year, a weed suppressive and ecologicaleffect, but some negative residual effect on the crop was also observed;The pure stands of sainfoin with chemical control of weeds had the highest seed productivity,exceeding the zero check by 24 to 28%, followed by the stands with spring barleyas a cover crop with an increase of 12% and the mixed stands of sainfoin with crestedwheatgrass had the lowest productivity.
Supply Chain Design of a Radio Station: Case Study in Bulgaria = Oblikovanje oskrbne verige na primeru radijske postaje: tudija primera v Bolgariji
Vesselina Dimitrova
Management , 2008,
Abstract: The paper provides a framework of characteristics of the supply chain design for the Radio Varna radio station, based on the concept for the service industry. The comparison between the radio design and logistics design reveals new features for evaluation. The principal components are JIT news information delivery, listener satisfaction and the planning of financial and journalistic control. Some priority indicators of the logistics design like costs or specification of the radio location do not have any additional influence. The basis for the supply chain system for Radio Varna indicates some points for re-designing.
Multimedia Content Analysis and Indexing for Filtering and Retrieval Applications
N. Dimitrova
Informing Science The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline , 1999,
Abstract: Today s multimedia landscape depends on advances in data compression technology coupled with high-bandwidth networks and storage capacity. Given its size and nature, how can multimedia content be analyzed and indexed? This paper surveys techniques for content-based analysis, retrieval and filtering of digital images, audio and video and focuses on basic methods for extracting features that will enable indexing and search applications. [ed.]
Acanthocephalans of the nominotypical subgenus of Plagiorhynchus (Plagiorhynchidae) from charadriiform birds in the collection of the Natural History Museum, London, with a key to the species of the subgenus
Zlatka Dimitrova
ZooKeys , 2009, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.6.94
Abstract: Specimens of three species of the nominotypical subgenus of Plagiorhynchus Lühe, 1911 (Acanthocephala, Plagiorhynchidae) are deposited in the Parasitic Worms Collection of the Natural History Museum, London. Two of these species are from birds collected in the United Kingdom: Plagiorhynchus (Plagiorhynchus) crassicollis (Villot, 1875) from Charadrius hiaticula L. and P. (P.) odhneri Lundstr m, 1942 from C. hiaticula and Haematopus ostralegus L. The third species, P. (P.) charadrii (Yamaguti, 1939), is from Charadrius alexandrinus nihonensis Deignan in the Pescadore Islands (near Taiwan). Since the morphology of the three species is poorly known, these specimens are described and figured and any variation is commented upon. A key to the species of the subgenus Plagiorhynchus is presented.
On the donors' composition and the new dating of the fresco painting of the Church of the Holy Virgin in Matei
Dimitrova Elizabeta
Zograf , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/zog0329181d
Abstract: The painted decoration of the Church of the Holy Virgin in Matei , the second largest fresco ensemble from the 14th century in the Balkans' region comprises one of the most interesting donors' compositions of the Late-Byzantine period. The figures comprised by the donors' composition are united by the conception of the Deesis scene, composed by the image of Christ in the lunette of the southern wall, the representation of the Virgin Hodegetria above the entrance to the diaconicon and the figure of John the Baptist, depicted in the southern part of the eastern wall of the naos. The broader context of the donor's composition, in addition to the images of the donors - tzarina Jelena and young king Uro , who in the presence of tzar Du an, present the model of their endowment to the patron saint, contains also the image of the patriarch Joanikije, depicted as the head of Serbian Orthodox Church. Within the donor's composition, one can see the images of Makarije, the abbot of the monastery and St. Stephan the great martyr dressed in deacon attire, represented with his traditional role as a defender of the rulers and donors from the Nemanji dynasty...

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