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Characterization and biological activity of a brazilian isolate of Bacillus sphaericus (Neide) highly toxic to mosquito larvae
Vilarinhos, Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro;Maruniak, James E;Hall, Donald W;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761996000600024
Abstract: primary powders of bacillus sphaericus strain s2 isolated from soil samples in brazil, and strain 2362 were produced in a 14 liter fermentor. growth patterns and sporulation observed in three trials with strains s2 and 2362 in the fermentor were similar. second-instar larvae of culex quinquefasciatus, anopheles albimanus, anopheles quadrimaculatus, and aedes aegypti exposed for 48 hr to strain s2 responded with lc50 values of 0.25, 5.95, 12.28 and 140.0 ppb of lyophilized primary powder, respectively. under the same conditions, strain 2362 resulted in lc50 values of 0.39, 7.16, 16.93 and 307.0 ppb of lyophilized primary powder, respectively, in those mosquito larvae. statistical analysis of the bioassay data did not show significant differences among lc50 values observed in b. sphaericus strains s2 and 2362, at the 0.05 level. toxins of strains s2 and 2362 were extracted at ph 12 with naoh. electrophoresis of the extracts in polyacrylamide gel under denaturing conditions revealed the 51 and 42 kda toxins in both s2 and 2362 b. sphaericus strains. the presence of the 42 kda peptide in the extracts was confirmed by western blot and elisa, with anti-42 kda igg previously prepared from strain 2362.
Suscetibilidade de larvas de Aedes aegypti ao inseticida temefós no Distrito Federal
Carvalho Maria do Socorro Laurentino de,Caldas Eloísa Dutra,Degallier Nicolas,Vilarinhos Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2004,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Estudar o padr o de suscetibilidade do Aedes aegypti ao inseticida organofosforado temefós. MéTODOS: Amostras de larvas de Ae. aegypti foram obtidas com armadilhas para oviposi o, em oito cidades do Distrito Federal, nos anos 2000 e 2001. As larvas foram submetidas à dose diagnóstica de 0,012 mg/l de temefós, segundo metodologia padronizada pela Organiza o Mundial da Saúde. As popula es de campo foram testadas em paralelo com a cepa de referência Rockefeller e a cepa DIVAL, do insetário da Diretoria de Vigilancia Ambiental. A concentra o e a pureza das solu es de temefós foram analisadas por cromatografia gasosa. Os cálculos de correla o foram determinados pelo programa StatView - SAS Institute Inc., vers o 5. Utilizou-se o teste t de Student para verificar diferen as de suscetibilidade, com níveis de significancia, alfa=0,05. RESULTADOS: Em 2000, as popula es de larvas de Ae. aegypti nas cidades de Taguatinga, Guará e Núcleo Bandeirante apresentaram-se resistentes ao temefós, com mortalidade de larvas entre 54,1 e 63,4%. As popula es do Gama, Planaltina e Sobradinho apresentaram altera es nos níveis de suscetibilidade (mortalidade de 83,6 a 92,8%). A popula o de Ceilandia foi a única suscetível, com 98% de mortalidade. Em 2001, todas as popula es testadas mostraram-se resistentes (44,4 a 66,4% de mortalidade). Nenhuma correla o significativa foi encontrada entre a suscetibilidade das popula es e a distancia entre essas cidades ou a quantidade de inseticida aplicado nos anos anteriores ao estudo. CONCLUS ES: Os níveis de suscetibilidade do Ae. aegypti ao temefós vêm se alterando no Distrito Federal. é essencial a continuidade de programas de monitoramento da resistência desse vetor aos inseticidas para se garantir a eficiência dos programas de controle e a prote o da saúde humana.
Suscetibilidade de larvas de Aedes aegypti ao inseticida temefós no Distrito Federal
Carvalho,Maria do Socorro Laurentino de; Caldas,Eloísa Dutra; Degallier,Nicolas; Vilarinhos,Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro; Souza,Luís César Kenupp Rodrigues de; Yoshizawa,Maria Amélia Cavalcanti; Knox,Monique Britto; Oliveira,Cristiane de;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102004000500002
Abstract: objective: to study the susceptibility status of aedes aegypti to the organophosphate insecticide temephos. methods: samples of ae. aegypti larvae were obtained, using ovitraps, from eight cities of the federal district, central brazil, in 2000 and 2001. larvae were submitted to the diagnostic dose of 0.012 mg/l temephos, as recommended by standard world health organization methodology. field populations were tested in parallel with reference strains rockefeller and dival, from the environmental surveillance directory (dival) insectary. the concentration and purity of temephos solutions were verified by gas chromatography. correlation calculations were performed using statview - sas institute inc., version 5. student's t test was used for detecting differences in susceptibility, with significance levels of a=0.05. results: in 2000, ae. aegypti larvae populations from taguatinga, guará, and núcleo bandeirante showed resistance to temephos, with mortality ranging from 54.1 to 63.4%. the populations from gama, planaltina, and sobradinho showed altered levels of susceptibility (mortality ranging from 83.6 to 92.8%). the population from ceilandia was the only susceptible one, with 98% mortality. in 2001, all populations tested were resistant (44.4 to 66.4% mortality). no significant correlation was found between the susceptibility of populations and the distance between the cities of origin, or the amount of insecticide applied in the years preceding the study. conclusions: ae. aegypti susceptibility to temephos is changing in the federal district. it is essential to continue monitoring the resistance of this vector to insecticides in order to ensure the efficiency of programs aimed at vector control and at the protection of human health.
First isolation of dengue 1 virus from Aedes aegypti in Federal District, Brazil
Dégallier, Nicolas;Teixeira, José Marcus S.;Vilarinhos, Paulo de Tarso R.;Pinto, Santuzza C.F.;Pereira, Regilene D.;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822000000100016
Abstract: dengue is present in the federal district since 1991 and virological studies of the vector began in 1998. two strains of den1 were isolated from 9 pools of female aedes aegypti (78 mosq.), collected in april in gama county, where the breteau index was 5.4, and 32 autochtonous human cases were notified.
First isolation of dengue 1 virus from Aedes aegypti in Federal District, Brazil
Dégallier Nicolas,Teixeira José Marcus S.,Vilarinhos Paulo de Tarso R.,Pinto Santuzza C.F.
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2000,
Abstract: Dengue is present in the Federal District since 1991 and virological studies of the vector began in 1998. Two strains of DEN1 were isolated from 9 pools of female Aedes aegypti (78 mosq.), collected in April in Gama county, where the Breteau index was 5.4, and 32 autochtonous human cases were notified.
Medicina e hospital
Ferla, Alcindo Ant?nio;Oliveira, Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro de;Lemos, Flávia Cristina Silveira;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922011000300004
Abstract: this text is the result of a review of the historical analysis of michel foucault concerning the formation of modern medicine and its relations with other knowledge. it describes how the organization of health care is made from the hospital technology and power relationships that invested the individual and collective bodies in delivering a project of society. question is how life came on the scene through a biopolitics and as was the anatomical and politics in their effects in terms of organization of medical services and ways to manage their health.
Influência de programas n?o-formais de exercícios (doméstico e comunitário) sobre a aptid?o física, press?o arterial e variáveis bioquímicas em pacientes hipertensos
Liane Mattos Pinto, Vivian;Ribeiro de Meirelles, Luisa;de Tarso Veras Farinatti, Paulo;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922003000500003
Abstract: background and purposes: physical activity is accepted as a complementary strategy in the hypertension treatment. however, few studies were concerned with the effects of exercise programs which encourage a less strict training control, especially non-supervised programs. thus, this study aimed to investigate the effects of two non-formal exercise programs on the blood pressure (bp), physical fitness and biochemical blood profile in hypertensive adults. methods: two groups were observed during 18 months: a) 29 subjects engaged in a domestic program (clinex) (age: 53 ± 11 yr); b) 42 subjects practicing calisthenics in a community program (nprc) (age: 62 ± 9 yr). the following variables were assessed: bp, body weight, body fat percent, body mass index, sum of skin folds, waist-hip ratio, cardiorespiratory capacity, and biochemical variables (total cholesterol, hdl, ldl, plasma triglycerides, and blood glucose). the domestic program consisted in home-based programmed activities (walking and stretching exercises), held three times/week. the subjects were specifically trained for controlling the intensity and duration of the exercise, and filled an individual chart which was periodically delivered to the research group. the community program proposed hospital-based calisthenics and aerobic activities ministered by exercise specialists, also three times a week. in both programs, the data were assessed every three months and treated by repeated measures anova (p < 0.05). results and conclusion: the results suggested the exercise programs elicited positive effects, mainly in body composition and fat regional distribution. the repercussions on blood pressure, despite the fact of being statistically identified, seemed to be less consistent. there were not meaningful effects over the blood biochemical profile. the authors concluded that non-formal exercise programs can be related to favorable changes in overall condition of hypertensive patients, but their potential to elicit m
Influência de programas n o-formais de exercícios (doméstico e comunitário) sobre a aptid o física, press o arterial e variáveis bioquímicas em pacientes hipertensos
Liane Mattos Pinto Vivian,Ribeiro de Meirelles Luisa,de Tarso Veras Farinatti Paulo
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2003,
Abstract: Fundamentos e objetivo: O exercício físico é aceito como estratégia complementar no tratamento da hipertens o arterial. Contudo, s o poucos os estudos que analisaram o efeito potencial de programas cujo controle do volume de treinamento é menos estrito, principalmente os n o-supervisionados. Assim, o estudo investigou os efeitos de dois programas n o-formais de exercício sobre a press o arterial, aptid o física e perfil bioquímico sanguíneo de adultos hipertensos. Métodos: Foram acompanhados por 18 meses participantes um programa de exercícios n o-supervisionado (extramuros) (n = 29; idade = 53 ± 11 anos) e outro de tipo comunitário (ginástica) (n = 42; idade = 62 ± 9 anos). Foram analisados os níveis de press o arterial, aptid o física (peso corporal, percentual de gordura, IMC, somatório de dobras, rela o cintura-quadril, capacidade cardiorrespiratória) e variáveis bioquímicas (colesterol total, LDL, HDL, triglicerídeos e glicemia). O programa extramuros consistia em atividades programadas para serem feitas em casa (caminhada e flexibilidade), três vezes por semana, com treinamento dos sujeitos para controle da intensidade e dura o das atividades e preenchimento de fichas individuais, que eram entregues periodicamente à equipe de pesquisa. O programa comunitário envolvia atividades ginásticas em grupo, ministradas por profissionais de educa o física, também feitas três vezes por semana. Em ambos os programas, as variáveis foram medidas trimestralmente e os dados tratados por meio de ANOVA para medidas repetidas (p < 0,05). Resultados e conclus o: Os resultados indicaram que ambos os programas tiveram efeitos positivos, principalmente na composi o corporal (quantitativa e distribui o regional) e perfil lipídico sanguíneo. As repercuss es sobre a press o arterial, apesar de identificadas estatisticamente, revelaram-se menos consistentes. N o houve efeitos importantes sobre o perfil bioquímico sanguíneo. Conclui-se que programas n o-formais de atividades físicas podem ter influências benéficas sobre a condi o geral de hipertensos, mas seu potencial quanto a efeitos mais específicos deve ser melhor apreciado em estudos futuros.
Annual and Seasonal Changes in the Structure of Litter-Dwelling Ant Assemblages (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Atlantic Semideciduous Forests
Flávio Siqueira de Castro,Alexandre Bahia Gontijo,Paulo de Tarso Amorim Castro,Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro
Psyche , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/959715
Abstract: We surveyed ant fauna in the leaf litter in an Atlantic Semideciduous forest in the State Park of Rio Doce (PERD). The work aimed to produce basic information about habitat effects on diversity, as well as about how the ant fauna in a such buffered forest habitat, as the litter layer, could respond the climate variation in a short and long term. We sampled two years in two distinct forest physiognomies, which respond to different geomorphologic backgrounds, in dry and rainy seasons. Species composition, richness and abundance of these forests were distinct. However, both forests hosted similar numbers of rare and specialized, habitat demanding species, thus suggesting both are similarly well preserved, despite distinct physiognomies. However, the lower and more open forest was, more susceptible to dry season effects, showing a steeper decline in species numbers in such season, but similar numbers in the wet seasons. The pattern varied between years, which corroborates the hypothesis of a strongly variable community in response to subtle climatic variation among years. The present results are baselines for future long term monitoring projects, and could support protocols for early warnings of global climatic changes effects on biodiversity.
Análise da confiabilidade do método Figura Oito e da volumetria para mensura??o do edema de tornozelo
Reis, Filipe Abdalla dos;Ribeiro, Eduardo Alves;Carvalho, Paulo de Tarso Camillo de;Belchior, Ana Carulina Guimar?es;Arakaki, Juliano Coelho;Vasconcelos, Rodrigo Antunes de;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922004000600003
Abstract: edema's measurements on ankle injuries are necessary as part of the evaluation and diagnostic check. the present study was designed to analyze the figure-of-eight method and volumetry measurements and check their intratest and intertest reliability. twenty asymptomatic healthy male volunteers from 15 to 30 years of age, were randomly examined by three clinical examiners. each examiner performed three measurements following each method. it was used standardized positioning and measurement techniques. the results showed reliability in both methods (icc = 0.99). the pearson product-moment correlation coefficients showed reproduction between examiners, where values of r = 0.91, r = 0.95 and r = 0.96, respectively were found. these findings suggest the figure-of-eight method and volumetry are reliable measurements.
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