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Reflex?es sobre concep??es de família e empresas familiares
Machado, Hilka Vier;
Psicologia em Estudo , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-73722005000200019
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to present considerations about the concept of family business, considering recent transformations in the structure of contemporary family. most of the studies about family business were developed considering the patriarchal family as the panorama of investigation. thus, the description on the performance of these enterprises follows the same distribution of power and status of the patriarchal family. however, cultural, economical and social transformations have led to a new demography, as well as to different family arrangements, which probably have affected the family enterprises. this theoretical essay approaches some of these transformations, pointing out the relationship between these transformations and the conception of family business. the analysis was structured based on the size of the family, the distance among generations and the power composition and distribution. concluding, it emphasizes the necessity to give new dimension to the perception of family enterprise, including different contemporary family arrange.
Identidade organizacional: um estudo de caso no contexto da cultura brasileira
Machado, Hilka Vier;
RAE eletr?nica , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-56482005000100012
Abstract: derived from shared perceptions about the meaning of the organization, the organizational identity is related to culture. from this assumption, this study aim to understand an organization identity, considering cultural elements present in brazilian culture. it's about a case study, in which it was verified some factors that contributed to the organizational identification and identity: personal relationships, including paternalism in working relationships. these aspects contributed to produce feelings of safety and affiliation, internalized by organization's members and resulting in a social imaginary, with the symbolic union between organization and individuals. in addition it was also observed an association between personal growth and the growth of the organization, which reinforced the organizational identification and organizational identity.
A identidade e o contexto organizacional: perspectivas de análise
Machado, Hilka Vier;
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-65552003000500004
Abstract: this paper has an approach about identity, showing its application to the organizational theory. while describe different levels of the identity phenomenon, the paper establishes the frontiers of the study among each category, as well the possibilities of integration among the different approaches and their applicability in the organizational studies. in this way, the personal identity, the social identity, the identity in the work and the organizational identity are categories discussed, whose goal is extending the discussion about the subjectivity in organizations. it was verified that the perspectives of identity's study in organizations are multiples and there is a large field for discussion.
Demanda e resposta
André Ricardo Vier Botti
Scientia Iuris , 2004,
Abstract: The present article is about the binomial demands and responses under the perspective of the process as a bilateral tutelage where the author as well as the defendant require an initial demand which delimits the whole jurisdictional activity: The author expects the defendant's reluctancy to be declared and injustified. The defendant on the other hand claims his contraposition to the demander's intention is just. Therefore, the State will have intervene in order to fairly indicate which posture should prevail and by doing so pacify the dispute. O artigo trata do bin mio demanda e resposta sob a perspectiva do processo como tutela bilateral, onde tanto o autor quanto o réu deduzem uma demanda inicial, que delimita toda a atividade jurisdicional. O autor objetiva que a resistência do réu seja declarada injustificada e cesse, por seu turno, o réu pretende a declara o de que é justa a sua contraposi o a pretens o do demandante. De tal forma, o Estado virá intervir para, imparcialmente, indicar qual postura há de prevalecer, pacificando o conflito.
Influence of coating on the triamcinolone release of alginate chitosan beads for colonic drug delivery  [PDF]
Nadir Veiga Vier, Ruth Meri Lucinda-Silva
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.311122
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of coating of alginate-chitosan (AL:CS) beads on the colonic drug delivery. The AL:CS systems containing triamcinolone (TC) were coated with the HPMCP and Eudragit? L100 by immersion and by spraying methods. The drug release profile in simulated colonic medium was determined using 5% human fecal content suspension in 0.01 N buffer solution, pH 6.8. The systems coated with HPMCP showed a lower rate of drug delivery in simulated enteric medium. The delivery profile in simulated colonic medium followed zero-order kinetic. The coated systems provided a promising drug-delivery profile for application in colonic drug delivery.
A dinamica entre lideran?a e identifica??o: sobre a influência consentida nas organiza??es contemporaneas
Davel, Eduardo;Machado, Hilka Vier;
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-65552001000300006
Abstract: the structural, social, and cultural composite of transformations which contemporary organizations are facing indicates a new dynamic in exercising leadership and a renewal in the way of conceiving and analyzing that exercise. this paper explores the sensitiveness of that dynamic developing a conceptual framework that considers leadership and identification as complementary phenomena. leaders' influence emerges from the significant ordering of reality of people that, simultaneously, identify themselves with and consent on that influence. both phenomena mobilize and articulate power, cognition, and emotion resources. that conceptual framework allows us to make a more accurate and up-to-date evaluation of leadership as a dynamic process that involves: (1) political as well as cognitive, and emotional issues; and (2) ordering as well as recognizing, and consenting processes.
Manejo da osteorradionecrose em pacientes submetidos à radioterapia de cabe a e pesco o =Osteoradionecrosis management in patients underwent head and neck radiotherapy
Vier, Fabiana Vieira et al.
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2005,
Abstract: Os efeitos colaterais da radioterapia instituída para tratamento de pacientes com cancer da regi o de cabe a e pesco o interferem significativamente na qualidade de vida desses indivíduos. Entre esses efeitos, podem-se citar mucosite, hipossialia, ageusia, cáries por radia o, trismo e osteorradionecrose (ORN). Esta última constitui uma complica o grave e de difícil tratamento. A presente revis o da literatura objetiva enfatizar aspectos da osteorradionecrose, abordando fatores etiológicos, características clínicas e radiográficas, prevalência, tratamento e prognóstico da enfermidade. O cumprimento de medidas protocolares antes, durante e após a radioterapia de cabe a e pesco o previne e minimiza a ocorrência de complica es como a ORN. As consultas de controle após o término da radioterapia s o imprescindíveis e devem ser garantidas pela conscientiza o do paciente sobre a importancia das mediadas preventivas. Radiotherapy appointed for the treatment of patients with head and neck cancer presents side effects which interfere significantly with the patients’ quality of life. Mucous inflammation, hyposialia, loss of taste, radiation caries, trismus, and osteoradionecrosis (ORN) are among these side effects. ORN represents a serious complication of difficult treatment. The present literature review aims to emphasize aspects of ORN approaching the pathology’s etiologic factors, clinical and radiographic characteristics, prevalence, treatment and prognosis. Compliance with protocol procedures both prevents and reduces the development of complications such as ORN. After finishing radiotherapy, follow-up consultations are indispensable and to assure them the patient should be aware of the importance of preventive procedures.
Políticas públicas para o desenvolvimento local: o caso de fomento às indústrias de móveis de Guarapuava, Paraná
Grzeszczeszyn, Geverson;Machado, Hilka Pelizza Vier;
Intera??es (Campo Grande) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1518-70122010000100008
Abstract: this study analyzes the public policy for the local development, tends as base the case of the furniture industries of the city of guarapuava, in the state of paraná. it is treated of qualitative research and the principal result of the study indicates that there was not the attainment of the results planned by the public policy, that repeatedly were formulated by each public administration, since the decade of 1980, in the city.
Empreendedorismo e franchising: uma combina??o que garante a sobrevivência?
Machado, Hilka Vier;Espinha, Pedro Guena;
RAM. Revista de Administra??o Mackenzie , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-69712010000400006
Abstract: the micro and small enterprises are important in the brazilian economic context; however, this kind of business have experienced high mortality rates, caused by external and internal factors including entrepreneur's characteristics. on this context franchising is an alternative that intends to provide higher rates of success through the offer of a pre-tested and formatted business. however, this kind of enterprise is also subjected to failure. the present study intended to explore the reasons of failure in franchisees units. this research was carried through an ex-post facto and cross-sectional study. it was used the non-probabilistic sapling technique of the type snow ball. the collection of the data was done by a structured questionnaire. it was obtained data of 39 ex-franchised that finished their franchises from 2000 to 2004. the data were analyzed by the non-parametric tests of spearman and kendall tau. in conclusion it was verified that there is not a single feature determinant for failure, but a complex collection of associated features that contribute to franchising failure. among these factors, financial aspects and peculiar franchising aspects are the most significant ones. notwithstanding, the lack of managerial or sector experience are also critical factors to franchising failure, as they are in independent business.
Empreendedorismo e franchising: uma combina o que garante a sobrevivência?
Hilka Vier Machado,Pedro Guena Espinha
Revista de Administra??o Mackenzie , 2010,
Abstract: As pequenas e microempresas têm importante papel no contexto econ mico brasileiro, contudo, esses empreendimentos possuem altas taxas de mortalidade, ocasionadas por fatores externos e internos. Nesse contexto, o franchising é uma alternativa que visa melhorar as chances de sobrevivência desses negócios por meio da oferta de um negócio formatado e pré-testado. Entretanto, essa forma de empreendimento também está sujeita ao fracasso. O presente estudo objetivou explorar fatores de fracasso de unidades franqueadas. A pesquisa foi realizada por meio de um estudo de campo, ex-post facto e transversal. A técnica de amostragem utilizada foi a n o probabilística do tipo bola de neve. A coleta de dados foi realizada mediante o auxílio de um questionário estruturado. Foram obtidos dados de 39 ex-franqueados que encerraram suas franquias entre 2000 e 2004. Os dados foram analisados por meio dos testes n o paramétricos de Spearman e Kendall Tau. Concluiu-se que n o existe um fator determinante para o encerramento do negócio, e sim um conjunto de fatores entremeados que contribuem para o fracasso de uma franquia. Entre esses fatores, destacam-se aspectos financeiros e aspectos peculiares ao franchising. Ao contrário do esperado, a falta de experiência gerencial ou setorial também é um fator crítico para o encerramento da franquia, assim como ocorre em empreendimentos independentes.
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