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The Analysis of Accelerograms for the Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures  [PDF]
Victor Corchete
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2010.11004
Abstract: In this paper, the analysis of ground motions (displacements, velocities and accelerations) has been performed focused to the seismic design. The relationships between the peak ground acceleration (PGA), the peak ground velocity (PGV), the peak ground displacement (PGD) and the bracketed duration, with the earthquake magnitude, are presented and their validity and applicability for seismic design is discussed. Finally, the dominant periods of the ground motions (displacement, velocity and acceleration) are obtained from their Fourier Spectrum. Their validity and applicability for the seismic design is discussed also. The results presented in this paper show that the relationships that exist between the important parameters: PGA, PGV, PGD and duration; and the earthquake magnitude, allow the prediction of the values for these parameters, in terms of the magnitude for future strong motions. These predictions can be very useful for seismic design. Particularly, the prediction of the magnitude associated to the critical acceleration, because the earthquakes with magnitude greater than this critical magnitude can produce serious damages in a structure (even its collapsing). The application of the relationships obtained in this paper must be very careful, because these equations are dependent on the source area, location and type of structure. The dominant periods of the ground motions (displacement, velocity and acceleration) that are computed and presented in this paper, are also important parameters for the seismic design, because recent studies have shown that the earthquake shaking is more destructive on structures having a natural period around some of these dominant periods. These parameters must also be handled with caution, because they show dependence with the source area, location and type of structure.
A Methodology for Filtering and Inversion of Gravity Data: An Example of Application to the Determination of the Moho Undulation in Morocco  [PDF]
Victor Corchete, Mimoun Chourak, Driss Khattach
Engineering (ENG) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2010.23021
Abstract: In this paper, we perform a comprehensive explanation of the geophysical inversion of gravity data, as well as, how it can be used to determine the Moho undulation and the crustal structure. This inversion problem and the necessary assumptions to solve it will be described in this paper joint to the methodology used to invert gravity data (gravity anomalies). In addition, the application of this method to the determination of the Moho undulation will be performed computing the Moho undulation in the Moroccan area, as an example. Before the inversion, it is necessary the removing of the gravity effects for shallow and very deep structures, to obtain the deep gravity anomaly field that is associated to the deep structure and Moho undulation. These effects will be removed by a filtering process of the gravity anomaly field and by subtraction of the gravity anomalies corresponding to the very deep structure. The results presented in this paper will show that the inversion of gravity data is a powerful tool, to research the structure of the crust and the upper mantle. By means of this inversion process, the principal structural features beneath of Morocco area will be revealed.
Determination of a Gravimetric Geoid Solution for Andalusia (South Spain)  [PDF]
Francisco Manzano, Victor Corchete, Mimoun Chourak, Gil Manzano
Engineering (ENG) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2010.23022
Abstract: The orthometric heights can be obtained without levelling by means of the ellipsoidal and geoidal heights. For engineering purposes, these orthometric heights must be determined with high accuracy. For this reason, the determination of a high-resolution geoid is necessary. In Andalusia (South Spain) a new geopotential model (EIGEN-GL04C) has been available since the publication of a more recent regional geoid. As a consequence, these new data bring about improvements that ought to be included in a new regional geoid of Andalusia. With this aim in mind, a new gravimetric geoid determination has been carried out, in which these new data have been included. Thus, a new geoid is provided as a data grid distributed for the South Spain area from 36 to 39 degrees of latitude and –7 to –1 degrees of longitude (extending to 3 × 6 degrees), in a 120 × 240 regular grid with a mesh size of 1.5’ × 1.5’ and 28800 points in the GRS80 reference system. This calculated geoid and previous geoids are compared to the geoid undulations obtained for 262 GPS/levelling points, distributed within the study area. The new geoid shows an improvement in accuracy and reliability, fitting the geoidal heights determined for these GPS-levelling points better than any previous geoid.
El uso estratégico de la velocidad en el relato histórico realizado por la serie documental televisiva La Transición / The strategic use of narrative speed in the historical narrative of the television documentary series La Transición
Sira Hernández Corchete
Comunicación y Hombre , 2010,
Abstract: Ningún relato factual o de ficción tiene el poder ni, por tanto, la obligación, como se ala Genette (1993: 60), de imponerse una velocidad rigurosamente sincrónica con la de su historia. Los documentales de divulgación histórica no son ninguna excepción, por eso recurren a un conjunto de técnicas narrativas y dramáticas que les permiten alterar la duración del relato audiovisual que llevan a cabo y, en consecuencia, adecuar su contenido a los límites del tiempo fílmico e impedir que el ritmo se ralentice y aburra al espectador. Partiendo de la categoría genettiana de velocidad, el presente artículo se propone analizar el uso estratégico de algunas de estas técnicas en la serie documental televisiva La Transición (1995).According to Genette (1993:60), any factual or fiction narrative has neither the power nor the commitment to take on the same simultaneous narrative speed of its story. Therefore, the historical documentaries are not an exception. For this reason, they make use of several narrative and dramatic techniques in order to fit the length of their audiovisual narratives, and consequently, to adapt their contents to the movie length and both prevent the rhythm from becoming slow and the audience from being bored. Taking Genette’s category of narrative speed as the starting point, the aim of this article is to analyze the strategic use of some of these techniques in the television documentary series La Transición (1995).
The SAFEX-JIBAR Market Models  [PDF]
Victor Gumbo
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2012.24035
Abstract: It is possible to construct an arbitrage-free interest rate model in which the LIBOR rates follow a log-normal process leading to Black-type pricing formulae for caps and floors. The key to their approach is to start directly with modeling observed market rates, LIBOR rates in this case, instead of instantaneous spot rates or forward rates. This model is known as the LIBOR Market Model. We formulate the SAFEX-JIBAR market model based on the fact that the forward JIBAR rates follow a log-normal process. Formulae of the Black-type are deduced.
Wave Equation Simulation Using a Compressed Modeler  [PDF]
Victor Pereyra
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2013.33033

Repeated simulations of large scale wave propagation problems are prevalent in many fields. In oil exploration earth imaging problems, the use of full wave simulations is becoming routine and it is only hampered by the extreme computational resources required. In this contribution, we explore the feasibility of employing reduced-order modeling techniques in an attempt to significantly decrease the cost of these calculations. We consider the acoustic wave equation in two-dimensions for simplicity, but the extension to three-dimensions and to elastic or even anysotropic problems is clear. We use the proper orthogonal decomposition approach to model order reduction and describe two algorithms: the traditional one using the SVD of the matrix of snapshots and a more economical and flexible one using a progressive QR decomposition. We include also two a posteriori error estimation procedures and extensive testing and validation is presented that indicates the promise of the approach.

A Fractal Space-Time Structure of Nonequilibrium Living Systems Is Essential Property and Fractal Property of Dynamics Systems on Cosmic Scales Is Foundation for the Origin of the Living Systems  [PDF]
Victor Gusev
Open Journal of Biophysics (OJBIPHY) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2014.42007
The experimental data represented in the bibliography are theoretically analyzed to construct an adequate model for dynamics of an open nonequilibrium living system. It is shown that the viable microorganisms are capable of forming the fractal structure, whose dimensionality is certainly non-integral. In addition, we have attempted to provide a generalized description of the properties of living and nonliving matter (in the addition to that described in work [1]). Relevant published data were used to demonstrate a fractal structure of the space in the vicinity of centrally gravitating bodies with satellites revolving around them along closed trajectories and serving as a kind of testers of the neighboring space. A local violation of its discontinuity is likely to be a necessary (yet not sufficient!) dynamic characteristic of the spatiotemporal continuum for self-organization of molecules into a living, i.e., self-replicating, system.
La hemodiafiltración en línea mejora la respuesta al tratamiento con calcifediol
Pérez-García,Rafael; Albalate,Marta; Sequera,Patricia de; Alcázar,Roberto; Puerta,Marta; Ortega,Mayra; Corchete,Elena;
Nefrología (Madrid) , 2012, DOI: 10.3265/Nefrologia.pre2012.Jan.11189
Abstract: introduction: 25-hydroxy vitamin d (25-oh-vit d) levels in the blood are associated with multiple pathologies. "normal" values have been defined based on cardiovascular risk, and under this framework, patients with chronic kidney disease often have a deficit. 25-oh-vit d replacement in patients on haemodialysis (hd), in which dosage has not yet been clearly established, is becoming a constant in our daily practice. objective: to assess whether dialysis technique influences the baseline concentration of 25-oh-vitamin d and the response to supplements. method: prospective observational study of two cohorts of patients, those patients treated with calcifediol and those untreated (controls). blood levels of ca, p, pth, and 25-oh-vit d were measured in 59 prevalent patients on hd (35 male; mean age: 65.2 (15.7) years) in november 2010. thirty-six patients with 25-oh-vit d<10ng/ml were treated with weekly calcifediol (hidroferol?, 1 ampoule: 266μg) since january 2011, which was administered after hd by a nurse. they received 6 doses, and blood levels were measured again in march 2011. we compared the response based on the technique of hd (online haemodiafiltration [ol-hdf] vs hd). results: mean baseline values (n=59): 25-oh-vit d: 9.8 (7.0)ng/ml, ca: 9.3 (0.5)mg/dl, p: 4.5 (1.4)mg/dl, and ipth: 299 (224)pg/ml. there were no differences by age, sex, or dialysis technique (hd vs ol-hdf). treated patients (n=36): 25-oh-vit d levels rose from 6.2 (3.4)ng/ml to 51 (22.9)ng/ml (p<.0001), without significant changes in ca. serum phosphate increased an average of 0.6 (1.4)mg/dl, from 4.4mg/dl to 5mg/dl, (p=.015). pth decreased an average of 85 (208)pg/ml (p=.023). in these patients, the indication for phosphate binders increased by an average dose equivalent of 0.47 (0.82)mg/dl (p<.001). the 13 patients under treatment with ol-hdf reached 25-oh-vit d levels significantly higher than the 23 treated on hd: 63 (21)ng/ml vs 43 (21)ng/ml (p=.011). dual treatment with native and active
Teachers’ Perceptions about the Use of Play to Facilitate Development and Teach Prosocial Skills  [PDF]
Michelle Haney, Victor Bissonnette
Creative Education (CE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2011.21006
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers’ perceptions about the use of play to promote social, emotional, and cognitive skills to support planning for a school program aimed at increasing inclusive play for young children. This research was inspired by Vivian Gussin Paley’s book, You Can’t Say You Can’t Play (1992). Participants included undergraduate students and graduate education students in the Teacher Education Program at a small liberal arts college, as well as practicing elementary school teachers. The results indicated that graduate students and practicing teachers had a more accurate understanding about the developmental benefits of incorporating play into the classroom and a greater willingness to embrace the “you can’t say you can’t play” rule to promote inclusive play and acceptance. Implications for designing a preventative program for inclusive play in young children are discussed.
Semantic model and optimization of creative processes at mathematical knowledge formation  [PDF]
Victor Egorovitch Firstov
Natural Science (NS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2010.28113
Abstract: The aim of this work is mathematical education through the knowledge system and mathematical modeling. A net model of formation of mathematical knowledge as a deductive theory is suggested here. Within this model the formation of deductive theory is represented as the development of a certain informational space, the elements of which are structured in the form of the orientated semantic net. This net is properly metrized and characterized by a certain system of coverings. It allows injecting net optimization parameters, regulating qualitative aspects of knowledge system under consideration. To regulate the creative processes of the formation and realization of mathematical know- edge, stochastic model of formation deductive theory is suggested here in the form of branching Markovian process, which is realized in the corresponding informational space as a semantic net. According to this stochastic model we can get correct foundation of criterion of optimization creative processes that leads to “great main points” strategy (GMP-strategy) in the process of realization of the effective control in the research work in the sphere of mathematics and its applications.
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