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Prebavna mikrobiota kot dejavnik pri razvoju debelosti
Vesna Jerman, Gorazd Avgu tin
Acta agriculturae Slovenica , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10014-010-0007-z
Abstract: The increased prevalence of obesity in modern society is associated with incidence of obesity related diseases and represents a financial burden on public health. Important discovery in the field of microbial ecology of the gut was the possible involvement of the gut microbiota in obesity development. Using new molecular techniques and gnotobiotic animal models has revealed the relation between the regulation of body mass and energy balance of the host with the microbial community of the gut. Gut microbiota affects nutrient intake, facilitate the extraction of energy from food and promote storage of the calories in host adipose tissue through processes of fermentation, absorption and through the effect on the expression of host genes (e.g. Fiaf) and the activity of host enzymes (e.g. AMPK). In obese mice and humans the gut microbiota is clearly able to obtain energy from food more effectively as in the lean subjects. There are significant differences in the composition of microbial communities in relation to fat vs. lean phenotype. In the gut of obese animals and humans the increased proportion of the Firmicutes at the expense on Bacteroidetes was consistently detected. Both are the dominant bacterial groups in mammalian gastrointestinal tract, accounting together for 90% of all bacteria. It has been shown that gut microbiota is involved also in patophysiology of obesity through factors such as microbial LPS. Existing results show that high fat diet can affect the composition of microbial community in the gut and that these changes can further affect the incidence of metabolic disease. This evidence potentially opens a new field of manipulation of the gut microbiota as a new strategy to treat obesity and related diseases.
How to Determine Optimal Stock in Production
Mojca Jerman
RUO : Revija za Univerzalno Odli?nost , 2013,
Abstract: RQ: The purpose of the research was to determine the optimal ordering of materials in production, time of ordering and calculating the cost.Purpose: Determination of the optimal order quantity, time and cost of concrete material and optimize the organization and storage.Method: Method of data collection was secondary theoretical sources and data collection on projected needs and value of materials as well as data analysis with EOQ model calculations.Results: The optimal amount of screws was calculated that was estimated at 36,000 pieces that can be ordered every 28 days. In addition, the annual costs of maintaining inventories were calculated to € 357.77.Organization: By optimizing inventory, stock increases are prevented as well as production halts are avoided.Society: Introducing the system of optimization and implementing it into practice.Originality: Originality is in presenting a concrete case of using the EOQ model.Limitations: Unexpected increase in capacity due to increased demand, inventory stock and state of finances.
Optic nerve aplasia: A case report and literature review
Alqahtani Jerman
Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences , 2008,
Abstract: To report a case of unilateral optic nerve aplasia with unusual presentation and to review the literature. Clinical and histopathological features of a 36-week-old gestation male infant were described with review of all cases of optic nerve aplasia in the literature. The unusual findings in this case are the systemic congenital anomalies. Twenty-nine out of forty-two cases reported in the literature are true cases of optic nerve aplasia; the others probably represent optic nerve hypoplasia. Out of four cases reported as bilateral, only one case could possibly represent bilateral optic nerve aplasia. Optic nerve aplasia is very rare anomaly. It is overdiagnosed entity in the literature. Bilateral cases are exceedingly rare.
What Nanobacteria and Nanovesicles May Tell Us about the Origin of Life?  [PDF]
Igor Jerman
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103348
In contemporary, established biology life is almost exclusively treated as a molecular phenomenon. Therefore, the mystery of the origin of life is sought in molecular terms and processes. But according to certain advanced researches and considerations, life has also other essential “ingredients”: active and diffused organized information and a specific physical as well as physicochemical state of matter characterized by long range order and coherent domains. These characteristics should also form the basis of the prebiotic evolution, the phase of more or less organized nano-and micro-vesicular systems that lead from abiotic to living systems. In this view, the complex molecular, physical and physicochemical order replaces the DNA molecule in its capability to maintain the stability of information complexity from generation to generation. Such systems were already found on the present day Earth and even within organisms and were also synthetically reproduced. They are called nanobacteria and in general nanovesicles or nanoparticles. They may represent an actual passage from non living forms to primitive organisms.
The main goal of engineering geology for designing and construction complex structures in urban areas
Drago Ocepek,Jasna Jerman
Geologija , 2007,
Abstract: Work for designing complex structures in urban areas consists of geological-geotechnical investigations and analysis of the quality of rocks, soft rocks and hard soils in the construction area. Urban areas limited the space for designing cutting slopes in stable inclination without reinforcement. In this paper will be presented designing and excavation works with different reinforcement of two different areas in Slovenia built of heterogeneous mixed hard to soft rock masses (Triassic dolomite, limestone and Eocene flysch sediments).Before the start of excavations work and after establishing the retaining measures, the analysis results are checked by monitoring. This monitoring will continue in the phase of exploitation of the objects. Since the cost of these additional investigations and precise analysis with monitoring (SIST - EN 7 - 2004) and measurements is negligible – in comparison with the costs of the permanent reinforcement – if variable conditions are not to intensive, we were able to reduce effectively the investment value of the object.
The Use of Decision Making Information: A Comparative Exploratory Study of Slovene Hotels
Gordana Ivankovi?,Mateja Jerman
Managing Global Transitions , 2010,
Abstract: The paper aims to identify the use of decision making information, which will be provided by the management accounting system (MAS). The use of MAS information by general managers (GMS) and department managers (DMS) for measuring the performance of hotel enterprises will be investigated. The basis for the analysis is the contingence theory which was adapted to specific circumstances and conditions of the hotel industry. The analysis was performed on the basis of a questionnaire that was previously already used in the case of Australian hotels. The research is conducted on Slovene hotels that have more than 100 rooms. The results are the subject of comparison with the previous five year period. The results demonstrate that GMS actually differ from DMS with respect to their use of MAS information for making decisions. GMS and DMS do not use MAS information with the same frequency. Their satisfaction with MAS information is not equal and, furthermore, they do not use the financial and non-financial performance indicators with the same frequency.
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2011,
Abstract: According to the growing need for more comparable accounting standards, the beginnings of International Financial Reporting Standards for small and medium sized entities (IFRS for SMEs) can be found in the year 2004. IFRS for SMEs represents for the first time an accounting standard for small and medium-sized companies that can be used globally. The paper aims to examine the historical development of IFRS, the principal institutions linked to their adoption and the harmonization process of standards within the European Union. The main contribution of the paper refers to the evolution of IFRS for SMEs and the main differences between the full IFRS in use and the IFRS for SMEs.The results of the comparative analysis demonstrate that several differences exist between them. Although the aim of the new standard is to assure comparable financial statements for small and medium-sized entities, the presented disadvantages demonstrate that not necessarily its implementation will assure more benefits than the cost that will occur.
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2011,
Abstract: The concept of integrated marketing communications continues to gain widespread attention and interest among academics and practitioners around the world. Among the objectives of our paper may be considered dealing with changes in the conceptualization of integrated marketing communication and measuring the dimensions of this conceptual area. Two priorities guide our paper: 1) a more complete view for the conceptualization of integrated marketing communication; and 2) an empirical analysis for measuring the concept of integrated marketing communication. The study present a four dimensional conceptualization of integrated marketing communications and empirically develops its measurement instrument with 15-item scale. This paper presents the results of a study that examines integrated marketing communication in the sample of Slovenian companies and it closes with the implications of the findings.
Analysing the Required Properties of Business Simulation Games to Be Used in E-Learning and Education  [PDF]
Andrej Jerman Bla?i?, Claudia Ribeiro, Jo?o Fernandes, Jo?o Pereira, Tanja Arh
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2012.46039
Abstract: Business simulation games are considered as effective tools for the empowerment and mediation of business content learning. They act as serious games which contribute to learning through a simulation of real-life situations and busi-ness environments. They are especially useful in the area of business management processes and business strategies. The blending of designed simulation technology and content curricula offers participants (players, students) a risk-free opportunity to test out a range of relevant strategies to drive business results. By customizing computer-based business simulations, participants can integrate key strategic and financial priorities. This paper provides a brief review of busi-ness simulations that serve learning purposes. The first part presents a short introduction and description of business games and their evaluation properties, and the second part provides a brief evaluation and analysis of selected business simulation games.
The “Autothixotropic” Phenomenon of Water and its Role in Proton Transfer
Nada Verdel,Igor Jerman,Peter Bukovec
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12117481
Abstract: In an experimental study, significantly higher conductivity values than those of freshly prepared chemically analogous solutions were found in aged (~one year old) aqueous solutions, except for those stored frozen. The results surprisingly resemble a previously noticed phenomenon in liquid water, which develops when water is stored in closed vessels. This was observed as a disturbing phenomenon in gravimetric measurements and in luminescence spectroscopy measurements. The phenomenon was termed “autothixotropy of water” due to the weak gel-like behavior which develops spontaneously over time, in which ions seem to play an important role. Here, according to experimental results we propose that contact with hydrophilic surfaces also plays an important role. The role of the “autothixotropy of water” in proton transfer is also discussed.
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