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Filmová biografie o hudebních osobnostech a její vyu ití jako prost edku popularizace ve vyuce dějin hudby
GRANT journal , 2012,
Abstract: Studie je zamě ena na problematiku díl ího sub ánru hudebního filmu, na filmovou biografii o hudebních osobnostech, a také na jeho vyu ití jako prost edku popularizace ve vyuce dějin hudby. Autorka nejprve v první kapitole definuje ánr hudebního filmu a klasifikuje jej podle kritéria potenciálního eduka ního vyu ití. Tyto dále typologicky vymezuje do t í skupiny na filmové biografie o hudebních osobnostech s dokumentaristickym záměrem, hudební filmy o áste ně i zcela fiktivních hudebních osobnostech a hudební filmy o oby ejnych lidech“. V druhé kapitole se věnuje problematice popularizace jako nevyhnutelného prost edku sou asné vyuky dějin hudby. T etí kapitola je zamě ena na konkrétní metodická doporu ení – post ehy k vyu ití filmové biografie o hudebních osobnostech jako prost edku popularizace vyuky dějin hudby.
Opinions of School Managers about Chosen Problems of Physical Education
Veronika Dan íková , Branislav Antala
Sport Science Review , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10237-011-0007-x
Abstract: School managers consider physical education mostly as an important subject. Those managers, who are engaged in sport, have closer relation to this subject, which resulted in more positive answers about satisfaction with teachers of physical education, or in opinion, that physical education is as important subject as any other in school. Therefore we recommend to teachers of physical education who are engaged in sport to be more involved in managerial posts. The schools will have better conditions for education, also the quality of physical education will improve and motivation of student to be actively engaged in subject and support of physical education will increase.
Taxation of Corporations and Their Impact on Economic Growth: The Case of EU Countries
Baranová Veronika,Janí?ková Lenka
Journal of Competitiveness , 2012,
Abstract: One of the most debated questions in economy is the relationship between tax rates and economic growth. Especially taxation of corporations has great importance because a corporate tax base is quite a mobile factor of production and simultaneously the tax competition is currently still tougher due to required economic development particularly in the context of the economic crisis. Based on the available literature, we can deductively derive and suppose an inverse relationship between tax burden and economic growth; on the other side, the degree of correlation is not so obvious. The aim of this article is to verify the expected negative relationship between corporate taxation and long-term economic growth in the sample countries. This analysis is based on the neoclassical growth model extended with human capital. Furthermore, the model associated with the variable reflecting the different possibilities to measure the tax burden on corporations, especially tax quota separated on income taxation of corporations, the implicit tax rate on capital and effective tax rates secured by micro-forward looking methods. The default is a panel regression methodology and related methods of data analysis. The sample consists of EU member states. The reference periods are the annual frequencies in the time frame 1998 - 2010.
Basel III Global Liquidity Standards: Critical Discussion and Impact onto the European Banking Sector
Veronika Bu?ková,Svend Reuse
Financial Assets and Investing , 2011,
Abstract: Together with the Basel III regulatory equity rules, two liquidity ratios have been published. Resulting from the illiquidity of some banks during the financial crisis in 2008, these ratios shall help to prevent further crisis in the European banking sector. But do they really fulfill their aim? This article presents the new liquidity ratios, the actual liquidity situation in banks and describes the consequences for banks at a simplified example. It has to be stated that implementing more detailed liquidity frameworks into the banking supervision process is necessary. The financial crisis in 2008 showed that several banks did not have adequate liquidity risk models and processes to prevent illiquidity. But the LCR and the NSFR seem to be wrong methods. Both ratios will increase. The implementation of both ratios has to be done very carefully in order to prevent this.
Linking of Environmental and Health Indicators by Neural Networks: Case of Breast Cancer Mortality, Slovak Republic  [PDF]
Stanislav Rapant, Mária Letkovi?ová, Veronika Cve?ková, Andrej ?ur?a, Katarína Faj?íková, Hana Zach
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.32014

This study deals with the analysis of relationship between 67 environmental indicators in geological environment and breast cancer mortality in Slovakia. Primary data comprises a database of 67 environmental indicators for groundwater and soils as a mean value for every Slovak municipality and the data on relative mortality from breast cancer for Slovak municipalities (about 2900) collected for the period of 22 years. The training neural network was used as a mathematical model for data analysis. The top 200 networks have identified 12 environmental indicators (8 for soils: pHKCl, carbonates, Ca, Mg, Na, Co, Sr and 4 for groundwater: Ba, SiO2, Zn, Fe) with high rate of influence. As the most influential environmental indicator was identified pHKCl in soil that should be within the range of acids, definitely under the neutral point. Most of environmental indicators were unambiguously identified as negative (Mg, Ca, Sr, carbonates, Ba, SiO2, Zn and Fe). These indicators should be at the lowest level of their concentration in related geological component. Three environmental indicators, Ce, Na and Co had parabolic function where certain essential concentration levels of these elements are presumed with protective effect on human health. For all influential indicators limit values with respect to the lowest mortality were proposed. The verification of achieved results was performed through regressive model of breast cancer mortality for 12 calculated influential environmental indicators for all municipalities in the Slovak Republic. The revealed difference between real mortality levels and the model values was found for 6 environmental indicators (pHKCl, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Zn). Each executed limit has decreased breast cancer mortality for about 0.79 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Pilot testing of the Czech versions of the Coaching Behavior Assessment Questionnaire structure [Pilotní testování struktury eské verze dotazníku Coaching Behavior Assessment Questionnaire]
Veronika Baláková,Martin Musálek
Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis : Gymnica , 2012,
Abstract: BACKGROUND: In the sports environment, the opinion that the leadership style of the coach plays an essential role in achieving team success is generally accepted (Amorose & Horn, 2001). Scott Martin and Kelly Barnes in 1999 created Coaching Behavior Assessment Questionnaire, based on CBAS (Smith et al., 1977) and LSS (Chelladurai & Saleh, 1978, 1980). Currently in the Czech Republic, there is no diagnostic tool that would address the effectiveness of the coach. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this pilot study was to translate and evaluate the structure of CBAQ by method of structural equation modeling for population of children in age 10 - 16. METHODS: For translation of the questionnaire we utilized a modified direct translation method (Behling & Law, 2000). A total of 100 participants age 10 to 16, female 63 (mean age 13.02, SD = 2.10), male 37 (mean age 13.27, SD = 1.37) completed the CBAQ. For data analysis we applied both exploratory and confirmation factor analysis approaches. RESULTS: The original model was tested to verify the structural theory and diagnosis quality of this tool. Results of the original CBAQ 12-factor model showed poor fit of the underaverage values RMSEA on the level 0.082, CFI on the level 0.600 and lack coefficients of generic reliability. After reanalyzing the data we established a modified 5-factor structure of CBAQ. This 5-factor model with restricted numbers of items gave the best values of fit RMSEA = 0.056, CFI = 0.964 and acceptable values of generic reliability. CONCLUSIONS: This study had pilot character and we were aware of problems with loosing information due to very restricted numbers of items in modified version, however it is suggested that final 5-factor version with 15 items could made basis for future full standardized Czech version of CBAQ. [VYCHODISKA: Ve sportovním prost edí je obecně uznáván názor, e trenér hraje d le itou roli p i dosahování tymového úspěchu (Amorose & Horn, 2011). Scott Martin a Kelly Barnes vytvo ili v roce 1999 dotazník Coaching Behavior Assessment Questionnaire, ktery vychází z CBAS (Smith a kol., 1977) a LSS (Chelladurai & Saleh, 1978, 1980). V sou asné době není v eské republice podobny diagnosticky nástroj pro hodnocení chování trenéra. CíLE: Cílem této pilotní studie bylo p elo it a ohodnotit strukturu dotazníku CBAQ metodou strukturálního modelování pro populaci dětí ve věku 10 – 16 let. METODIKA: Pro ú el p ekladu dotazníku byla pou ita modifikovaná metoda p ímého p ekladu (Behling & Law, 2000). Dotazník vyplnilo 100 ú astník ve věku 10 – 16 let, 63 děv at (pr měrny věk 13,02; SD
High Temperature Mechanical Properties of the As-Cast Low Carbon Steels and Their Prediction
ev?ík, A.,Macurák, J.,ev?íková, J.
Metalurgija , 2006,
Abstract: High temperature properties of as-cast material, as reduction of area and strength, were tested in a temperature interval from 850 °C up to the melting temperature on measuring equipment provided with high frequency heating. The software for prediction of the high temperature plasticity development based on physical metallurgical and regression analyses was elaborated for the cast state of low carbon steels. The program was verified by using experimentally estimated values.
Acute problems in pig nutrition
Kov?in Stanimir,?ivkovi? Branislav,Stana?ev Vidica
Veterinarski Glasnik , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/vetgl0202053k
Abstract: Nutritional problems of every category of pigs are presented in this paper. Nutrition of pigs is in constant changes adapting to the improvements of genetics potential as well as to the very severe ecological demands. As far as piglets just weaned are concerned, the nutrition problem is solved by means of adequate mixture with additives so that performance at this stage is remarkably increased. Nutritional problems of pregnant and lactating sows are analyzed. In pregnancy it is attempted to involve in practice cheap mixtures low in concentration of nutrients, while the needs of lactating animals are constantly increasing. As for fattening animals, a significant improvement is expected in the period to come if a multiphase feeding system is applied. At the same time such a system gives an opportunity to use rationally liquid by-products of the food processing industry with the maximum adaptive possibilities to the needs of pigs.
bayesTFR: An R package for Probabilistic Projections of the Total Fertility Rate
Hana ?ev?íková,Leontine Alkema,Adrian Raftery
Journal of Statistical Software , 2011,
Abstract: The bayesTFR package for R provides a set of functions to produce probabilistic projections of the total fertility rate (TFR) for all countries. In the model, a random walk with drift is used to project the TFR during the fertility transition, using a Bayesian hierarchical model to estimate the parameters of the drift term. The TFR is modeled with a first order autoregressive process during the post-transition phase. The computationally intensive part of the projection model is a Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for estimating the parameters of the drift term. This article summarizes the projection model and describes the basic steps to generate probabilistic projections, as well as other functionalities such as projecting aggregate outcomes and dealing with missing values.
Successful Tacrolimus Therapy Extended by Everolimus in Retroperitoneal Angiomyolipoma after Lung Transplantation: A Case Report  [PDF]
Tamás Erdélyi, Anikó Bohács, Krisztina Vincze, Zsuzsanna Kováts, Veronika Sárosi, András Sinkovicz, Gy?rgy Balázs, Veronika Müller
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2014.312135
Abstract: Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare disease that affects women, especially in child-bearing age. Clinical manifestations include angiomyolipoma, pneumothorax, chylothorax, cystic changes of lungs and progressive pulmonary failure. In this article, we report a case of lung transplantation (LuTX) for end stage pulmonary LAM and the treatment of angiomyolipoma showing growth after LuTX resulting in complete remission with combination therapy of everolimus and tacrolimus.
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