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Some New Questions about the Seasonal Decrease of the Ozone Layer  [PDF]
Jaime González Velasco
Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GSC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/gsc.2012.23016
Abstract: The depletion-recovery cycle of the ozone layer is explained on the basis of the magnetic properties of oxygen, ozone, nitrogen oxides and chlorine combinations, which upon interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field, give rise to gaseous fluxes polar- and equatorial-wards.
Some Ideas about the Thermal Equilibrium in the Biosphere and the Entropy Variation Ascribed to Changes in the Radiations Wavelengths  [PDF]
Jaime González Velasco
Open Journal of Physical Chemistry (OJPC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojpc.2015.54011
Abstract: An explanation is given for the thermal equilibrium in the biosphere, which is based in the equality between the thermal energy received from the sun and the thermal energy reemitted from the atmosphere to the space. In order to understand the origin of the energy that gives rise to the processes and phenomena taking place in the biosphere, it is necessary to take into account the free energy represented by the product of temperature times the change in entropy, T△S, whose magnitude can be attributed to the variation experimented by the wavelengths (or, consequently, the frequencies) of the radiations composing the radiation spectrum received from the sun compared with the radiation spectrum reemitted from the biosphere into the space. A simple discussion allows to predict that the entropy increase driving the processes is connected with a spontaneous conversion of high frequency radiations (with lower “content” of entropy) in radiations of lower frequencies (with higher “content” of entropy). A consequence of this is that high frequency radiations would correspond to more ordered states and, therefore, to less probable states than those corresponding to radiations of lower frequencies.
Por qué el ser humano crea obras artísticas
Velasco, Pedro;
Archivos de neurociencias (México, D.F.) , 2004,
Abstract: in order to anwer this question we must answer when started to walk and when the artistic works were started and for that propouse we review the evolution from 7 million years to the appearence of homo sapiens 30,000 years ago and the different artistic works that have being discovered
Cuadernos de Economía , 2006,
Abstract: based on the balance-of-payments constrained economic growth model, the empirical validity of the simple rule in colombia in the 1925-2000 period is tested. since a stable long-term relationship or cointegration vector is not found between gdp and exports for this period, the simplifying hypothesis of the simple rule is analyzed and possible extensions of the model are shown. finally, new research hypotheses are opened, based on the existence of a structural break in the colombian economy in the mid-1970s, as suggested by other studies which, with a long-term perspective, analyze the advance of industrialization and the evolution of productivity.
Digital photography, esthetics and society of control Fotografia digital, estética e sociedade de controle
Nina Velasco
Galáxia , 2009,
Abstract: Digital photography, esthetics and society of control — The association of photography and digital technology has created a hybrid whose social and aesthetic consequences have still scarcely been addressed. Numerical photography has been used widely in the most diverse functions. Upon encountering the production of contemporary art, we find that some experiences lead us to question the role of this technology in art and society as a whole. Two works of art that center around and discuss the relation between photography and power will serve as the basis for a reflection about some of the consequences of the use of photography in disciplinary and control diagrams. A uni o entre a fotografia e a tecnologia digital produziu um híbrido cujas consequências sociais e estéticas foram pouco questionadas. A fotografia numérica vem sendo largamente utilizada em práticas as mais distintas. Ao nos depararmos com a produ o de arte con- temporanea, encontramos algumas experiências que nos fazem refletir sobre o papel dessa tecnologia na arte e na sociedade, de uma forma geral. Duas obras que tematizam e proble- matizam a rela o entre a fotografia e o poder servir o de base para uma reflex o acerca de algumas consequências do uso da fotografia nos diagramas disciplinar e de controle.
Personalized Politics in Japanese and Filipino Elections
Renato Velasco
Kasarinlan : Philippine Journal of Third World Studies , 1988,
Abstract: There has been a striking similarity of personalistic campaigning in Japan and in the Philippines despite noticeable differences in their historical and political experiences. It is the basis of this similarity that this study seeks to determine through a description and analysis of the popularity factors and campaign tactics in the two countries’ national elections, the 1986 Japanese ‘Double’ Diet and the 1987 Philippine Congressional elections. These two national elections were chosen because of the landslide victories of the ruling parties in both countries (Liberal Democratic Party or LDC and Lakas ng Bansa or LABAN, respectively), and the conspicuous roles of popular personalities (former prime minister Yasuhiro Nakahone and former president Corazon Aquino, respectively).Fifty six Japanese and Filipino members of two Houses of Representatives were given survey questionnaires on their opinions of the winning candidates. Personal interviews followed. Results have shown that the personalized popularity electoral factor, although evident in the two national elections, was stronger in the case of the Philippines. Aquino’s role in LABAN’s victory was indisputably recognized and Nakasone’s role in LDP’s victory was somehow qualified. This mirrors the difference in the two countries’ political make-up: a presidential system for the Philippines and a parliamentary set-up for Japan. Furthermore, campaign tactics in the two national elections were similarly candidate-centered and personalistic. As a conclusion, the prevalence of a patron-client culture would foster a personalistic tradition and in turn candidate-centered campaigning. Personalized campaigning also serves as a logical response to the demands of a uniquely competitive electoral system in Japan and the cadre or leader-centered party system in both countries. Finally, personalistic parliamentarism, leading to candidate-centered campaigning as a strategy for elite hegemony, has left the voters a passive no-better-choice decision rather than a complete adherence to the candidates’ platforms.
Navigating the Indonesian-Philippine Border: The Challenges of Life in the Borderzone
Djorina Velasco
Kasarinlan : Philippine Journal of Third World Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The paper explores border issues on the Indonesian side of the Indonesian-Philippine border by surfacing the contestations between state and society over the maintenance of the border and the social construction of identities and space, in particular the maritime border that connects the two countries. This interplay between identity, borders, and statehood places into context the long history of “illegal” border crossing in the Sulawesi-Sulu Sea that continues to the present. The paper puts forward a critique of the security and cultural approaches on border issues for not being sufficiently attuned to realities on the ground and demonstrates that the needs of border populations are better served by a more inclusive and consultative approach to understanding the particularities of their situation.
Searching for Meaning in Teacher Training
Monica Velasco
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis , 1996,
Abstract: In my experience in teacher training I experience a certain amount of frustration when I can’t find a way to share how wonderful it is to be part of a Community of Inquiry in P4C. In an attempt todiscover a solution, I went back to the specific actions I took in a particular workshop, and the way I related to each of the participants, trying to evaluate myself in the conduct of the sessions, preparation of materials, and so on. But I was unable to find a key answer as to why all the teachers, or at least the majority, did not stay with the program.
Un inédito de Bartolomé Román
Velasco, B.
Archivo Espa?ol de Arte , 2001,
Abstract: En 1983 los profesores ángulo í iguez y Pérez Sánchez publicaron un estudio sobre el pintor Bartolomé Román. Además de aportar numerosos datos biográficos, ofrecen un catálogo de las obras entonces conocidas. Nacido en Montoro (Córdoba) en torno a 1587, recaló en Madrid, donde se le localiza realizando distintas obras en las que advierten los críticos la influencia de Vicente Carducho. En la biografía del pintor hay una nota descollante: su relación y amistad con distintas órdenes religiosas, lo que explicaría la temática principal de su producción artística. El propio Bartolomé Román profesó en la Tercera Orden de San Francisco; de su matrimonio con María Teves nació un hijo que profesó entre los carmelitas, fr. Luis Román, quien aparece como testamentario de su padre….
Manuel Velasco
Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapéutica , 2004,

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