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La estética (ir)realista. Paradojas de la representación documental
Aida Vallejo Vallejo
Doc On-Line : Revista Digital de Cinema Documentário , 2007,
Abstract: The realistic representation of documentary is distinct from ction. Both use the same cinematographic language, but its codes are read indistinct way. Why? We will analyze this question establishing the keys of reading for documentary and exploring the construction of its language. Through the analysis of fragments of contemporary documentaries, we will revisit distinct forms of representation on documentary (direct cinema, re exive cinema, reconstructions...) to verify its relation with the realistic aesthetic.
Roma: capital de un Imperio bajo el signo de la biología política (1936-1942)
Dynamis , 2012, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362012000100006
Abstract: this paper analyzes the symbolic conformation of rome and romanism as important factors in the affirmation of the power of fascism, especially after the proclamation of the empire in 1936. within this framework, it explores the role of science in legitimizing the direct correlation of this symbolic universe with a praxis that exalted racial superiority inherited from ancient rome. it investigates the links between the eugenic discourse and the exercise of power behind the "biology policy", including fascist organicism and racism. in fact, rome was the essence of an empire that was reborn after fifteen centuries and, between its historical legacy and the new scenarios created by fascism for disciplining the population, romanism had to condense all of the merits of the race, encouraging military conquests and promoting responsibility for maintaining racial purity and avoiding "unwanted miscegenation" with conquered peoples. the idea of romanism also encouraged a continuation of the persecution of jews started in germany. hence, science ratified a widespread idea of the romanization as a crusade to impose a force, exaggerated on racial grounds, which integrated confidence in environmental factors with a crude biological determinism.
Forma y Función , 2010,
Abstract: this study analyzes the communication model generated among professional soccer trainers, artistic gymnastics trainers, and folkloric ballet instructors, on the basis of the dynamic body language typical of specialized communication among sportspeople and dancers, which includes a high percentage of non-verbal language. non-verbal language was observed in both psychomotor and sociomotor practices in order to identify and characterize relations between different concepts and their corresponding gestural representation. this made it possible to generate a communication model that takes into account the non-verbal aspects of specialized communicative contexts. the results indicate that the non-verbal language of trainers and instructors occasionally replaces verbal language when the latter is insufficient or inappropriate to describe an action or movement of great precision, due to circumstances of distance or acoustic interferences. with regard to ballet instructors, it was found that there was a generalized form of guiding rehearsals, through the use of rhythmic counts with hands or feet. in addition, the paralinguistic components of the different speech acts are emphasized, especially concerning intonation, duration and intensity.
El concurso de la Académie Royale de Médecine de Paris, 1843: Análisis contextual de la emergencia de los primeros trabajos acerca de la herencia de la locura (A. Gaussail y E. Gintrac)
Anuario de investigaciones , 2010,
Abstract: the purpose of this work is to analyze the appearance of the first french publications dealing with the heredity of mental illnesses. as it has been shown by others scholars, france was the country where the hereditarian subject was specially observed from a medical point of view. from 1850 a great part of the alienist profession considered that the heredity was a essential component of the mental pathologies. after describing the relevance that until 1850 the psychiatrists gave to that factor, this paper shows that the medical knowledge about heredity must be taken into account in order to understand how and why, ant thanks to a contest announced by the académie royale de médecine, the first treatises dealing with the subject (written by a. gaussail and e. gintrac) finally appeared.
Psicoanálisis y pedagogía: Un análisis de las actas de la sociedad psicoanalítica de Viena (1906-1923)
Anuario de investigaciones , 2008,
Abstract: this work describes the presence of pedagogic problems in the records of the debates held by the viennese psychoanalysts during the first two decades of the last century. this text begins with some considerations about the so called reception studies and proposes an examination of the hypothesis and sentences that freud and his disciples made about the children education -and fundamentally about the sexual enlightenment- during the wednesday meetings. consequently, the article remarks that those sentences were a continuation of a concern about the relationships inside the family and the function of other socialization institutions.
Paradojas y éxitos de una empresa imposible: Análisis de Traité philosophique et physiologique de l'hérédité naturelle (1847-1850) de Prosper Lucas
Anuario de investigaciones , 2009,
Abstract: this work analyses prosper lucas' traité philosophique et physiologique de l'hérédité naturelle (1847-1850). first, we point out the historic value of that text, describing the way in which it continued its predecessors, and what influence it had over many authors of the 19th century. second, we try to demostrate that several social problems were the sources of lucas' text. on the other hand, we suggest that the notion of heredity coined by that author was equivocal, and we list the discursive strategies used in his theory. to conclude, this work try to evaluate whether lucas' text is determinist or not, by analysing his notion of innatism.
Enfermedad arterial coronaria o cardiopatía isquémica: dos entidades distintas con diferentes procedimientos diagnósticos
Vallejo, Enrique;
Archivos de cardiología de México , 2009,
Abstract: coronary artery disease (cad) remains the leading cause of death in the western world, and early detection of cad allows optimal therapeutic management. the gold standard has always been invasive coronary angiography, but over the years various non-invasive techniques have been developed to detect cad, including cardiac spect and cardiac computed tomography (cardiac ct). cardiac spect permitted visualization of myocardial perfusión and have focused on the assessment of the hemodynamic consequences of obstructive coronary lesions as a marker of cad. cardiac ct focuses on the detection of atherosclerosis rather than ischemia, and permit detection of cad at an earlier stage. objectives of this manuscript are to discuss the clinical experience with both modalities and to provide a critical review of the strengths and limitations of cardiac spect and cardiac ct for the diagnostic and management of patients with suspected cad or cardiac ischemic disease.
Cifrar vanas esperanzas para descifrar la realidad
Signo y Pensamiento , 2007,
Abstract: in this article we deal with the debate, manifest in the printed press, concerning the pliable and accommodating use of figures and numbers during president uribe’s administration. the vulnerability of the colombian statistical system, subjected as it is to a policy which demands favorable figures, is proved via authorized opinions, and analyzed based on a theory of argumentation.
La tecnología al servicio de la madre naturaleza
Signo y Pensamiento , 2009,
Abstract: at the matrix technology room -a possibility offered by the program of journalism of pontificia universidad javeriana- the native amerindians of sierra nevada de santa marta, colombia, went through a "conversion" and digital convergence experience to create and develop their own independent media. with mother nature's due permission, they started a process of incorporating new technologies vis-à-vis the production of journalistic and audiovisual material in their languages supported by their traditional wisdom. since then, they have continued their search for their own narrative identity in order to describe to their "younger brothers" what in fact happens in their territory, an environmental and spiritual reserve of humanity. in the following accounts, four of the workshop's tutors describe what it was to participate in that intercultural gathering full of educational affects and challenges. the editor of the sierra nevada's communications center magazine, gives new meaning to this exchange based on the power of the word, beginning and end of technology.
Modelo de comunicación no verbal en deporte y ballet
Vallejo Gloria
Forma y Función , 2010,
Abstract: Este estudio analiza el modelo de comunicación que se genera en los entrenadores de fútbol y de gimnasia artística a nivel profesional, y en los instructores de ballet en modalidad folklórica, tomando como referente el lenguaje corporal dinámico propio de la comunicación especializada de deportistas y bailarines, en la que se evidencia lenguaje no verbal. Este último se estudió tanto en prácticas psicomotrices como sociomotrices, para identificar y caracterizar relaciones entre diferentes conceptos y su correspondiente representación gestual. Los resultados indican que el lenguaje no verbal de los entrenadores e instructores toma ocasionalmente el lugar del lenguaje verbal, cuando este último resulta insuficiente o inapropiado para describir una acción motriz de gran precisión, debido a las condiciones de distancia o de interferencias acústicas. En los instructores de ballet se encontró una forma generalizada de dirigir los ensayos utilizando conteos rítmicos con las palmas o los pies. De igual forma, se destacan los componentes paralingüísticos de los diversos actos de habla, especialmente, en lo que se refiere a entonación, duración e intensidad.

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