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Katheryna Kazhan,Vadim Tokarev,Elena Konovalova,Ludmila Zagurska
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2011,
Abstract: . Forecasting of development of the major airports of Ukraine indicates that further increasingof air traffic and approaching of residential areas close to airports will cause constraints of airportoperational capacity according to ensuring environmental requirements. At present, aircraft noise is themost significant factor among other factors of airport environmental impact. For ensuring sustainabledevelopment of civil airports the model of airport environmental capacity is proposed. The model in longtermconsideration allows determination of optimal (according to reduction of noise levels) fleet, choosingthe most profitable aircraft operational regimes in the frames of ICAO Balanced Approach to aircraft noisecontrol. The model is based on entropy optimization method. Using proposed approach needs taking intoaccount additional constraints: operational, environmental (emissions of aircraft engines). Meteorologicaland flight characteristics of aircraft type also should be taken into account.Keywords: aircraft noise, acoustical capacity, environmental capacity, operational restrictions.
Parametric investigation of acoustic radiation by a beam under load and actuator forces Параметрическое исследование акустического излучения балкой под нагрузкой и актуаторами типа силы ПАРАМЕТРИЧНЕ ДОСЛ ДЖЕННЯ АКУСТИЧНОГО ВИПРОМ НЮВАННЯ БАЛКОЮ П Д НАВАНТАЖЕННЯМ ТА АКТУАТОРАМИ ТИПУ СИЛИ
Alexander Zaporozhets,Vadim Tokarev,Werner Hufenbach,Olaf Taeger
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2005,
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate the parametric characteristics of oscillating beam using an analytical theory of beam vibration. Analytical investigation of the bending oscillations of a finite elastic beam is considered for criteria based on minimal acoustic radiation. The solution of the task is defined by solving of Helmholtz equation and inhomogeneous differential equation for beam bending vibration with harmonic time dependence. For calculation of the acoustic field a model of a plane piston, which is set in an infinite rigid baffle, is used. Исследованы параметрические характеристики колебаний балки с использованием аналитической теории вибрации балки. Аналитическое исследование изгибных колебаний эластичной балки конечных размеров рассмотрено для критерия, определяющего минимальное акустическое излучение. Решение задачи определено для уравнения Гельмгольца и неоднородного дифференциального уравнения гармонических изгибных колебаний балки. Для расчета акустического поля использована модель поршня, установленного на бесконечный экран. Досл джено параметричн характеристики коливань балки з використанням анал тично теор в брац балки. Анал тичне досл дження згинальних коливань еластично балки к нцевих розм р в розглянуто для критер ю, що визнача м н мальне акустичне випром нювання. Розв’язок задач визначено для р вняння Гельмгольца неоднор дного диференц йного р вняння гармон чних згинальних коливань балки. Для обчислення акустичного поля застосовано модель поршня, установленого на неск нченний екран.
ДОСЛ ДЖЕННЯ ВИПРОМ НЮВАННЯ ЗВУКУ КОНСОЛЬНО БАЛКИ Investigation of sound radiation by cantilever beam Исследование излучения звука консольной балки
Оlexander Zaporozhets,Vadim Tokarev,Werner Hufenbach,Olaf Taeger
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2006,
Abstract: Наведено результати досл дження в брац консольно балки, що навантажена актуатором та навантаженням. Р вняння руху, яке базу ться на теор балки Бернулл –Ейлера–Тимошенко з в дпов дними крайовими умовами, вир шене методом функц й Гр на. Особлив стю досл дження врахування впливу параметр в концентровано сили, а саме величини, розм щення актуатора та р зниц фаз м ж навантаженням та актуатором. Розглянуто внесок параметр в актуатора на сумарний р вень звуково потужност на кожну моду окремо. The research investigates vibration of a cantilever beam loaded with actuators and load. The equation of motion is based on Bernoulli-Euler-Timoshenko theory of beams with corresponding boundary conditions. This equation is solved by the method of Green functions. A feature of this investigation is taking into account the influence of concentrated force parameters, namely the value, location of actuator and phase difference between load and actuator. In the work represented the contribution of actuator parameters on total sound power level as well as on each mode separately. Приведены результаты исследования вибрации консольной балки, нагруженной актуатором и нагрузкой. Уравнение движения, основанное на теории балки Бернулли–Ейлера–Тимошенко с соответствующими граничными условиями, решено методом функций Грина. Особенностью исследования является учёт влияния параметров концентрированной силы, а именно величины, размещения актуатора и разницы фаз между нагрузкой и актуатором. Рассмотрен вклад параметров актуатора как на суммарный уровень звуковой мощности, так и отдельно на каждую моду.
Influence of the temperature at the Black Sea ctenophores-aliens bioluminescence characteristics  [PDF]
Mashukova Olga, Tokarev Yuriy
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2012.33037
Abstract: Successful invasion of Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz, 1865 and Beroe ovata Mayer, 1912 into the Black Sea and their important role in this region pelagic ecosystem is stipulated mainly by the considerable eurythermy of these species. Many ecological-physiological characteristics of ctenophores—aliens are studied quite well. However, bioluminescence, one of the most important elements of the ctenophores ecology and the bioluminescence reaction temperature optimum for these individuals under different environment temperatures were not studied sufficiently. Therefore our researches in this scientific field are significant and conceptually novel for ctenophores ecology study. Experimental investigations were carried out in the period of 2008-2009 in the IBSS. Uni-sized (40 mm) ctenophores were collected in the Sevastopol coastal zone and divided in several groups, contained under different temperatures: from 10°C ± 1°C to 30°C ± 1°C. Ctenophore bioluminescence was investigated under chemical and mechanical stimulation. M. leidyi light emission maximal amplitude (1432.94 ± 71.64 × 108 quantum·s–1·cm–2) with duration of 3.54 ± 0.15 s is fixed under the temperature of 26°C ± 1°C. Temperature increase up to 30°C ± 1°C led to the 4 times decrease of the bioluminescence intensity. Under temperature decrease up to 10°C ± 1°C this parameter decreased 20 times (p < 0.05). Bioluminescence emission intensity characteristics of B. ovata achieved maximal values under the temperature of 22°C ± 1°C (1150.12 ± 57.51 × 108 quantum·s–1·cm–2) with duration of 3.03 ± 0.15 s. The luminescence intensity decreased under the temperature increase to 30°C ± 1°C more than 20 times. Temperature decrease to the values of 10°C ± 1°C impacted decreasing the amplitude of bioluminescence up to the minimal –4.92 ± 0.22 × 108 quantum·s–1·cm–2. The data obtained testify that characteristics of the ctenophores bioluminescence can be conditioned not only by the modification the environment temperature but by the variability of their physiological condition.
On Self-Similarity of Top Production at Tevatron  [PDF]
Mikhail Tokarev, Imrich Zborovsky
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.38106
Abstract: This paper presents the results of analysis of the D? 1.0 fb-1 data on top-quark differential cross section measurements at the Fermilab Tevatron collider at √s= 1960 GeV in the framework of z-scaling approach. The flavor independence of scaling function Ψ(z)observed in pp and pp interactions over a wide collision energy range √s= 19-1960 GeV has been verified. This property of Ψ(z) was found for different hadrons – from π-mesons up to Υ particles. The flavor independence of Ψ(z) is used as indication on self-similarity of the top-quark production. A tendency to saturation of Ψ(z) at low z for top-quark production has been confirmed. Momentum fraction x1 of the incoming (anti)protons as a function of the scaled transverse momentum pT/m and masses of heavy mesons is studied. We anticipate that the data on low- and high-pT inclusive spectra of the top-quark production at the Tevatron and LHC energies could be of interest to verify self-similarity over a wide range of masses and different flavor content of produced particles.
Variability of the bioluminescence characteristics of the Black Sea ctenophores-aliens in connection with different conditions of nutrition  [PDF]
Mashukova Olga, Tokarev Yuriy
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.411128

Many ecological-physiological characteristics of ctenophores-aliensMnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz, 1865 and Beroe ovata Mayer, 1912 are studied quite well because they play a very important ecological role in the Black Sea ecosystem. However, bioluminescence, one of the most important elements of the ctenophores ecology and its connection with feeding regime were not studied sufficiently. Experiments have shown that characteristics of the ctenophores bioluminescence differed considerably in dependence of food supplies. Thus, amplitude and light-emitting energy of the fed ctenophores B. ovata are maximal, 3 times more than analogical indices of the just-caught individuals and 4 times more than ones of starving individuals. More prolonged flash signal (to 3.5 s), which exceeds light-emitting duration of the starving individuals twice, can be registered from the fed ctenophores. Investigation of the M. leidyi bioluminescence has shown that amplitude and light-emitting energy of the just-caught ctenophores were two times more than those of the starving individuals. At the same time, light-emitting amplitude of the fed individuals is 6.5 times and light-emitting energy is 3 - 4 times higher than that of the just-caught ctenophores. The light-emitting duration of the starving and justcaught organisms is practically the same. The most prolonged signal is registered from the fed ctenophores—up to 2.8 s. The data obtained testify that characteristics of the ctenophores bioluminescence can be conditioned not only by nutritional value but by the composition of the food as well.

MARCH: the Second Step МАРШ: шаг второй
Nikita Tokarev
Project Baikal , 2013,
Monuments of the Future Памятники будущего
Nikita Tokarev
Project Baikal , 2011,
On the Banach Problem on Surjections
Eugene Tokarev
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: Is shown that any separable superreflexive Banach space X may be isometrically embedded in a separable superreflexive Banach space Z=Z(X) (which, in addition, is of the same type and cotype as X) such that its conjugate admits a continuous surjection on each its subspace. This gives an affirmative answer on S. Banach problem: Whether there exists a Banach space X, non isomorphic to a Hilbert space, which admits a continuous linear surjection on each its subspace and is essentially different from l_1?
On P. Levy's Stable Laws and Reflexive Subspaces of the Banach space L of Lebesgue summable functions on [0,1]
Eugene Tokarev
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: To describe a set of functions, which forms a reflexive subspace B of the classical Banach space L a special function that characterizes their average integral growth is introduced. It is shown that this function essentially depends on the geometry of B. By the way, one question of la Vallee Poussin is answered. Also a short proof of the known result about the existence of an uncomplemented subspace isomorphic to the Hilbert space in every Lebesgue - Riesz space Lp (1
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