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Sequence Characterized Amplified Region (SCAR) Markers in Sengon (Paraseriathes falcataria (L.) Nielsen
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2010,
Abstract: Genotype identification of Sengon (Paraseriathes falcataria (L.) Nielsen needs accurate and reliable method for identification. Sixteen individuals of P. falcataria from Okinawa, Japan were used as materials for selecting polymorphic RAPD fragments and for developing SCAR marker whereas confirmation of polymorphisms of the SCARs was conducted using 24 materials from Candiroto Seed Orchard, Indonesia. Forty-eight polymorphic fragments were obtained from screening in 288 RAPD primers. Forty-six out of 48 SCAR primers were successfully developed. Examination of the newly-designed of SCAR primer using 24 P. falcataria from Candiroto Seed Orchard, Indonesia found 5 polymorphic SCAR primers. These five SCARs are considered as useful marker for genotype and clone identification within P. falcataria.
Genetic Diversity of Acacia mangium Seed Orchard in Wonogiri Indonesia Using Microsatellite Markers
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Genetic diversity is important in tree improvement programs. To evaluate levels of genetic diversity of first generation Acacia mangium seedling seed orchard in Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia, three populations from each region of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Queensland, Australia (QLD) were selected and analyzed using 25 microsatellite markers. Statistical analysis showed that PNG populations have higher number of detected alleles and level of genetic diversity than QLD populations. This study provides a basic information about the genetic background of the populations used in the development of an A. mangium seed orchard in Indonesia.
Práticas Contemplativas nas Escolas Públicas
Vivi Tuppy
Revista Brasileira de Medicina de Família e Comunidade , 2012, DOI: 10.5712/rbmfc7(1)513
Abstract: A prática Atencional do Centramento, faz parte do Programa Educadores da Paz que acontece há 9 anos na Diretoria Estadual de Ensino de Ara atuba/SP, atendendo 18.500 alunos.Considerando a neuroplasticidade, o Centramento como prática regular, tende a promover estados e comportamentos construtivos, minimizando as respostas agressivas geradas pelas emo es destrutivas que comprometem a aprendizagem e as rela es de convivência. A capacidade de auto-regula o e administra o da excita o fisiológica diante dos eventos estressores, requer um treinamento sistemático onde o praticante sustenta a sua aten o focada, de forma voluntária e intencional. Dentro das Práticas Contemplativas, o Centramento como prática atencional, pode ser considerado uma a o pedagógica de baixo custo e portanto exequível à realidade educacional das escolas da rede pública. Frente ao panorama apresentado pela violência, o Centramento praticado pelos alunos e gestores da educa o, tem contribuído qualitativamente para a saúde mental, emocional e relacional, favorecendo inclusive as rela es familiares.
Grégoire Zalykis. Face à trois grands philologues francais sur la prononciation du grec (1809-1810)
Vivi Perraky
Historical Review , 2010,
Abstract: No abstract
Vivi Setiawaty
Media of Health Research and Development , 2013,
Abstract: In the 20th century, influenza virus A infections caused the pandemic severe respiratory illness in humans, some of the cases were fatal. Therefore, it is important for us to know the transmission mechanism and factors that can affect the virulence of influenza viruses. Virulence of influenza virus in birds, mammals and humans is determined by its ability to inflict damage to host cells caused by the eight genes in the virus. Eight of these genes have different tasks and functions that need to be analyzed. Besides knowing the virulence of influenza virus, should also know the transmission mechanism of these viruses. Influenza type A virus in poultry (called avian influenza) can transmit directly from birds to humans that can cause fatal infections. Understanding of the factors that play a role in the transmission between species of birds, mammals and humans can help the development of surveillance strategies to determine rapidly the potential strain of influenza A virus that can cause a pandemic. Keywords: Influenza A, virulence, virus transmission, avian Abstrak Di abad ke-20, beberapa pendemi/wabah gangguan saluran pernafasan yang berat pada manusia dan dapat juga menyebabkan kematian, disebabkan oleh virus influenza A. Oleh karena itu penting bagi kita mengetahui bagaimana virus Influenza ini bertransmisi dan faktor–faktor yang mempengaruhi virulensi dari virus Influenza. Virulensi virus influenza pada unggas, hewan mamalia dan manusia ditentukan oleh kemampuannya untuk menimbulkan kerusakan pada sel host yang disebabkan oleh delapan gen yang ada padanya. Delapan gen ini mempunyai tugas dan fungsi yang berbeda-beda yang perlu dipelajari. Selain mengetahui virulensi virus Influenza, perlu juga diketahui cara transmisi dari virus ini. Virus influenza tipe A pada unggas (disebut juga avian influenza) dapat bertransmisi secara langsung dari unggas ke manusia yang dapat menyebabkan infeksi fatal. Pemahaman terhadap faktor-faktor yang berperan dalam transmisi antara spesies unggas, hewan mamalia dan manusia dapat membantu pengembangan strategi surveilans guna mengetahui dengan cepat potensi strain virus influenza A yang dapat menimbulkan pandemi. Kata kunci: Influenza A, virulensi, transmisi, unggas
Optical and digital holographic interferometry applied in art conservation structural diagnosis
Vivi Tornari
E-Preservation Science , 2006,
Abstract: Holography and holographic interferometry have emerged as new tools for conservation researchers and practitioners, and are used to visualize structural and mechanical discontinuities in the bulk of an artwork. These may be an important factor of deterioration and can be a consequence of various degradation processes, caused by environmental parameters, transportation, handling, and various conservation and restoration actions. The holographic technology is based on studies of surface reflection of diffused laser beams. No sample removal or surface preparation are necessary so that the techniques can be regarded as non-destructive, non-contact and non-invasive. The review provides an introduction to the basic principles of operation and a description of several case studies.
Vivi Lisdawati
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Abstract: . In the last few years there are tendency for cancer study to develop in discovery of new chemical entity (NCE) for new drugs. The needed of NCE based on reality that cancer therapy reaches a resistant level very fast. By developing NCE, multiply cancer drugs can be used at one therapy and be implemented as a solution to inhibit a resistant level and very useful in recovery time. Natural products are the most important sources of NCE and could be used from plants, animals or minerals. Most of the natural products used in Indonesia are recognized from plants. Plants secondary metabolites show promise for cancer chemoprevention, which has been defined as the use of non cytotoxic nutrient or pharmacological agents to enhance intrinsic physiological mechanism that protect the organism against mutant clones of malignant cells. The study of plants secondary metabolites is nowadays moved from improvement of the empiric activity to meet the relationship between the structures of chemical compounds to its pharmacology activities. Development of study on plants in Indonesia is also pointed on discovery of NCE for new drugs of cancer and the cellular cytotoxic mechanism of the biological activity. Extracts from the fruit of P. macrocarpa is one of the sources for NCE of cancer drug in Indonesia. Some isolates already isolated from the extracts, i.e. lignan compound Ci9H2o06: 5-[4(4-Methoxy-phenyl)-tetrahydrofurof3,4-cJfuran-l-yl]-benzene-1,2,3-triol and benzophenon compound: 4', 6-dihiroksi-4-metoksibenzofenon-2-0-glukoside. Using chemotaxonomy Dahlgren and Conqruist system approached indicate that these compounds have anti proliferation and pro apoptotic as their cytotoxic activities. The pharmacology activities from the fruit extracts also have been studied. For cytotoxic activities, the fruit extracts showed ICSo values from 5 to 7.71. jug/ml for leukemia LI 210 cell line; and IC50 values 196.74 jug/ml for HeLa cell line. The extracts also showed antioxidant activity with IC50 values 103.75 g/ml (most active level). Antihistamine activity showed 6.25; 12.5; 25; 50 and 100 %b/v doses could decrease the histamine control significantly (p <0.05). The review article is needed to support a development and improvement of the fruit extracts of P. macrocarpa to be considered as the most important sources of NCE for new cancer drug. Key words: P. macrocarpa, new chemical entity, cytotoxic
Delocalized Photomechanical Effects of UV ns Laser Ablation on Polymer Substrates Captured by Optical Holography Workstation: An Overview on Experimental Result
Vivi Tornari
Advances in Optics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/105482
Abstract: A brief overview of results from an experimental investigation performed on polymer materials to examine delocalized photomechanical effects generated due to UV laser ablation is provided. Delocalized structural modifications were observed in PMMA, PS by means of optical holographic interferometry. The integrity of samples was examined before and after irradiation in 193 and 248?nm (15?ns) above and below ablation threshold, F = 0.1–1.0?J/cm2. A value of structural continuity was initially determined for each sample by generation of a reference holographic image before irradiation. Microscopic discontinuities were intentionally induced to act as preexistent defects. Sequential holographic recording monitored the growth of morphological alterations according to the number of pulses in the neighbor as well as far from the preexistent discontinuities. The imposed alterations are visually observable at the whole extent of the irradiated sample in distances far off the ablation spot as local cracks and voids. The induced flaws cannot be classified as transient or instantly generated. Fracture follows a long-term emergence and deterioration pattern. Extensively fluctuated long-term effects were also observed in laser-assisted varnish removal of multilayered technical samples simulating Byzantine icons with decrease of effect duration and fluctuation being according to increase in sample homogeneity. 1. Introduction Irradiation of solid organic material with pulsed ultraviolet laser light of intense power density leads to cold etching or ablative photodecomposition (APD) of the substrate. The APD effect located in the limited region of the laser spot is attributed to local photochemical mechanism causing discrete ejection of target material without altering the adjacent bulk which allows for controlled substrate processing conveniently suited for many applications. The mass ejection and the expansion of high-density plasma though induce a mechanical effect characterized by a recoil pressure and a shock wave propagating inside the solid. The photomechanical effects in contrast to the presented study are mainly reported in literature in concern to the physical processes in the ablated region as influence of pressure versus time. Specifically, laser ablation using 193, 248?nm excimer laser radiation is commonly used [1–12] in microelectronic industry for etching of polymer substrates and in medical applications for controlled excision of tissue as well as in ophthalmology and in photorefractive surgery for restoring of myopia and has been proved to be a highly
Vivi Ani Susanti
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan , 2006,
Abstract: The business environment that compete and uncertainty would be many companies (profit and nonprofit) in the world in general and especially in Indonesia to be excellent and growing. In this environment uncertainty, many companies need information, especially accounting and management information, which can be used to management decision making. The utilization computer technology in finishing operational task can be explain from human being element that behind used in information technology and communication, because of operationally information technology much more utilize human capability and so important to think about it in usage technology. For the reason this research accomplish to construct concepts and method, so the utilization information technology that almost used human capability, can perceive human being in technology acceptable. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Lingkungan bisnis yang makin kompetitif dan tidak pasti menuntut banyak perusahaan (profit dan nonprofit) di dunia umumnya dan Indonesia khususnya untuk semakin maju dan berkembang. Dalam lingkungan yang tidak pasti, informasi menjadi kebutuhan bagi banyak perrusahaan, khususnya informasi akuntansi dan manajemen yang digunakan untuk pengambilan keputusan. Penggunaan teknologi informasi dalam menyelesaikan tugas-tugas operasional perusahaan dapat dijelaskan dari elemen kemanusiaan yang berada di belakang pemanfaatan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi. Hal ini dikarenakan operasionalisasi teknologi komputer sebagian besar menggunakan tenaga manusia dan dengan demikian penting untuk memperhatikan keberadaan faktor manusia dalam penerimaan teknologi. Oleh karena itu penelitian ini bertujuan untuk membentuk konsep dan metode sehingga penggunaan teknologi informasi Kata kunci: teknologi informasi, teknologi tugas yang fit.
Stadens Ureenlighed
Vivi Lena Andersen
Kulturstudier , 2012,
Abstract: The uncleanliness of landfill culture in 18th-century Copenhagen After the discovery of an 18th-century landfill that contained a diversity of well-preserved objects discarded by Copenhageners, about 30 archaeological surveys have since been conducted at a site in the north-central part of the city. This coastal district, called Frederiksstaden, is now known for its prominent mansions and the home of the Danish royal family, but its function as a landfill is rarely mentioned as a phenomenon in stories about the area. From studying the excavated items, this article seeks to explore how they reflect the trash culture during Copenhagen’s Age of Absolutism, as well as to describe the landfill’s appearance and when the need for it arose. Using the archaeological source material as a base, the study also examined geotechnical, written, cartographic, iconographic and natural-scientific sources in order to achieve a more nuanced understanding of the landfill and to reflect on how the different sources relate to each other. This article argues that getting citizens to adapt to the new system of trash management was a long and challenging process; e.g., according to written sources, the landfill was only supposed to receive household garbage and sweepings from the city’s streets, but the archaeological evidence shows that human waste from latrines was also disposed of there. Other trash items found in the landfill exhibit signs of extensive reuse before having been discarded, which supports statements from other sources. The most obvious sources for information about the appearance of the landfill – specifically, 18th-century cartography and art – proved not to be worthwhile. Instead, archaeological evidence and written sources provided a better image of the swampy conditions that caused the terrain to even out over time – a process that began in this area during the second half of the 17th century. The need for a centrally-controlled framework to manage garbage seems to be connected to the development of a permanent settlement, the new system of matriculation, an emphasis on ownership and overall population growth, which included the fear and nuisance of disease. This resulted in using a coastal area as a landfill – an area where aristocratic mansions were also built during Copenhagen’s Age of Absolutism.
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