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Pneumonia adquirida na comunidade em pacientes tratados ambulatorialmente: aspectos epidemiológicos, clínicos e radiológicos das pneumonias atípicas e n o atípicas
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2000,
Abstract: Objetivo: Avaliar o percentual etiológico das pneumonias atípicas tratadas ambulatorialmente. Identificar os fatores epidemiológicos, clínicos e radiológicos que permitam diferenciar pneumonia atípica de n o atípica. Métodos: Os pacientes foram submetidos a avalia o clínica, radiológica, coleta de escarro para estudo pelo método de Gram e sangue para testes sorológicos, incluindo Legionella pneumophila, Chlamydia sp, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, vírus Influenza A e Influenza B, no primeiro dia e 21 dias após inclus o. As radiografias de tórax foram revistas por três observadores independentes que desconheciam o quadro clínico. Resultados: Avaliados inicialmente 129 pacientes durante 22 meses. A amostra final para estudo comparativo entre os grupos consistiu de 69 pacientes que tinham em média 37 anos, sendo 46 (67%) homens e 23 (33%) mulheres. O diagnóstico etiológico foi definido em 34 (50%) dos pacientes. Chlamydia sp foi o agente atípico mais freqüente, com 11 (16%) casos, seguido por M. pneumoniae com 7 (10%). Influenza A respondeu por 4 (6%) dos casos e Legionella em 4 (6%) pacientes. Infec es mistas foram evidenciadas, com associa o de Chlamydia sp e M. pneumoniae em 5 (7%) casos, Chlamydia sp e Influenza B em um caso e M. pneumoniae e Influenza A em outro. A presen a de sintomas respiratórios e achados gerais sugestivos de pneumonia atípica foram comparados entre os grupos e n o foram observadas diferen as significantes. A avalia o radiológica realizada por três observadores independentes mostrou discordancia entre eles para os tipos de pneumonia. O diagnóstico radiográfico de cada observador comparado com o diagnóstico clínico n o mostrou associa o significante. Conclus es: A pneumonia causada por agente atípico ocorre em 50% dos pacientes com pneumonia adquirida na comunidade em tratamento ambulatorial. N o é possível distinguir pacientes com pneumonia atípica de pneumonia n o atípica. A apresenta o clínica e a radiológica s o similares nos dois grupos.
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2000,
Pneumonia adquirida na comunidade em pacientes tratados ambulatorialmente: aspectos epidemiológicos, clínicos e radiológicos das pneumonias atípicas e n?o atípicas
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862000000100003
Abstract: aim: to evaluated the etiologic percentage of the atypical pneumoniae in outpatients and to identify the epidemiologic, clinical and radiographic features that permit to distinguish between atypical and non-atypical pneumonia. methods: all patients underwent clinical and radiographic evaluation. serum and sputum samples were obtained to serological tests including legionella sp, chlamydia sp, m. pneumoniae, influenza a and influenza b virus, and gram stain, respectively. these procedures were performed on the first and 21 days after inclusion. three independent observers reviewed chest x-rays. results: during 22 months, 129 patients were evaluated. the final population under study comprised 69 patients (46 men ? 23 women) with a mean age of 37 years. the etiologic diagnosis was defined in 34 (50%) of the patients. etiologic agents included chlamydia sp, 11 (16%) isolated cases; m. pneumoniae 7 (10%) cases. influenza a was the third more frequent agent in 4 (6%) patients, and legionella sp in 4 (6%). mixed infections were observed with association of chlamydia sp and m. pneumoniae in 5 (7.3%) cases, chlamydia sp and influenza b one (1.5%) case, and another of m. pneumoniae and influenza a. the atypical pneumonia and non-atypical pneumonia groups were compared to respiratory symptoms and signs. there were no differences between them. the three independent observers' radiographic evaluation showed disagreement among them as to the type of pneumonia. radiographic diagnoses of individual observers were compared to the clinical diagnoses, and no significant association was obtained for any observer. conclusion: pneumonia caused by "atypical" agents occurs in 50% of the outpatients with community acquired pneumonia. it is not possible to distinguish atypical pneumonia from non-atypical pneumonia. the clinical and radiographic presentations are similar in both groups.
Flora briofítica da Reserva Biológica do Alto da Serra de Paranapiacaba, S?o Paulo: 1 - Lejeuneaceae (Hepaticopsida)
Giancotti, Cristina;Vital, Daniel Moreira;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1989, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061989000300016
Abstract: during the survey of the lejeuneaceae (hepaticopsida) of the alto da serra de paranapiacaba biological reserve, state of s?o paulo, carried out from 1962 up today, 14 genera and 20 species were recorded. however, the checking of all herbarium materials of instituto de botanica (sp) and bibliographical references available led authors to the compilation of 25 genera and 66 species that were referred during the years 1920 to 1960. such a significant dimimshing in the number of taxa, mostly represented by very sensitive species, is much probably due to the air pollution from cubat?o industrial complex.
Patient care submitted to total hip arthroplasty: the knowledge of orthopaedic nursing
Isabel Cristina Vital, Lys Eiras Cameron
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: to achieve a mapping of national and international scientific productions about nursing care to patients that were submitted or will be submitted to hip arthroplasty. Methods: this is an exploratory and transverse study that sought to characterize the cross scientific production on the nursing care in hip arthroplasty and the articles were searched on LILACS, MEDLINE, Pubmed, SciELO and BDENF Virtual Libraries in the period of 1976-2008 and were founded 239 publications, the most ever published in international journals. Results: from these, we selected 23 articles, which had full access whether they were in Portuguese or English and was observed that there is a shortage in national scientific productions about this thematic in nursing area and a necessity of more researches. Conclusion: the analysis showed it’s necessary that more studies must be done to attend the clients’ necessities and the nurses that work on the Orthopaedic nursing area must discuss and go further in the treatment to be institutionalized pre, trans and pos surgical hip arthroplasty for a good attendance to the clients, reduce the troubles and costs.
Comparative Proteomics Reveals Set of Oxidative Stress and Thaumatin-Like Proteins Associated with Resistance to Late Blight of Tomato  [PDF]
Bruno Soares Laurindo, Renata Dias Freitas Laurindo, Patrícia Pereira Fontes, Camilo Elber Vital, Fábio Teixeira Delazari, Maria Cristina Baracat-Pereira, Derly José Henriques da Silva
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.94062
Abstract: Proteomics techniques were used to study the molecular mechanisms involved in the defense of tomato against late blight (Phytophthora infestans). Proteins were extracted from resistant access BGH-2127 and susceptible cultivar Santa Clara. Leaves of the inoculated and non-inoculated (control) genotypes were collected at 0, 2, and 48 h after inoculation and analyzed by two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE), followed by identification with mass spectrometry (MALDI TOF-TOF). A total of 56 differentially abundant proteins were identified, of which 39 were resistant genotypes and 17 were susceptible. These proteins were categorized into functional groups of energy and metabolism, photosynthesis, stress and defense, transcription, other proteins, and as un-characterized ones. For access BGH-2127, oxidative stress proteins (2-cis peroxiedoxin BAS1 and 2-cis peroxiredoxin) and thaumatin-like protein showed increase in the relative abundance at 0 and 48 h of inoculation, respectively, and were therefore considered important for the defense mechanism of this genotype. The expression standards evaluated by real-time PCR differed from the results of the proteomic analysis. The protein-protein interaction networks provided important information on the cellular activities involved in the resistance of BGH-2127 late blight.
Mycocinogenic yeasts isolated from Amazon soils of the Maracá Ecological Station, Roraima-Brazil
Vital, Marcos José Salgado;Abranches, Jacqueline;Hagler, Allen Norton;Mendon?a-Hagler, Lêda Cristina;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822002000300008
Abstract: the 240 yeasts isolated from soils of the maracá ecological station in the brazilian amazon were identified and screened for mycocin production. these strains included 82% of ascomycetous and 18% basidiomicetous affinities and the prevalent species were candida etchellsii, candida famata, candida robusta, candida rugosa, candida valida, debaryomyces hansenii, cryptococcus albidus, cryptococcus laurentii, rhodotorula glutinis, rhodotorula minuta and rhodotorula mucilaginosa. mycocins able to kill some yeasts were produced by 6 strains identified as issatchenkia sp., saccharomyces exiguus?, williopsis saturnus, var. subsufficiens, and 3 w. saturnus according to 26s rdna d1/d2 region sequence and phenotypic data.
Aceita??o de sobremesas lácteas dietéticas e formuladas com a?úcar: teste afetivo e mapa de preferência interno
Oliveira, Ana Paula Vital de;Frasson, Karina;Almeida, Tereza Cristina Avancini de;Benassi, Marta de Toledo;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612004000400025
Abstract: the acceptance of commercial chocolate dairy desserts (three regular puddings, five dietetic puddings and two regular flans) was evaluated by 56 consumers in a balanced-block design, using a nine-point structured hedonic scale. panelists were characterized using a questionnaire asking for personal information and consumer's behavior towards dietary products and puddings consumption. the acceptance data were analyzed by anova with means comparison and using the technique of internal preference mapping (mdpref) applying different statistical methods (principal components analysis and muldimensional scale) associated to cluster analysis to provide consumers segmentation. considering the mean values, it was emphasized the good acceptance of dietetic puddings. the application of the muldimensional scale technique provided a more comprehensive evaluation of the panelists behavior than the principal components analysis, allowing to identify two main groups of consumers: the ones that preferred the products of a specific brand (puddings and flan) and the ones that preferred the dietetic puddings. results demonstrate the efficiency of the use of mapping techniques in the identification and characterization of preferences and consumers' groups.
Produ??o de serapilheira e ciclagem de nutrientes de uma floresta estacional semidecidual em zona ripária
Vital, Ana Rosa Tundis;Guerrini, Iraê Amaral;Franken, Wolfram Karl;Fonseca, Renata Cristina Batista;
Revista árvore , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622004000600004
Abstract: this work was carried out in a riparian zone from october 2000 to september 2001, within a representative plot of a riparian forest with semideciduous mesophytic forest vegetation, located in the center southern region of s?o paulo state. the total litter production was 10.646 kg.ha-1.y-1. the season of highest litter and nutrient deposition was the late dry season. the total macronutrient transfer was 217.76 kg.ha-1 n; 11.55 kg.ha-1 p; 52.79 kg.ha-1 k; 199.80 kg.ha-1 ca and 38.70 kg.ha-1 mg. the accumulated litter was estimated as 6.227 kg.ha-1, instantaneous decomposition rate (k) 1.71 and time needed time for 50% and 95% litter disappearance was 150 and 639 days, respectively.
Modification of composition of a nanoemulsion with different cholesteryl ester molecular species: Effects on stability, peroxidation, and cell uptake
Cristina P Almeida, Carolina G Vital, Thais C Contente, et al
International Journal of Nanomedicine , 2010, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJN.S12293
Abstract: dification of composition of a nanoemulsion with different cholesteryl ester molecular species: Effects on stability, peroxidation, and cell uptake Original Research (4248) Total Article Views Authors: Cristina P Almeida, Carolina G Vital, Thais C Contente, et al Published Date September 2010 Volume 2010:5 Pages 679 - 686 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJN.S12293 Cristina P Almeida1, Carolina G Vital1, Thais C Contente1, Durvanei A Maria2, Raul C Maranh o1,3 1Lipid Metabolism Laboratory, Heart Institute (InCor), Medical School Hospital, 2Biochemistry and Biophysics Laboratories, Butantan Institute, 3Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of S o Paulo, S o Paulo, Brazil Purpose: Use of lipid nanoemulsions as carriers of drugs for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes has been increasingly studied. Here, it was tested whether modifications of core particle constitution could affect the characteristics and biologic properties of lipid nanoemulsions. Methods: Three nanoemulsions were prepared using cholesteryl oleate, cholesteryl stearate, or cholesteryl linoleate as main core constituents. Particle size, stability, pH, peroxidation of the nanoemulsions, and cell survival and uptake by different cell lines were evaluated. Results: It was shown that cholesteryl stearate nanoemulsions had the greatest particle size and all three nanoemulsions were stable during the 237-day observation period. The pH of the three nanoemulsion preparations tended to decrease over time, but the decrease in pH of cholesteryl stearate was smaller than that of cholesteryl oleate and cholesteryl linoleate. Lipoperoxidation was greater in cholesteryl linoleate than in cholesteryl oleate and cholesteryl stearate. After four hours’ incubation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) with nanoemulsions, peroxidation was minimal in the presence of cholesteryl oleate and more pronounced with cholesteryl linoleate and cholesteryl stearate. In contrast, macrophage incubates showed the highest peroxidation rates with cholesteryl oleate. Cholesteryl linoleate induced the highest cell peroxidation rates, except in macrophages. Uptake of cholesteryl oleate nanoemulsion by HUVEC and fibroblasts was greater than that of cholesteryl linoleate and cholesteryl stearate. Uptake of the three nanoemulsions by monocytes was equal. Uptake of cholesteryl oleate and cholesteryl linoleate by macrophages was negligible, but macrophage uptake of cholesteryl stearate was higher. In H292 tumor cells, cholesteryl oleate showed the highest uptakes. HUVEC showed higher survival rates when incubated with cholesteryl stearate and smaller survival with cholesteryl linoleate. H292 survival was greater with cholesteryl stearate. Conclusion: Although all three nanoemulsion types were stable for a long period, considerable differences were observed in size, oxidation status, and cell survival and nanoemulsion uptake in all tested cell lines. Those differences may be helpful in protocol planning and i
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