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Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2011,
Abstract: The fundamental idea of International capital flows is that short-term flows can be easily reversed, while flows on a longer time horizon are more stable. Crises are associated with withdrawals of short-term capital flows and growth of the foreign direct investment flows. The current crisis has meant a major decline of international capital flows, also of the foreign direct investment. The analysis in this article tries to establish if and under which conditions foreign direct investments can bring greater stability during the crisis, comparing the evolution of foreign direct investments in the current crisis with their response in previous crises. We show that during previous crises foreign direct investments were stable, behaving differently from other types of capital. Yet, during the current crisis, foreign direct investments have proven to be not so stable and all the components declined, raising questions about the resumption of the positive trend. The stability of foreign direct investments in the past was given by the increase of mergers and acquisitions during the crisis, reflecting fire-sale FDI. This feature is not found in the current crisis as mergers and acquisitions were severe affected by the crises and recorded a major decline. The current paper is realized in the doctoral program entitled PhD in economics at the standards of European knowledge- DoEsEc, scientific coordinator Prof. PhD Rodica Zaharia, institution The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of International Business, period of research 2009-2012.
VINTILA DENISIA,Popescu Raluca Georgiana
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2012,
Abstract: Central and Eastern Europe has become a player on the international market of foreign direct investment (FDI) with the fall of communism in 1990. Liberalization of markets has brought both advantages and disadvantages to new states in transition. Despite modest values of FDI received, the share of the region in total global FDI is increasing. Any type of investment, foreign or domestic one, is considered crucial as it generates employment and contributes to the economic growth .This paper tries to provide an analysis of the effects of FDI on the labor force of this region, and specifically in Romania and Poland. We analyzed the quantitative effect on the labor force, more precisely the effect on the employment. Foreign subsidiaries hold an important part of the occupied population, although the number of foreign firms is lower than the domestic ones. Despite the destruction of jobs in the early transition in the process of restructuring, foreign subsidiaries, both directly and indirectly create jobs and usually at a higher rate than the domestic companies manage to do. During the recent financial crisis, foreign subsidiaries proved to be more resilient and the cut off jobs was lower than in domestic firms.
Food Behavior Correlated with Lifestyle Pattern and Societal Influences in a Romanian Students Population. Part I: Eating General Habits  [PDF]
Iuliana Vintila
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2013.47091
Abstract: Input data from Students Food Behavior, Preference and Lifestyle Questionnaire conducted with 376 students from University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati (UDJG) were analyzed from socio-demographic criteria. The sample socio-demoraphic characteristics of the student population were investigated beside the general food & eating habits by gender. In the current study, most than three quart of students (76.06%) was of correct (normal) weight. Nearly 65.15% of the students reported having regular daily breakfast. The strongest correlation of having breakfast habit is show with the regular meal behaviour [r(3, 4) = 0.242] and regular meals were associated with reduced trends for BMI [r(4, 2) =-0.055].
Assessing Discount Rate for a Project Financed Entirely with Equity Capital
Nicoleta Vintila
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2007,
Abstract: Estimating discount rate for an investment project is one of the most challenging tasks incapital budgeting. In this paper we discuss different kind of models for cost of equity capital proposed infinance literature (static CAPM, conditional CAPM, APT, build-up model), focusing especially on advantagesand disadvantages of using each of them. In the final section, we estimate the discount rate fora certain project financed entirely with equity capital, using a version of build-up model.
Real Options in Capital Budgeting. Pricing the Option to Delay and the Option to Abandon a Project
Nicoleta Vintila
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2007,
Abstract: Traditional discounted cash-flows method for assessing projects assumes that investment decision is an irreversible one, which is not correct. Managers can and must reconsider their initial decision as the new information arises during the project life. This is managerial flexibility and it creates strategic value for a project, only if management takes advantage of the opportunities associated with an analyzed project. Real options represent a new approach in capital budgeting, using the theory of pricing financial options for investments in real assets. In this paper, we emphasize the characteristics and valuation methodologies of real options. The objective in the last section is pricing the option to delay and the option to abandon a project in construction materials field.
The Impact of Food Behaviour, Lifestyle and Societal Influences in the Health & Emotional Status of a Romanian High School Population
Revista de Cercetare ?i Interven?ie Social? , 2012,
Abstract: A complex social investigation of food behaviour, lifestyle and societal influences impact in the health & emotional status for a Romanian high school population of teenagers were conducted using input data from Food Behavior and Lifestyle Questionnaire (FBLQ). The impact of occidental model and media information were investigated against the traditional Romanian family model. The present study show that in condition of a good knowledge about healthy eating and no important restriction of healthy food accessibility the greatest influence in food choices, eating/lifestyle pattern were exercised by the parental family (63.3%), followed by media (29.4%) and friends (19.3%). The relevance of the traditional good family model of food choices is dominant but the eating habits (frequency of breakfast, regular meal) and lifestyle (sport, walking and smocking) are already “contaminated’ from media social models.
Lucr?ri ?tiin?ifice : Management Agricol , 2009,
Abstract: The prices of agricultural products mirror not only the agriculture situation, its input and result but also the importance that the state gives to this basic economy component.In the Romanian agriculture, the role of the state is to make flexible investments, this being a direct consequence of the Romanian’s status as member of the European Union.The prices are an important factor through which agriculture can win the position of a competitor on the European and international market.
The Consolidation on Banking Supervision in the Context of a Pan European Banking System
Teodora Barbu,Georgeta Vintila
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2007,
Abstract: The diversity of national banking systems in the European banking system and the absence of consolidated supervision creates the premises for a series of interrogations whose essence is the same: Is it possible to discuss about a Pan European Banking System? The starting point in answering this question was the efforts to create a single banking market, which took place in 1973-1999, and the impact of integration on the European Banking Industry. Among the most representative aspects, it must be emphasized the necessity of consolidating banking supervision at an European level, considering that the International Banking Community studies the problematic of banking regulations at a global level. The two dimensions of the prudential and European bank supervision device – the geographic and the institutional – demand the creation of a structural reform in order to ensure the functioning of a Pan European system of banking supervision and regulations. The considerations on the Consolidation of European Banking Supervision draws into discussion the Financial Supervision Authority which has generalized as an applicable model in numerous European countries and has been mentioned as an alternative of Pan European banking supervision. In the process of the integration of the banking sector, the Basel II Accord represents an opportunity in reaching a convergence of national regulations and practices in matters of risk management, considering that these actions are in line with the preoccupations of realizing a Pan European banking system. Thus, the creation of Pan European banking system involves actions in more directions: legal, institutional, operational meant to ensure the consolidation of banking supervision.
Aspects Regarding the Development and the Integration of the Corporate Social Responsibility Concept in Firms’ Behaviour. Particularities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Georgeta Vintila,Maricica Moscalu
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2009,
Abstract: Starting from the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the purpose of this article is to highlight some of the particularities, at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) level, regarding: socially responsible behaviour and participation in actions related to CSR; type of CSR strategies adopted by SMEs as compared to larger firms; the motivations, benefits and constraints of the social involvement. The ultimate question refers to the existence, nature and implications of a link between the firm size and the aspects mentioned above. These aspects will be presented according to the conclusions of the previous studies conducted in this area of research, the present paper representing therefore a theoretical synthesis of the existant literature.
Is the Incidence of the Monetary Policy on the Mortgage Market Possible?
Teodora Barbu,Georgeta Vintila
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2009,
Abstract: The article sets out to approach mortgage markets and their impact on the financial structure and on the financial stability. The synthesizing of studies done lead to the conclusion that the institutional characteristics of the mortgage market influence the monetary policy shocks on the prices of housing and consumption. In developed countries, transmission of such shocks is stronger because of mortgage markets mature and flexible. Regarding this aspect, there are significant divergences in the structure of the mortgage market between the main industrialized countries. Also, the reaction of central banks to the speculative bubbles on the mortgage markets is extremely reduced, thus formulating a series of interrogations related to the lack of concern of monetary authorities regarding the price of real assets.

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