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Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation of 2-(2-Hydroxyphenylimino) Phenolic Derivatives: Synthesis, Molecular Structure and NLO Studies  [PDF]
V. Duraisamy Nadhiya, Rathinam Kumaresan
International Journal of Organic Chemistry (IJOC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2017.72015
Abstract: A series of substituted 2-(2-hydroxyphenylimino) phenolic (salen) derivatives (1-4) have been synthesized and their structures of obtained compound were characterized by analytical, FT-IR, UV-Vis and 13C{1H}-NMR experimentally. The geometry structure optimization, frequencies (IR), NMR, electronic character, frontier molecular orbital (HOMO-LUMO) and first static hyperpolarizability (βtot) studies of reported compounds were calculated using DFT with B3LYP/6-311G(d,p) level of theory. The calculated HOMO and LUMO energies showed that charge transfer occurs within the molecule and from the MEP, the molecular stability and bond strength have been explained. In addition to that influence of energy gap (?Egap) between the HOMO-LUMO orbitals on the first static hyperpolarizability (βtot), we calculated the ?Egap for all the salen compounds. These results reveals that the smaller HOMO-LUMO ?Egap is, larger the βtot is.
Cluster Based Packet Loss Prediction using TCP ACK packets in Wireless Network
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: With the rapid growth of wireless networks, the wireless portion of the network becomes the bottle neck and a major source of congestion. Planning in the area of wireless network becomes crucial for a sturdy network providing expected quality of service. This paper studies the correlation of the tcp ack flag with respect to network congestion. We describe a clustering approaches to determine the status of access point for a given channel. This will help to determine and plan for additional channel allotment during peak loads. We have used the traces collected by wireless monitoring at the 62nd Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting held in Minneapolis, MN, March,2005.
Balaji V,V. Duraisamy
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The wireless interfaces in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) have limited transmission range; communication traffic is relayed over several intermediate nodes to ensure a communication link between two nodes. Since the destination is reached using multiple hops from the source, routing plays an important role in Ad hoc network reliability. Since the network is dynamic in nature, conventional routing protocol may not perform well during adverse conditions like poor link quality, high mobility. In this paper, a new MANET routing method based on Ad hoc On demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is proposed for networks with varying levels of link quality. ACO is inspired from the biological behaviour of ants. Achievement of complex solutions with limited intelligence and individual capacity within these communities can be emulated in ad hoc networks. A new link quality metric is defined to enhance AODV routing algorithm so that it can handle link quality between nodes to evaluate routes.
Implementation of Wavelet Packet Transform for Detection and Analysis of Stator Faults in Induction Machine  [PDF]
G. Rayappan, V. Duraisamy, D. Somasundareswari, I. Rajarajeswari
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.710277
Abstract: Execution of an online detection technique for induction motor fault diagnosis and research at the current period of time is discussed in this paper. Wavelet packets transform (WPT)-based algorithm is used by the detection method for investigating and identification of many disruptions that happen in three-phase induction motors. The association of the coefficients of the WPT of line currents with the help of a main wavelet at the secondary level of resolution with a threshold discovered through an experiment at the time of the vital position can used to observe the motor reference point. The propagation of wavelet analysis and disintegration of the signal into an equivalent bandwidth which can attain a good disintegration of the solution than what wavelet analysis do is called as Wavelet packet analysis. In order to overcome accidental failing, the on-line fault diagnostics technology for the reduction of incipient errors is a must.
Evaluation of Corrosion Stability of Water Soluble Epoxy-Ester Primer through Electrochemical Studies  [PDF]
Duraisamy Ramesh, Thiagarajan Vasudevan
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.36049
Abstract: The corrosion behavior of water borne epoxy-ester primer coatings (10% - 50% PVCs) was evaluated through electrochemical techniques such as polarization and impedance spectroscopic (EIS) measurements. Studies were carried out for a longer duration of exposure extending up to 60 days in aqueous solution of NaCl (5%). Corrosion current (icorr), Corrosion potential (Ecorr), Coating resistance (Rc), Charge transfer resistance (Rct), Coating capacitance (Cc), Double layer capacitance (Cdl), break point frequency (fb), Water uptake (), diffusion coefficient (Dw) etc., indicated that 10% - 30% PVC coatings performed well in comparison to higher PVCs. Changes in the electrochemical characteristics were found to occur as a function of exposure time in all cases. The corrosion stability of the coatings were found to be greatly affected by the percentage of PVCs. Studies further indicated that when lower concentration of pigments were available, they remained completely surrounded by the binder; Thus leaving no space for the entry of corrosive agents. From these studies, it was concluded that the water borne paints could replace the conventional coatings, containing organic solvents. Therefore, water soluble epoxy-ester primers have to be employed in paints for developing eco- friendly coatings.
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: With the rapid development of technology, the traditional information retrieval techniques based on keywords are not sufficient, content - based image retrieval (CBIR) has been an active research topic.Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) technologies provide a method to find images in large databases by using unique descriptors from a trained image. The ability of the system to classify images based on the training set feature extraction is quite challenging.In this paper we propose to extract features on MRI scanned brain images using Discrete cosine transform and down sample the extracted features by alternate pixel sampling. The dataset so created is investigated using WEKA classifier to check the efficacy of various classification algorithms on our dataset. Results are promising andtabulated.
Design of Low Power Multiplier with Energy Efficient Full Adder Using DPTAAL
A. Kishore Kumar,D. Somasundareswari,V. Duraisamy,T. Shunbaga Pradeepa
VLSI Design , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/157872
Design of Low Power Multiplier with Energy Efficient Full Adder Using DPTAAL
A. Kishore Kumar,D. Somasundareswari,V. Duraisamy,T. Shunbaga Pradeepa
VLSI Design , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/157872
Abstract: Asynchronous adiabatic logic (AAL) is a novel lowpower design technique which combines the energy saving benefits of asynchronous systems with adiabatic benefits. In this paper, energy efficient full adder using double pass transistor with asynchronous adiabatic logic (DPTAAL) is used to design a low power multiplier. Asynchronous adiabatic circuits are very low power circuits to preserve energy for reuse, which reduces the amount of energy drawn directly from the power supply. In this work, an multiplier using DPTAAL is designed and simulated, which exhibits low power and reliable logical operations. To improve the circuit performance at reduced voltage level, double pass transistor logic (DPL) is introduced. The power results of the proposed multiplier design are compared with the conventional CMOS implementation. Simulation results show significant improvement in power for clock rates ranging from 100?MHz to 300?MHz. 1. Introduction Over the past few decades, low power design solution has steadily geared up the list of researcher’s design concerns for low power and low noise digital circuits to introduce new methods to the design of low power VLSI circuits. Moore’s law describes the requirement of the transistors for VLSI design which gives the experimental observation of component density and performance of integrated circuits, which doubles every two years. Transistor count is a primary concern which largely affects the design complexity of many function units such as multiplier and arithmetic logic unit (ALU). The significance of the digital computing lies in the multiplier design. The multipliers play a significant role in arithmetic operations in DSP applications. Recent developments in processor designs also focus on low power multiplier architecture usage in their circuits. Two significant yet often conflicting design criteria are power consumption and speed. Taking into consideration these constraints, the design of low power multiplier is of great interest. As reported in [1], to get the best power and area requirements of the computational complexities in the VLSI circuits, the length and width of transistors are shrunk into the deep submicron region, handled by process engineering. In recent years, the literatures have identified several types and designs of adiabatic circuits. For instance, 2N2N2P, PFAL, pass transistor adiabatic logic, clocked adiabatic lLogic, improved pass-gate adiabatic logic, and adiabatic differential switch Logic were designed and achieved considerable energy savings, compared with conventional CMOS design [3–9].
A New Multilevel Thresholding Method Using Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for Image Segmentation  [PDF]
Sathya P. Duraisamy, Ramanujam Kayalvizhi
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications (JILSA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2010.23016
Abstract: Thresholding is a popular image segmentation method that converts gray-level image into binary image. The selection of optimum thresholds has remained a challenge over decades. In order to determine thresholds, most methods analyze the histogram of the image. The optimal thresholds are often found by either minimizing or maximizing an objective function with respect to the values of the thresholds. In this paper, a new intelligence algorithm, particle swarm opti-mization (PSO), is presented for multilevel thresholding in image segmentation. This algorithm is used to maximize the Kapur’s and Otsu’s objective functions. The performance of the PSO has been tested on ten sample images and it is found to be superior as compared with genetic algorithm (GA).
Unparticle physics in e^+ e^- annihilation
Duraisamy, Murugeswaran
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007,
Abstract: In the recent past,unparticle physics effects have been explored in detail in both the fermionic and bosonic sectors. We have used fermionic unparticles to study the cross-section of electron-positron annihilation to light pseudo-scalar meson pairs e^+e^- ->PP. We show that this cross-section is sensitive to the scaling dimension d_U<1.4.
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