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Primeiro registro de Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus no Estado do Ceará, Brasil
Martins,Víctor Emanuel Pessoa; Martins,Marlos Gomes; Araújo,José Maria Paz de; Silva,Luís Osvaldo Rodrigues; Monteiro,Hamilton Antonio de Oliveira; Castro,Francisco Corrêa; Vasconcelos,Pedro Fernando da Costa; Guedes,Maria Izabel Florindo;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102006000500027
Abstract: for the first time, the occurrence of aedes (stegomyia) albopictus in an urban area of the city of fortaleza, northeastern, brazil, is reported. from january to july 2005, ovitraps were used to collect eggs from aedes spp., which were kept under laboratory conditions to develop into the adult phase. the resultant mosquitoes were identified and subjected to dengue virus isolation tests. thirteen specimens of aedes albopictus, all females, were identified. no dengue virus was isolated in any of the mosquito pools. even though aedes albopictus has not been incriminated in brazilian dengue outbreaks, the possibility of dengue virus transmission by these mosquitoes cannot be dismissed.
Occurrence of Natural Vertical Transmission of Dengue-2 and Dengue-3 Viruses in Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Victor Emanuel Pessoa Martins, Carlos Henrique Alencar, Michel Tott Kamimura, Fernanda Montenegro de Carvalho Araújo, Salvatore Giovanni De Simone, Rosa Fireman Dutra, Maria Izabel Florindo Guedes
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0041386
Abstract: Background Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus perform an important role in the transmission of the dengue virus to human populations, particularly in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Despite a lack of understanding in relation to the maintenance of the dengue virus in nature during interepidemic periods, the vertical transmission of the dengue virus in populations of A. aegypti and A. albopictus appears to be of significance in relation to the urban scenario of Fortaleza. Methods From March 2007 to July 2009 collections of larvae and pupae of Aedes spp were carried out in 40 neighborhoods of Fortaleza. The collections yielded 3,417 (91%) A. aegypti mosquitoes and 336 (9%) A. albopictus mosquitoes. Only pools containing females, randomly chosen, were submitted to the following tests indirect immunofluorescence (virus isolation), RT-PCR/nested-PCR and nucleotide sequencing at the C-prM junction of the dengue virus genome. Results The tests on pool 34 (35 A. albopictus mosquitoes) revealed with presence of DENV-3, pool 35 (50 A. aegypti mosquitoes) was found to be infected with DENV-2, while pool 49 (41 A. albopictus mosquitoes) revealed the simultaneous presence of DENV-2 and DENV-3. Based on the results obtained, there was a minimum infection rate of 0.5 for A. aegypti and 9.4 for A. albopictus. The fragments of 192 bp and 152 bp related to DENV-3, obtained from pools 34 and 49, was registered in GenBank with the access codes HM130699 and JF261696, respectively. Conclusions This study recorded the first natural evidence of the vertical transmission of the dengue virus in populations of A. aegypti and A. albopictus collected in Fortaleza, Ceará State, Brazil, opening a discuss on the epidemiological significance of this mechanism of viral transmission in the local scenario, particularly with respect to the maintenance of these viruses in nature during interepidemic periods.
Pompilidae (Hymenoptera) de algunos municipios del centro y sur de Tamaulipas, México
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2009,
Abstract: Se registran 102 especies y 32 géneros de las cuatro subfamilias de avispas Pompilidae, colectadas en localidades de ocho municipios de Tamaulipas, México. De éstas, 21 especies son nuevos registros para el país y 88 especies son nuevos registros para el Estado de Tamaulipas. Las especies más abundantes fueron Aporus notabilis notabilis y Episyron conterminus posterus. Entre las especies, 33 son de afinidad neotropical. Es muy posible que más especies estén presentes en esta región del país y por lo tanto será necesario realizar más estudios encaminados a conocer la riqueza de este grupo de avispas.
Distribui??o espacial e características dos criadouros de Aedes albopictus e Aedes aegypti em Fortaleza, Estado do Ceará
Martins, Victor Emanuel Pessoa;Alencar, Carlos Henrique Morais de;Facó, Patrícia Emília Gomes;Dutra, Rosa Fireman;Alves, Carlucio Roberto;Pontes, Ricardo José Soares;Guedes, Maria Izabel Florindo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822010000100016
Abstract: introduction: since the registration of aedes albopictus in the municipality of fortaleza in 2005, it has shown rapid dispersion. a study aiming to identify its occurrence areas, breeding sites and associations with aedes aegypti and other culicids was carried out during 2008. methods: between january and july 2008, samples of immature forms of culicids were gathered from properties located in districts of fortaleza. certain features of the breeding sites were highlighted, such as location (indoors or outdoors), presence of covering (protection against impact of sunlight and rain), water turbidity (water clear or not clear), constituent material, volume, height above ground level and simultaneous presence of different species of culicids in the same breeding site. results: indoor location was an important factor for the breeding sites for aedes albopictus [pr = 0.52; 95% ci: 0.33-0.81]. on the other hand, water turbidity and reservoir covering were not shown to be differentiators regarding infestation [p > 0.05]. absence of water turbidity was significant for aedes aegypti infestation in breeding sites [pr = 1.14; 95% ci: 1.06-1.22]. conclusions: absence of one of the species from the breeding sites enhanced the infestation by another species. breeding sites that had not been infested by aedes albopictus had a prevalence of infestation by aedes aegypti that was 2.05 times greater [95% ci: 1.72-2.44]. there was no significant association between volume and height of the breeding sites and infestation by both species. both species were found to be dispersed throughout the municipality, occupying a wide diversity of breeding sites. however, a slight physical separation could be identified, with higher infestation with aedes albopictus outdoors.
Revisitando a teoria do ciclo do produto
Pessoa, Eneuton;Martins, Marcilene;
Revista de Economia Contemporanea , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-98482007000200005
Abstract: this article aims to think about a key-question that involves the majority of the critic literature in respect to the product-cycle theory. what is over and what remains alive in this theory? after systematizing the basic mechanism of the product-cycle theory, it discusses some of its main insufficiencies, how it is appointed or suggested by the literature. summarily, we argue that, if it is over the hypothesis which argues that the dynamics of innovations, and the foreign direct investments depends on the product life cycle chronology, on the other side, it remains alive and does up-to-date the hypothesis which argues that the comparative advantages have a dynamic character, which nature and relative account is modified along time in response to changes in the production conditions, in accordance to the product evolution and its complexity.
Pompilidae (Hymenoptera) de algunos municipios del centro y sur de Tamaulipas, México
HORTA-VEGA, Jorge Víctor;GARCíA-GUTIéRREZ, Mauricio Emanuel;BENAVIDES-MARTíNEZ, Martha Isabel;CORREA-SANDOVAL, Alfonso;
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2009,
Abstract: one hundred and two species and thirty two genera of the four subfamilies of pompilidae wasps, collected at localities of eight municipalities of tamaulipas, méxico were recorded. twenty one species of these are new records for the country meanwhile 88 species are new records for the state of tamaulipas. the most abundant species were aporus notabilis notabilis y episyron conterminus posterus. thirty three species are neotropical. the results suggest that others species will be present in this region of the country and therefore more studies must be necesary to make in order to know the richness of this group of wasps.
Cirurgia valvar mitral e da comunica??o interatrial: abordagem minimamente invasiva ou por esternotomia
Castro Neto, Josué V.;Melo, Emanuel;Fernandes, Juliana;Gomes, Regina;Freitas, Caroline;Machado, Jo?o;Martins, Francisco;Barbosa, Aloísio;Oliveira, Bernardo;Gondim, Cesar;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2012005000064
Abstract: background: to decrease the surgical trauma in heart procedures, minimally invasive (mi) techniques were alternatively introduced. objective: to compare mi surgical access with median sternotomy (ms) for the treatment of mitral valve (mv) disease and atrial septal defect (asd). methods: forty patients underwent surgery for correction of mv disease or asd. patients were divided into group a (ga) (n=20), access by right minithoracotomy and video-assistance; and group b (gb) (n=20), access by full ms. aortic cross-clamp and cardiopulmonary bypass time, intensive care unit (icu) time, hospital stay and morbidity were compared in this prospective study . results: fifteen patients were submitted to mv procedures and five to asd corrections in each group. there were 9 mitral replacements (7 bioprostetic and 2 mechanical) and 6 repairs in ga, and 10 (all bioprostetic) and five in gb. the mean aortic cross-clamp and cardiopulmonary bypass time, in minutes, were 65.1 ± 29.3 in ga and 50.2 ± 21.4 in gb (p=0.074); and 91.8±35 in ga and 63.7±27.3 in gb ( p=0.008). the mean icu time, in hours, were 51.7 ± 16.3 in ga and 55.8±17.5 in gb (p=0.45). the in hospital stay, in days, were 5.2 ± 1 in ga and 6.4±1.5 in gb (p=0.009). conclusion: mi access for correction of the mv disease and asd implicated in a longer cardiopulmonary bypass time for finalization of the main procedure, nevertheless it didn′t affect patient's recuperation. mi treated patients were discharged earlier than sternotomy treated patients.
Diagnóstico endoscópico de estridor na infancia
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862001000300004
Abstract: objective: to determine the main endoscopic diagnoses identified in children presenting stridor, at the pediatric unit of the general university hospital of santa maria, rio grande do sul, southern brazil. methods: this is a cross sectional, uncontrolled, descriptive study. data were obtained from the records of 56 consecutive patients submitted to bronchoscopy due to stridor; from march/93 to november/99. results: fifty-six bronchoscopies were performed and 59 lesions compatible with the diagnosis of stridor were observed. patients were predominantly males (63%). congenital anomalies and acquired lesions were observed in 45% and 50% of the cases, respectively. the remaining 5% of the cases were normal. laryngomalacia, subglottic stenosis, tracheobronchomalacia and laryngeal edema were the most common diagnoses. conclusions: the investigation of the respiratory tree by endoscopy is important for the correct diagnosis of children with stridor. congenital or acquired diseases were similarly frequent as the cause of stridor. the endoscopic procedure was very valuable and yielded a high diagnostic rate.
Diagnóstico endoscópico de estridor na infancia
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2001,
Abstract: Objetivo: Determinar os principais diagnósticos endoscópicos identificados em crian as que apresentam estridor, no Servi o de Pediatria do Hospital Universitário de Santa Maria. Métodos: Estudo descritivo, do tipo transversal, n o controlado, com dados obtidos de protocolos preenchidos quando realizada a endoscopia respiratória, no período de mar o/93 a novembro/99. Resultados: Foram realizadas 56 endoscopias respiratórias e identificadas 59 altera es compatíveis com o diagnóstico clínico de estridor, sendo 63% pacientes do sexo masculino. Les es congênitas e adquiridas foram diagnosticadas em 45% e 50% dos casos, respectivamente, com 5% de endoscopias normais. Os diagnósticos mais comuns foram laringomalacia, estenose subglótica, traqueobroncomalacia e edema de laringe. Conclus es: A investiga o da via respiratória pela endoscopia demonstrou ser importante para o correto diagnóstico do estridor. Doen as congênitas ou adquiridas tiveram freqüência similar como causa de estridor. A investiga o endoscópica revelou-se de grande valor, com elevado percentual de diagnóstico.
Método de BPHZ para Pontos de Lifshitz m-Axiais Anisotrópicos
Emanuel V. Souza
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: In this work we investigate the critical behavior of physical systems with competing interactions that present points Lifshitz m-axial. For this study we used the techniques of Quantum Field Theory with Massive Scalar interactions of type {\lambda}{\phi}^4 in order to obtain a perturbative expansion for the two-point vertex part up to the 3-loop order and four-point vertex function up to 2-loop level. These vertex functions were regularized using the method of dimensional regularization and renormalized using the minimal subtraction of dimensional poles method.In particular, counterterms have been added to the original Lagrangian, which is the main feature of the method BPHZ (Bogoliubov-Parasiuk-Hepp-Zimmermann). Through the renormalization group ideas, we defined the Wilson functions which shall produce nontrivial fixed points, and from these functions and fixed points, we calculate the anisotropic critical exponents {\eta}_{\tau}, to the order of three in number loops, and {\nu}_{\tau} to the number of two in order loops, which characterize the critical behavior of the Lifshitz type m-axial. The exponents calculated using this technique are in perfect agreement with results obtained using other methods, thus confirming the known and important hypothesis of universality.
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