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Migraciones internas en Espa?a durante el siglo XX: un nuevo eje para el estudio de las desigualdades sociales en salud
Martín,Unai; Malmusi,Davide; Bacigalupe,Amaia; Esnaola,Santiago;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112012000100003
Abstract: objective: catalonia and the basque country received substantial immigration quotas from the rest of spain during the twentieth century. this study aimed to analyze inequalities in health by birthplace (the population born in the same region or other autonomous regions) in these two geographical areas. methods: we conducted a cross-sectional study in the non-institutionalized population aged 50 to 79 years, with data from the health surveys of catalonia 2006 (n=5,483) and the basque country 2007 (n=3,424). we used log-binomial models to estimate the prevalence ratios (pr) of poor self-rated health by birthplace, stratified by sex and social class, and successively adjusted for age, social class and educational attainment. results: immigrants from other autonomous regions had poorer self-rated health than the native-born population, both in the basque country (age-adjusted pr in men 1.30, 95% ci 1.11-1.54; women 1.42, 95% ci 1.25-1.62,) and in catalonia (pr in men 1.41, 95% ci 1.26-1.62; pr in women 1.25, 95% ci 1.16-1.35). prs were reduced but remained significant after adjustment for social class and educational attainment and stratification by manual or non-manual social class. conclusions: in both communities there are health inequalities that are detrimental to the immigrant population from the rest of spain, which constitutes approximately half of the population in the studied age cohorts. future studies should explore the persistence of these inequalities in other health indicators and their reproduction in second generations, and identify entry points for preventive policies.
Impacto de la morbilidad en la salud de la población del País Vasco 2002-2007: una visión integral a través de las esperanzas de salud
Martín,Unai; Esnaola,Santiago; Audicana,Covadonga; Bacigalupe,Amaia;
Revista Espa?ola de Salud Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1135-57272011000500006
Abstract: background: the estimation of the impact of morbidity on health is essential to health planning. the objective was to estimate this impact using disability free life expectancy, and to analyze whether the hypothetical elimination of various diseases would have led to a compression or expansion of morbidity. methods: cross-sectional study on the population of the basque country. data on mortality (2002-2006), health survey data (2007) and population based data were used. the impact of different groups of diseases on mortality rates, years of life and potential years of life lost (pyll) and disability (absolute number and rates) were calculated. an integrated analysis was also done, using disability free life expectancy (dfle), using the sullivan method. results: the diseases causing the greatest impact on mortality were tumours among men (35,2% and 39,3% of deaths and pyll respectively), and circulatory diseases (34,5% of deaths) and tumours (43,6% of pyll) among women. osteomuscular diseases had a major impact on disability, causing the 26,6% and the 45,2% of the total cases in men and women). circulatory diseases had the highest impact as a whole (4.2 years of dfle in men and 3.8 in women). however, osteomuscular diseases had the highest influence on years of life with disability. conclusions: the diseases which caused the overall greatest impact on mortality and disability were circulatory system related ones, tumors, and osteomuscular diseases. the elimination of this last group of diseases would have led to a morbidity compression, meaning the greatest reduction in life years with disability among all the causes.
Impacto del cuidado informal en la salud y la calidad de vida de las personas cuidadoras: análisis de las desigualdades de género
Larra?aga,Isabel; Martín,Unai; Bacigalupe,Amaia; Begiristáin,José María; Valderrama,María José; Arregi,Bego?a;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112008000500008
Abstract: objectives: to describe informal caregivers' characteristics, quantify the effect of caregiving activities on caregivers' health, and determine whether this effect differs by sex. methods: a descriptive study was carried out based on the basque health survey 2002. physical and mental health, use of health services, social health and health related quality of life (hrql) indicators were compared in caregivers (n = 836) and non-caregivers (n = 5,706). age-adjusted logistic regression models were calculated to assess the association between the caregiver and effects on health by sex, socioeconomic position and occupational status. results: female caregivers showed worse results in 6 out of 10 indicators compared with non-caregiver women, whereas male caregivers showed worse results in only four indicators compared with non-caregiving men. the associations between caregiving (caregiving vs. non-caregiving) and health results were stronger in women than in men, except in social health. when caregiving burden intensity was considered, greatly burdened men showed a similar or higher risk of poor hrql (physical in men: or = 3.0, ci95%: 1.4-6.3; women: or = 2.3, ci95%: 1.5-3.5; mental in men: or = 2.5, ci95%: 1.4-4.3; women: or = 2.5, ci95%: 1.7-3.7) and low social support (affective support in men: or = 2.6, ci95%: 1.5-4.6; women: or = 1.5, ci95%: 1.0-2.3). however, the risk of sedentariness, lack of sleep, greater use of health services and mental ill-health remained higher for women caregivers. conclusions: caregiving damages the health of informal caregivers but the risks for female caregivers are higher due to greater intensity of caregiver burden. as men's caregiving burden increases, gender inequalities decrease or invert.
Mujeres y hombres ante el cuidado informal: diferencias en los significados y las estrategias
Larra?aga P,Isabel; Valderrama P,María J; Martín R,Unai; Begiristain A,José M; Bacigalupe H,Amaia; Arregi G,Bego?a;
Revista Facultad Nacional de Salud Pública , 2009,
Abstract: the increase of life expectancy in our population has enhanced the importance of dependent elderly care. this task is carried out mainly by women who, as a matter of fact, witness the effects of social change concerning family and work. objective: deepen the understanding of the different strategies that women and men take in their role as caregivers through the interpretation and analysis of their own perceptions. methodology: with the aim of better understanding the significance of all these consequences, a qualitative study based on five focus groups with both men and women caregivers was carried out. results: the interiorization of the ?caregiver role? entails a greater physical and emotional burden among women, who show a higher vulnerability towards its effects. men respond differently to this situation, which produces unlike effects among them. these differences should be considered when designing strategies focused on gender equity and improvement of dependent elderly care.
Review Essay: Gespr chsforschung: Zur Praxis von Fokusgruppen Review Essay: Focus Group Practices: Studying Conversation Ensayo: Estudiando la conversación
Gonzalo Bacigalupe
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2005,
Abstract: Focus Group Practice besch ftigt sich mit für den Erfolg von Fokusgruppen f rderlichen Interaktionsprozessen und Moderationstechniken. Gestützt auf theoretische und methodologische Ans tze aus der Diskurs- und Konversationsanalyse werden die für Fokusgruppen charakteristischen "Mikropraktiken" untersucht. In sieben Kapiteln werden Empfehlungen für Moderator(inn)en und Forscher(innen) gegeben, die sich für die Methodologie von Fokusgruppen interessieren. Dabei ist das Buch, in dessen Zentrum die Analyse von Gespr chsprozessen steht, nicht als "Rezeptur" für die Gestaltung von Fokusgruppen konzipiert, sondern es handelt sich vielmehr um ein vorsichtiges Herausarbeiten der Choreographie, die für erfolgreiche Gruppeninterviews notwendig ist. Zus tzlich enth lt Focus Group Practice eine Reihe kurzer Beispiele zu Fokusgruppen in der Marktforschung sowie Definitionen zur Konversationsanalyse und von Schlüsselbegriffen der diskursiven Psychologie. Ein – in jedem Kapitel vorhandener – Satz an Grundregeln bezieht sich darauf, was wirkungsvolle Fokusgruppeninteraktionen ausmacht (formaler/informeller Charakter von Interaktion, Partizipation, Meinungen, usw.). Auch werden einige zus tzliche Informationen geboten z.B. zu Transkriptionen in der Konversationsanalyse. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050293 Focus Group Practice aims at analyzing the interactional process that supports the success of focus groups. The book makes specific observations of what effective focus group moderation can accomplish. Informed by theoretical and methodological approaches taken from conversation and discourse analysis, this work aims at an analysis of the micro-practices that characterize the focus group process. The seven chapters of the book include recommendations for moderators as well as researchers interested in studying focus group methodology as a subject in itself. The book, an analysis of what goes on in the form of conversational processes, is purposely not a "how to" of focus groups, but rather a careful unveiling of the "choreographic" movements that lead to successful group interviews. It includes a series of brief examples of market-research focus groups and pedagogical definitions of conversation analysis and discursive psychology key concepts. A set of principles related to what creates an effective focus group interaction organizes each chapter (interaction, informality, participation, and opinions). Also included are some conversational analysis artifacts like explanations about how transcription is employed in conversational analysis. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050293 Práctic
Review Essay: Eine Einladung zum intuitiven Verstehen in der Lehre und in der Praxis: Ist Intuition neutral? Review Essay: Inviting Intuitive Understandings in Teaching and Professional Practices: Is Intuition Relationally and Culturally Neutral? Ensayo: Invitación a la comprensión intuitiva en la ense anza y en la práctica profesional: Es la intuición neutral?
Gonzalo Bacigalupe
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2002,
Abstract: Terry ATKINSON und Guy CLAXTON analysieren das Konstrukt der "Intuition" ausgehend von Forschungs- und Lehrerfahrung an der Universit t Bristol in Gro britannien. In vierzehn Kapiteln wird die meist schwer zu fassende Idee der Intuition und ihr Einfluss auf professionelles Handeln untersucht, wobei viele der Autor(inn)en Intuition eher als eine kognitive psychologische Strategie definieren und weniger als relationalen und kulturellen Austausch. Das letzte Kapitel enth lt eine kritische Zusammenfassung und Bewertung von ERAUT, der nicht der Universit t Bristol angeh rt. Das Buch ist weniger eine integrierte theoretische Zusammenschau, sondern eher ein abschlie ender Bericht, der die universit ren Diskussionen und die Forschung der Autor(inn)en versammelt. Das Resultat ist eine inspirierende Darstellung sich überlappender Konzepte, die die Leser(innen) über die Relevanz von Intuition in p dagogischen und professionellen Handlungsfeldern informiert. Allerdings ist das Buch nicht in erster Linie geeignet für Berufst tige, die konkrete Methoden für die Umsetzung intuitiver Praktiken erlernen wollen, oder für Forscher(innen), die für die Analyse der Intuition in verschiedenen kulturellen und/oder institutionellen Kontexten auf der Suche nach anwendbaren theoretischen Konstrukten sind. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204514 To analyze the construct of intuition, Terry ATKINSON and Guy CLAXTON draw from the research, teaching experiences, and theoretical expertise of faculty at the University of Bristol, UK. The fourteen chapters by the faculty at Bristol explore the often slippery notion of "intuition" and its impact in professional practice, which is generally (and there are exceptions) defined as a cognitive psychological strategy rather than a relational and cultural exchange. The last chapter is a critical summary by ERAUT who assesses the book as an outsider to Bristol. The book reads like a final report of discussions and research by the authors within a university context rather than a cohesive theoretical summary by a sole author. The result is inspiring as a review of overlapping ideas that inform the reader of the relevance of intuition in educational and professional settings within the context of educational reforms during the last decade in several countries. It will not be compelling reading for professionals attempting to learn a set of activities that would aid them in learning how to incorporate "intuitive practices" or for researchers searching for ways of clearly formalizing intuition as a well-defined theoretical construct that can be analyzed in v
Influence of MeV H+ ion beam flux on cross-linking and blister formation in PMMA resist
Somrit Unai
Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: In soft lithography, a pattern is produced in poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) elastomer by casting from a master mould. The mould can be made of poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) resist by utilising either its positive or negative tone induced by an ion beam. Here we have investigated the irradiation conditions for achieving complete cross-linking and absence of blister formation in PMMA so that its negative characteristic can be used in making master moulds. PMMA thin films approximately 9 μm thick on Si were deposited by spin coating. The 2-MeV H+ ion beam was generated using a 1.7-MV tandem Tandetron accelerator. The beam was collimated to a 500×500 μm2 cross section using programmable proximity aperture lithography system with a real-time ion beam monitoring system and a high precision current integrator. The irradiated areas were investigated by a standard scanning electron microscope and a profilometer. It was found that both the ion beam flux and the stopping power of the ions in the polymer have a critical influence on the blister formation.
Instruments and Experiments Control Methodology Based on IVI and LXI Technologies
Unai Hernandez
International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE) , 2011, DOI: 10.3991/ijoe.v7is2.1768
Abstract: In this paper we present a new model to control the instruments and experiments in a remote laboratory. This model is based on LAN networks and a control methodology through reusable drivers. The objective is to obtain a software control architecture independent of the hardware of the laboratory, so each institution can use its own equipments and experiments based on its needs and with minimal restrictions regarding to the hardware of the lab.
Family business
Cuadernos de Gestión , 2007,
Abstract: Desde hace unos pocos a os se empieza a hablar en todo el mundo de la empresa familiar, y también en Euskadi se empieza a tener conciencia de su importancia en la economía del país. Desde mi experiencia, voy a tratar de reflexionar sobre lo que yo pienso que diferencia a una empresa familiar de otra que no lo sea.
Community Violence as Psychosocial Stressor:The Case of Childhood Asthma in Boston  [PDF]
Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Takeo Fujiwara, Sabrina Selk, Meghan Woo
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2010.11005
Abstract: Childhood asthma is a critical public health problem of urban centers in the United States and other industrialized nations. Population-based and laboratory research studies indicate that psychosocial stress differentially affects asthma expression. Witnessing or experiencing community violence is a psychosocial stressor that results in long-term biological changes that may in turn contribute to asthma morbidity. This is a review of the literature that examines the exposure to violence as a psychosocial stressor that is independently associated with asthma morbidity even after adjustment for income, housing, and other adverse life events. In addition to acting as a physiological trigger for the disease, community violence can also impact health behaviors and exposure to other unknown environmental risk factors. This connection leads the authors to suggest that reducing violence and the amelioration of its impact has implications beyond public health. The City of Boston in Massachusetts serves as the context to contextualize a series of recommendations that may ameliorate and/or prevent asthma incidence and prevalence. The reduction of poverty, unemployment, substandard housing, and high crime/violence rates can have significant health implications for children asthma and a decline on asthma hospitalization.
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