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Evaluation of airborne respirable particulate matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure of asphalt workers
Teresa Cirillo,Antonio Arnese,Ernesto Del Prete,Umberto Del Prete
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2007, DOI: 10.2427/5866
Abstract: Introduction: Assessment of exposure to the airborne respirable particles (PM10) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) of asphalt manufacturing and road paving workers in the Campania region (Italy). Materials and Methods: A study was carried out during 2006 and involved 5 firms producing and employing bitumen in road paving activities. The workers studied were categorized on the basis of their job as workers in bitumen manufacturing, in road paving and in workers not exposed at bitumen fume considered like controls. Results: In the manufacturing plants the average concentrations of airborne PM10 were 1125±445 ìg/m3 in the HMA manufacturing workers’ areas; 314±81 ìg/m3 in the process surveyors’ cabins and 92±27 ìg/m3 in the controls’ areas (administrative offices). Within the breathing zones of the worker, the average PAHs levels in air were as follows: 367±198 ng/m3 for HMA manufacturing workers; 348±172 ng/m3 for process surveyors; 21±2 ng/m3 for the controls. At the road paving sites the average airborne PM10 levels were 1435±325 ìg/m3 for roller operators; 1610±356 ìg/m3 for paver operators; 319±108 ìg/m for the controls (traffic controllers). PAHs in the breathing zones were 1220±694 ng/m3 for the paver operators; 1360±575 ng/m3 for the roller operators’ and 139±135 ng/m3 for the traffic controllers’. The results show that the more consistent hazard for asphalt workers’ health is derived from exposure to airborne PM10 both in exposed and in non-exposed (controls) workers.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a nutrition education intervention performed by primary school teachers
Erminia Agozzino,Umberto Del Prete,Chiara Leone,Elisabetta Manzi
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2007, DOI: 10.2427/5865
Abstract: Background: Long-term interventions based on the active involvement of students, carried out by properly prepared staff using didactic support material (brochures, games etc.) including the participation/involvement of mothers or associates in community interventions; seem to be the most effective ones. This study evaluates the effectiveness of nutrition education interventions carried out by teachers with active didactic methodologies. Methods: The research was carried out by administering a frequency of food intake questionnaire, before and after the intervention. To compare the answers given before and after the educational intervention the Wilcoxon-test was applied to dependent data discriminating the group with “sufficient implementation” of the project versus “insufficient implementation”. Results: Our data demonstrates that a substantial percentage of children do not report an adequate nutritional intake, making education interventions not only opportune but necessary. In both groups there was an increase in the number of subjects having breakfast, particularly in terms of bread and biscuits intake. In the group with “sufficient implementation” there was an increase in the intake of all kinds of food with respect to the previous day’s intake and a decrease in the intake of meat, fish and legumes consumed during the previous week; in the group with “insufficient implementation” only fish intake increased significantly while vegetable intake decreased in a non-significant way. So this educational intervention appears to have been particularly effective in modifying breakfast habits and reducing snack.
Perception of biological risk and food choices in university students in Naples
Teresa Cirillo,Erminia Agozzino,Renata Amodio Cocchieri,Umberto Del Prete
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2005, DOI: 10.2427/5988
Abstract: The aim of the present survey was to assess the perceived risk of foodborne infections in young adults with a high education level. The authors investigated their knowledge of foodborne infections, the preparation and storage of food that favour these infections and the rules of food safety and hygiene for consumer protection, as well as their behaviour regarding personal hygiene and their eating habits outside the home. The results showed that they had a good level of knowledge across all of the fields investigated, but outside the home they tended to favour food products that have a high risk of foodborne infection. This confirms that lifestyle and eating habits are strongly influenced by socio-economic factors, fashion, the media and by the market demands of the food industry.
Examples of mudslide hazard in the Southern Appennines (Italy)
M. Del Prete
Annals of Geophysics , 1993, DOI: 10.4401/ag-4315
Commentaire d'Antonella Del Prete à la note critique de J.-P. Cavaillé
Antonella Del Prete
Les Dossiers du Grihl , 2007, DOI: 10.4000/dossiersgrihl.275
Abstract: La longue discussion bibliographique de Jean-Pierre Cavaillé s’impose dans le panorama des études sur le libertinage et le xviie siècle à deux égards : pour sa tentative de faire une histoire du libertinage à part entière , sans se cantonner à un domaine spécifique (historique, littéraire ou philosophique) — attitude historiographique qui serait d’ailleurs souhaitable dans d’autres cas aussi, puisque le spécialisme exclusif est loin d’être une habitude du Grand Siècle — ; pour sa verve...
Simulation of a fine grained GEM used in the PixiE Experiment
Marina Del Prete
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: We have simulated the performances of a GEM with a large density of multiplication holes. In particular in this note we fully simulate the GEM detector used in the PixiE experiment. The detector will be employed in the measurement of the polarization of X-rays produced by astrophysical sources and its optimization is critical. In particular we have studied the gain of the GEM and the diffusion of the charge inside the detector for different configurations of electric fields and for different gas mixtures. This study has been performed to finalize the design of the PixiE Imager Detector.
Recovery of Missing Samples in Oversampling Formulas for Band Limited Functions
Vincenza Del Prete
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: In a previous paper, the author constructed frames and oversampling formulas for band-limited functions, in the framework of the theory of shift-invariant spaces. In this article we study the problem of recovering missing samples. We find a sufficient condition for the recovery of a finite set of missing samples. The condition is expressed as a linear independence of the components of a vector W over the space of trigonometric polynomials determined by the frequencies of the missing samples. We apply the theory to the derivative sampling of any order and we illustrate our results with a numerical experiment.
Frames and Oversampling Formulas for Band Limited Functions
Vincenza Del Prete
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: In this article we obtain families of frames for the space B_\omega of functions with band in [-\omega,\omega] by using the theory of shift-invariant spaces. Our results are based on the Gramian analysis of A. Ron and Z. Shen and a variant, due to Bownik, of their characterization of families of functions whose shifts form frames or Riesz bases. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the translates of a finite number of functions (generators) to be a frame or a Riesz basis for B_\omega. We also give explicit formulas for the dual generators and we apply them to Hilbert transform sampling and derivative sampling. Finally, we provide numerical experiments which support the theory.
A replica free evaluation of the neuronal population information with mixed continuous and discrete stimuli: from the linear to the asymptotic regime
Valeria Del Prete
Quantitative Biology , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.68.031906
Abstract: Recent studies have explored theoretically the ability of populations of neurons to carry information about a set of stimuli, both in the case of purely discrete or purely continuous stimuli, and in the case of multidimensional continuous angular and discrete correlates, in presence of additional quenched disorder in the distribution. An analytical expression for the mutual information has been obtained in the limit of large noise by means of the replica trick. Here we show that the same results can actually be obtained in most cases without the use of replicas, by means of a much simpler expansion of the logarithm. Fitting the theoretical model to real neuronal data, we show that the introduction of correlations in the quenched disorder improves the fit, suggesting a possible role of signal correlations-actually detected in real data- in a redundant code. We show that even in the more difficult analysis of the asymptotic regime, an explicit expression for the mutual information can be obtained without resorting to the replica trick despite the presence of quenched disorder, both with a gaussian and with a more realistic thresholded-gaussian model. When the stimuli are mixed continuous and discrete, we find that with both models the information seem to grow logarithmically to infinity with the number of neurons and with the inverse of the noise, even though the exact general dependence cannot be derived explicitly for the thresholded gaussian model. In the large noise limit lower values of information were obtained with the thresholded-gaussian model, for a fixed value of the noise and of the population size. On the contrary, in the asymptotic regime, with very low values of the noise, a lower information value is obtained with the gaussian model.
A diagrammatic approach to study the information transfer in weakly non-linear channels
E. Korutcheva,V. Del Prete
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1142/S0217979202012049
Abstract: In a recent work we have introduced a novel approach to study the effect of weak non-linearities in the transfer function on the information transmitted by an analogue channel, by means of a perturbative diagrammatic expansion. We extend here the analysis to all orders in perturbation theory, which allows us to release any constraint concerning the magnitude of the expansion parameter and to establish the rules to calculate easily the contribution at any order. As an example we explicitly compute the information up to the second order in the non-linearity, in presence of random gaussian connectivities and in the limit when the output noise is not small. We analyze the first and second order contributions to the mutual information as a function of the non-linearity and of the number of output units. We believe that an extensive application of our method via the analysis of the different contributions at distinct orders might be able to fill a gap between well known analytical results obtained for linear channels and the non trivial treatments which are required to study highly non-linear channels.
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