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Genetic Influence of Candidate Osteoporosis Genes in Saudi Arabian Population: A Pilot Study
Mir Sadat-Ali,Haifa A. Al-Turki
Journal of Osteoporosis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/569145
Abstract: Background and Objectives. The purpose of the present study is to find the genes and SNP that influence BMD and postmenopausal Saudi women. Material and Methods. Two-hundred ethnic Saudi Arabian women with a diagnosis of postmenopausal osteoporosis were the subjects of this study. Baseline blood hematology, biochemistry, and bone panel were done. Blood was collected, and three TaqMan-MGB probes were used to analyze SNP variants in ALOX15 (rs7220870), LRP5 (C 25752205 10), and TNFRSF11B (C 11869235 10). Results. The variant of ALOX15 17p13 showed that the BMD of the spine was lower in the AA allele ( value <0.002) and fractures were highest at 50% compared to CC allele. In the TNFRSF11B gene, BMD of the hip and spine was significantly higher in the GG allele and the history of fractures was significantly higher in GG group. With regard to the LRP5 (C 25752205 10) gene, there was no significant difference between allele groups. Conclusion(s). This study shows that the genetic influence of osteoporosis in the Caucasian and Saudi Arabians population is similar. We believe that the same genetic markers that influence osteoporosis in the Caucasian race could be used for further studies in the Saudi Arabian population.
Evaluation of Commercial Colilert18-Quantitray Method by ISO Techniques for Enumeration and Quantification of Total Coliforms and Escherichia coli in Drinking-Water of Buraidah, Saudi Arabia
A. Al-Turki,M.G. El-Ziney
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: In the present investigation, the Colilert18-QuantiTray test is compared with ISO 9308-2:1999 Multiple-Tube Fermentation (MTF) and 9308-1:2000 Membrane Filtration (MF) methods for the detection of coliforms and E. coli in Buraidah drinking water. Regarding sensitivity and specificity of test methods using MTF as reference, the MF method showed a weak sensitivity, while the Colilert18 test showed the highest one. On the other hand, MF method exhibited a higher specificity compared with Colilert18 test. A moderately strong relationship among test methods of coliforms log transformed counts obtained with MF (cfu/100 mL) and Coliert18 /Quanti-Tray (MPN/100 mL) tests compared to MPN-MTF method was demonstrated. Regression analysis revealed the presence of strong linear correlations (p<0.01) between the three test methods and standard plate count of detecting the concentration of serially diluted E. coli LMG 2092 with high regression coefficients with MF and Colilert18 and lower value for MTF. The Colilert18 had E. coli detection down to 5 MPN/100 mL ( 0.05/1 mL). Results showed that Coliert18 /Quanti-Tray method is comparable with ISO methods further, the former method has more advantages such as higher sensitivity, maximum detection limit ability and time and labor saving.
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Permutation and Survival of Caralluma Species (Apocynaceae) in Arid Habitats
Yahya S. Masrahi,Turki A. Al-Turki,Osama H. Sayed
Ecologia Balkanica , 2012,
Abstract: Several species of the stem succulent Caralluma (Apocynaceae) are abundant perennials in arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula. These arid regions have a short wet season with erratic rainfall and are characterized by harsh climatic conditions of high temperature, high evaporation and sand storms. Work presented in this paper aimed at investigating importance of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) for survival of three Caralluma species in their natural habitat. Investigations involved studying stomatal characteristics, stomatal diffusive conductance, chlorophyll fluorescence, and CAM in three species of Caralluma, namely C. acutangula (Decne.) N.E.Br., C. edulis (Edgew.) Benth. ex Hook.f., and C. subulata (Forssk.) Decne. Microscopic examination revealed a pattern of stomatal characteristics typical of CAM plants in these three Caralluma species. Results showed that these three Caralluma species were obligate CAM plants exhibiting this mode of photosynthesis during both the wet and the dry seasons. Under protracted water stress during the long dry season very low values of stomatal diffusive conductance and dampening of CAM acidification-deacidification cycles denoted the tendency of these three Caralluma species to shift from the obligate CAM physiotype to CAM-idling mode. Chlorophyll fluorescence measurements indicated that protracted water stress induced a reduction in Photosystem II (PSII) antenna efficiency and quantum yield in the three studied Caralluma species. This reduction of PSII activity occurred in concomitance with a marked rise in non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence denoting operation of non-photochemical energy dissipating mechanisms known to be important for photoprotection of the photosynthetic apparatus.
Improvement of Glucoamylase Production by Aspergillus awamori Using Microbial Biotechnology Techniques
A.I. Al-Turki,A.A. Khattab,A.M. Ihab
Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: This study was initiated to take advantages of mutagenesis in conjunction with protoplast fusion technique to obtain hyper-glucoamylase strains of Aspergillus awamori. The resulted data can successfully, be applied in the production of many superior mutants which produced at least 80% of enzyme more compared with the parental strain. Through antifungal resistance study of the highest producer mutants, only five of them were selected according to different response to antifungal agents and intraspecific protoplast fusion between them was carried to obtain hyper-glucoamylase fusants. All obtained fusants after all carried crosses (four crosses) showed higher activities than the original strain. Moreover, among 20 isolated fusants, 13 showed higher activities than their corresponding higher parent strain.
Acrylamide Status in Selected Traditional Saudi Foods and Infant Milk and Foods with Estimation of Daily Exposure
M.G. El-Ziney,A.A. Al-Turki,M.S. Tawfik
American Journal of Food Technology , 2009,
Abstract: This study reports the results of the survey study on acrylamide levels in selected traditional foods and infant powder milk and cereal based foods obtained from the Saudi market. Food samples divided into twelve groups. An LC-MS/MS method for the determination of acrylamide (AA) has been described. The samples were pre-dried, crushed/minced, degreased and mixed with D3 acrylamide internal standard then acrylamide was water extracted at 60°C. The aqueous solution was clean-up using a Carrez-Precipitation followed by centrifugation. The clean-up extract was then analyzed by LC-MS/MS. The method was applicable to detect AA in different food types at concentration of 30 μg kg-1. The extraction method was developed to enable detecting of traces of AA. A second sensitive extraction method was followed in order to allow a concentration of AA as low as 1-5 μg kg-1. In general, the acrylamide (AA) level in different food groups were in order, grilled egg-plant>coffee (soluble)>extruded maize>cookies (korse Omer; tweel) and biscuit>extruded maize (cheese) and cookies> French fries>sweet (zalabia)>bread and cooked palm date (Hunaini)>out layer of fried fish>infant powder milk and cereal foods. The highest value of acrylamide (950 μg kg-1) was detected in grilled egg-plant whereas the lowest value was detected in baby powder milk (3.4 μg kg-1). The calculated daily intake amounted to 60 μg AA/person/day which corresponds to 0.86 μg kg-1 b.wt. day-1 (body weight of 70 kg). The average daily AA dietary intake of different infant milk brands, analyzed in the present study, during the first six months of birth amounted to 0.63 μg day-1. This is corresponding to 0.075 μg AA kg-1 b.wt. day-1 (body weight of 8 kg). The outcome of this study has strongly recommended the necessity to conduct a large-scale survey in order to evaluate the levels of acrylamide in traditional foods. Thus, the true risk levels related to AA intake will be accurately estimated.
Mobilization of Pb, Zn, Cu and Cd, in Polluted Soil
A.I. Al-Turki,M.I.D. Helal
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: Effect of chicken manure extract (CHCME), cow manure extract (COWME) and sewage effluent (SE) on mobilization of Pb, Zn, Cu and Cd, a sandy soil from central region of Saudi Arabia, were studied in columns experiment. All solutions were able to mobilize, only, very small portions (less than 0.55%) of total amount of Pb previously added to soil. The affinity of Pb to soil is higher than the ability of organic and inorganic ligands of CHCME, COWME and SE to form soluble complexes with soil Pb. Although the amounts of soil Zn mobilized in SE (0.16%), COWME (0.55%) and CHCME (3.2%), were relatively higher than those of Pb, Zn ions prefer association with soil solid phase rather than complexing with solution dissolved organic ligands. However, EDTA was able to mobilize higher percentages of soil Pb (49%) and Zn (24%). These results mean that, formation of stable chelates were critical for solublization of solid phase Pb and Zn. Although both SE and COWME had very limited efficiency in mobilizing soil Cu (0.15 and 0.37%, respectively), CHCME had markedly higher one (25%). The dissolved organic ligands of CHCME prove high efficiency, identical to that of EDTA (25%), in forming soluble Cu complexes. Unlike Pb, Zn and to a lesser degree Cu, soil Cd was ready to be mobilized in all leaching solutions, at varied quantities, H2O (7.7%), COWME (10.4%), SE (24%), CHCME (43%) and EDTA (84%). These results verified that soil Cd is distributed among different forms; water soluble, exchangeable and specifically adsorbed on solid phase. Soil Cd tends to be more mobile and available to plant, than Pb, Cu and Zn. Mobilization of soil Cd, Cu, Zn and to a lesser degree Pb, were enhanced by CHCME rather than by COWME and SE.
Performance of Dual-Axis Solar Tracker versus Static Solar System by Segmented Clearness Index in Malaysia
Jhee Fhong Lee,Nasrudin Abd. Rahim,Yusuf A. Al-Turki
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/820714
Abstract: The performance of Dual-Axis Solar Tracker (DAST) and Static Solar System (SSS) with respect to clearness index in Malaysia is presented. An attempt to investigate the correlation between clearness index with energy gain and efficiency of DAST over SSS is being done experimentally. A good correlation could not be found out from the daily clearness index. It is due to the more profound advantage of DAST in the morning and evening compared to midday as it is able to follow the sun’s position. Hence, the daily clearness index is divided into three segments which are morning, midday, and evening to interpret the energy gain and efficiency better. A clearer correlation with low standard deviation can be observed on the segmented clearness index analysis. The energy gain and efficiency of seven cities in Malaysia is being estimated with the segmented clearness index and compared to the result generated from anisotropic radiation model. A similar trend is obtained and it has shown that the segmented clearness index could be utilized as a graphical method for estimation of energy gain and efficiency of DAST over SSS. 1. Introduction Solar energy has gained tremendous attention in recent years due to various reasons such as the fluctuating of the price of crude oil, awareness of public on environment issues, supporting policies and subsidies taken by local government to boost renewable energy sectors, and price reduction of photovoltaic (PV) panels. Many large-scale solar farms were commissioned in USA, Europe, and China as the global PV price is dropping rapidly in recent years which agrees with the Swanson’s law [1]. However, the PV generated electricity is not competitively enough compared to fossil fuel (oil, gas, and coal) especially in urban areas. Hence, more intensive research and development on PV cell material science are required in order to overleap the conversion efficiency hurdle and reduce the manufacturing cost. Meanwhile, there are several approaches available for increasing the performance of PV system other than exploring on new material for PV cell. For instance, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which able to draw maximum power by tracking and operating on the maximum power point of the PV arrays [2], solar tracking that able to maximize the power captured from sun by following the sun path [3], and so forth. Above all, solar tracking poses great advantage to enhance the PV system efficiency as compared to a static solar system [4]. Dual-Axis Solar Tracker (DAST) is a type of solar tracker with two rotational axes which enable it to align
Obstetric management after infertility treatment
HA Al-Turki
Annals of African Medicine , 2010,
Obstetric management after infertility treatment
Al-Turki Haifa
Annals of African Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: King Fahd University Hospital, Al-Khobar is a tertiary care center without the facility for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer, but ovulation induction (OI) is done routinely. The objective of this analysis was to study the obstetric outcome of patients who conceived after IVF and OI. Design: Retrospective analysis. Patients and Methods: One hundred and twenty patients were analysed within the study period of January 1996 and December 2006. Patients were divided into two groups viz; those who became pregnant after IVF and embryo transfer and those who conceived after OI. The obstetric outcome measures analysed include: antenatal and intrapartum complications, the number of babies delivered and the mode of delivery. The data was entered into the database and analysed using SPSS Inc. version 14. Results: The average age was 37.31 ± 4.1 years (range 21-43 years), primary infertility was seen in 74 women and secondary infertility in 46 patients. In 73 (60.8%) of the women, pregnancy occurred after OI and the rest of the patients underwent IVF at other centers. Sixty-nine (57.5%) of women had no previous pregnancy. Antenatal complications were similar in both groups but intrapartum complications were significantly higher in IVF group, P = 0.05. Multiple pregnancies were significantly higher in the IVF group (P = 0.001). Normal vaginal deliveries (NVD) were common in the OI group, and cesarean sections (CS) was significantly higher in IVF group (P = 0.001). Conclusion: This study shows that in pregnancy after IVF and embryo transfer, intrapartum complications were more and CS was the common mode of delivery when compared with those that had only OI.
Awareness of avian influenza ("bird flu") among attendees of a primary healthcare clinic in Riyadh
Al-Turki Yousef
Annals of Saudi Medicine , 2006,

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