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Pais adolescentes: vivência e significa??o
Trindade, Zeidi Araujo;Menandro, Maria Cristina Smith;
Estudos de Psicologia (Natal) , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-294X2002000100003
Abstract: changes occurred in the life of teenage fathers and the meaning of fatherhood and motherhood for these adolescents were investigated. eight participants sixteen to twenty-one years old were interviewed with directions focusing: changes arising of paternity; meanings of fatherhood and motherhood; parental practices. among the changes referred figured the loss of freedom and the insertion in the job market. for them, to be a father means, mainly, to work to provide the needs of the child and also to educate, give comfort and attention. the mother is the one who cares and caresses, makes sacrifices and is the most important figure in the child's life. the most mentioned parental practices were related with leisure and play. the data indicate the permanence of a strong link with the traditional parenting models, although an emergence of significant affective relations between parents and children was also detected.
Humaniza??o da saúde em um servi?o de emergência de um hospital público: compara??o sobre representa??es sociais dos profissionais antes e após a capacita??o
Andrade,Maria Angélica Carvalho; Artmann,Elizabeth; Trindade,Zeidi Araujo;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000700043
Abstract: this article presents the results of a study of the type before and after training in shelter with risk classification compared to the humanization of social representations of health among 111 health professionals in an emergency hospital. data collection was performed using the technique of free evocation and analysis was done using the evoc software. the results showed changes in the symbolic meaning attributed to terms inducers towards incorporation of the right perspective in the representation of the unified health system, the translation of humanization in health as shelter, and the progression of understanding the shelter, the humanistic focus to the qualification of processes of care of the users demand at emergencies. the results indicate that the differences found in the core before and after training were due to an apprenticeship, which based in peripheral elements, was able to question the core elements and interchange between the central and peripheral system, recognizing the functional complementarity between these two systems and the relationships between representations and practices. however, the method does not assert the persistence of such changes in the social representations of the objects studied in depth or measure the changes in daily practices.
A??es de preven??o da deficiência mental, dirigidas a gestantes e recém-nascidos, no ambito da saúde pública da grande Vitória-ES
Enumo, S?nia Regina Fiorim;Trindade, Zeidi Araujo;
Psicologia USP , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642002000100006
Abstract: the accomplishment of prevention in public health requires a systematized knowledge for the proposition of a program and its evaluation. when it comes to the prevention of mental deficiency, which afflicts around 10% of the population, little is known in brazil. by adopting a methodology for cataloging md preventive actions in hospitals and health units, with pregnant women and newborns, it was possible to describe and analyze the actions of the public health system in greater vitória/es, indicating the levels of prevention which were most covered. preventive actions (pa) of five large public hospitals, nine health units and six health offices, from 1996 to 1997 were studied. data from 25 interviews show that these places made 51.5% of the 433 possible pa (57.4% of primary prevention and 45.5% of the secondary). along with the particularization of the action of each municipality and place researched, the obtained data was useful for analyses and possible changes in maternal-infantile health indicators.
Triste e Incompleta: Uma Vis?o Feminina da Mulher Infértil
Trindade, Zeidi Araujo;Enumo, S?nia Regina Fiorim;
Psicologia USP , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642002000200010
Abstract: this paper discusses the results of a research aimed at the investigation of social representations of female infertility, among women of different social layers. we interviewed 180 women between 18 and 40 years old, half of them living in low-income neighborhoods and the other half in middle-class neighborhoods. each group was divided into 3 subgroups: a) 30 married women, with at least one biological child; b) 30 women married for at least a year, without children; c) 30 single women, without children. for data collection, the technique of free association was utilized, the generating expression being "woman who can't have children". specific questions on the subject of interest were also asked. as main elements of the representational field, data showed sadness, incompleteness, frustration, pressure from others, loneliness, inferiority, adoption, search for solutions and not a problem, all of which reaffirmed the permanence of the infertility concept as a stigmatizing condition for women.
O que fazer quando o cora??o aperta? A dinamica conjugal pós-infarto
Gianordoli-Nascimento, Ingrid Faria;Trindade, Zeidi Araujo;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722002000100012
Abstract: the objective of the present work was to investigate the dynamics of the conjugate relationships after the occurrence of an acut infarction of miocardial in one of the spouses, aiming to identify possible alterations in the interaction and in each spouse's role. six couples (30 to 53 yeaars marriage) were interviewed: 03 men and 03 women who had had heart attacks (occurrence among 1,5 to 8 years). two programs were used, in the individual interviews, one for the patient and other for the spouse. in these interviews we aimed to know about the personal iteractions, the after-infarct conjugate relationships and the gender differences. the content analysis of the interviews evidenced that it was prevailed in the conjugate relationships aspects, remember us to the traditional gender role, although the married dynamics has suffered some changes coming from the impact of the infarct, for example: the increase of sharing domestic tasks, men became more domestic, women began to participate in the financial administration, larger affective relactions among the couple. such considerations point out that the occurrence of the infarct was assessed positively by the women in function of the alterations of roles and negatively for the men due to the limitations and dependence caused by the disease.
Maternidade ?prematura?: Uma investiga??o psicossociológica na unidade de terapia intensiva neonatal
Barros,Sibelle Maria Martins de; Trindade,Zeidi Araujo;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2007,
Abstract: having a premature baby interned in a neonatal icu is generally considere d a difficult and unexpected moment for many women. to understand such an experience, the present work attempted to apprehend the social representations of mother hood and fatherhood among mothers with interned premature baby in a neonatal intensive care unit (nicu). semi-structured interviews with seven mothers in a public hospital in state of espírito santo (brazil) were conducted, and then submitted to content analysis. the results indicated the recurrence to traditional models of the parental roles, which contributed to an overburden of responsibility for the mothers. it was, though, observed, that the attempt by some fathers for a closer relation with the child was discouraged by some mothers. this study highlights the need to rescue and understand the psychological universe of the mothers, inserting the fathers in this context, since little is known about how fathers understand and cope this delicate period. the results evidenced also the need for new assistance models, sustained by constant critical reflection by the professionals about their own representation s and practices in this context, in order not to direct care and responsibilities solely to the mothers.
A es de preven o da deficiência mental, dirigidas a gestantes e recém-nascidos, no ambito da saúde pública da grande Vitória-ES
Enumo S?nia Regina Fiorim,Trindade Zeidi Araujo
Psicologia USP , 2002,
Abstract: Fazer preven o em Saúde Pública implica em conhecimento sistematizado para a proposi o de programas e sua avalia o. Quanto à preven o de Deficiência Mental, que atinge cerca de 10% da popula o, pouco se conhece no país. Adotando uma metodologia para levantamento de a es preventivas de DM em hospitais e unidades de saúde, junto a gestantes e recém-nascidos, foi possível descrever e analisar a atua o da rede pública de saúde da Grande Vitória/ES, indicando os níveis de preven o mais atendidos. Foram levantadas as a es de preven o (AP) de cinco hospitais públicos de grande porte, nove (31%) unidades de saúde e seis secretarias de saúde, entre 1996-97. Os dados de 25 entrevistas mostram que esses locais realizavam 51,5% das 433 AP possíveis (57,4% da preven o primária e 45,5% da secundária). Particularizando a atua o de cada município e local pesquisado, os dados fornecem subsídios para análises e possíveis mudan as nos indicadores de saúde materno-infantil.
Triste e Incompleta: Uma Vis o Feminina da Mulher Infértil
Trindade Zeidi Araujo,Enumo S?nia Regina Fiorim
Psicologia USP , 2002,
Abstract: Este artigo relata resultados de uma pesquisa que teve como objetivo investigar as representa es sociais da infertilidade feminina, entre mulheres de diferentes estratos sociais. Foram entrevistadas 180 mulheres, com idade variando entre 18 e 40 anos, sendo 90 moradoras de bairros populares, e 90 moradoras de dois bairros considerados de classe-média. Cada grupo foi dividido em 3 subgrupos: a) 30 mulheres casadas, com pelo menos um filho biológico; b) 30 mulheres casadas há pelo menos 1 ano, sem filhos; c) 30 mulheres solteiras, sem filhos. Para a coleta de dados utilizou-se a técnica de associa o livre, tendo como express o geradora "mulher que n o pode ter filhos", além de perguntas específicas sobre a temática de interesse. Os dados mostraram como principais elementos do campo representacional tristeza, incompleta, frustra o, cobran a dos outros, solid o, pessoa inferior, ado o, busca de solu es e n o é problema, confirmando a permanência da concep o da infertilidade como uma condi o estigmatizante para a mulher.
O que fazer quando o cora o aperta? A dinamica conjugal pós-infarto
Gianordoli-Nascimento Ingrid Faria,Trindade Zeidi Araujo
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2002,
Abstract: O trabalho investigou a dinamica das rela es conjugais após ocorrência de Infarto Agudo do Miocárdio em um dos c njuges, a fim de identificar possíveis altera es na intera o e no papel de cada c njuge. Foram entrevistados 06 casais (30 a 53 anos casamento): 03 homens enfartados, 03 mulheres enfartadas (ocorrência entre 1,5 a 8 anos), com roteiros diferenciados para o (a) enfartado e o (a) companheiro. Nas entrevistas priorizamos: intera es pessoais e conjugais pós-infarto/ diferen as de gênero. A análise de conteúdo evidenciou que predominaram nas rela es conjugais aspectos que remetem ao papel tradicional de gênero, embora a dinamica conjugal tenha sofrido algumas altera es frente ao impacto do infarto, por exemplo: aumento da divis o de tarefas domésticas, homens tornaram-se mais caseiros, mulheres come aram a participar da administra o financeira, maior aproxima o afetiva entre o casal. Tais considera es apontam que a ocorrência do infarto foi avaliada positivamente pelas mulheres em fun o das altera es de papéis e negativamente pelos homens frente às limita es e dependência.
As representa??es sociais de conjugalidade entre casais recasados
Silva, Priscilla de Oliveira Martins;Trindade, Zeidi Araujo;Silva Junior, Annor da;
Estudos de Psicologia (Natal) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-294X2012000300012
Abstract: the present study aims to analyze social representations (sr) of conjugality among remarried couples. two focus groups were held, one group with women and one group with men. all participants have at least one child from their first marriage and live at a considered middle or high-middle class neighborhood. the data were analyzed by discourse analyze. the results show conjugality sr is organized as a representational system, because the elements, that are articulated in order to form it, are considered social objects. the sr observed is organized differently by men and women. also, it was observed in remarriage: 1) high complexity degree among family relations; 2) children, on parents point of view, deal with the new family dynamic nicely; 3) tendency of more equal conjugal relations; 4) men seem to need a conjugal partnership to organize their emotional, family and professional life.
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