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El sindicalismo brasile?o en disputa en los a?os 90: origen, raíces sociales y adhesión activa de la fuerza sindical al neoliberalismo
Vieira Trópia,Patricia;
Revista Venezolana de Economía y Ciencias Sociales , 2009,
Abstract: this article analyses the origins and the social bases of for?a sindical and its support for neoliberalism. for?a sindical was created in march 1991 to combat the central única de los trabajadores (cut), in opposition to the central general de los trabajadores (cgt) explicitly defending neoliberal policies. it actively supported the policies of privatization, the new regulations for labor relations and the reduction of social expenditure. for?a sindical made important inroads into the traditional bastions of cut supporters and actively backed the neoliberal governments of the nineties.
Origins, social roots and active joining from the sindicalist force to neoliberalism O sindicalismo brasileiro em disputa nos anos de 1990: origem, raízes sociais e ades o ativa da for a sindical ao neoliberalismo
Patrícia Vieira Trópia
Estudos de Sociologia , 2009,
Abstract: This article analyzes the origins, the social roots and the active joining from the Syndicalist Force to Neoliberalism. The Syndicalist Force was born from the confluence of two Right-wing politics which act inside the Syndicalism: the traditional “peleguismo” (slang) and the “results syndicalism”. These two Rightwing politics got united when the first Neoliberal government reached the power in Brazil in the beginning of the 1990’s, founding, therefore, the Syndicalist Force. The Syndicalist Force, as a representative of the private industrial sector, mostly, has found an echo for the Neoliberal proposals and also for some aspects of the Neoliberal ideology, mostly the diffuse critics to the public employment rights. The central supported actively the privatization politics, the non-ruling of the working relationships and the cut of social expenses, building itself as an active social force of the Neoliberal governments from the 90’s. Keywords: Neoliberalism. Syndicalist force. Syndicalism. Este artigo analisa a origem, as raízes sociais e ades o ativa da For a Sindical ao neoliberalismo. A For a Sindical nasceu da confluência de duas correntes de direita atuantes no sindicalismo: o peleguismo tradicional e o “sindicalismo de resultados”. Estas duas correntes se uniram quando o primeiro governo neoliberal chegou ao poder no Brasil no início de 1990, fundando, ent o, a For a Sindical. A For a Sindical, por representar sindicatos do setor privado industrial, majoritariamente, encontrou eco para as propostas neoliberais e para aspectos da ideologia neoliberal, sobretudo a crítica difusa aos direitos do funcionalismo público. A central apoiou ativamente as políticas de privatiza o, desregulamenta o das rela es de trabalho e redu o de gastos sociais, constituindo-se, assim, como for a social ativa dos governos neoliberais na década de 1990. Palavras-chave: Neoliberalismo. For a Sindical. Sindicalismo.
Vínculos entre a rela o com o saber de Bernard Charlot e categorias bachelardianas = Association between the relation to knowledge by Bernard Charlot and Bachelard’s categories
Trópia, Guilherme,Caldeira, Ademir Donizeti
Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: Este trabalho tem por objetivo apresentar algumas categorias da epistemologia de Gaston Bachelard e da teoria da rela o com o saber de Bernard Charlot, a fim de promover uma reflex o sobre possíveis rela es entre elas. Apropriamo-nos de abordagens epistemológicas da obra de Bachelard, como a forma o do espírito científico, os obstáculos epistemológicos e pedagógicos e a perspectiva descontinuísta, para apontar possíveis vínculos com a formula o da quest o e do conceito da rela o com o saber de Charlot e a dinamica entre descontinuidade/continuidade da rela o com o saber na escola. This work aims presenting some categories of Gaston Bachelard’s epistemology and the Bernard Charlot’s theory of Relation to Knowledge, promoting a reflection regarding some connections between them. Taking the epistemological and pedagogical obstacles, discontinuity perspective and formation of the scientific mind will be argued the bonds of these Bachelard’s categories with the construction of the question and the concept of the relation to knowledge by Charlot and the dynamics between discontinuity/continuity of the relation to knowledge in the school.
一般論述研究/The Case of the Royal School of Library and Information Science: A European iSchool/Pia Borlund
Pia Borlund Pia Borlund
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2011,
Abstract: The present paper forms the basis of the invited talk given by the author at the International Symposium on the Transformation and Innovation of Library and Information Science, November 16-17, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. The paper introduces the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark, as a European School of Library and Information Science and a member of iSchool Caucus. The paper outlines some of the current challenges of the Royal School of Library and Information Science and how these challenges are met, including how the membership of the iSchool movement is considered beneficial with respect to the mentioned challenges. The paper also touches upon some of the challenges, which the iSchool movement is facing – at least from the perspective of the author. 本文為作者受邀於2010 年11 月16-17 日,在臺灣師大舉辦的「圖書資訊學蛻變與創新國際研討會」上所發表的文章。本文介紹丹麥皇家圖書資訊學院為歐洲圖書資訊科學校院,並為iSchool Caucus 成員。本文概述丹麥皇家圖書資訊學院面臨的挑戰,以及如何面對這些挑戰,包括iSchool 的成員活動如何有益於這些挑戰。作者也探討一些其他iSchool 運動正面臨的挑戰。頁次:11-17
Current Controversies in Newer Therapies to Treat Birth Asphyxia
Pia Wintermark
International Journal of Pediatrics , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/848413
Abstract: Despite major advances in monitoring technology and knowledge of fetal and neonatal pathophysiology, neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) remains one of the main causes of severe adverse neurological outcome in children. Until recently, there were no therapies other than supportive measures. Over the past several years, mild hypothermia has been proven to be safe to treat HIE. Unfortunately, this neuroprotective strategy seems efficient in preventing brain injury in some asphyxiated newborns, but not in all of them. Thus, there is increasing interest to rapidly understand how to refine hypothermia therapy and add neuroprotective or neurorestorative strategies. Several promising newer treatments to treat birth asphyxia and prevent its devastating neurological consequences are currently being tested. In this paper, the physiopathology behind HIE, the currently available treatment, the potential alternatives, and the next steps before implementation of these other treatments are reviewed.
Life history and environment of Cecropia latiloba in Amazonian floodplains
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2002,
Abstract: cecropia latiloba can be considered to be one of the most efficient colonizers of open areas in the nutrient-rich whitewater floodplains of the amazon river. its main strategy to be successful is the high tolerance towards waterlogging and submergence, and the fast vertical growth and reiteration capacity. this, and the tolerance of high irradiation and sediment deposition allow c. latiloba to form large monospecific stands on open sites, and thus the first closed canopy which represents the initial phase of a successional sequence which leads to highly diverse forests. this tree is extremely well adapted to the adverse growth conditions in amazonian floodplains with prolongued periods of flooding and seedling submergence. the species occurs on the lowest levels in the flooding gradient. although it belongs to the most often cited species under aspects of taxonomy, species distribution and general descriptions of the ecosystem, little has been published about its ecology. in the present paper the ecological, physiological and phenological characteristics of c. latiloba are described. it is an evergreen species which constantly produces new leaves. with flooding, leaf production is reduced but new leaves are flushed also with prolongued flooding. the peak of flowering and fruiting are in the flooded period. when mature, the fruits are dispersed mainly by water and fish. seed germination occurs, without dormancy, within 5-13 days after water retreat. in the 7 months before the first flooded period seedlings reach 1 m of height, and height growth increases until a height of 15-20 m is achieved. photosynthetic assimilation is high, with values of up to 21 mmol co2m-2s-1 . c. latiloba is a very flood tolerant species, and waterlogged seedlings continuously produce new leaves and adventitiuos roots
The Tusk-Shaped Stone Figurines From Coastal Ecuador
Pia Hahn
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology , 1991, DOI: 10.5334/pia.17
Abstract: In this short paper I shall present some of the central points of my forthcoming Ph. D. on tusk-shaped stone figurines and the artifacts associated with them. The figurines discussed here all come from the Bahia phase of the Regional Development Period (500 B.C to AD 500) of Ecuador. They were probably in use in the other contemporary coastal Ecuadorian phases of Guangala, Jama-Coaque and La Tolita as well, as I shall try to demonstrate later in this article.
Senna reticulata (Willd.) H. S. Irwin & Barneby (Fabaceae) as "pasture killer" ("matapasto") pioneer tree in Amazonian floodplains.
Pia Parolin
Ecología Aplicada , 2005,
Abstract: Senna reticulata (Willd.) H. S. Irwin & Barneby (Fabaceae) es un árbol pionero que coloniza áreas abiertas en las planicies inundables de la amazonía. Es muy abundante a lo largo de los ríos de aguas claras y nutritivas y puede considerarse uno de los más eficientes colonizadores de áreas abiertas. Las raíces y tallos poseen una alta tolerancia a la inundación y presenta una alta asimilación fotosintética y rápido crecimiento a pesar de la inundación prolongada; además la eficiente dispersión de la semilla y la habilidad para rebrotar después de un periodo de condiciones desfavorables, la hacen muy efectiva. Estas características llevan a la población local a considerar a Senna reticulata como una nociva maleza le osa, llamada matapasto ( pasture killer ) aunque en la secuencia sucesional represente una etapa le osa de corta duración, la cual permite el establecimiento de bosques altamente diversos.
Bosques inundados en la Amazonia Central: su aprovechamiento actual y potencial
Pia Parolin
Ecología Aplicada , 2002,
Abstract: Las áreas boscosas de várzea en la Amazonia Central son periódicamente inundadas por ríos de aguas blancas ricos en sedimentos, que por lo tanto tienen suelos ricos y alta producción primaria. Han sido descritas 250 especies de árboles como típicas, muchas de ellas tienen baja densidad forestal. A pesar que la producción total de madera no es tan alta como en el bosque templado, los bosques de várzea han sido explotados desde finales del siglo pasado. La fácil accesibilidad y el alto número de individuos de una especie por área es ventajosa. Los recursos naturales como la producción de petróleo, jabón, resinas, fibras textiles, taninos, colorantes y medicinas, perfumes, látex y frutas son de importancia local y comercial. La madera de construcción tiene mucha importancia desde principios de siglo, cuando fue usada para la producción de energía en las embarcaiones y en la construcción civil y naval. La extracción de madera de construcción comenzó, a gran escala, en la década de los 20. La extracción se realiza manualmente y la madera se transporta mediante en río hasta Manaus, donde la industria maderera está concentrada. El 80% de la madera procesada permanece en el estado de Amazonas. El resto es exportada, principalmente al sur del Brasil, mientras que no hay comercio internacional. Las áreas inundadas son de excepcional importancia económica, para el cultivo de alimentos como para la crianza de ganado vacuno lechero, lo cual lleva a la destrucción de las áreas forestales. Muchas especies de árboles usadas comercialmente son desplazadas, especialmente en la cercanía de las grandes ciudades.
Being and becoming a teacher in medical education
Pia Strand
H?gre Utbildning , 2011,
Abstract: Pia Strand recenserar: Being and becoming a teacher in medical education, av Terese Stenfors-Hayes (doktorsavhandling, 2011)

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