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Henríquez Graciela,Ugel Eunice,Torrealba Keyla,Veliz, Roberto
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: A field research feasible project for the implementation of a virtual classroom to students from the second semester of Nursing Program in the course Introduction to Computing was performed. In the first diagnosis phase, the need for the implementation of a virtual classroom in that subject was determined. Information was collected by means of a questionnaire validated through expert opinions before being applied. In the second phase, a feasibility study determined the legal and institutional support framework of the project. In the third phase, taking into account the results of diagnostic and feasibility phases, a proposal was designed meeting the objectives of the program using multimedia strategies. The design and development of the proposal will result in: a) four trained teachers competent to assume the facilitator and/or tutor role at distance, b) a screening test to obtain general and specific information about the students and c) a subject updated program, educational guides as well as the design of a virtual classroom.
Las TIC y la metodología de proyectos de aprendizaje: Algunas experiencias en formación docente
Educere , 2008,
Abstract: in this paper some possible links and advantages of the combination of communication and information technologies (cit) and the methodology of learning projects are analyzed. the author shows some experiences on project execution with the help of cits through several years at the upel-maturín. finally, the achievements accomplished in the education of future teachers are analyzed, among them, some finished products such as audiovisuals and educational software where is clear that important changes occurred in self-esteem, confidence and transversality understanding by the students who participated.
Membrane's Discrete Spectrum and BRST Residual Symmetry in the Conformal Light Cone Gauge
R. Torrealba
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: In this work we present a proof of the discreteness of the spectrum for bosonic membrane, in a flat minkowski space. This may be useful to show the quantum mechanical consistence of others bosonics extended models. This proof includes the BRST residual symmetry and was directly performed over the discretized membrane model. The BRST residual invariant effective action is explicity constructed.
Using an Einstein's idea to explain OPERA faster than light neutrinos
Rafael Torrealba
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: The OPERA experiment has reported neutrinos, from the CNGS beam, that arrived to Gran Sasso Laboratory 60ns earlier that expected for light, within a statistical error margin of {\S}6:9 and a systemic error of {\S}7:4. Therefore, these neutrinos are faster than known velocity of the light in vacuum. These puzzling result could be explained by stimulated emission of neutrinos in the decay tunnel, in close analogy with the amplification of a LASER pulse.
"OPERA superluminal neutrinos explained by spontaneous emission and stimulated absorption"
Rafael Torrealba
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: In this work it is shown, that for short 3ns neutrino pulses reported by OPERA, a relativistic shape deforming effect of the neutrino distribution function due to spontaneous emission, produces an earlier arrival of 65.8ns in agreement with the reported 62.1ns\pm 3.7ns, with a RMS of 16.4ns explaining the apparent superluminal effect. It is also shown, that early arrival of long 10500ns neutrinos pulse to Gran Sasso, by 57.8ns with respect to the speed of light, could be explained by a shape deforming effect due to a combination of stimulated absorption and spontaneous emission, while traveling by the decay tunnel that acts as a LASER tube.
Dengue endêmico: o desafio das estratégias de vigilancia
Marzochi, Keyla Belizia Feldman;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822004000500009
Abstract: interaction between clinical infection, vector, and population serotype immunity defines dengue epidemic risk. an endemic-sporadic epidemiological situation is an acceptable control target in metropolitan regions deficient in urban upgrading, sanitation, and health agents' access to residences, besides low residual power of biological insecticides and social mobilization problems. surveillance requires continued action by government and society (particularly when incidence decreases) and adequate proposals. to establish a sensitive and specific surveillance system for endemic periods, the authors propose the sentinel clinical component as part of emergency care (detecting serious tip-of-the-iceberg cases) and reference services for acute febrile diseases, defining clinical forms and providing diagnostic confirmation. although complex, sample serotype surveys should be conducted in strategic areas, evaluating: immunity and susceptibility of age groups to circulating serotypes; estimation of sub-clinical cases; and surveillance and control system reach.
Dengue endêmico: o desafio das estratégias de vigilancia
Marzochi Keyla Belizia Feldman
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2004,
Abstract: A intera o entre infec o clínica, vetor e imunidade sorotípica da popula o define o risco de epidemia por dengue. A situa o epidemiológica endêmico-esporádica seria meta aceitável de controle em regi es metropolitanas ante deficiências de urbaniza o, saneamento, acesso às residências por agentes sanitários, baixo poder residual de inseticidas biológicos e mobiliza o social. A Vigilancia, ent o, requererá continuidade das a es públicas e da sociedade em geral, estimuladas na medida inversa da redu o de casos, e propostas adequadas. Visando constituir sistema de Vigilancia sensível e específico, sobretudo em períodos endêmicos, prop e-se que o componente clínico sentinela deve integrar tanto a assistência emergencial aberta preconizada, detectando casos graves - ponta do iceberg, como servi os de referência para doen as febris agudas, definindo diferentes formas clínicas e propiciando confirma o diagnóstica. Em regi es estratégicas, paralelamente, inquéritos sorotipicos amostrais, embora complexos, devem ser buscados, avaliando imunidade e suscetibilidade de grupos etários aos sorotipos circulantes, estimativa de casos subclínicos e alcance do Sistema de Vigilancia e Controle.
La Conservación Integral Alternativa desde el Sur: una visión diferente de la conservación
Torrealba,Isa; Carbonell,Fabricio;
Polis (Santiago) , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-65682008000200016
Abstract: after 10 years of effort as practitioners in latin american rural áreas, and as an endogenous proposal, where sustainability and human well-being are matched, we introduce the cia-sur (alternative integral conservation from the south) approach. we sketch the elements of this conceptual model in order to understand, from the latin american standpoint, what is causing the imbalance between nature and society. we sought to find the actual opportunities and threats of overcoming the environmental and social abyss that emerges when we put together development and conservation. we also redefine here the following terms: sustainable development, bio-cultural diversity, biological conservation, richness accumulation, life agrí culture and environmental policies, in order to find a non conventional visión of future conservationists styles in our región.
La hernia discal lumbar en el ni o Lumbar intervertebral disc hernia in a girl
Gonzalo Torrealba M
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1987,
Trombosis carotidea en el lactante
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1974,

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