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Lycodes adolfi Nielsen & Foss , 1993 (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) recorded near Jan Mayen and in the eastern part of the Norwegian Sea
Ingvar Byrkjedal,Torleiv Brattegard,Peter Rask M?ller
Fauna Norvegica , 2009, DOI: 10.5324/fn.v28i0.562
Abstract: Specimens of Lycodes adolfi were collected from an epibenthic sampler at six stations near Jan Mayen and in the eastern part of the Norwegian Sea. The stations were at depths from 708 to 2150 m and all of them had subzero water temperatures. The records substantially increase the known distribution of this cold-water eelpout, previously known only from waters near Greenland.
Biodiversity Trends along the Western European Margin
Bhavani E. Narayanaswamy,Paul E. Renaud,Gerard C. A. Duineveld,J?rgen Berge,Marc S. S. Lavaleye,Henning Reiss,Torleiv Brattegard
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014295
Alternative Therapy of Animals – Homeopathy and Other Alternative Methods of Therapy
L?ken Torleiv
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1751-0147-43-s1-s47
Abstract: Alternative therapy of animals is described, in the meaning of alternatives to veterinary therapy traditionally accepted by veterinary faculties and schools and included in their curricula. Alternative therapy composes of different disciplines, of which homeopathy is emphasised in this presentation. Information is given on the use and interest of such therapy among veterinarians and animal owners. Homeopathy as other alternative therapies, may offer great advances, if they induce any effect. Some of the disciplines are based on a scientifically accepted documentation. Others, and homeopathy in particular, are missing such a documentation of effect. The justification of including alternative therapy in treating animals is discussed. Research in alternative therapy of animals is greatly needed, in particular to evaluate therapeutic methods which are in extensive use without any documented effect. An ongoing research project in Norway on the effect of homeopathic treatment of mastitis in cows is shortly presented.
Codes for error detection, good or not good
Irina Naydenova,Torleiv Klove
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Linear codes for error detection on a q-ary symmetric channel are studied. It is shown that for given dimension k and minimum distance d, there exists a value \mu(d,k) such that if C is a code of length n >= \mu(d,k), then neither C nor its dual are good for error detection. For d >> k or k << d good approximations for \mu(d,k) are given. A generalization to non-linear codes is also given.
Experimental Study of Oil Pipeline Leak Processes  [PDF]
Agbakwuru Ahamefula Jasper, Gudmestad Tobias Ove, Bilstad Torleiv
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2012.37072
Abstract: This work provides a description of oil leak/spill processes from containment such as pipeline. Understanding of such processes is important in order to adequately estimate oil spills and to justify an appropriate emergency action for minimizing spills. Internal diameters of pipes used in the study are within 4 inches. Leaks are simulated from plastic pipeline oil containment fitted with valves. The leak response with time when upstream and downstream valves are operated is studied. Within the internal diameters of pipelines considered in the tests, two ranges of leak characteristics are evident; the “holding range” and the “flowing range” characteristics. The consequences of these characteristics in the oil industry operations have been discussed. The work suggests a spill estimation method based on this knowledge. Furthermore, in order to minimise spill in event of pipeline failure, it is observed that the optimum action on pipeline operational valves, is the immediate closure of upstream valve, followed by the downstream valve, nearly simultaneously. Future work will extend the test to larger diameter pipelines to attempt developing a mathematical approach for estimating limits of the “holding range” characteristics of pipelines given appropriate parameters and in-field test.
The best possible upper bound on the probability of undetected error for linear codes of full support
Torleiv Kl?ve,Jinquan Luo
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: There is a known best possible upper bound on the probability of undetected error for linear codes. The $[n,k;q]$ codes with probability of undetected error meeting the bound have support of size $k$ only. In this note, linear codes of full support ($=n$) are studied. A best possible upper bound on the probability of undetected error for such codes is given, and the codes with probability of undetected error meeting this bound are characterized.
The Domino Effect in Decentralized Wireless Networks
Brage Ellings?ter,Torleiv Maseng
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Convergence of resource allocation algorithms is well covered in the literature as convergence to a steady state is important due to stability and performance. However, research is lacking when it comes to the propagation of change that occur in a network due to new nodes arriving or old nodes leaving or updating their allocation. As change can propagate through the network in a manner similar to how domino pieces falls, we call this propagation of change the domino effect. In this paper we investigate how change at one node can affect other nodes for a simple power control algorithm. We provide analytical results from a deterministic network as well as a Poisson distributed network through percolation theory and provide simulation results that highlight some aspects of the domino effect. The difficulty of mitigating this domino effect lies in the fact that to avoid it, one needs to have a margin of tolerance for changes in the network. However, a high margin leads to poor system performance in a steady-state and therefore one has to consider a trade-off between performance and propagation of change.
科学通报 , 1997,
Abstract: 令C是[n,k;q]码,即码长为n,维数为k的q元线性码。对C的任意子码D,定义D的支持是D中码字不全为零的分量的位置集,记为χ(D),D的支持重量为,|χ(D)|。对1≤r≤k,r维最小支持重量定义为
Factors Associated with Body Weight Attainment in Calves on Smallholder Dairy Farms in Tanzania  [PDF]
Jelly Senyangwa Chang'a, Torleiv L?ken, Robinson H. Mdegela, Olav Reksen
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2012.22011
Abstract: In order to investigate associations between individual calf parameters and/or herd management practices and dairy calf body weight (BW) attainment in smallholder farms in Tanzania, a prospective study was carried out at 121 farms in Mvomero and Njombe districts and included 156 crossbred dairy calves. Information on management factors and sources of calf drinking water were collected by personal observation and interview during four visits. At each visit, BW assessments were conducted by the same veterinarian and blood samples collected. The blood samples were analyzed for hematological parameters, total blood protein, glucose, and serum phosphorus and urea. Low BW was associated with smaller amount of milk fed to calves, early weaning, birth during the wet season, and well/tap water as the main water source (P < 0.05). Low blood total protein, high urea, low phosphorus and low hemoglobin concentrations were also associated with retarded growth. These findings identified and quantified some critical factors that can guide farmers in improving calf performance on smallholder dairy farms in Tanzania. To improve calf BW, the protein and mineral fraction of the roughage should be increased and water supply should be improved. In conclusion, appropriate changes in milk feeding routines and breeding management would also be expected to improve productivity.
Exact and Approximate Expressions for the Probability of Undetected Error of Varshamov-Tenengol'ts Codes
Marco Baldi,Franco Chiaraluce,Torleiv Kl?ve
Mathematics , 2007, DOI: 10.1109/TIT.2008.929912
Abstract: Computation of the undetected error probability for error correcting codes over the Z-channel is an important issue, explored only in part in previous literature. In this paper we consider the case of Varshamov-Tenengol'ts codes, by presenting some analytical, numerical, and heuristic methods for unveiling this additional feature. Possible comparisons with Hamming codes are also shown and discussed.
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