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Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Diaphragmatic Rupture Following Blunt Abdominal Traumas
Ahmet Karamercan,Osman Kurukahvecioglu,Yildirim Imren,Tonguc Utku Yilmaz,Mustafa Sare,Bulent Aytac
Surgery Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Diaphragmatic rupture observed in trauma patients with multiple organ injuries is a rare but serious problem. The incidence rate for diaphragmatic rupture is 0.8-5% while mortality rate is between 16.6-33.3%. There are cases in the literature which diaphragmatic rupture was diagnosed years after the trauma. Symptoms related to heart or lung compression due to early or delayed displacement of the abdominal viscera into the thorax or strangulation of abdominal viscera lead the physician to diagnosis. A 75-year old female patient who presented to the emergency room with shortness of breath, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting complaints had been in a traffic accident 20 days earlier and admitted to the hospital. Abdominal ultrasound, plain radiographs and laboratory tests after the accident had been normal and the patient was discharged after a 24 h follow-up. Patient had signs of intestinal obstruction and abnormal blood gas values and posterior-anterior chest radiograph revealed elevation of the left hemidiaphragm. Thoracic computarized tomography demonstrated elevation of the posterolateral region of the left hemidiaphragm and displacement of the subdiaphragmatic organs within the thorax, up to the level of the carina. The patient had laparotomy under emergency conditions when rupture of the diaphragm was identified and repaired transabdominally. Diaphragmatic ruptures secondary to blunt traumas can be diagnosed with its early or late symptoms. Non-specific symptoms like chest pain, dyspnea, tachypnea, shortness of breath observed in patients should raise suspicion. Early or late deterioration in blood gas analyses following blunt traumas should be assessed carefully. Diagnosis can be rapidly established with direct radiographs, thoracic computarized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Treatment of rupture is surgery. Generally the diaphragm is repaired by the transabdominal approach while complicated ruptures can be assessed with a lower thoracic incision. Being extra vigilant following serious blunt traumas is an important factor in establishing the diagnosis.
Adipokines and ghrelin in gastric cancer cachexia
Mustafa Kerem, Zafer Ferahkose, Utku Tonguc Yilmaz, Hatice Pasaoglu, Ebru Ofluoglu, Abdulkadir Bedirli, Bulent Salman, Tevfik Tolga Sahin, Murat Akin
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2008,
Abstract: AIM: To investigate the roles of the adipocytokines, ghrelin and leptin in gastric cancer cachexia.METHODS: Resistin, ghrelin, leptin, adiponectin, insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I), were measured in 30 healthy subjects, and 60 gastric cancer patients of which 30 suffered from cancer-induced cachexia and 30 served as a control group. The relationships between hormones, body mass index (BMI) loss ratio, age, gender, and Glasgow Prognostic Score (GPS) were investigated.RESULTS: Cachexia patients had higher tumor stage and GPS when compared with non-cachexia patients (P < 0.05). Ghrelin, resistin, leptin, adiponectin and IGF-I, showed a significant correlation with BMI loss ratio and GPS (P < 0.05). A strong correlation was seen between GPS and BMI loss (R = -0.570, P < 0.0001). Multivariate analysis indicated that BMI loss was significantly independent as a predictor of ghrelin, resistin, leptin and IGF-I (P < 0.05). Existence of an important significant relationship between resistin and insulin resistance was also noted.CONCLUSION: These results showed that serum ghrelin, leptin, adiponectin, and IGF-I play important roles in cachexia-related gastric cancers. No relationship was found between resistin and cancer cachexia. Also, because of the correlation between these parameters and GPS, these parameters might be used as a predictor factor.
Impact of Mechanized Harvesting Machines on Forest Ecosystem: Residual Stand Damage
Abdullah E. Akay,Mustafa Yilmaz,Fatih Tonguc
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Mechanized harvesting systems are commonly applied in current forest operations in many parts of the world including Europe, North America and East Asia. These systems satisfy public demand by providing the necessary organic material to the forest, working on smaller operation area, working on selective cuttings and increasing labor efficiency. However, using harvesting machinery can cause damage to the residual vegetation in the forest. This study introduces specific logging machines widely used in mechanized harvesting systems and then presents the environmental impacts of these machines, focusing on the stand damage, based on previously conducted studies. Then, the possible ways of reducing the environmental impacts during the operations are presented to assist logging managers in developing and implementing environmentally friendly harvesting plans.
Patent ductus arteriosus ligation in low birth weight premature: risk of transport
Turk Pediatri Ar?ivi , 2011,
Abstract: Vuran ve ark. (1) "günübirlik cerrahi giri im ile patent duktus arteriyozusu (PDA) ba lanan 20 dü ük do um a rl kl erken do mu bebekte cerrahi tedavi ve ameliyat sonras izlem sonu lar " ba l kl yaz lar n ilgi ile okudum. Erken do mu bebeklerde en s k rastlanan hastal klardan birisi olan patent duktus arteriyozus, izlemde konjestif kalp yetersizli i (KKY), bronkopulmoner displazi (BPD), nekrotizan enterokolit (NEK), kafa i i kanama (KK) gibi ciddi ikincil sorunlara yol a abilmektedir. Bu nedenle laboratuvar tetkikleri ile ciddiyeti g sterilmi olan olgular n acil tedavisi gereklidir (2,3). zellikle ila (indometazin, ibufen) tedavisine yan t vermeyen olgularda da cerrahi en iyi se enek gibi durmaktad r (3). Ancak dü ük ve ok dü ük do um a rl kl bebeklerde hastaneler aras transportun ciddi KK nedeni oldu u bilinmektedir (4,5). Mohamed ve ark. (4) al mas nda d merkezden g nderilen hastalarda KK %27,4 iken ayn hastanede do an dü ük do um a rl kl hastalarda bu oran %13,42 olarak bulunmu tur (OR 1,75 (%95 CI 1,64-1,86; p<0,001). Vuran ve ark. (1) al mas nda günübirlik cerrahi se ene i, bebe in bir hastaneden geli i ve tekrar ayn hastaneye g nderili i eklinde oldu u dü ünülürse riskin iki kat artaca sonucunun ortaya kabilece i dü ünülebilir. Di er taraftan Amerikan ocuk Akademisi’nin 2004 y l nda yay nlad "yenido an birimlerinin seviyeleri" ba l kl makalelerinde, dü ük ve ok dü ük do um a rl kl hastalar n IIIa-IIIb seviyesindeki bir yenido an yo un bak m biriminde (YYBB) izleminin uygun oldu u belirtilmi tir (6). erik olarak IIIb seviyesindeki bir yenido an biriminde de zellikle PDA ligasyonun yap labilmesi gereklili i belirtilmi tir (6). Dolay s yla bu tür dü ük do um a rl kl erken do mu yenido an hastalar n izleminin yap ld IIIa-IIIb seviyesindeki YYBB'de kardiyovasküler cerrahi biriminin bulunmas gerekmektedir. Uygun artlar n sa lanamad , rne in kardiyovasküler cerrahi birimi bulunmayan YYBB'lerde erken do mu bebeklerde PDA'n n cerrahi tedavi se eneklerinden birisi de yatakba PDA kapat lmas d r (7,8). Yatakba ligasyonun transport ve ventilat re ba l komplikasyonlar azaltt g sterilmi tir (7,8)Sonu olarak YYBB’ler i in ideal artlar sa lanamad nda, günübirlik cerrahi PDA ligasyonu bir se enek olarak dü ünülse de, hastal k ve hatta lüm a s ndan dikkat edilmelidir. Yatakba PDA ligasyonu, uygun artlar n sa lanamad YYBB'de izlenen dü ük ve ok dü ük do um a rl kl erken do mu bebeklerde uygulanabilir di er bir y ntem olarak ak lda tutulmal d r.
Lepton Number Violation in Top-Color Assisted Technicolor
Tonguc Rador
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.59.095012
Abstract: We calculate the rates for lepton number violating processes via the exchange of the Z' boson occuring in top-color assisted technicolor. The current experimental limits on muon electron conversion in Ti nuclei allow for a mass of the new gauge boson around 1 TeV and the magnitudes of the mixing angles turn out to lie roughly between the analogous elements of the CKM matrix and its square root.
Uniting Gross-Neveu and Massive Schwinger Models
Tonguc Rador
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(02)02692-8
Abstract: We show that it is possible to obtain the Gross-Neveu model in 1+1 dimensions from gauge fields only. This is reminiscent of the fact that in 1+1 dimensions the gauge field tensor is essentially a pseudo-scalar. We also show that it is possible in this context to combine the Gross-Neveu model with the massive Schwinger model in the limit where the fermion mass is larger than the electric charge.
Random Walkers with Shrinking Steps in d-Dimensions and Their Long Term Memory
Tonguc Rador
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.74.051105
Abstract: We study, in d-dimensions, the random walker with geometrically shrinking step sizes at each hop. We emphasize the integrated quantities such as expectation values, cumulants and moments rather than a direct study of the probability distribution. We develop a 1/d expansion technique and study various correlations of the first step to the position as ti me goes to infinity. We also show and substantiate with a study of the cumulants that to order 1/d the system admits a continuum counterpart equation which can be obtained with a generalization of the ordinary technique to obtain the continuum limit. We also advocate that this continuum counterpart equation, which is nothing but the ordinary diffusion equation with a diffusion constant decaying exponentially in continuous time, captures all the qualitative aspects of t he discrete system and is often a good starting point for quantitative approximations.
Effect of oophorectomy and exogenous estrogen replacement on liver injury in experimental obstructive jaundice
Hamdi Bülent U?an, Mehmet Kaplan, Bülent Salman, Utku Yilmaz, B Bülent Mentes, Cemalettin Aybay
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2008,
Abstract: AIM: To investigate the role of estrogen on liver injury in an experimental obstructive jaundice model.METHODS: Three groups of female rats were constituted; group 1 was oophorectomized and given E2 (n = 14), group 2 was oophorectomized and given placebo (n = 14), and group 3 was sham operated (n = 14). Fourteen days following constitution of bile duct ligation, all groups were compared in terms of serum tests, histopathologic parameters, and tissue levels of IFN-γ and IL-6.RESULTS: The parameters representing both the injury and/or the reactive response and healing were more pronounced in groups 1 and 2 (χ2 = 17.2, χ2 = 10.20; χ2 = 12.4, P < 0.05). In the sham operated or E2 administered groups significantly lower tissue levels of IFN-γ and higher IL-6 levels were found. In contrast, high IFN-γ and low IL-6 tissue levels were found in the oophorectomized and placebo group (P < 0.001). Kupffer cell alterations were observed to be more pronounced in the groups 1 and 3 (χ2 = 6.13, P < 0.05).CONCLUSION: Our study indicates that E2 impaired liver functions, accelerated both the liver damage and healing. In the conditions of bile duct obstruction, estrogen significantly changed the cytokine milieu in the liver.
Giant Choroid Plexus Calcification and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: a Case Report
Uygar Utku
Erciyes Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: While small calcifications of the choroid plexus are frequent, large choroid plexus calcifications are very rare. A 25-year-old woman was admitted due to headache. Except for bilaterally papillary oedema, her neurological examination was normal. The parenchyma and ventricles were normal on computed brain tomography. However, choroid plexus calcification was seen and was more extensive than usual (2x2x2.5 cm). The patient had a cerebrospinal fluid pressure of 450 mmH2O and was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (previously known as pseudotumor cerebri). While further studies are needed, an increase in the size of the choroid plexus may be associated with intracranial hypertension.
Wrapped Branes and Compact Extra Dimensions in Cosmology
Ali Kaya,Tonguc Rador
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(03)00760-3
Abstract: We present a cosmological model in 1+m+p dimensions, where in m-dimensional space there are uniformly distributed p-branes wrapping over the extra p-dimensions. We find that during cosmological evolution m-dimensional space expands with the exact power-law corresponding to pressureless matter while the extra p-dimensions contract. Adding matter, we also obtain solutions having the same property. We show that this might explain in a natural way why the extra dimensions are small compared to the observed three spatial directions.
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