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Pediatryczna domowa opieka paliatywna w Polsce (2010)
Tomasz Dangel,Ma?gorzata Murawska,Wojciech Marciniak,Katarzyna Dangel
Medycyna Paliatywna , 2011,
Abstract: Celem badania by a ocena aktualnego stanu pediatrycznej domowej opieki paliatywnej w Polsce.Za pomoc ankiety okre lono roczn liczb pacjentów i zgonów, rozpoznania, wiek i miejscezamieszania chorych. Obliczono wska nik okre laj cy liczb leczonych dzieci na milionmieszkańców. Uzyskano dane o 1055 pacjentach leczonych przez 38 hospicja, w tym o 969 dzieciachi 86 m odych doros ych ze schorzeniami, które rozpocz y si w dzieciństwie. Ludno zamieszkuj ca rejony obj te opiek przez badane hospicja to 94% populacji kraju. Liczba leczonychpacjentów pediatrycznych na milion mieszkańców jest zró nicowana w poszczególnychwojewództwach, najwy sza w województwie ma opolskim, a najni sza w lubuskim. W naszymkraju nadal istniej obszary, gdzie domowa opieka paliatywna nad dzie mi nie jest dost pna.
Pediatryczna domowa opieka paliatywna w Polsce (2009)
Tomasz Dangel,Ma?gorzata Murawska,Wojciech Marciniak
Medycyna Paliatywna , 2010,
Abstract: Celem badania by a ocena aktualnego stanu pediatrycznej domowej opieki paliatywnej w Polsce.Za pomoc ankiety oceniono roczn liczb pacjentów i zgonów, rozpoznania i wiek chorych.Obliczono wska nik okre laj cy liczb leczonych dzieci na milion mieszkańców. Uzyskano daneo 900 pa cjentach leczonych przez 32 hospicja, w tym o 852 dzieciach i 48 m odych doros ych zeschorzeniami, które rozpocz y si w dzieciństwie. Ludno zamieszkuj ca rejony obj te opiek przez badane hospicja to 93% populacji kraju. Liczba leczonych pacjentów pediatrycznych namilion mieszkańców jest zró nicowana w poszczególnych województwach, najwy sza w województwiepodkarpackim, a najni sza w lubuskim. Nadal w naszym kraju istniej obszary, gdziedomowa opieka paliatywna nad dzie mi nie jest dost pna.
13-Epi-9-deacetoxyxenicin, a Cytotoxic Diterpene from the Soft Coral Asterospicularia laurae (Alcyonacea)
Bruce F. Bowden,Bernard J. Cusack,Alissa Dangel
Marine Drugs , 2003, DOI: 10.3390/md101018
Abstract: An investigation of the soft coral Asterospicularia laurae collected on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, afforded the cytotoxic diterpene 13-epi-9-deacetoxyxenicin (1) in addition to the known metabolites 13-epi-9-deacetylxenicin (2) and gorgosterol. 13-Epi-9-deacetoxyxenicin readily underwent an autoxidation reaction in solution to afford a single product, the hydroperoxide 3. Structures, stereochemistry, and NMR assignments were established by high resolution NMR spectroscopy and by comparison with published data for known compounds.
Automated surveillance of 911 call data for detection of possible water contamination incidents
Adam J Haas, Darcy Gibbons, Chrissy Dangel, Steve Allgeier
International Journal of Health Geographics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1476-072x-10-22
Abstract: An automated surveillance system was implemented for Cincinnati's drinking water contamination warning system to monitor health-related 911 calls in the city of Cincinnati. Incident codes indicative of possible water contamination were filtered from all 911 calls for analysis. The 911 surveillance system uses a space-time scan statistic to detect potential water contamination incidents. The frequency and characteristics of the 911 alarms over a 2.5 year period were studied.During the evaluation, 85 alarms occurred, although most occurred prior to the implementation of an additional alerting constraint in May 2009. Data were available for analysis approximately 48 minutes after calls indicating alarms may be generated 1-2 hours after a rapid increase in call volume. Most alerts occurred in areas of high population density. The average alarm area was 9.22 square kilometers. The average number of cases in an alarm was nine calls.The 911 surveillance system provides timely notification of possible public health events, but did have limitations. While the alarms contained incident codes and location of the caller, additional information such as medical status was not available to assist validating the cause of the alarm. Furthermore, users indicated that a better understanding of 911 system functionality is necessary to understand how it would behave in an actual water contamination event.Drinking water contamination incidents can pose a significant public health risk when they are not detected in time to enact measures to reduce exposures and mitigate the spread of contaminated water in a utility's distribution system [1,2]. Several documented cases of water contamination incidents have concluded that the monitoring of health-seeking actions pursued by the general public may have allowed for earlier detection of contaminated water. Automated surveillance and astute clinician disease reporting are techniques that can monitor the health-seeking behaviors. This article ill
Merging species? Evidence for hybridization between the eel parasites Anguillicola crassus and A. novaezelandiae (Nematoda, Anguillicolidea)
Grabner Daniel S,Dangel Kerstin C,Sures Bernd
Parasites & Vectors , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1756-3305-5-244
Abstract: Background The eel parasitic nematodes Anguillicola crassus (originating from Asia) and Anguillicola novaezelandiae (originating from New Zealand) were both introduced to Europe, but occurred in sympatry only in Lake Bracciano in Italy, where they both infected the European eel (Anguilla anguilla). A. novaezelandiae was introduced to the lake in 1975 and disappeared soon after A. crassus was also found there in 1993. We tested the hypothesis if hybridization of the two species might be an explanation for the findings at Lake Bracciano. Findings After laboratory infection of one European eel with 10 third stage larvae of each parasite, two living female and 4 male adults of each species were found to co-occur in the swim bladder after 222 days post exposure. In 9 out of 17 eggs, isolated in total from uteri of the two A. novaezelandiae females, alleles were detected by microsatellite analysis that are characteristic for A. crassus, suggesting the hybrid origin of these eggs. In contrast, none of the eggs isolated from A. crassus females possessed alleles different from those found in A. crassus adults, but it was revealed that one female can be inseminated by several males. Conclusion Our results show that A. crassus and A. novaezelandiae can co-infect a single eel and can mature together in the same swim bladder. We also provide evidence for the possibility of hybridization of A. crassus males with A. novaezelandiae females. Therefore, hybridization might be an explanation for the disappearance of A. novaezelandiae from Lake Bracciano.
TI-Octree: Spatial index for geological structures TI-Octree: índice espacial para estructuras geológicas
Eddy Dangel Quesada Rodriguez,Dagoberto Antonio Suárez Morales
Revista Cubana de Ciencias Informáticas , 2012,
Abstract: Modeling and visualization of three-dimensional geological structures is one of the main activities in the mining industry. Miners and geologists most maintain an exhaustive control of the extracted volume of mineral of a deposit, using computer programs for processing the obtained information. In the mining process, a mineral deposit is commonly represented by a block model, which represents the morphology of the laying geological structures. For modeling those geological structures and the volume of extracted mineral they use tetrahedral networks. The tetrahedral network is an spatial structure that, given it characteristics, allows modeling geological structures in the fields of mining and geology, making easier the volume calculus. Aiming to improve the tetrahedral search process given an spatial region, this work presents a proposal of one spatial data structure for indexing tetrahedral networks, demonstrating by some experiments that the searching time over this proposal is less compared with the searching time over a linear structure. La modelación y visualización en tres dimensiones de estructuras geológicas es una de las actividades fundamentales realizadas en la industria minera. Los mineros y geólogos deben mantener un control exhaustivo del volumen de extracción de los minerales de un yacimiento, utilizando generalmente programas de cómputo para procesar la información obtenida. En la minería un yacimiento mineral es habitualmente representado por un modelo de bloques y este modelo debe respetar la morfología de las estructuras geológicas. Para modelar las estructuras geológicas y los volúmenes de extracción de mineral se utilizan mallas de tetraedros. La malla de tetraedros es una estructura espacial que, por sus características, permite modelar las estructuras geológicas en la rama de la geología y la minería, facilitando el cálculo del volumen del sólido. Con el objetivo de mejorar el rendimiento en la búsqueda de tetraedros dada una región determinada del espacio, el presente artículo propone la implementación de una estructura de datos espaciales para indexar la malla de tetraedros, realizando pruebas que permiten obtener como conclusión que el tiempo de búsqueda de la propuesta realizada disminuye en comparación con el tiempo de búsqueda en una estructura lineal.
Prenatalne rozpoznanie wady serca p odu pacjentki z wrodzonym zw eniem zastawki aortalnej - opis przypadku
Hanna Siudalska,Joanna Dangel,Andrzej Raczyński,Iwona Wo?niewska
Polish Journal of Cardiology , 2003,
Abstract: Przedstawiamy przypadek 32-letniej ci arnej z ciasnym, bezobjawowym zw eniem dwup atkowej zastawki aortalnej. W 22 tygodniu ci y prenatalne badanie echokardiograficzne uwidoczni o ciasne zw enie cie- ni aorty i hypoplazj uku aorty p odu. Przez okres ci y, porodu i po ogu oraz nast pne pi lat obserwacji pacjentka nie odczuwa a dolegliwo ci. Rozpoznan prenatalnie wad serca dziecka potwierdzono po urodzeniu w badaniu echokardiograficznym, a nast pnie skorygowano chirurgicznie w trybie pilnym z dobrym wynikiem.
How to Measure in the Near Field and in the Far Field  [PDF]
Tomasz Dlugosz, Hubert Trzaska
Communications and Network (CN) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2010.21010
Abstract: A background of the electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements is presented in the work. A special attention is given to the specificity of the measurements performed in the Near Field. Factors, that should be taken into consideration as during the measurements as well during their analysis, are discussed. Without their understanding and considering a comparison of the measurements’ results, meters’ calibration and EMF standards comparison between different centers is impossible.
Rehabilitation of an Existing Office Block  [PDF]
Tomasz Blaszczynski, Jacek Wdowicki
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.39107
Abstract: A new owner wishes to refurbish the analysed building assembled in 70’s to modern intelligent office block and to develop up to 3000 m2 of a new part. The old office building has been in use until late 80’s. First two floors are made as a monolithic and the rest are prefabricated as RC frame with the shear walls in both directions. All aspects, which came from the coexistence of an old and new part of the office block, will be the scope of an article. The BW for Windows program has been used for computations. In our paper models of shear wall structures in the modernised part as well as the new adjacent part have been shown. The short period of time necessary to obtain the results of the analysis has allowed for a fully interactive structural design. Many analyses have been created to estimate structural space stiffness for existing and new part of the building. Analysis showed, that existing part deflections were 7 times less then permissible one and after concrete grade of a new part has been changed, deflections for both parts were almost the same.
Why Do the Main Sequence Stars Have Similar Chemical Composition?  [PDF]
Stanislaw Halas, Tomasz Durakiewicz
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2012.21006
Abstract: In this short note we have reconsidered the Jeans criterion for gravitational contraction of a gas nebula at different temperatures, from the present-day background radiation temperature (2.8 K) to those which existed at the early stage of the Universe. We demonstrate that the initial mass of quasars cannot be of the order of single galaxy masses, but rather 106 solar mass only. If they have larger masses, it must be the result of subsequent accretion process. Nevertheless quasars, formed prior to the stars, were the immediate source of the elements heavier than helium.
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