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Jiang Tinghui,Hu Aitang,Qin Huaiying,

环境科学学报 , 1990,
Abstract: A sequential extraction procedure was developed for fractionation of soil Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn. Seven fractions separated are exchangeable( 1 mol/L MgCl2,pH 7.0), bound to carbonates (1 mol/L NaOAc-HOAc, pH 5.0) , bound to manganese oxides (0.1 mol/L NH,OH·HC1 pH 2.0) , bound to organic matter( concentrated H2O2-1 mol/L MgCl2), bound to amorphous iron oxides(0.175 mol/L (NH4)2C2,0.4-0.14 mol/L H2C2O2 pH 3.25),bound to crystalline iron oxides(0.04 mol/L NH2OH·HCl-25% HO-Ac) and in primary and secondary minerals (HClO4-HF) .The extraction order and conditions discussed. Most fractions were in good correlation with soil properties.
Interactive effect of dissolved organic matter and phenanthrene on soil enzymatic activities

Xinhua Zhan,Wenzhu Wu,Lixiang Zhou,Jianru Liang,Tinghui Jiang,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: The investigation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on urease, catalase and polyphenol oxidase activity in a phenanthrene (Phe)-contaminated soil was conducted under laboratory incubation conditions. Values of soil enzymatic activity depended mainly on incubation time. In the initial 16 days, urease activity increased, and was followed by a decrease. In the initial 8 days, catalase activity decreased and then increased. Variation of polyphenol oxidase activity was just the reverse of catalase activity. After 30 days of incubation, no pronounced difference among treatments with Phe, Phe and DOM, and control were detected in urease, catalase and polyphenol oxidase activity. Phe might inhibit urease and catalase, and stimulate polyphenol oxidase. DOM could improve inhibition of Phe in soil urease and catalase activity during the initial period of applying DOM. Nevertheless, DOM had no significant effect on polyphenol oxidase activity in the Phe contaminated soil. There was a negative correlation between catalase and polyphenol oxidase (r = -0.761~(***)), and catalase and urease (r = -0.554~(**)). Additionally, a positive correlation between polyphenol oxidase and urease was also detected (r = 0.701~(***)). It is implied that the formed DOM after application of organic wastes into soils may counteract the inhibition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil enzyme activities.
A Survey of Wind Power Ramp Forecasting  [PDF]
Tinghui Ouyang, Xiaoming Zha, Liang Qin
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B071
Abstract: At home and broad, more wind power is being installed in electricity markets, the influence brought by wind power become more important on power system stability, especially the fluctuation, the uncertainty in wind power production and multi-time scale of the wind. In order to forecast ramp events before the power system encountering failure, so that the operator can adopt some limited controlling strategy. This paper introduces the present status of the wind power ramp prediction at home and abroad. And it gives out four kinds of definitions of ramp events, which are used by many scholars, then provides various forecasting error algorithm. In the aspect of prediction models, it comes up with physical models and statistical models, and enumerates various examples of different models. Finally, it prospects the tendency of the model improvement about the wind power ramp events forecasting, which would be significant for ramp research.
The Analysis and Comparison of All Kinds of Buried Pipeline Model Based on Seismic Effect  [PDF]
Xiaoli Li, Jing Sun, Tinghui Li
Engineering (ENG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2016.86034
Abstract: The problem of seismic response of buried pipeline aimed at the interaction of soil around the pipeline and the complicated calculation model was considered, and the various simplified finite element model was calculated, and it was analyzed. Firstly, the ADINA finite element analysis software was used. The four nodes in shell unit were used by tube. The spring unit was used by soil spring. The analysis model of buried pipeline finite element numerical based on tension and compression spring was established. Seismic wave was input. The response to the simple boundary, viscoelastic boundary earthquake were calculated and analyzed by the finite element numerical simulation. The pipeline’s earthquake ground motion response was obtained, and was compared with the real soil model, and the most suitable simplified calculation model for numerical analysis of buried pipeline was found, which was the numerical analysis model of buried pipeline pressure spring tension finite element based on the viscoelastic boundary, and the theory basis for the seismic design of pipeline was provided.
Numerical simulation on the influences of the impeller submergence depth and liquid height on gas-liquid mixing in JBR

WANG Weizhong,JIANG Wentao,SU Shijun,ZHENG Tinghui,

环境科学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 为了获得软锰矿浆烟气脱硫工艺的最佳运行工况,应用计算流体动力学(CFD)方法对其吸收设备——喷射鼓泡反应器(JBR)内气液两相流动进行了三维数值模拟.在FLUENT软件中采用标准k-ε湍流模型与Eulerian多相流模型模拟了喷射鼓泡反应器内流场和气液分散特性,并应用气含率方差的概念定量描述气相的分散程度.着重考虑了上桨埋深和液面高度对整体气含率与气含率方差的影响,并对气含率方差与上桨上下含气区高度比R的关系进行了分析.结果表明,流场的重要特征与前人的类似实验结果和数值模拟结果一致.上桨埋深与液面高度对JBR内整体气含率和气相的分布具有显著影响.整体气含率随上桨埋深的增加而减小,而随着液面高度的增加,整体气含率先增大后减小.气含率方差随上桨埋深的增加而增大,随高度比R的增大而减小.综合分析认为液面高度取260~280 mm为宜,以R约为2确定上桨埋深.
Roles of calcium in stress-tolerance of plants and its ecological significance

JIANG Tinghui,Zhan Xinhua,Xu Yangchun,Zhou lixiang,Zong Lianggang,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Calcium loss from soil has dramatically increased for decades due to the increase of nitrogen input and/or the extension of acid rain,while calcium input into soil has declined substantially for the replacement of superphosphate by ammonium phosphate in fertilization,which intensified the imbalance of calcium input and output in agro-ecosystems,and needed to be solved in the near future for the sustainability of agriculture in such a country like China where the arable land resource is very limited.In recent years,the intensified soil acidification is mainly attributed to the root proton secretion stimulated by fertilization,and the nitrogen input from precipitation near industrialized regions promotes plant growth but results in other nutrients deficiency,which in turn acidifies soil and causes tree death.One of the most important mechanisms of saline soil bioremediation by sesbania is the activation of soil calcium by sesbania's proton secretion and the increase of soil calcium supply for subsequent crops.The present paper summarized the roles of calcium in plant tolerance to the stresses like acidosis,toxic metals,osmosis,ammonium toxicity,drought,extreme temperature (cold or heat shock),anoxia and pathogen infection,and the measures for maintaining soil calcium fertility.It was suggested that the production of ammonium phosphate should not be a pursued target for China's phosphorus fertilizer industry,and the roles of calcium in plant growth should be taken into account in fertilization experimental designs to make the experiments more accurate.
Learning Data-driven Reflectance Priors for Intrinsic Image Decomposition
Tinghui Zhou,Philipp Kr?henbühl,Alexei A. Efros
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: We propose a data-driven approach for intrinsic image decomposition, which is the process of inferring the confounding factors of reflectance and shading in an image. We pose this as a two-stage learning problem. First, we train a model to predict relative reflectance ordering between image patches (`brighter', `darker', `same') from large-scale human annotations, producing a data-driven reflectance prior. Second, we show how to naturally integrate this learned prior into existing energy minimization frameworks for intrinsic image decomposition. We compare our method to the state-of-the-art approach of Bell et al. on both decomposition and image relighting tasks, demonstrating the benefits of the simple relative reflectance prior, especially for scenes under challenging lighting conditions.
Contribution to the theory of Pitman estimators
Abram M. Kagan,Tinghui Yu,Andrew Barron,Mokshay Madiman
Statistics , 2013,
Abstract: New inequalities are proved for the variance of the Pitman estimators (minimum variance equivariant estimators) of \theta constructed from samples of fixed size from populations F(x-\theta). The inequalities are closely related to the classical Stam inequality for the Fisher information, its analog in small samples, and a powerful variance drop inequality. The only condition required is finite variance of F; even the absolute continuity of F is not assumed. As corollaries of the main inequalities for small samples, one obtains alternate proofs of known properties of the Fisher information, as well as interesting new observations like the fact that the variance of the Pitman estimator based on a sample of size n scaled by n monotonically decreases in n. Extensions of the results to the polynomial versions of the Pitman estimators and a multivariate location parameter are given. Also, the search for characterization of equality conditions for one of the inequalities leads to a Cauchy-type functional equation for independent random variables, and an interesting new behavior of its solutions is described.
Combining Survival Trials Using Aggregate Data Based on Misspecified Models
Tinghui Yu,Yabing Mai,Sherry Liu,Xiaofei Hu
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: The treatment effects of the same therapy observed from multiple clinical trials can often be very different. Yet the patient characteristics accounting for these differences may not be identifiable in real world practice. There needs to be an unbiased way to combine the results from multiple trials and report the overall treatment effect for the general population during the development and validation of a new therapy. The non-linear structure of the maximum partial likelihood estimates for the (log) hazard ratio defined with a Cox proportional hazard model leads to challenges in the statistical analyses for combining such clinical trials. In this paper, we formulated the expected overall treatment effects using various modeling assumptions. Thus we are proposing efficient estimates and a version of Wald test for the combined hazard ratio using only aggregate data. Interpretation of the methods are provided in the framework of robust data analyses involving misspecified models.
Application of the GM (1,1) gray prediction model in the road soft foundation settlement prediction

LI Xiaogang
, ZHANG Tinghui

- , 2016,
Abstract: 以某填海造地道路地基处理工程中的软基沉降监测实测数据为依据,通过对灰色系统理论的调研,在对GM(1,1)灰色预测模型理论进行分析的基础上,结合道路地基堆载预压处理过程,探讨GM(1,1)灰色预测模型对道路软基沉降的预测分析过程,并将所得预测结果与双曲线法、三点法预测的结果进行对比分析。研究结果表明:GM(1,1)灰色预测模型所得预测值与实测值更为接近,是一种实用且精度较高的预测方法;对软土地基进行沉降分析、预测,可以有效掌握地基沉降的发展变化规律;GM(1,1)灰色预测模型也可以为类似工程的地基沉降预测提供借鉴。
According to soft ground subsidence monitoring data of a land reclamation project in the road foundation treatment, based on the investigation and survey of grey system theory, GM (1,1) gray prediction model theory, combining road foundation Preloading process, road soft ground subsidence prediction analysis process was discussed. In addition, the prediction results by means of the hyperbolic method, three-point method were compared. The comparison result shows that, the prediction values from GM (1,1) gray model is quite close to the measured ones, as a consequence, it is a kind of more practical and accuracy method; By taking soft foundation as object of study, the analysis and forecast result showed that the foundation settlement variation development can be effectively controlled; GM (1,1) gray prediction model can also provide a reference for foundation settlement prediction in some similar projects
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