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Da investiga??o sobre a natureza da luz à relatividade especial: notas de aula
Tiago Carvalho Martins
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: It is shown as experiments and theories about the nature of light led to the special theory of relativity. The most important facts for the emergence of the theory proposed by Einstein in 1905 are presented.
A radia??o de corpo negro e o surgimento da física quantica: Notas de aula
Tiago Carvalho Martins
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: It is shown how the study of blackbody radiation in the early twentieth century by the German physicist Max Planck gave rise to the quantum theory.
Biomarkers in Overactive Bladder: A New Objective and Noninvasive Tool?
Tiago Antunes-Lopes,Sérgio Carvalho-Barros,Célia-Duarte Cruz,Francisco Cruz,Carlos Martins-Silva
Advances in Urology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/382431
Abstract: Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) is a highly prevalent urinary dysfunction, with considerable economic and human costs. Clinical diagnosis of OAB is still based on subjective symptoms. A new accurate, objective and noninvasive test to diagnose OAB and assess therapeutic outcome is lacking. Recent studies in lower urinary tract (LUT) dysfunctions, particularly in OAB patients, indicate that urinary proteins (neurotrophins, prostaglandins, and cytokines), serum C reactive protein, and detrusor wall thickness are altered, and such changes could be used as biomarkers of the disease. Nowadays, increasing emphasis has been given to the role of urinary neurotrophins, namely nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), as key players in some urinary dysfunctions. Although recently considered to be a bladder dysfunction biomarker, urinary NGF presents low sensitivity and specificity. Preliminary results suggest that BDNF may serve as a more efficient biomarker. Even though we have to wait for future studies to confirm the potential role of NGF and BDNF as OAB biomarkers, it is already clear that neurotrophins will contribute to elucidate the physiopathological basis of OAB. Herein are reviewed the latest advances in this new and exciting field, the detection and clinical application of emerging OAB biomarkers. 1. Introduction OAB is currently recognized as a chronic disorder with an overall prevalence in the adult population of above 10%, but that may exceed 40% in elderly groups [1]. According to the International Continence Society (ICS), OAB is defined as a clinical syndrome characterized by the presence of urgency, with or without urgency incontinence, usually accompanied by daytime frequency and nocturia, in the absence of proven infection or other obvious pathology [2, 3]. Urinary urgency, defined as a sudden compelling desire to void that is difficult to defer, is the unique symptom that must be present in order to establish the diagnosis of OAB [3]. However, urgency is difficult to be understood by patients and caregivers. Differentiation between urgency and urge is not always straightforward. Yet, urge is a normal bladder sensation, gradual in appearance, usually proportional to the degree of bladder filling, and that can be easily controlled by individuals. In addition, grading urinary urgency is a difficult task, which may render difficult the efficacy of a therapy. The multiple questionnaires available to quantify and grade urgency severity (USS, OABq) reflect this problem [4, 5]. One way to overcome this problem would be
Análise técnica e avalia??o de trechos experimentais de misturas solo-lama de cal com vistas a aplica??es em estradas florestais
Machado, Carlos Cardoso;Pereira, Reginaldo Sérgio;Trindade, Tiago Pinto da;Lima, Dario Cardoso de;Carvalho, Carlos Alexandre Braz de;Santos, Sérgio Luis Martins;
Revista árvore , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622007000200009
Abstract: experimental field road test sites are useful technical tools for evaluating the efficiency of road engineering materials. this paper is directed to the evaluation of performance of experimental field road test sites built using mixtures of in-place soils and industrial waste from the cellulose industry named whitewash mud. analysis of data from an extensive laboratory testing program including soils geotechnical characterization and mixtures mechanical strength tests led to the construction of three experimental field road test sites in the municipality of alagoinhas, bahia state, brazil. data from a qualitative evaluation of these sites under field traffic conditions support that best performance can be associated to the road pilot test site built using mixture contents of 70 % of first class gravel and 30 % of whitewash mud.
Bridget D. SAMUELS. Phonological Architecture: A Biolinguistic Perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2011. 252 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-969436-5
Pedro Tiago Martins
Linguística : Revista de Estudos Linguísticos da Universidade do Porto , 2012,
Machine translation of nominal expressions with possessive idea Um tradutor automático de express es nominais com idéia de posse
Tiago Martins Cunha
Tradu??o & Comunica??o : Revista Brasileira de Tradutores , 2012,
Abstract: Machine translation has lost a lot of its credibility towards the scientific community in order to a long series of bad results that did not allow it to fully achieve its initial goal, the production of quality translation in great quantity. A major part of the bad result is generated by problems of analysis, recognition and adaption of the translation offered by Machine Translation systems. The application of a lexical selection in these systems must be revised to improve the efficiency of results. A good example of the lack of adequacy to deal with nominal expressions is the case of possessive elements. When we try to translate a nominal expression that has more than on possessive element, the machine translator does not generate a good result because of the lack of a parameter of analysis inside the expression involved. This work, presented in the IV International Translators Meeting, aims to present the doctoral research, which still in progress, about the creation of a system of machine translation that analyses nominal expressions, mainly those which have more than one possessive case. We believe that the adaptation of semantic and syntactic theories in the implementation of Machine Translation based in grammatical rules may solve problems in the analysis of nominal expressions. A tradu o automática perdeu muita credibilidade junto ao meio acadêmico devido a uma longa sequência de maus resultados que n o permitiam alcan ar plenamente o objetivo inicial de seu desenvolvimento, a produ o de tradu es de qualidade em grande quantidade. Grande parte dos maus resultados é gerada por problemas de análise, reconhecimento e adequa o da tradu o oferecida pelos sistemas de Tradu o Automática.A aplica o de uma sele o lexical nesses sistemas deve ser revista para possibilitar uma melhor eficiência nos resultados. Um bom exemplo da falta de adequa o para lidar com express es nominais é o caso dos elementos com ideia de posse. Quando tentamos traduzir uma express o nominal que contenha mais de um elemento de posse, o tradutor automático n o gera um bom resultado devido à falta de um parametro de análise interno na express o nominal envolvida. Este trabalho, apresentado no IV Encontro Internacional de Tradutores, visa apresentar a pesquisa de doutorado, ainda em andamento, sobre a cria o de um sistema de tradu o automática que analise express es nominais, em especial aquelas que contêm um ou mais casos genitivos. Cremos que a adequa o de teorias semanticas e sintáticas na implementa o de sistemas de Tradu o Automática baseados em regras gramaticais
Tiago Damas MARTINS,Everton PASSOS
Revista ACTA Geográfica , 2012,
Abstract: This research is aimed to prove the influence of the preterits climatic oscillations on the determination of the origin and on the morphology of the current relief's sculpture and their implications on the evolution of the landscape. The techniques that were proposed integrate cartography and filed activities, with a methodology that suggests the relief develop in a polycyclic process conditioned by preterit climatic oscillations. The methodology is defined as Climatic Geomorphology. The observed area is located in the south-central region of the Parana State, in a paleogeographic landscape (relict) with special natural features identified as General Fieldland. The research characterized the geological, hydrographical and geomorphologic elements around the springs of the Tibagi's river. This drainage system, named in this paper as Highest Tibagi's Hydrographic Basin (HTHB), is located in the highest sector of entire hydrographic basin formed by Tibagi's river; covering an area of 72.93 km 2. The maps for the characterization of the landscape were structured on: satellite images, topographic and geological charts in scale 1: 50,000. The elaborated thematic maps improve the understanding of the physiographic situation of the sector studied, and were prepared and developed by a geographic information system. Field activities and photographic documentation were developed in order to support the research. The research identified flat surfaces in the area of the study, which provide evidences of the climate oscillations influence on the sculpting of the relief.
Clinical Outcome of Inter-Proximal Papilla between a Tooth and a Single Implant Treated with CAD/CAM Abutments: a Cross-Sectional Study
Tiago Borges,Tiago Lima,ágata Carvalho,Vasco Carvalho
Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Research , 2012,
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the clinical outcomes achieved with Computer-Assisted Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacturing implant abutments in the anterior maxilla.Material and Methods: Nineteen patients with a mean age of 41 (range form 26 to 63) years, treated with 21 single tooth implants and 21 Computer-Assisted Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) abutments in the anterior maxillary region were included in this study. The patients followed 4 criteria of inclusion: (1) had a single-tooth implant in the anterior maxilla, (2) had a CAD/CAM abutment, (3) had a contralateral natural tooth, (4) the implant was restored and in function for at least 6 months up to 2 years. Cases without contact point were excluded. Presence/absence of the interproximal papilla, inter tooth-implant distance (ITD) and distance from the base of the contact point to dental crest bone of adjacent tooth (CPB) were accessed. Results: Forty interproximal spaces were evaluated, with an average mesial CPB of 5.65 (SD 1.65) mm and distal CPB of 4.65 (SD 1.98) mm. An average mesial ITD of 2.49 (SD 0.69) mm and an average distal ITD of 1.89 (SD 0.63) mm were achieved. Papilla was present in all the interproximal spaces accessed. Conclusions: The restoration of dental implants using CAD/CAM abutments is a predictable treatment with improved aesthetic results. These type of abutments seem to help maintaining a regular papillary filling although the variations of the implant positioning or the restoration teeth relation.
Transcutaneos Oxygen measurement as a predictor for foot ulcer healingin Diabetic patients
Vaz,Carolina; Martins,Joana; Guimar?es,Rui; Amaral,Claudia; Freitas,Claudia; Muras,Joaquim; Carvalho,Rui; Nogueira,Clara; Loureiro,Tiago; Loureiro,Luís; Silveira,Diogo; Teixeira,Sérgio; Rego,Duarte; Matos,Arlindo; Almeida,Rui de;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2012,
Abstract: introduction: transcutaneos oxygen tension (tcpo2) is a noninvasive method that reflects the balance between local oxygen supply and skin oxygenation and is particularly useful in evaluating diabetic vascular disease, because its measurements are not influenced by medial arterial calcifications. the aim of the present study was to determine the predictive value of tcpo2 for foot ulcer healing in diabetic patients submitted to a conservative treatment. material/methods: 127 diabetic patients (135 limbs) with chronic foot ulcers were prospectively evaluated. the age was 67, 2 ± 11, 8 years (mean ± sd) and the diabetes duration was 17,6 ± 9,8 years (mean ± sd). tcpo2 mapping (mmhg) of the involved limb was obtained. conservative ambulatory treatment was prescribed and wound healing was routinely evaluated. the patients were divided into three groups according to the clinical outcome: complete wound healing, improved wound healing and impaired wound healing. results: a significant correlation was found between the presence of infection and tcpo2 values, 26,24 ± 15, 04 (mean tcpo2 with infection ± sd) and 34, 14 ± 16, 9 (mean tcpo2 with no infection ± sd), p<0, 05 t test. of the 55 limbs who deteriorated, 37 had tcpo2< 30 mmhg, while 39 of the 54 limbs with complete wound healing had tcpo2 d" 30 mmhg (p<0,02) (table 1).when a cutoff value of 30 mmhg was used for ulcer healing a positive predictive value of 75% was found. conclusions: this prospective study shows that tcpo2 evaluation is an accurately additional tool predictor to assess the ulcer healing outcome in diabetic patients.
Feeding Strategies for Enrichment and Characterization of Anammox Biomass in a Sequencing Batch Reactor  [PDF]
Tiago H. Martins, Theo S. O. Souza, Maria Bernadete Amancio Varesche
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2014.514097
Abstract: Anammox bacteria represent a promising alternative for treating ammonium-rich wastewater. In this work reported, biomass performing anaerobic oxidation of ammonium was enriched in a sequencing batch reactor, from sludge used for the treatment of high-nitrogen waste from an amino acid-producing industry. After 89 days of operation, both ammonium and nitrite were consumed. During operation under a 24-hour cycle, the applied nitrogen load (ANL) was increased from 155 to 802 mg N/L·d. This strategy resulted in efficiencies of nitrogen removal and nitrogen conversion rate of 91.7% and 98.5%, respectively. Specific anammox activity increased proportionally to ANL and it was partially inhibited at 802 mg N/L·d. Sequencing analysis using 16S rRNA anammox primers, after 170 days of operation, showed that 21 clones were grouped into two OTUs (operational taxonomic units). The identity of the 16S rRNA gene of OTU esp 1 showed similarity to Brocadia species, and OTU esp 2 displayed 99% similarity to Anammoxoglobus propionicus. After 450 days of operation, sequencing analysis using universal primers showed that 48 clones were grouped into 19 OTUs representing six major groups of bacteria: Planctomycetes, beta-Proteobacteria, green sulfur bacteria of the Chlorobi phylum, Nitrospira, Chloroflexi and OP 11. Brocadia sp. was the only anammox bacteria in the biomass at this time.
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