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Avalia??o do acesso ao SINIMA: Sistema Nacional de Informa??o sobre o Meio-ambiente
Silva, Thiago Antunes da;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362007000300004
Abstract: the article presents criteria for evaluation of information sources in information science. it describes transformations in the knowledge after the internet, which interferes directly in the information sources, allowing the access to the scientific information from anywhere in the world. it points out the information boom because of the online communication networks and it shows the importance of communication and information technologies as facilitators in the access to diffuse information on the environment for the society. the evaluation of the national information system for the environment according to criteria for evaluation of information sources is presented, with emphasis on accessibility. it concludes that the site fulfills the user needs, since it obeys the proposed criteria.
Como lidar com o processo da morte e do morrer na assistência em saúde
Thiago da Silva
Revista Letrando , 2012,
Abstract: A morte é um processo que inevitavelmente participa da vida humana. Cada ser humano apresenta diferentes rea es nos momentos em que ela se manifesta, e os profissionais da saúde, principalmente, os enfermeiros, que vivenciam no cotidiano de suas atividades a iminência e a experiência da morte de pacientes sob seus cuidados, é preciso desenvolver modos de lidar com essa realidade. Desse modo, este artigo aborda a rela o com a morte e o morrer na assistência em saúde, tendo em vista a necessidade de promover a qualidade de vida e fornecer apoio psicológico aos familiares.
Fernando Oliveira. A Arte da Guerra do Mar
Thiago Rodrigo da Silva
Antíteses , 2009,
Functional Aspects of Titanosaur Osteoderms.
Thiago da Silva Marinho
Anuário do Instituto de Geociências , 2007,
Abstract: Although titanosaur osteoderms are not commonfindings, these elements are recorded widely inGondwana and part of Laurasia. This assembly knownby the date offers few resources for studies on theecology of this group of dinosaurs. Recently, someeggs bearing titanosaur embryos with preserved skin,from Patagonia, Argentina, may shed some light onthe function and disposition pattern of these dermicbones. Some of the skin patches associated with thetitanosaur embryos show two distinct patterns oftuberosities: a longitudinal row and rosettes, bothcomposed of closely attached tuberosities. Thesetuberosities do not seem to be ossified, but this mightbe due to the ontogenetic stage of the titanosaurs.Here is proposed that these tuberosities might havebeen ossified in later ontogenetic stages, and thenturning into real osteoderms providing physicaldefense for the juvenile titanosaurs. Amongst theremains of large titanosaurs like Mendozasaurusneguyelap some osteoderms were recovered, but itis contrasting small to the animals when comparedto other dinosaurs and crocodyliforms. These boneswould not provide real defensive advantage to anadult titanosaur as they are small and also havea very spongy internal structure. This apparentfragility also may be the reason that few titanosaurosteoderms have been preserved. In comparison,the tuberosity of a young titanosaur is much largerthan an adult osteoderm and its body armor wouldbe much more effective against small predators likenotosuchian crocodyliforms and small theropods.And if the titanosaur osteoderms are originated fromthe embryo’s tuberosities, the disposition of theseelements in an adult animal would be very distant toeach other. Therefore, the function of osteoderms inadult titanosaurs would have been of calcium reserverather defensing.
Attention Changes and Victimization in a Sample of Adolescents Victims of Domestic Violence  [PDF]
Paula Approbato de Oliveira, Thiago Fernando da Silva, Sandra Scivoletto
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.43026
Abstract: Objective: To report attention changes in a sample of adolescents victims of domestic violence and discuss how this change may be related to an addictive and complex cycle of victimization and abuse. Methods: 78 adolescents went through psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluation. The Kiddie-Sads-Present and Lifetime Version and the Brazilian version of the Childhood Trauma Questionaire (CTQ) were applied. The neuropsychological assessment was conducted by trained professionals using the Wechsler Children’s Global Assessment Scale, 3rd edition-WlSC III. The sample was divided into 3 groups according to the intensity of the reported maltreatment-obtained by the CTQ score (comparison group, moderate degree of abuse and severe maltreatment). Results: The group that showed moderate maltreatment showed better performance in an attention task compared to the comparison group. At the severe maltreatment group, this difference was not observed. Conclusions: Children and adolescents who are victims of maltreatment are more alert to environmental details that surround them as a form of adaptation to defend themselves against potential threats. However, they could react precipitously with inappropriate behavior in some contexts. This can lead to a favorable environment for new and repeated situations of violence, abuse and a perpetuation of this victimization.
O conflito entre o governo neoliberal de Alan García e os indígenas peruanos
Thiago Lucas Alves da Silva
Revista IDeAS : Interfaces em Desenvolvimento, Agricultura e Sociedade , 2010,
Abstract: This work aims at understanding the main factors that triggered the conflict between the Indian and Peruvian government of Alan Garcia, as we try to analyze the positions of major stakeholders and their interests. Therefore, it was important not to dwell on a local scale (the conflict), but in context / relate this idea to a greater dynamic as part of an ongoing process (neoliberal capitalism) worldwide. In this sense, the conflict involving the appropriation of resources in the Peruvian Amazon and Brazil also reflects an expansion of neoliberal capitalism that is in nature a marketization of its main vector.
The Domain of the Fluvial Islands and its environmental relevance to the lower-middle course of Paraíba do Sul River O Domínio das Ilhas Fluviais e a sua relevancia ambiental para o curso médio inferior do rio Paraíba do Sul
Thiago Caetano da Silva Berriel
Boletim do Observatório Ambiental Alberto Ribeiro Lamego , 2010,
Abstract: The need for incorporating environmental component in daily life worries of the populations in order to promote ecosystem adequate use and conservation is notorious. In this way, the focus of this work is to enlarge the comprehension about the domain of the fluvial islands of the lower-middle course of Paraíba do Sul River, in terms of its environmental dynamics. Conservation of these environmental resources is a very important action, once the environmental services of the river are highly significant, not only for Rio de Janeiro State, but also for other Brazilian federation. é notória a necessidade de incorporar a variável ecológica na vida das popula es, buscando preservar e conservar o meio ambiente para uma melhor utiliza o dos recursos naturais. Dessa forma, o foco principal deste trabalho é permitir que haja uma compreens o maior em rela o à dinamica ambiental observada no Domínio das Ilhas Fluviais (DIF) no curso médio inferior do rio Paraíba do Sul. Preservar os recursos naturais que o movimentam, confi gura-se uma a o importantíssima, uma vez que ele apresenta elevada significancia como corpo hídrico para o estado do Rio de Janeiro, além de fornecer inúmeros servi os ambientais.
A percep??o dos acadêmicos de enfermagem sobre o cuidado à mulher no trabalho de parto e nascimento: uma abordagem qualitativa
Bicchieri, Thiago;Silva, Leila Rangel da;
Escola Anna Nery , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452006000200013
Abstract: the present study has the objective to identify the care given to women in pre-childbirth and childbirth periods under the perception of the nursing students. it is a descriptive case study with a qualitative approach. over thirty students of federal nursing school, situated in the city of rio de janeiro, were interviewed and the results demonstrated they possess a critical vision on the care offered to the women in the pregnancy and puerperal cycle and classifies it as an extremely technical care. they recognize that the so called humanized and beneficial activities in the pre-childbirth and childbirth periods are distant of being praised by the health department. therefore, women need to be perceived, heard and considered when the intentions are to develop an assistance to them with best results, strengthing their autonomy and respecting their rights while woman and citizen.
Neotectonic Reactivations in the Rio Paraíba do Sul Shear Zone (Southeastern Brazil)
Thiago Pinto da Silva,Claudio Limeira Mello
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2011,
Abstract: This study aims to investigate neotectonic activities in the region of the Rio Paraiba do Sul Shear Zone, an importantgeotectonic feature adjacent to the central segment of the Continental Rift of Southeastern Brazil, and contiguous areas.The methodology used in this work is based on the integration of morphostratigraphic and structural data analysis. Theanalysis of the fault/striae pairs observed in Cenozoic sediments and weathered basement rocks was highlighted in order tocharacterize neotectonic stress fields. The relationship among the different fracturing patterns, geologic units affected bythese events and overlapping patterns of striae on a same fault plain lead to the characterization of three neotectonic stageswhich could be correlated to the neotectonic events described for the Southeastern Brazil: E-W left-lateral transcurrentstage (Miocene); E-W right-lateral transcurrent stage (Pleistocene/Holocene); and NW-SE extensional stage (Holocene).These neotectonic stages have a strong relationship with the reactivation of the preexisting structural anisotropies.
Sublethal Doses of Insecticides Affect the Fecundity and Fertility of the Chrysodeixis includens?  [PDF]
Raimundo Henrique Ferreira Rodrigues, Luciana Barboza da Silva, Thiago Ferreira Rodrigues, Gleidyane Novais Lopes, Eliane Carneiro, Bruno Ettore Pavan
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.93036
Abstract: The objective was to determine lethal concentrations and to evaluate the effects of sublethal doses of insecticides on Chrysodeixis includens under laboratory conditions. The standard population of C. includens was kept on artificial diet under controlled conditions (25°C ± 5°C, 60% ± 10 RU, 12:12 h). The active principles used were B. thuringiensis, Indoxacarb and Teflubenzuron. The CL25 and LC50 obtained from dose response curve (estimated from eight concentrations of each active principle) were diluted in water and applied to the back of third instar caterpillars and compared to the control (water). The insecticides used showed lethal and sublethal effects in C. includens. Bacillus thuringiensis was 6.21 and 2.79 times more toxic to soybean looper when compared to the products Indoxacarb and Teflubenzuron, respectively. Insecticides applied to the caterpillars reduced survival and affected the biomass gain with increased larvae and pupae longevity, with a significant reduction in fertility (40%) and fecundity (94.97%) in adults. In the present study it was observed that both survival and larval biomass gain have a direct effect on fecundity and fertility, respectively. Therefore the active ingredients
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