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Renal Development and Blood Pressure in Offspring from Dams Submitted to High-Sodium Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation
Terezila M. Coimbra,Heloísa D. C. Francescato,Ana Paula C. Balbi,Evelyn C. S. Marin,Roberto S. Costa
International Journal of Nephrology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/919128
Abstract: Exposure to an adverse environment in utero appears to programme physiology and metabolism permanently, with long-term consequences for health of the fetus or offspring. It was observed that the offspring from dams submitted to high-sodium intake during pregnancy present disturbances in renal development and in blood pressure. These alterations were associated with lower plasma levels of angiotensin II (AII) and changes in renal AII receptor I (AT1) and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) expressions during post natal kidney development. Clinical and experimental evidence show that the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) participates in renal development. Many effects of AII are mediated through MAPK pathways. Extracellular signal-regulated protein kinases (ERKs) play a pivotal role in cellular proliferation and differentiation. In conclusion, high-sodium intake during pregnancy and lactation can provoke disturbances in renal development in offspring leading to functional and structural alterations that persist in adult life. These changes can be related at least in part with the decrease in RAS activity considering that this system has an important role in renal development. 1. Introduction The risk of hypertension, renal, and cardiovascular disease are in part determined before birth by intrauterine factors. Exposure to an adverse environment in utero appears to programme physiology and metabolism permanently, with long-term consequences for health of the fetus or offspring [1, 2]. The nephrogenesis in rats begins on embryonic day 12 and is completed at between 10 and 15 days after birth [3, 4]. Clinical and experimental evidence show that the renin-angiotensinn system (RAS) participates in renal development [5–11]. In the rat kidney, angiotensinogen expression is higher during the late gestation and newborn period whilst renin mRNA is detected from embryonic day 17 and is higher on embryonic day 20 and in newborns compared to adults [7, 8]. Renal AII content is several fold higher in newborn rats and mice than in their adult counterparts. The AII receptors are also expressed to a greater degree in newborn rats [9]. The mRNA for the type 1 AII receptor (AT1) has been detected in the renal glomeruli of newborn rats during cellular proliferation and differentiation [10]. Increase in fibronectin, -SM-actin ( -smooth muscle actin), PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen) and p-ERK (extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase) expressions were observed in the renal cortex of 1- and 7-day-old rats, followed by a decrease during renal development [12].
Desenvolvimento de argamassas microporosas para a constru??o civil
Coimbra, M. A.;Morelli, M. R.;
Ceramica , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69131999000600008
Abstract: the purpose of that work was to obtain a lightweight mortar for use in the civil construction through the combined addition of micropore chemical formers and industrial residues. recently, the lightweight mortar technique has been pointed out as an alternative for the construction of light structures, where the commitment of the mechanical resistance associated with the climate actions, such as physical-chemical degradation caused by environmental actions, do not represent basic requirements for civil construction that could restrain the use of low density mortar, with micropore controlled structure. the work analysed the influence of additives adapted for the formation of stable bubbles, and in some cases, the use of mechanical resistance promoters for compensating losses in the resistance due to excessive presence of bubbles. the evaluation of the method of preparation the lightweight mortar that include the mixture mechanism, additives, development of microstructure and properties are correlated, seeking to obtain appropriate composition to use in the production of light structures.
Desenvolvimento de argamassas microporosas para a constru o civil
Coimbra M. A.,Morelli M. R.
Ceramica , 1999,
Abstract: Esse trabalho consistiu na obten o e estudo de uma argamassa de peso leve para o uso na constru o civil através da adi o combinada, de aditivos formadores de microporosidade, mais a utiliza o de cargas que incorporam resíduos industriais. A técnica vem sendo recentemente apontada como uma promissora alternativa para a constru o de estruturas leves, onde o compromisso da resistência mecanica aliada às a es ambientais, tais como degrada es físico-químicas provocadas por intemperismo, n o representam pré-requisitos básicos da constru o civil, que possam impedir a utiliza o de argamassas de baixa densidade, com micro porosidade controlada. Assim sendo, esse trabalho utilizou aditivos adequados para a forma o de bolhas estáveis, e quando necessário, agentes promotores de resistência mecanica, tais que puderam compensar perdas de resistência devido a presen a excessiva das bolhas. A avalia o da influência dos aditivos, bem como do método de prepara o das argamassas leves que incluem o mecanismo de mistura, o desenvolvimento microestrutural e propriedades s o correlacionados, visando a obten o de uma composi o adequada que possa ser utilizada na fabrica o de estruturas leves.
Recupera??o de resíduos inorganicos para a constru??o civil
Coimbra, M. A.;Santos, W. N. dos;Morelli, M. R.;
Ceramica , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132002000200001
Abstract: the aim of this work was to recover two inorganic wastes from ceramic industries by use in the mortar material. tests regarding the chemical and structural evolution with temperature were performed with specific test samples, which revealed that both residues improved their properties by presence of alumina and metakaolinite phases. the morphological, chemical and mineralogical characterizations of different waste disposal batches revealed that in some cases they should be treated by those conformation processes. the presence of these phases contributes to a good physical and chemical behavior of the waste materials, which presented pozzolanic and cementitious characteristics. moreover, the tests performed by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, compression resistance, and heat conductivity were correlated, and showed a good performance of these wastes to be used in the mortar material.
Utiliza??o de rejeitos de pilha zinco-carv?o em argamassas e concretos de cimento Portland
Coimbra, M. A.;Libardi, W.;Morelli, M. R.;
Ceramica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132004000400004
Abstract: the aim of this work was to recover one waste from zinc battery by use like additive in mortar and concrete materials and this way, promoting both battery and environment solutions. hence, the morphological, chemical and mineralogical characterizations were made focusing its use in the recycling brazilian industry. moreover, the tests performed in a true density and specific surface area (bet), x-ray diffraction, ph and scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectroscopy (eds).
Estudo da influência de cimentos na fluência em concretos para a constru??o civil
Coimbra, M. A.;Libardi, W.;Morelli, M. R.;
Ceramica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132006000100015
Abstract: this paper reports on a study of the influence of two different types of portland cement on the creep property of concretes, a viscous elastic property originating in the hardened cement paste and presumably related mainly to the removal of adsorbed water. the causes of creep in concrete are complex. it is a generally accepted fact that, in addition to the movement of moisture, other causes contribute to the creep phenomenon. the nonlinearity of the stress-deformation relation in concrete, especially at levels of stress exceeding 30 to 40 per cent of the ultimate stress, clearly indicates the contribution of transition zone microcracks to creep, a phenomenon well known in civil and materials engineering. the controlled microstructure formation technique has been indicated as a promising alternative for understanding the creep mechanism. this study included a review of the literature to identify the main parameters and variables involved in the creep property, aiming to encourage development and research on this subject.
Recupera o de resíduos inorganicos para a constru o civil
Coimbra M. A.,Santos W. N. dos,Morelli M. R.
Ceramica , 2002,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi recuperar dois resíduos inorganicos provenientes da industria ceramica para serem utilizados como aditivos em argamassas. A evolu o estrutural e química resultante do tratamento térmico dos resíduos, avaliada através de ensaios específicos das amostras de argamassas aditivadas, revelou que suas propriedades melhoraram através da presen a das fases alumina e metacaulinita presentes nos resíduos. A caracteriza o morfológica e mineralógica em diferentes situa es de ensaios revelou que em alguns casos eles poderiam ser tratados através de processos de conforma o específicos. A presen a dessas fases contribuiu para um bom comportamento físico e químico dos materiais que apresentaram características pozolanicas e cementantes. Ensaios por difra o de raios X, microscopia eletr nica de varredura, resistência à compress o e condutividade térmica foram correlacionados e mostraram que esses resíduos podem ser utilizados em argamassas melhorando o seu desempenho.
On the Selection and Meaning of Variable Order Operators for Dynamic Modeling
Lynnette E. S. Ramirez,Carlos F. M. Coimbra
International Journal of Differential Equations , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/846107
Abstract: We review the application of differential operators of noninteger order to the modeling of dynamic systems. We compare all the definitions of Variable Order (VO) operators recently proposed in literature and select the VO operator that has the desirable property of continuous transition between integer and non-integer order derivatives. We use the selected VO operator to connect the meaning of functional order to the dynamic properties of a viscoelastic oscillator. We conclude that the order of differentiation of a single VO operator that represents the dynamics of a viscoelastic oscillator in stationary motion is a normalized phase shift. The normalization constant is found by taking the difference between the order of the inertial term (2) and the order of the spring term (0) and dividing this difference by the angular phase shift between acceleration and position in radians (), so that the normalization constant is simply 2/.
Nasal mites (Gamasida: Rhinonyssidae) of Paroaria coronata (Miller) (Passeriformes: Emberezidae)
Mascarenhas, CS;Coimbra, MAA;Müller, G;Brum, JGW;
Neotropical Entomology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2011000400016
Abstract: with the aim of identifying the species of nasal mites of paroaria coronata (red-crested cardinal), the nasal cavity of 40 birds were examined. the nasal mites were identified as ptilonyssus sairae de castro and sternostoma pirangae pence, with 50% and 7.5% of prevalence, respectively. this is the first record of these mite species parasitizing p. coronata. this report also amplifies the area of occurrence of s. pirangae for brazil and that of p. sairae for rio grande do sul, brazil.
Spindle cell lipoma of the floor of the mouth: A case report
Coimbra,Filipe; Lopes,J.M.; Figueiral,Helena; Scully,Crispian;
Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal (Internet) , 2006,
Abstract: a sessile swelling in the floor of the mouth appeared three years ago in a 29-year old caucasian female located laterally to the opening of the right duct of wharton. the mass covered by normal looking mucosa exhibited slight growth since then. after excision, histological examination revealed the presence of a tumor formed by areas of mature adipose cells interspersed with extensions of tightly disposed fusiform fibroblasts immunoreactive for vimentin and cd-34. there were foci of concentric fibroblasts forming dense whorls. when large these conglomerates exhibited chondrocytes in the center. mast-cells were not rare throughout the fibroblastic areas. no signs of malignancy occurred. these features led to the diagnosis of a spindle cell lipoma with chondrous metaplasia. the relative rarity of such a tumor in this location, especially in the chondrous variety, was considered worth of presentation, while the differential diagnosis with other intraoral tumors, namely mucoceles, dermoid cysts, mesenchimomas, fibromas and myxomas of the floor of the mouth, is discussed.
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