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Natural Carotenoids as Nanomaterial Precursors for Molecular Photovoltaics: A Computational DFT Study
Teresita Ruiz-Anchondo,Norma Flores-Holguín,Daniel Glossman-Mitnik
Molecules , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/molecules15074490
Abstract: In this work several natural carotenoids were studied as potential nanomaterial precursors for molecular photovoltaics. M05-2X/6-31+G(d,p) level of theory calculations were used to obtain their molecular structures, as well as to predict the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV-Vis) spectra, the dipole moment and polarizability, the pKa, and the chemical reactivity parameters (electronegativity, hardness, electrophilicity and Fukui functions) that arise from Conceptual DFT. The calculated values were compared with the available experimental data for these molecules and discussed in terms of their usefulness in describing photovoltaic properties.
Efecto del ácido salicílico en la bioproductividad de la fresa (Fragaria ananassa) cv Aromosa Effect of salicylic acid in bioproductivity of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) cv Aromosa
Addy Anchondo-Aguilar,Abelardo Nú?ez-Barrios,Teresita Ruiz-Anchondo,Jaime Martínez-Tellez
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2011,
Abstract: Se estableció un experimento para evaluar el efecto del ácido salicílico en la bioproductividad de fresa (Fragaria ananassa) variedad Aromosa de día corto. Plántulas de 20 días de cultivadas en un invernadero fueron asperjadas una vez por semana en ocho ocasiones, con soluciones de ácido salicílico preparadas: 1, 0.01, 0.0001 μM o agua como control. Los resultados registrados después de 40 días de iniciados los tratamientos demostraron que las plántulas asperjadas a las concentraciones probadas incrementaron la altura de la planta de fresa, así como el número de hojas, flores y frutos. El tratamiento de 0.0001 μM de AS incrementó 23% el número de frutos en comparación con el control. An experiment was set to evaluate effect of salicylic acid (SA) in strawberry bioproductivity (Fragaria ananassa) variety Aromosa of day short. Seedlings of 20 days of cultivation were aspersed in greenhouse once per week in eight occasions, with prepared solutions of salicylic acid: 1, 0.01, 0.0001 μM or water as control. Recorded results after 40 days of treatment demonstrated that aspersed seedlings at tested concentrations increased height of strawberry plant, as well as number of leaves, flowers and fruits. The treatment of 0.0001 μM of SA increased in 23% the number of fruits in comparison with control.
Efecto del ácido salicílico en la bioproductividad de la fresa (Fragaria ananassa) cv Aromosa
Anchondo-Aguilar, Addy;Nú?ez-Barrios, Abelardo;Ruiz-Anchondo, Teresita;Martínez-Tellez, Jaime;Vergara-Yoisura, Silvia;Larqué-Saavedra, Alfonso;
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2011,
Abstract: an experiment was set to evaluate effect of salicylic acid (sa) in strawberry bioproductivity (fragaria ananassa) variety aromosa of day short. seedlings of 20 days of cultivation were aspersed in greenhouse once per week in eight occasions, with prepared solutions of salicylic acid: 1, 0.01, 0.0001 μm or water as control. recorded results after 40 days of treatment demonstrated that aspersed seedlings at tested concentrations increased height of strawberry plant, as well as number of leaves, flowers and fruits. the treatment of 0.0001 μm of sa increased in 23% the number of fruits in comparison with control.
Nitrogen impact on nutritional status of phosphorus and its main bioindicator: response in the roots and leaves of green bean plants
Sánchez Chávez, E.;Mu?oz, E.;Anchondo, á.;Ruiz, J. M.;Romero, L.;
Revista Chapingo. Serie horticultura , 2009,
Abstract: the objective of the present work was to determine the effect of different doses of nitrogen (n) on the nutritional status of phosphorus (p) in roots and leaves of green bean plants (phaseolus vulgaris l. cv. strike), and also to examine the response of acid-phosphatase activity as the main bioindicator of p. nitrogen was applied to the nutrient solution as nh4no3 and increasing doses of: n1 = 1.5 mm, n2 = 3.0 mm, n3 = 6.0 mm, n4 = 12.0 mm, n5 = 18.0 mm, and n6 = 24.0 mm of n were added. the results indicate that both deficient and toxic n doses were characterized by the lowest level of total, inorganic and organic phosphorus, as well as the highest activity of acid phosphatase; these effects are due to the direct influence between n and p levels. treatment n4 presents the highest levels of the diverse fractions of p and the lowest activity of acid phosphatase. additionally, it was found that the highest proportion of p in roots and leaves are in the forms of p-inorganic (pi) and p-organic. these represented more than 65% of total p, so it can be said that they represent the main forms of phosphorus in green bean plants. finally, it should be noted that acid phosphatase activity was significantly correlated with pi, which indicates that it can be used as a good indicator of the nutritional status of p in the roots and leaves of green bean plants.
Rese a de "Espacios de género. Imaginarios, identidades e historias" de Loreto Rebolledo y Patricia Tomic (coords.)
Teresita de Jesús Ruiz Botello
Culturales , 2007,
Efectos de enzimas e inoculantes sobre la composición del ensilaje de maíz
Ruiz,B.O.; Castillo,Y.; Anchondo,A.; Rodríguez,C.; Beltrán,R.; La O,O.; Payán,J.;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-05922009000200001
Abstract: treating silages with fibrolytic enzymes and bacterial inoculants has been shown to improve digestibility, fermentation and aerobic stability of a variety of forages. the objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of three additives on chemical composition and fermentation characteristics of silage from seven different hybrids: dk641?, eagle 238w?, golden harvest ex313?, golden harvest h9403?, pioneer 32r25?, pioneer 31g98?, and producers 725?. corn plants were planted in experimental plots (1 ha each) in chihuahua, mexico and harvested at stage of maturity of 1/3 of milkline. whole corn plants were cut and subsamples were chopped and ensiled in mini silos (1.3±0.1 kg) for 42 d. treatments were control: ct: 20 ml distilled water; sa: 0.0065 g sill all? 4x4 (l. plantarum, p. acidilactii, e. faecium, and b. salivarus); bs: 0.182 g bio-sile? (l. plantarum and p. pentosaceus) and fb: 0.31 g fibrozyme? (xylanases and t. viride). silage samples were analyzed for dry matter (dm), crude protein (cp), neutral detergent fiber (ndf), acid detergent fiber (adf), cellulose (ce), hemicellulose (he), in vitro dry matter digestibility (ivdmd), in vitro organic matter digestibility (ivomd), ph and lactic acid (la). inoculation with sa and bs increased content of ndf of silage of hybrids 31g98 and dk641 (p<0.05). addition of sa increased cp of silages from h9403, 238w and ex313 (p<0.05). however, fb decreased ndf concentration of 31g98, h9403 and 238w, lowered ph of dk641 and ex313 and increased concentration of la content of ex313 and increased concentration of la content of ex313 (p<0.05). no effect on dm and om digestibility was observed for fb, but when bs and sa were added a significant difference (p<0.05) was observed for the hybrids dk641, 32r25 and producers 725. these show that when applied at ensiling certain inoculants and fibrolytic enzymes can improve various chemical characteristics of corn silage, however, effects vary depending of the particular corn hyb
Factores sociales y salud infantil asociados con la vejez
Ruiz-Pantoja,Teresita Elisa; Ham-Chande,Roberto;
Salud Pública de México , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342007001000009
Abstract: objective: the aim was to determinate if health status of the elderly in mexico at the beginning of the 21st. century is associated to earlier social and health conditions during child-hood, including sex differences. material and methods: the research was conducted using survey data from the mexican health and aging study (mhas) 2001. results: linear regression models point out that life styles during childhood and adulthood are not independent, both influencing morbidity in elderly years. conclusion: parents' education and household characteristics through childhood represent main protection factors; however, this finding cannot be generalized.
Carbonic Anhydrase and Zinc in Plant Physiology
Escudero-Almanza,Dalila Jacqueline; Ojeda-Barrios,Dámaris Leopoldina; Hernández-Rodríguez,Ofelia Adriana; Sánchez Chávez,Esteban; Ruíz-Anchondo,Teresita; Sida-Arreola,Juan Pedro;
Chilean journal of agricultural research , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-58392012000100022
Abstract: carbonic anhydrase (ca) (ec: catalyzes the rapid conversion of carbon dioxide plus water into a proton and the bicarbonate ion (hco3-) that can be found in prokaryotes and higher organisms; it is represented by four different families. carbonic anhydrase is a metalloenzyme that requires zn as a cofactor and is involved in diverse biological processes including ph regulation, co2 transfer, ionic exchange, respiration, co2 photosynthetic fixation, and stomatal closure. therefore, the review includes relevant aspects about ca morphology, oligomerization, and structural differences in the active site. on the other hand, we consider the general characteristics of zn, its geometry, reactions, and physiology. we then consider the ca catalysis mechanism that is carried out by the metal ion and where zn acts as a cofactor. zinc deficiency can inhibit growth and protein synthesis, and there is evidence that it reduces the ca content in some plants, which is a relationship addressed in this review. in leaves, ca represents 20.1% of total soluble protein, while it is the second most abundant in the chloroplast after ribulose 1,5-disphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (rubisco). this facilitates the supply of co2 to the phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in c4 and cam plants and rubisco in c3 plants.
La superación del profesorado en educación intercultural: una propuesta para la universidad cubana actual / Teacher’s upgrading on intercultural education. A proposal of the cuban contemporary university
Cabrera Ruiz, Isaac Iran,Gallardo López, Teresita de Jesús
Revista Electrónica Actualidades Investigativas en Educación , 2008,
Abstract: Resumen: La internacionalización de la cultura como rasgo de la época actual enfrenta a los sistemas educativos ante el antagonismo dialéctico de la tendencia a la universalización de la cultura, de los valores y de la producción, frente al particularismo y a la reivindicación de las especificidades de grupo, etnia o nación. Diferentes modelos y proyectos, representativos de las sociedades particulares a las que se dirigen, y fundamentadas desde diversas posturas filosóficas, han intentado dar respuesta a la atención a la diversidad cultural desde la educación. En ellos es reconocida la preparación del profesorado para asumir la demanda intercultural.El artículo presenta un diplomado para la superación en educación intercultural del colectivo pedagógico del a o académico, dirigido a la formación del profesorado, utilizando como vía la superación profesional en la forma organizativa básica en la educación superior cubana, para derivar las estrategias de la carrera universitaria y desarrollar la dirección educativa. La propuesta se caracteriza por su flexibilidad, vínculo con las tecnologías de la información, contextualización, y que es concebida desde la semipresencialidad como modalidad. Propuesta que es el resultado de una investigación realizada en la Universidad Médica de Villa Clara entre los a os 2006 y el 2007.Abstract: Culture internationalization as a distinctive trait of the contemporary epoch faces the educational systems to the dialectical antagonism of the trend to universalize culture of values and production versus individuality and the specificities of ethnic groups or nations. Different representative models and projects from distinct societies to which they are directed derived from different philosophical assumptions, have tried to give an answer to cultural diversity from the educational institutions due to the recognized formation of its staff members to cope with intercultural demands. In this article we present a diplomat as a suggestion of a course for the cultural upgrading of a pedagogical staff of the academic year, featured by its flexibility, use of the New Technologies of Communication and contextualization. This proposal is also conceived with the distant - learning method which is a research result from the Medical University within the years 2006 -2007.
Evapofacieshalítica en el Salar del Rincón, departamento Los Andes, Salta Halitefacies in the salar del Rincon, Andes Department, Salta
Alberto Ovejero Toledo,Ricardo N Alonso,Teresita Del V Ruiz,Alicia G Quiroga
Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina , 2009,
Abstract: El salar delRincón se encuentra ubicado en el departamento Los Andes, provincia de Salta enel extremo noroeste de la Puna Austral, a una altura media de 3.660 m s.n.m. Eneste trabajo se dan a conocer los resultados de la correlación de sondeos, quepermitieron determinar facies de halita, texturas, estructuras, materialesclásticos intersticiales, mineralogía, composición química de la salmuera y losparámetros hidráulicos del acuífero, determinados a lo largo de una transectaeste-oeste que cubre aproximadamente 30 km2. La fase cristalina estácompuesta mayoritariamente de halita, con yeso, mirabilita, thenardita,glauberita, hidroglauberita, eugsterita, calcita y ulexita solo en el sectoroeste de la transecta. Se identificaron las siguientes evapofacies halítica:costra salina, geodas y halita bandeada. Las texturas observadas incluyen:cristales hoppers, pirámides chevron, halita intersticial muddyhalite y halita cloudy. La composición de la salmuera es denaturaleza clorurada sódica con variaciones en profundidad de sulfato y borato.Los cationes son Ca, Mg, Li y K, la relación K/Li es de 20/1. El cálculo dereserva a nivel de recurso mineral, en sectores con distinta porosidad eficaz,dio para Li+ 208,2 kt y para K+ 4231,9 kt (> 30 %); yLi+ 14,9 kt y K+ 302, 9 kt (< 10 %). Los contenidos deLi+ y K+ en toda la transecta son 223,1 kt y 4534,8 ktrespectivamente. El estudio permitió determinar una concentración promedio de0,4 g/l de litio y 8 g/l de potasio. Salar del Rincón is located at 3,660 m.a.s.l. in the Andes district, Salta province, andnortheast of the Southern Puna. This paper shows the results of theborehole correlation that helped determine the halite facies, textures,structures, interstitial clastic material, mineralogy, chemical composition ofthe brine and the aquifer hydraulic parameters determineted in an E-W transectthat covers approximately 30 km2. The crystalline phase is mainlymade up of halite with gypsum, mirabilite, thenardite, glauberite,hydroglauberite, eugsterite, calcite, and ulexite only in the western area oftransect. The following halite evapofacies were identified: saline crust,geodes and banded halite. The observed textures include: crystal hoppers,chevron folds, muddy halite and cloudy halite. The brinecomposition is sodium chloride with variations in sulphate and borate at depth.The cations are Ca, Mg, Li and K. The K/Li relationship is 20/1. The reserveestimated at a mineral resource level in areas with different effectiveporosity was 208,2 kt for Li+ and 4231.9 kt (> 30 %) for K+;14.9 kt for Li+ and 302.9 kt (< 10 %) for K+. The
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