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Estudo exploratório sobre burnout numa amostra portuguesa: O narcisismo como variável preditora da síndrome de burnout
Análise Psicológica , 2010,
Abstract: this research, aimed at studying the relationship between narcissistic personality characteristics and burnout, tests a central hypothesis that narcissistic personality traits are a burnout facilitating factor. following a correlacional design, the maslach burnout inventory and the crochick’s scale of narcissistic personality factors were given to a sample of 68 workers of two multinational advertising agencies. results were compatible, at least partially, with the proposed hypothesis. when narcissism levels were low or average the relationship between narcissism and burnout followed what was predicted by the model: higher narcissistic personality characteristics led to higher scores in the different burnout factors, particularly exhaustion. when narcissism levels were high, the relationship seemed to follow a contingent relationship with professional efficiency. if the subject felt professionally successful, narcissism worked as a protective variable against burnout and job stress. if feelings of professional failure were predominant the highly narcissistic subject developed high levels of burnout. however, the overall explanatory power of the narcissist personality factor was lower than organisational factors.
Inventário de burnout de Maslach para estudantes portugueses
Maroco,Jo?o; Tecedeiro,Miguel;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2009,
Abstract: the maslach burnout inventory - student survey adpated by schaufeli, martinez et al., 2002 from the maslach burnout inventory - general survey was translated and adapted for portuguese college students. the psychometric evaluation revealed that the adapted scale maintained its factorial validity and realibility. the portuguese version of the maslach burnout inventory was shown to be a reliable valid instrument for the evaluation of the burnout syndrome in portuguese college students.
O Burnout como factor hierárquico de 2a ordem da Escala de Burnout de Maslach
Maroco,Jo?o; Tecedeiro,Miguel; Martins,Pedro; Meireles,Ana;
Análise Psicológica , 2008,
Abstract: the psychometric properties of the mbi-ss (schaufeli et al., 2002) were evaluated in a convenience sample of 300 portuguese college students. the 3-factor original structure had poor fit to the data, although it showed reasonable internal consistency (αstratified=0.79). we considered the observed statistically significant correlations between the 3 original factors, the skewness of the original items, as well as the construct validity, and proposed a 2nd hierarchal structure that we named burnout. this 2nd order factor structure showed higher factorial validity and higher internal consistency (αstratified=0.83) than teh original scale.

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