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Tatiana Vasques Camelo dos Santos,Cl udia Maria de Mattos Penna
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2013,
Abstract: Este es un caso de estudio cualitativo basado en la Sociología Comprensiva de la vida cotidiana cuyo objetivo fue describir las situaciones cotidianas que requieren el uso de los servicios de salud desde la perspectiva de los usuarios y los profesionales de la salud. Se entrevistó a 15 profesionales y 17 usuarios de las tres unidades del Equipo de Salud de la Familia en un municipio del Estado de Minas Gerais a partir de un guión de preguntas abiertas. Los datos fueron sometidos a análisis de contenido. Se encontró que las demandas resultan de la combinación de factores sociales, individuales y culturales prevalecientes en la población. Las sesiones tienen lugar a partir de la demanda espontánea de los usuarios y para los profesionales, el interés que se presenta es una consulta, por lo general médica, con la derivación a los especialistas y la distribución gratuita de medicamentos. Estos resultados indican que el cuidado de la salud debe ir más allá del cuerpo biológico y comprender otras dimensiones que conforman la vida cotidiana de los usuarios en la búsqueda de la solución de problemas.
Medicolegal autopsies in children: Experience of a department of Legal Medicine in Brazil  [PDF]
Manoel Eugenio dos Santos Modelli, Marco Agassiz de Almeida Vasques, Riccardo Pratesi
Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research (FMAR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fmar.2013.13008
Abstract: Purposes: The purpose of this study was to determine the pattern of mortality in children’s Federal District. Knowledge of the epidemiology of injuries is essential for planning, implementation and evaluation of preventive measures. Methods: We analyzed the forensic examination documents of all children under 12 years sent to the IML-DF, during 2010. The data analyzed included age, gender, cause of death (i.e.natural or external), mechanism of death (traffic accident, asphyxia, firearm injuries, poisoning, heat injuries) and the medical cause of death. Results: A large number of children (n = 123 total; n = 71 males, n = 52 females) were examined in the IML-DF, Brasília, Brazil. Mean age was 37.96 months, with a median of 12 months, and 21% of children were younger than 1 month. There were 62 cases (33 males and 29 female) classified as natural deaths. The average age for natural deaths was 18.72 months. Most cases of natural death occurred in the first year of life (n = 50), being prevalent in the first month of life (n = 24). Among the 62 cases analyzed, six were stillborns, 13 suffered intrauterine fetal distress (e.g. placental insufficiency, prematurity and meconium aspiration), 36 had lung problems (e.g. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), bronchopneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage, interstitial pneumonitis and infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS)), five had neurologicalproblems (e.g. hydrocephalus, hydranencephaly,convulsive seizures and meningitis) and two had undetermined cause of death. There were also isolated cases of heart disease, leukemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, peritonitis causedby acute appendicitisand amniotic bandsyndrome. There were 61 cases of deaths from external causes, as a consequence of the following: blunt instrument, firearm, physical agent (i.e.heat), physicochemical agent (i.e.asphyxia) and chemical agent (i.e.poisoning). Conclusions: The profile of deaths from external causesin this developing country follows a trend similar to trends reported in the literature for other developing countries. The majority of deaths are accidental, with traffic accidents being the most frequent cause, followed by asphyxia (i.e.aspiration of gastric contents and drownings). Sporadic cases of poisoning, injuries from firearms, accidents and fires also occur.
Harmonia axyridis Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Biological aspects and thermal requirements  [PDF]
Tatiana de Oliveira Ramos, Terezinha Monteiro dos Santos-Cividanes, Francisco Jorge Cividanes, Laís da Concei??o dos Santos
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2014.21007
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the biological aspects and thermal requirements of Harmonia axyridis Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) fed daily with Anagasta kuehniella (Zeller) (Lep-idoptera: Pyralidae) eggs. Under laboratory conditions, the experiment was carried out in acclimatized chambers set to 18°C, 21°C, 24°C, 27°C, and 30°C. Larvae of H. axyridis were separated, kept in a glass tube, and fed with A. kuehniella eggs. The Asiatic lady beetle adults were separated into 20 couples and kept in plastic cups receiving the same food as the larvae. The length of the larval, pupal, and total biological cycle (from egg to adult) stages declined significantly from 18°C to 27°C, but was stable between 27°C and 30°C. Survival was similar for larvae from the first to the fourth stadium when kept at 18°C, 21°C, and 24°C with a higher total biological cycle survival at 27°C. H. axyridis males presented higher longevity at 18°C and 21°C in comparison to females that had a longer life and a higher fecundity at 24°C and 27°C, respectively. The lower thermal limit for biological cycle development was 12.4°C, and the thermal constant was 243.9 degree-days.
Tendências da pesquisa envolvendo o uso do toque terapêutico como uma estratégia de enfermagem
Vasques, Christiane Inocêncio;Santos, Daniella Soares dos;Carvalho, Emília Campos de;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002011000500019
Abstract: therapeutic touch (tt) is one of the oldest vibrational therapies still in use. dolores krieger and dora kunz, in the 1970s, pioneered the application of the method in nursing. since then, research involving the use of therapeutic touch has been developed in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention to reduce the signs and symptoms related to various diseases. many studies have evaluated the use of tt in isolation, however, a large part of these research studies compare this strategy with other complementary therapies, such as: music, guided imagery and relaxation. the results of these studies indicate improvement or reduction of signs and symptoms investigated in patients undergoing tt. however, methodological biases make it impossible to generalize the results, making it essential to conduct well-designed clinical trials capable of determining the effectiveness of the intervention, in addition to studying populations that have not yet been addressed, such as the elderly and newborns.
Utiliza??o de técnicas estatísticas em duas revistas de fruticultura
Cantuarias-Avilés, Tatiana;Dias, Carlos Tadeu dos Santos;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000800044
Abstract: the statistical techniques and statistical accessibility were analyzed in a sample collected from the original articles published between 1996 and 2006 by two fruticulture journals: the revista brasileira de fruticultura (rbf) and the french journal fruits. a total of 986 original articles were classified in 16 classes of statistical analyses, previously ordered by increasing degree of complexity. the complexity of statistical techniques used by both journals increased in time. along the 1996-2006 period, the articles published in the rbf journal utilized more complex statistical techniques, as well as experimental designs in randomized blocks, factorial, split plot and hierarchical arrangements, and the test of tukey for mean comparisons. in the articles published by the fruits journal the use of other parametrical tests and the duncan test was more frequent. in both journals the sas statistical software was most frequently utilized. readers of the rbf journal required a higher level of statistical knowledge to understand the techniques utilized in the articles.
Rela??o entre a freqüência de consumo de carne e pescado e os níveis de hexaclorobenzeno, lindano, aldrin e 4,4' - diclorodifenil - 1,1' dicloroetileno, em tecido adiposo de glandulas mamárias de mulheres espanholas
Costabeber, Ijoni;Santos, Joice Sifuentes dos;Emanuelli, Tatiana;
Ciência Rural , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782003000100024
Abstract: the levels of organochlorine pesticide residues ? hexaclorobenzene (hcb), lindane (g-hch), aldrin and 4,4'dichloro diphenil 1,1'dichloroethylene (p,p'-dde) - present in mammary adipose tissue samples from women living in cordoba (spain) were evaluated. the compound found at the highest concentration was p,p′-dde (1.869(mg/g of adipose tissue), which was present in 100% of the analyzed samples. the average levels of hcb, g-hch and aldrin were 0.236, 0.003 and 0.006mg/g of adipose tissue, respectively. the tissue levels of organochlorine residues were correlated with the weekly intake of meat and fish by donors. only the tissue levels of p-p′-dde were significantly (p£0.05) affected by the frequency of meat intake. donors with a meat intake higher than four times a week presented an average level of 2.833mg/g of adipose tissue.
Social heterogeneity and children's nutrition in the rural environment
Rocha, Livia;Gerhardt, Tatiana Engel;Santos, Daniel Labernarde dos;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692007000700018
Abstract: objectives: this study is inserted in an interdisciplinary program of research and aims to learn about the nutritional situation and life context of children under five in the rural environment of arambaré/rs, brazil, through an epidemiological cross-sectional descriptive study. method: the data of anthropometrical assessment (weight/age, age/height, weight/height) expressed in z scores, whose reference population is that of the national center for health statistics (nchs) were analyzed in the epinut software, and the semi-structured form applied to the child's responsible was analyzed through descriptive statistics in the epi-info 6.04. results: it is evidenced that the nutritional problems vary within the social heterogeneity present in the municipality. there are different levels of vulnerability to illness. conclusion: this study demonstrates the importance of understanding the social dynamics modelling individual behavior that reflects on health.
Rela o entre a freqüência de consumo de carne e pescado e os níveis de hexaclorobenzeno, lindano, aldrin e 4,4' - diclorodifenil - 1,1' dicloroetileno, em tecido adiposo de glandulas mamárias de mulheres espanholas
Costabeber Ijoni,Santos Joice Sifuentes dos,Emanuelli Tatiana
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Digital Radiography Using Digital Detector Arrays Fulfills Critical Applications for Offshore Pipelines
Edson Vasques Moreira,José Maurício Barbosa Rabello,Marcelo dos Santos Pereira,Ricardo Tadeu Lopes
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/894643
Abstract: Digital radiography in the inspection of welded pipes to be installed under deep water offshore gas and oil pipelines, like a presalt in Brazil, in the paper has been investigated. The aim is to use digital radiography for nondestructive testing of welds as it is already in use in the medical, aerospace, security, automotive, and petrochemical sectors. Among the current options, the DDA (Digital Detector Array) is considered as one of the best solutions to replace industrial films, as well as to increase the sensitivity to reduce the inspection cycle time. This paper shows the results of this new technique, comparing it to radiography with industrial films systems. In this paper, 20 test specimens of longitudinal welded pipe joints, specially prepared with artificial defects like cracks, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, and porosities and slag inclusions with varying dimensions and in 06 different base metal wall thicknesses, were tested and a comparison of the techniques was made. These experiments verified the purposed rules for parameter definitions and selections to control the required digital radiographic image quality as described in the draft international standard ISO/DIS 10893-7. This draft is first standard establishing the parameters for digital radiography on weld seam of welded steel pipes for pressure purposes to be used on gas and oil pipelines.
Efeito da intera??o do nicosulfuron e chlorpyrifos sobre o banco de sementes e os atributos microbianos do solo
Oliveira, Taciane Almeida de;Santos, José Barbosa dos;Camelo, Gessimar Nunes;Botelho, Rafael Grossi;Lázari, Thiago Magalh?es de;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832009000300009
Abstract: in the period of competition of weeds and the incidence of fall armyworm in the corn crop there is a need for herbicide and insecticide such as nicosulfuron and chlorpyrifos application within short time intervals. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of sequential applications of nicosulfuron and chlorpyrifos on the emergence of seedlings of the seed bank in the soil, the basal co2 emission rate, and the microbial biomass carbon (mbc) of soil. sequential applications of nicosulfuron (doses from 0 to 64 g ha-1) with or without chlorpyrifos (0 and 240 g ha-1) were performed. at 20, 40 and 60 days after application (daa) of the products, the species of all seedlings that emerged from the seed bank were identified, and the frequency, density and abundance estimated, as well as the importance value iv. sixty daa the co2 emission rate and cbm were were also determined, and based on the relationship between the accumulated co2 and total soil mbc the metabolic coefficient (qco2) was estimated. the application of nicosulfuron rates of over 20 g ha-1 severely affected the seedling dry weight and number of species. in the presence of the herbicide, the species with highest iv were boehavia diffusa and commelina bengalensis. there was a decrease in the basal soil respiration rate with increasing nicosulfuron doses, in the presence as well as in the absence of the insecticide chlorpyrifos. there was a linear decrease in mbc in all cases regardless of the chlorpyrifos application, although the reduction was 4.5 times greater in soil that received the combined application of the insecticide and nicosulfuron. the qco2 confirmed the negative effect of the application of insecticide and herbicide. it was concluded that the application of chlorpyrifos + nicosulfuron causes a negative impact on the seeds in the soil and the soil microbial activity.

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