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Association of Serum YKL-40 Level with Tumor Burden and Metastatic Stage of Prostate Cancer
Enver Ozdemir,Tark Cicek,Mehmet Onur Kaya
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: PURPOSE: To investigate the relationship between serum level of YKL-40 and Gleason score, grade and stage of the disease, and for the first time, with tumor burden in patients with prostate cancer (PCa). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Serum levels of YKL-40 and prostate-specific antigen were measured in 34 men (mean age: 66 years) with newly diagnosed and untreated PCa, in 34 men (mean age: 65 years) with biopsy proven benign prostatic hyperplasia, and in 29 healthy young men (mean age: 24 years). RESULTS: Serum YKL-40 concentration in men with PCa and benign prostatic hyperplasia, and in controls were 165.67 ± 107.84 ng/mL, 137.38 ± 82.04 ng/mL, and 69.69 ± 18.46 ng/mL, respectively. Serum level of YKL-40 was correlated with tumor burden in 30.4% of the patients with PCa (P = .04). A cut-off serum YKL-40 value of 92.696 ng/mL produced 70.6% sensitivity and 93.1% specificity. Elevated serum level of YKL-40 was strongly associated only with metastatic stage of the PCa. No association was observed between elevated level of YKL-40 and Gleason score groups or Gleason grade. CONCLUSION: Our results suggest that elevated serum level of YKL-40 may be a useful indicator of tumor burden and metastatic stage of PCa. Further studies are warranted to better elucidate the meaning of YKL-40 in tumor burden and invasiveness.
Yeni eri A as K se Mehmet A a ve Muhallefat ///Janissary Agha K se Mehmet and His Possessions
Tark ?z?elik
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2013,
Abstract: K se Mehmed Agha was raised among the Janissary corps in the beginning of the seventeenth century and he rose to the rank of Agha of the Janissaries. When Sultan Murad IV was threatened to be deposed as the crisis of payment for the accession to the throne (cül s) got worse, K se Mehmed Agha saved the Sultan’s life and helped him to stay on the throne as he stood with the Sultan against the Janissaries. In the aftermath, he became a trusted man of Murad IV for a while and carried out Murad’s notorious coercive administration methods. Once K se Mehmed made a mistake, he was executed and his properties were confiscated. The list of Agha’s high quality possessions indicates that a high-ranking Ottoman officer could easily amass massive wealth but the result of a big mistake in a high office would be fatal.
Tark ?ZCAN
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: The fine arts have formed their own categories as well as they have established their repertoires. Those categories are the general principles of the work of art that is the fold of being. The aesthetic value analyses that would be done without considering those categories would be arbitrary analyses. Among the categories that form the general principles of a work of art, we can mention beauty, sublimity, tragic, comic, na ve, childish etc. In this study, we think to handle the aesthetic and tragic value relationship in the context of the work of art by analyzing a poem of Cahit S tk in the light of the tragic category. Güzel sanatlar binlerce y ll k geli imleri esnas nda kendi repertuarlar n kurduklar gibi kendi kategorilerini de olu turmu tur. Bu kategoriler, varl k tabakas olan sanat eserlerinin umumi prensipleridir. Estetik de er zümlemesinde bu kategorileri hesaba katmadan yap lacak zümlemeler, keyfi zümlemeler olacakt r. Bir sanat eserinin umumi prensiplerini olu turan kategoriler aras nda: Güzellik, yücelik, trajik, komik, naifsi ve ocuksuyu sayabiliriz. Biz, bu al mam zda Cahit S tk ’n n bir iirini trajik de er kategorisi bak m ndan zümleyerek estetik ve trajik de er ili kisini sanat eseri ba lam nda ele almay dü ünüyoruz.
T2 substaging following radical prostatectomy: Not worth the effort
Tark Esen
Turkish Journal of Urology , 2011,
Smart Card Approach for Secure Data Communication
Tark Y?lmaz
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: With the introduction of internet technology, e-trade, voice and video transfer and social networks are increasingly becoming widespread. Thanks to these technologies, people can do their jobs in a virtual environment non-spatially and rapidly. However, the security of the data people share using these technologies is serious concern. In this study, a method to provide security of the data shared on the internet is proposed. This method is developed by integrating smart card technology and encryption techniques. In the application section, method and the software developed to operate the method are defined in details.
A new inventory for assessing cognitions in social phobia: The validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the social thoughts and beliefs scale
Tayfun Do?an,Tark Totan
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the psychometric properties of The Social Thoughts and Beliefs Scale (STABS), it’s developed for assessing cognitions in social phobia by Turner and et al. (2003). STABS was administered 532 university students (343 female and 188 male) from two different universities in Turkey. In order to examine the structure validity and of STABS confirmatory factor analysis have been carried out. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the two-factor model fitted the research data. The reliability of the scale was examined by test re-test and Cronbach alpha methods. The Cronbach alpha for the STABS’ total score was .90. The computed test re-test reliability coefficient for the STABS was .88. Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965), and Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions Scale (Hamamc and Büyük ztürk, 2003) was used for the criterion validity. There were statistically significant positive correlations between STABS and these scales. The Turkish version of STABS demonstrated good psychometric properties, with a high level of internal consistency.
Profile Tests to Optimize the Utilization of Wind Energy
KIRCSI, Andrea,TAR, Károly
Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica , 2008,
Abstract: We have to know the property of air movement in hub height of wind turbine onunderstanding that we want to utilize of wind power economically. We can calculate wind speed fromnear ground measurement to hub height but always have mistake in results depend on applied method.In Hungary the Hungarian Meteorological Service carried out expedition wind measurements withSODAR equipment to study wind potential of the country within a frame of a scientific competition.We analysed SODAR data from Budapest, Paks and Szeged with statistical method looking for answerto our following question: How can frequency distributions of wind speed and wind direction indifferent height change? Are there any differences in form of wind profiles and in wind power indifferent wind direction sector? How can daily course of wind speed and potential of wind energy indifferent height change? At the same time, we suppose that there is a so-called “inflection altitude,”where the daily course of the wind speed and wind energy is random. We try to determine this altitudeon the basis of tower measurements in Paks. Finally we get an example to the distribution of specificwind power according to parts of the day.
Treatment resistant iron deficiency anemia due to Helicobacter pylori infection: Case Report
Mine Serin,Tark Serin
Medical Journal of Bakirk?y , 2008,
Abstract: Helicobacter Pylori (HP) is a pathogen agent which causes gastritis, peptic ulceration and gastric cancer. The infection is usually gained in childhood and the incidence increases with the age. Helicobacter Pylori infection’s extra gastrointestinal system findings are also defined in recent years. The association between Helicobacter Pylori and iron-deficiency anemia resistant to treatment has been showed in many studies. Our case was also an iron-deficiency anemia which was resistant to treatment and Helicobacter Pylori was detected. After the eradication of Helicobacter Pylori, anemia improved without the iron support. Helicobacter Pylori infection must be considered in irondeficiency anemia resistant to treatment.
Investigating the Effect of Aspirin on Mercury Toxicity
Fatih Polat,Tark Dal
Journal of Ecosystems , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/737059
Abstract: The effect of aspirin on the toxicology of mercury was investigated by using fish. The variations between blood parameters of the fish, which were made exposed directly to mercury solutions prepared at certain concentrations (500?μg/L, 250?μg/L, 125?μg/L, 62.5?μg/L, and 31.25?μg/L), and blood parameters of the fish, which were made exposed to mercury at the same concentrations after they had been interacting with aspirin, were investigated. At the end of the study, increases in blood parameters were observed depending on the increases in mercury concentration. Statistically significant variations were observed in blood parameters of the fish, which were made exposed to mercury at the same concentrations after they had been interacting with aspirin, compared to blood parameters of the fish, which were made exposed directly to mercury ( ). It was found that aspirin has caused significant increases in especially the levels of serum aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotranspherase and significant decreases in cortisol and glucose levels among to blood parameters. It was concluded that aspirin alters the toxic effect of mercury. 1. Introduction Aspirin is the popular name of a salicylate ester of acetic acid. Aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid) is an anti-inflammatory medicine, which has been in the use prevalently since 1899 for rheumatic diseases because it is very effective and inexpensive. Aspirin affects antioxidant system by shifting the equilibrium between oxidants and antioxidants in favor of oxidants causing hepatic and renal damages [1]. Although many nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) have been added to the treatment in the recent 30 years, aspirin indisputably keeps its position during treatment of rheumatic diseases like RA and Kawasaki and new areas in which it can be used like antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and Alzheimer have emerged. Aspirin is absorbed rapidly after it is dissolved and hydrolyzed in the liver, and it can be seen in plasma after 10–20 minutes. Serum reaches the peak value in two hours. Aspirin is hydrolyzed into salicylic acid by nonspecific esterases in liver and bound to salicylate serum proteins, especially albumin. Cytoplasmic enzyme (LDH) released due to salicylates without depending on dose has an effect on hepatotoxicity [2]. Many plant and animal species act as a bioindicator to observe many pollutants in the ecosystem surrounding us [3–8]. It is becoming more important day by day to predict and describe the hidden and harmful effects, which come into sight when that fish is exposed to low toxic
Ebru ?K?Z,Tark TOTAN
Dokuz Eylül üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the explanation effect of self-compassion on emotional intelligence of teacher trainees. Participants were 347 university students who were enrolled at a mid-size state University, in Turkey. In this study, the Self-compassion Scale and the Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Scale were used. Self-compassion areas as self-kindness, awareness of common humanity, mindfulness, self-judgement, isolation, over-identification. Emotional intelligence areas are intrapersonal, interpersonal, stress management, adaptability, general mood and general emotional intelligence. In multiple regression analysis, it was found that the subscales of self-compassion had significant effects on the subscales of emotional intelligence. The increase on self-kindness and mindfulness resulted in an increase on emotional intelligence, whereas the increase on self-judgement and over-identification leaded to a decrease in coping with stress and general emotional state. There are significant differences on emotional intelligent areas according to gender but not on self-compassion. Results indicate that self-compassion is directly effective on emotional intelligence.
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