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An Exploration on the Effective Factors of Tourism Industry on Protection of the Environment in the Historical City Ghoumas  [PDF]
Hooman Mesgarian, Leili Alaei
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2014.49048

According to the world tourism organization (WHO) in 2005, the number of tourists has increased up to 36 times. In a way that it has maximized from 25 million in 1950 to 1018 million in 2010. The sustainable tourism, thus, because of making a balance between different environmental, economic, cultural and social dimensions of the tourism development, plays a considerable role in protection of species diversity, and benefits the tourism activists in order to reduce its destructive impact on the environment and the local cultures and being kept for the future generations. Accordingly, the present research first examines the relationship between tourism, sustainable development and the ecology, for measurement of different aspects of the industry effect on the environment. Secondly, the present study uses from some parameters like the average monthly minimum and maximum temperatures, the average relative humidity, the average maximum and minimum temperatures in day and at night in the Semnan station as well as using the common diagram in the experimental methods like Olegi to assess day and night Climatourism in the region. Finally, on the basis of the performed analysis, the strengths and weak points of tourist attractions for the protection of the environment are considered.

Oil Prices and Exchange Rates: The Case of OPEC
Leili Nikbakht
Business Intelligence Journal , 2010,
Abstract: This paper has studied the relationship between oil price and exchange rate in OPEC members. In this paper, we investigate the long-run relationship between real oil prices and real exchange rates by using monthly panel of seven countries of OPEC members from 2000:01 to 2007:12. We first test whether or not exchange rates are cointegrated with real oil prices. Stationary and cointegration tests for pooled series obviously have shown the high power of pooled tests for unit root and cointegration. It is shown that real oil prices may have been the dominant source of real exchange rate movements. Finally, the results shown that, there is a long-run linkage between real oil prices and real exchange rates.
Translating graphs by mean curvature flow
Leili Shahriyari
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this work is studying translating graphs by mean curvature flow in $\Real^3$. We prove non-existence of complete translating graphs over bounded domains in $\Real^2$. Furthermore, we show that there are only three types of complete translating graphs in $\Real^3$; entire graphs, graphs between two vertical planes, and graphs in one side of a plane. In the last two types, graphs are asymptotic to planes next to their boundaries. We also prove stability of translating graphs and then we obtain a pointwise curvature bound for translating graphs in $\Real^3$.
Patient dose from radiographic rejects/repeats in radiology centers of Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Iran  [PDF]
Nasrollah Jabbari, Ahad Zeinali, Leili Rahmatnezhad
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.42015
Abstract: Medical diagnostic X-rays are the largest manmade source of ionizing radiation received by the members of the general public. The aim of this study was to evaluate the radiographic reject/repeat rate and also to determine dose to the patients from radiographic rejects/repeats in radiology centers of Urmia University of Medical Sciences. During a 4 month period the most frequently examinations were chosen in three radiology centers. A form was designed as a reject/repeat analysis form for radiographers to complete each time a film was rejected by radiologists or repeated. The collected data were compiled at the end of each week and entered into a computer for analysis at the end of study. The results of this study showed that highest and lowest repetition rates were for pelvis, 14.01% and upper limb, 4.17%, respectively. The main reasons of repetition of radiographs were due to exposure (54%) and positioning (18%) errors. The average repeat rate in all three hospitals was 7.20%. It was found that human error has important role to repetition of radiographs. It is demonstrated that those patients having repeated radiographs received an average of 3.23 Gy·cm2. Based on the findings of this study it must be remembered that the highest repetition rate was for pelvis. Considering the radiosensitive organs related to pelvis especially in pediatric patients some special considerations must be applied for pelvis examinations.
Diagnosis of Aortic Coarctation Using Renal Dopplersonography, a Case Report  [PDF]
Ahmad Rezaee, Leili Ebrahimi, Sedigheh Saedi
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2015.45038
Renal Doppler sonography has proved efficacious in detection of several important underlying causes of secondary hypertension. Its application in diagnosis of congenital arterial abnormalities has also recently received attention. Herein, we presented a patient who was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta (COA) using renal Doppler sonography during work-up for secondary hypertension.
Testicular Lipomatosis without Evidence of Cowden’s Disease  [PDF]
Ahmad Rezayi Azandariani, Leili Ebrahimi, Sedigheh Saedi
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2015.412074
Abstract: Background: Testicular lipomatosis is a very rare and benign disorder of the testicles. It usually presents as multiple bilateral ill-defined hyper-echoic intra-testicular lesions of different sizes but generally with maximum 4 mm. Testicular lipomatosis is usually reported in association with Cowden’s syndrome. Aim: We aimed to show that there are cases of testicular lipomatosis occurring in the absence of Cowden’s syndrome. Case Presentation: We present a 28-year-old man with testicular pain, who was finally diagnosed as having isolated testicular lipomatosis without other clinical and biochemical abnormalities using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique. Conclusion: We showed that the testicular lipomatosis may occur and be detected without any evidence of Cowden’s disease.


心理学报 , 1998,
Abstract: Two hundred and seventy - two early adolescents aged 11to15 and their parents were studied, compare according to their having LD or not, through questionnaires. This study explored the perception of evaluation of parents'actual evaluation and their relation. The results showed that: (1) The self - perception of LDs is significandy more negative than that of NLDs (nondisabled students), they perceived there academic skills, general self and. non - academic facets more poorly. (2) There were no sex differences in the self - perception of LD (3) There were no significant development trends except that the self - perception of relation between parent- child showed quadratic trend. Meanwhile 13 - year old LDs perceived themselves more poorly. (4) The parents, actual evaluation were not supportive to their growth and development. (5) The self-perception and parents' actual evaluation correlated positively; and the self - perception of LDs displayed an inaccurate bias.
Comparison of ISI Web of knowledge, SCOPUS, and Google Scholar H-Indices of Iranian Nuclear Medicine Scientists
Leili Zarifmahmoudi,Ramin Sadeghi
Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: In the current study, we compared the h-indices of Web of Science (WOS), SCOPUS, and GS of the Iranian nuclear medicine scientists Methods: Full time members of two major nuclear medicine research centers of Iran with more than 5 year of experience (Nuclear Medicine Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, and Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences) were included for h-index evaluation. H-indices of SCOPUS, WOS and GS were retrieved using their specific websites. Correlations of h-indices with each other were evaluated using spearman correlation coefficient. Results: Overall 11 researchers were included in the study. SCOPUS, WOS, and GS provided somehow different h-indices for each researcher. Spearman's correlation coefficients between different h-indices were high: 0.834, 0.817, 0.857 between SCOPUS and WOS, SCOPUS and GS, and GS and WOS respectively. Rankings of researchers according to different database however, were acceptably identical.Conclusion: H-indices provided by SCOPUS, Web of Science WOS, and Google Scholar (GS) for Iranian nuclear medicine researchers can be used interchangeably. However these h-indices can be different according to which database is used. Setting up “ReasercherID” in WOS and “User profile” in GS, as well as giving regular feedback to SCOPUS managers can increase the accuracy of h-indices calculation.
The analysis of bilateral trade: The case of D8
Zahra Nikbakht,Leili Nikbakht
Business Intelligence Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The main pillar of economic globalization is trade liberalization that resulted to competitive national economies and then going to merging in global market. The communities that adapt their national economies to new competitive conditions and have an important role in this game have earned a lot of benefits from globalization phenomenon and economic competitiveness. One of the most important and fundamental concern of developing countries is the effect and consequence of economic globalization. In this paper, to investigate the bilateral trade among D8 Islamic countries group, the generalized gravity model is used. The results on gross domestic products (GDP) of host and guest countries and geographical distances are consistent to gravity theory. Furthermore, the variable of differences in economic structures and also, the variable of economic openness have a positive relationship to bilateral transactions flows.
Optical absorption spectrum in disordered semiconductor multilayers
Alireza Saffarzadeh,Leili Gharaee
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3428476
Abstract: The effects of chemical disorder on the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor alloy multilayers are studied based on the tight-binding theory and single-site coherent potential approximation. Due to the quantum confinement of the system, the electronic spectrum breaks into a set of subbands and the electronic density of states and hence the optical absorption spectrum become layer-dependent. We find that, the values of absorption depend on the alloy concentration, the strength of disorder, and the layer number. The absorption spectrum in all layers is broadened because of the influence of disorder and in the case of strong disorder regime, two optical absorption bands appear. In the process of absorption, most of the photon energy is absorbed by the interior layers of the system. The results may be useful for the development of optoelectronic nanodevices.

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