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Thermoelectric Properties of Misfit Layered Bismuth-Based Rhodium Oxides, (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Rh2Oy  [PDF]
Takuya Watanabe, Hiroshi Irie
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2018.67011
Abstract: Rhodium oxides, including a misfitlayered structure with alternate stacking of a rock salttype layer and a hexagonal RhO2 layer, are expected to have good thermoelectric properties. Among them, the thermoelectric properties (electrical conductivity (σ), Seebeck coefficient (S), Figure of merit (ZT) and calculated thermal conductivity (κ) by S, σ, ZT, and absolute temperature (T)) of bismuth-based rhodium oxides ((Bi1-x,Pbx) 2Sr2Rh2Oy, x = 0 and 0.02, hereafter BSR and BPSR, respectively) were investigated. In comparison with Bi2Sr2Co2Oy (BSC) at 700°C, S and κ enhanced (increased S, 110 (BSR) and 105 μV K-1 (BPSR) from 85 μV K-1 (BSC) and decreased κ, 0.32 (BSR) and 0.50 W m-1 K-1 (BPSR) from 1.75 W m-1 K-1 (BSC)), whereas σ decreased (15 (BSR) and 31 S cm-1 (BPSR) from 70 S cm-1 (BSC)). BPSR reached the highest ZT value of 0.067 at 700°C, compared to those of 0.056 (BSR) and 0.027 (BSC).
Treatment strategies for nodal and gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma: Current status and future development
Takuya Watanabe
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: In recent years, therapies for follicular lymphoma (FL) have steadily improved. A series of phase III trials comparing the effect of rituximab with chemotherapy vs chemotherapy alone in treating FL have indicated significant improvements in progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival. Recent studies have found that prolonged response durations and PFS were obtained with maintenance therapy using rituximab or interferon after completion of first line therapy. For patients with relapsed or refractory FL, phase II studies have assessed the effectiveness of combination therapies using a Toll-like receptor-9 agonist (1018ISS), oblimersen sodium (a Bcl-2 antisense oligonucleotide), bendamustine, and rituximab, as well as veltuzumab, a new humanized anti-CD20 antibody, and epratuzumab. In addition, the effectiveness of yttrium-90 ibritumomab tiuxetan and iodine-131 tositumomab as radioimmunotherapies has been reported. Furthermore, three phase III studies on an idiotype vaccine are near completion. Unfortunately, these vaccines, which appeared highly effective in phase I and II trials, do not appear to result in prolonged PFS. This report will summarize the current knowledge on therapies for treatment of FL, and will conclude with a brief discussion of feasible future options for effective treatments. Lastly, we added descriptions of the management of gastrointestinal FL, which is considered to be controversial because it is rare.
Molecular predissociation resonances at an energy-level crossing
Setsuro Fujiié,André Martinez,Takuya Watanabe
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We study the resonances of a two-by-two semiclassical system of one dimensional Schr\"odinger operators, near an energy where the two potentials intersect transversally, one of them being bonding, and the other one anti-bonding. Under an ellipticity condition on the interaction, we obtain optimal estimates on the location and on the widths of these resonances.
Salusins: Potential Use as a Biomarker for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Diseases
Kengo Sato,Rena Watanabe,Fumiko Itoh,Masayoshi Shichiri,Takuya Watanabe
International Journal of Hypertension , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/965140
Abstract: Human salusin-α and salusin-β are related peptides produced from prosalusin. Bolus injection of salusin-β into rats induces more profound hypotension and bradycardia than salusin-α. Central administration of salusin-β increases blood pressure via release of norepinephrine and arginine-vasopressin. Circulating levels of salusin-α and salusin-β are lower in patients with essential hypertension. Salusin-β exerts more potent mitogenic effects on human vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) and fibroblasts than salusin-α. Salusin-β accelerates inflammatory responses in human endothelial cells and monocyte-endothelial adhesion. Human macrophage foam cell formation is stimulated by salusin-β but suppressed by salusin-α. Chronic salusin-β infusion into apolipoprotein E-deficient mice enhances atherosclerotic lesions; salusin-α infusion reduces lesions. Salusin-β is expressed in proliferative neointimal lesions of porcine coronary arteries after stenting. Salusin-α and salusin-β immunoreactivity have been detected in human coronary atherosclerotic plaques, with dominance of salusin-β in macrophage foam cells, VSMCs, and fibroblasts. Circulating salusin-β levels increase and salusin-α levels decrease in patients with coronary artery disease. These findings suggest that salusin-β and salusin-α may contribute to proatherogenesis and antiatherogenesis, respectively. Increased salusin-β and/or decreased salusin-α levels in circulating blood and vascular tissue are closely linked with atherosclerosis. Salusin-α and salusin-β could be candidate biomarkers and therapeutic targets for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. 1. Introduction Biomarkers mostly consist of circulating proteins, peptides, or enzymes whose levels provide independent diagnostic and/or prognostic value by reflecting an underlying disease state. Studies to unravel novel biomarkers have attracted attention, especially in the field of cardiovascular medicine which warrants earlier diagnosis, risk stratification, and monitoring of therapeutic efficacy [1]. A number of candidate biomarkers have been extensively evaluated, but only a limited number have demonstrated significant diagnostic and/or therapeutic impact. High-sensitivity C-reactive protein, for example, is associated in part with risk of future cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among patients at high risk or with documented coronary artery disease (CAD) [2]. Deeper insights into the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis have successfully unraveled additional novel biomarkers for CAD [3, 4]. Proatherogenic vasoactive agents, such as
Automatic Generation System of Multiple-Choice Cloze Questions and its Evaluation
Takuya Goto,Tomoko Kojiri,Toyohide Watanabe,Tomoharu Iwata
Knowledge Management & E-Learning : an International Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Since English expressions vary according to the genres, it is important for students to study questions that are generated from sentences of the target genre. Although various questions are prepared, it is still not enough to satisfy various genres which students want to learn. On the other hand, when producing English questions, sufficient grammatical knowledge and vocabulary are needed, so it is difficult for non-expert to prepare English questions by themselves. In this paper, we propose an automatic generation system of multiple-choice cloze questions from English texts. Empirical knowledge is necessary to produce appropriate questions, so machine learning is introduced to acquire knowledge from existing questions. To generate the questions from texts automatically, the system (1) extracts appropriate sentences for questions from texts based on Preference Learning, (2) estimates a blank part based on Conditional Random Field, and (3) generates distracters based on statistical patterns of existing questions. Experimental results show our method is workable for selecting appropriate sentences and blank part. Moreover, our method is appropriate to generate the available distracters, especially for the sentence that does not contain the proper noun.
Successful treatment of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma in a patient with gastric and rectal lesions with metachronous and ectopic development
Takuya Watanabe,Takeyasu Suda,Haruka Hirono,Katsuhiko Hasegawa
Rare Tumors , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/rt.2011.e24
Abstract: A 75-year-old female, who had an abnormal stomach x-ray finding, was admitted to the hospital for further examination and therapy. Upper GI endoscopy showed reddish and swollen folds on the greater curvature of the gastric body and a biopsy was of this lesion revealed malignant lymphoma (small cell type or mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma suspected). The patient was infected with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), however, in response to the patient’s wishes, a total gastrectomy, omentectomy and splenectomy were performed and the histological diagnosis was gastric MALT lymphoma. Two courses of CHOP therapy (cyclophosphamide (CPM) 750 mg/m2/day, day 1, adriamycin (ADM) 50 mg/m2/day, day 1, vincristine sulfate (VCR) 1.4 mg/m2/day, day 1, prednisolone 100 mg/body, day 1-5) were administered as adjuvant chemotherapy. A colonoscopic examination performed about 4.5 yr after the operation revealed rectal submucosal tumors and the biopsied specimens were diagnosed as malignant lymphoma. A transanal focal resection was performed and the histological diagnosis was metachronous and ectopic development of MALT lymphoma. The histological finding was similar to the gastric lesion. About 4 and 7 yr after the first development of rectal MALT lymphoma, MALT lymphomas developed repeatedly in the rectal lesion, however, these were resected repeatedly and no developmenthas occurred during the past two years. This report presents a very rare case of metachronous and ectopic MALT lymphoma de
Orbital Cystic Schwannoma Originating from the Frontal Nerve
Yasuhiko Hayashi,Takuya Watanabe,Daisuke Kita,Yutaka Hayashi
Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/604574
Universal extra dimensions after Higgs discovery
Takuya Kakuda,Kenji Nishiwaki,Kin-ya Oda,Ryoutaro Watanabe
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.88.035007
Abstract: We show bounds on five- and six-dimensional universal extra dimension (UED) models from the latest results of the Higgs searches at the LHC and from the electroweak precision data for the S and T parameters. We consider the minimal UED model in five dimensions and the ones in six dimensions. The highest possible ultraviolet cutoff scale for each UED model is evaluated from the electroweak vacuum stability by solving the renormalization group equation of the Higgs self-coupling. This scale turns out to be lower than the conventional one obtained from the perturbativity of the gauge coupling. The resultant 95% C.L. lower bounds on the first Kaluza-Klein scale from the LHC results and from the S, T analysis are 600 and 700 GeV in the minimal UED model, while those in the six-dimensional UED models are 800-1300 GeV and 900-1500 GeV, respectively.
The Efficacy and Safety of Yokukansankachimpihange for Treating Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease: An Open-Label Pilot Study  [PDF]
Ryutaro Arita, Tetsuhiro Yoshino, Miwako Ohgishi, Takuya Hamaguchi, Yuko Horiba, Kaori Sawai, Kei Funaki, Hajime Tabuchi, Mizuki Oka, Takahito Yoshizaki, Kenji Watanabe, Masaru Mimura
Advances in Alzheimer's Disease (AAD) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aad.2018.74010
Abstract: Previous clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of yokukansan, a traditional Japanese medicine, for the treatment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). However, less evidence is available for the treatment of BPSD with yokukansankachimpihange (YKSCH), which consists of yokukansan and two additional herbal ingredients. The present study was conducted to investigate the efficacy and safety of YKSCH for treating BPSD in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We enrolled outpatients with mild-to-moderate AD who exhibited BPSD and obtained a Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI) score of >3 including subscale scores for “agitation”, “anxiety”, “irritability”, and “sleep and night-time behavior change”. A daily YKSCH dose of 7.5 g was administered for 12 weeks with concomitant administration of anti-dementia medication. BPSD was evaluated using the NPI at baseline and every 4 weeks during the intervention. We also examined apathy using the Japanese translation of the Apathy Scale, the short version of the Japanese version of the Zarit Caregiver Burden Interview, and the Modified Crichton Rating Scale for Predicting Activities of Daily Living. Cognitive dysfunction was evaluated using the Mini Mental State Examination and the AD Assessment Scale-Cognitive (Japanese version). Five participants were enrolled. The NPI total score tended to decrease between the baseline and 8-week evaluations during the YKSCH intervention (Wilcoxon signed rank test, P = 0.063). In terms of the NPI subscale scores, “apathy”, “agitation”, “delusion
Phase-Field Modeling for the Three-Dimensional Space-Filling Structure of Metal Foam Materials  [PDF]
Takuya Uehara
Open Journal of Modelling and Simulation (OJMSi) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojmsi.2015.33013
Abstract: Phase-field modeling for three-dimensional foam structures is presented. The foam structure, which is generally applicable for porous material design, is geometrically approximated with a space-filling structure, and hence, the analysis of the space-filling structure was performed using the phase field model. An additional term was introduced to the conventional multi-phase field model to satisfy the volume constraint condition. Then, the equations were numerically solved using the finite difference method, and simulations were carried out for several nuclei settings. First, the nuclei were set on complete lattice points for a bcc or fcc arrangement, with a truncated hexagonal structure, which is known as a Kelvin cell, or a rhombic dodecahedron being obtained, respectively. Then, an irregularity was introduced in the initial nuclei arrangement. The results revealed that the truncated hexagonal structure was stable against a slight irregularity, whereas the rhombic polyhedral was destroyed by the instability. Finally, the nuclei were placed randomly, and the relaxation process of a certain cell was traced with the result that every cell leads to a convex polyhedron shape.
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