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Simuliidae diversity (Diptera: Nematocera) of three water courses in Klabin’s ecological park – Telêmaco Borba, State of Paraná Diversidade de Simuliidae (Diptera: Nematocera) de três cursos d’ água no parque ecológico da Klabin S.A. – Telêmaco Borba, Estado do Paraná
Taciana Lopes Coppo,José Lopes
Semina : Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde , 2010,
Abstract: Simuliidae have been considered object of concern due to their hemophagia, anthropophilic habits and high proliferation, causing discomfort to the population, damages to agricultural activities and rural tourism, besides being pathogens vectors. With the purpose of understanding the community structure and specific diversity of these insects, a survey of the species was conducted in three streams in an ecological park in Telêmaco Borba – Paraná, Brazil. Immature specimens were collected in mineral and vegetable substrates on the riverbanks. Chemical and physical analyses of the water were carried out. The Simuliidae collection included 14,397 individuals, being 14,150 larvae and 247 pupae. The following species were identified: Simullium subnigrum, S. subpallidum, S. rubrithorax, S. incrustatum, S. pertinax, S. inaequale, S. anamariae, S. rubiginosum, S. travassosi, S. riograndense and S. dinelli. This is the first registry of S. rubiginosum and S. dinelli in the State of Paraná. The lesser-impacted areas presented greater diversity. However, the impacted areas presented an abundance of borrachudos, represented by a single species, S. rubrithorax. It was concluded that preservation areas with lotic waters and riparian forest are considered a refuge area for Simuliidae species. Impact of anthropical activities upon the environment interferes in the dynamics of species, favoring one or more of them, which proliferate and predominate. Os simulídeos têm sido objeto de preocupa o devido ao seu hábito hematófago, forte antropofilia e alta prolifera o, causando desconforto à popula o, prejuízos em atividades agropecuárias e de turismo rural, além de serem vetores de patógenos. Objetivando conhecer a estrutura de comunidade e diversidade específica desses insetos, foi realizado o levantamento de espécies em três riachos de um parque ecológico em Telêmaco Borba – Paraná. Coletaram-se imaturos em substratos minerais e vegetais no leito dos rios. Efetuaram-se análises físicas e químicas da água. Foram coletados 14397 indivíduos, sendo 14150 larvas e 247 pupas de simulídeos. Identificaram-se as espécies Simullium subnigrum, S. subpallidum, S. rubrithorax, S. incrustatum, S. pertinax, S. inaequale, S. anamariae, S. rubiginosum, S. travassosi, S. riograndense e S. dinelli. Este é o primeiro registro de S. rubiginosum e S. dinelli para o Estado do Paraná. As áreas de menor impacto apresentaram maior diversidade, entretanto áreas impactadas apresentaram maior abundancia de borrachudos, representados por apenas uma espécie, S. rubrithorax. Conclui-se que áreas de pre
Estudo numérico da intera??o entre convec??o rasa e radia??o com ênfase no ciclo diurno do balan?o de energia à superfície na Amaz?nia
Souza, Enio Pereira de;Lopes, Zilurdes Fonseca;Araujo, Taciana Lima;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862009000200005
Abstract: the effect of shallow convection on the diurnal cycle of the surface energy budget is investigated. focus is on the role of the cloud shading on the establishment of the surface convective forcing. a scheme for calculating the shallow cumulus cover was implemented in the brams atmospheric model. two sets of experiments were performed: in the first experiment, the model had no interaction between shallow convection and radiation, and in the second type of experiment shallow convection interacts with radiation. results show that the consideration of the interaction between shallow cumulus and radiation leads to more realistic simulations. this is more pronounced around the local noon and early afternoon, when the shallow cumulus activity reaches a maximum. the surface fluxes and the cumulus cover were very sensitive to the variations in the radiative forcing. even though, from a qualitative viewpoint, there is an improvement on the quality of the simulated fluxes, it became evident a model flaw in representing these fluxes during the first hours of the diurnal cycle.
FAME Storage Time in an Optimized Natural Antioxidant Mixture
Rodolfo Lopes Coppo,Dionísio Borsato,Jaqueline Laís Pereira,Hágata Cremasco da Silva
Journal of Renewable Energy , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/497530
FAME Storage Time in an Optimized Natural Antioxidant Mixture
Rodolfo Lopes Coppo,Dionísio Borsato,Jaqueline Laís Pereira,Hágata Cremasco da Silva
Journal of Renewable Energy , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/497530
Abstract: The study of B100 biodiesel oxidation stability, and its conservation, is extremely important to control its quality, especially regarding storage. Many spices have shown antioxidant effect and are the targets of study. Knowing the oxidation process in greater detail allows a reliable storage period to be stipulated for the biodiesel without its degradation until the time of use. Results have shown that according to the accelerated stove method, the optimal mixture, composed of 100% of oregano extract, can confer a 535-day shelf life to biodiesel without evident oxidation. According to the results obtained by the Rancimat method, the ideal mixture consists of 100% rosemary, resulting in 483 days of storage. The application of the process variable showed that the accelerated stove method was more suitable to determine oxidative stability of biodiesel. 1. Introduction For many decades, fossil fuels have supplied the energy demand but it is known that these fuels release carbon dioxide gas, the main cause of the greenhouse effect, and sulphur oxides, associated to the acid rain phenomenon. These negative contributions to the environment have triggered the search for sources of clean and renewable energy and the use of biofuels has presented a viable alternative to solve these problems [1]. The use of biomass, represented mainly by vegetable oils, is a good strategy both in economic terms and environmental preservation [2]. In this context, biodiesel can be highlighted. It is defined as mono-alkyl ester from fatty acids produced by the reaction of vegetable oils or animal fat with alcohol, usually methanol, in the presence of a catalyst, normally a strong base such as sodium or potassium hydroxide, or even an acid, and this reaction is known as transesterification [3, 4]. The high compatibility of biodiesel with petroleum diesel characterizes it as an good alternative capable of supplying most of the existing diesel fleet without great adaptations. It is also biodegradable and renewable, has a lubricant capacity in the pure form, and is competitive with diesel in terms of fuel properties [1]. However, unlike fossil fuels that are relatively inert and maintain their essential characteristics with little alteration during storage, biodiesel degrades with time and can be altered due to the action of air, light, temperature, and moisture. Contact with contaminants, both inorganic and microbial nature, can also tend to introduce variations in product quality, and oxidation resulting from its exposure to atmospheric air is one of the main degradation problems to
Physiologic mode of Sister Callista Roy adaptation model: reflexive analysis according to Meleis
Taciana Cavalcante de Oliveira,Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes,Thelma Leite de Araujo
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2006,
Abstract: Although of the science proclaimed evolution and, consequently, of the nursing, still today we realize certain difficulty by nurses in work with theories, so much in the assistance scope, how much in the of the teaching or research. With sights to improvement of this difficulty, we highlight the application importance of theoretical landmarks for a better knowledge construction in nursing, in intention of deepening the rendered assistance. We aimed to analyze the consistency and clearness of the physiologic mode presented in the adaptation theory of Sister Callista Roy in the master dissertation. For the critical analysis of the theory, we opt by the theory analysis model of Meleis (1997). We opt for working with the theory criticism, considering the clearness and consistency criteria. The adaptation model utilization, It propose for Sister Callista Roy, presented validity and aplicability in the study at issue, once it enabled the determination of important aspects for the nursing assistance the women with angina pectoris, considering them like a biopsychosocial, adaptive and holistic being. The theories analysis model of Meleis, it contributed of significant form for the proposed goal, enabling a vision enlarged of the theory of Sister Callista Roy, elucidating her importance of the same for the nursing development, in the teaching, research and assistance scopes.
El destete precoz produce estrés en los terneros cruza cebú? (Does the early weaning produce stress in half-bred Zebu calves?)
Coppo, J.A
REDVET , 2007,
Abstract: En los sistemas de cría extensiva de vacunos para carne del nordeste argentino, el destete tradicionalmente se realiza a los 6-8 meses, cuando el ternero ha alcanzado pesos de alrededor de 150 kg. Esta prolongada lactación deteriora la condición corporal de los vientres, retrasando su retorno a la ciclicidad estral e interfiriendo el objetivo productivo de destetar un ternero por vaca y por a o. Tales inconvenientes son subsanados con el destete precoz, efectuado a los 2-3 meses con terneros de no menos de 70 kg quienes -a la fecha del destete convencional- habitualmente no consiguen equiparar sus pesos con los de aquéllos que lactaron al pie de madre (diferencia: -20 kg). Esta menor velocidad de crecimiento se atribuye al estrés del destete precoz, aunque no existen trabajos científicos que convaliden esta hipótesis con evidencias irrefutables, especialmente en terneros cruza cebú. Con el objetivo de investigar dicha hipótesis a través de cambios del medio interno, en cuatro a os sucesivos se realizaron ensayos de destete precoz que en total involucraron 120 animales (30 por a o), 60 en lactación al pie de madre (78.9 6.9 kg) sobre pastura natural (controles, lote C) y 60 (experimentales, lote E) sometidos a destete precoz (77.8 7.0 kg), estos últimos suplementados con alimento balanceado (16% proteínas, EM = 2.77 Mcal/kg MS) a razón del 1.5% PV (inicial) y 0.7% PV (final). Cada ensayo se prolongó 120 días, iniciándose al momento del destete precoz (noviembre-diciembre) y culminando a la fecha del destete tradicional (marzo-abril). Los controles secuenciales se realizaron a los 0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 y 120 días, consistiendo en pesajes y determinaciones de laboratorio concebidas para detectar estrés y/o alteraciones nutricionales/metabólicas, bajo un dise o experimental completamente aleatorizado para medidas repetidas en el tiempo. Se generaron más de 40.000 datos, que fueron procesados informáticamente mediante estadísticas uni y multivariadas. Al concluir los ensayos, los pesos fueron menores (p>0.05) en E (139.4 11.6 kg) que en C (158.7 11.7 kg), circunstancia que se imputa al estado de subnutrición detectado en E a través de los decrementos significativos de indicadores nutricionales (urea, albúminas, proteínas totales, triglicéridos, colesterol, eritrograma, P, Mg, Fe y Cu). Los indicadores de estrés (cortisol, aldosterona, fructosamina, linfocitos, eosinófilos, gamma globulinas, Na, K, Cl, Ca, AST y ALP) no evidenciaron la aparición del síndrome corticoadrenal, aunque sí ocurrieron cambios atribuibles a las alarmas simpáticas meduloadrenales p
Consecuencias del tipo de actividad laboral sobre algunos indicadores bioquímicos de riesgo aterogénico.: Estudio en población geriátrica del nordeste argentino
Mussart,Norma Beatriz; Coppo,José Antonio; Coppo,Diego Javier;
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2006,
Abstract: job type is able to cause changes that could affect health. the aim of this study was to investigate the job activity influence on some atherogenic risk biochemical indicators in elderly people, who are exposed to higher risk due to ageing. both sexes people from corrientes, chaco and misiones provinces (60 to 92 years old, n = 320), were studied through a blocks design. analysis of variance was performed by two-way linear model. general means obtained for plasmatic glucose (5.17 ± 0.71 mmol/l), fructosamine (332 ± 50 μmol/l), total cholesterol (5.64 ± 1.19 mmol/l), triglycerides (1.48 ± 0.32 mmol/l) and beta lipoprotein (54.6 ± 8.2%) were higher than those obtained in the general population. on the other hand, alpha lipoprotein (34.5 ± 5.1%) and pre-beta lipoprotein (10.9 ± 2.3%) remained within that reference interval. atherogenic risk indicators were significantly lower in retired elderly people. studied parameters were significantly influenced by occupation developed along life. unfavorable lipid levels were found in sedentary occupations, and high carbohydrate values were registered in high risk activities. studied parameters remained more balanced in occupations that required high physical effort and low emotional tension. results obtained in elderly people confirm that atherogenic risk indicators are affected by the job type.
Valoración del riesgo anestésico-quirúrgico en peque os animales (Anesthetic and surgical risk evaluation in small animals)
Coppo J.A., Mussart de Coppo N.B.
REDVET , 2005,
Abstract: as pruebas de laboratorio, junto al examen clínico, ECG y Rx, brindan información sobre la probabilidad del paciente para afrontar favorablemente una intervención quirúrgica. No existe uniformidad de criterio sobre la forma en que debe integrarse tal panel de pruebas. El objetivo de este estudio retrospectivo fue verificar la eficacia de un algoritmo pre-quirúrgico dise ado para peque os animales. Se revisaron los protocolos de los servicios de Análisis Clínicos y Electrocardiografía de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias de la UNNE, cuya casuística (1977-2005) reúne más de 15.000 casos atendidos, el 48% de los cuales (7.188) fueron peque os animales (96,7% caninos y 3,3% felinos). Entre ellos, 1.347 perros y 84 gatos acudieron con solicitud de perfil pre-quirúrgico. El algoritmo propuesto consistió en confrontar anamnesis versus examen físico, para clasificar cada animal como clínicamente normal o anormal. En ambos casos se evaluó la función plaquetaria (sangría) y las vías extrínseca (protrombina) e intrínseca (tromboplastina) de la coagulación. En animales normales jóvenes no se realizaron otros exámenes complementarios, en tanto que en adultos se determinaron glucemia, uremia y ECG, agregándose hemograma en ejemplares de edad avanzada, a veces incluyendo Rx de tórax. En animales anormales se efectuó una investigación más minuciosa de la presunta patología de base, ya fuera renal (urea, creatinina, urianálisis, Na+, K+, HCO3-), hepática (ALP, ALT, AST, LDH, GGT, electroforesis proteica), nutricional (albúmina, hemoglobina, Fe2+, Ca2+, H2PO4-, Mg2+), diabética (glucosa, fructosamina, HbA1c, cetonas) y otras (cardíaca, respiratoria, tiroidea, adrenal, inmune). A lo largo de los 28 a os comprendidos en el estudio, 103 pacientes pre-quirúrgicos (7,2%) evidenciaron afecciones hepáticas y nefrourinarias, anemia, desnutrición y coagulopatía (enfermedad de von Willebrand). En el 95,3% de estos casos la intervención quirúrgica discurrió sin mayores complicaciones, por haberse adoptado precauciones especiales y/o postergado la cirugía hasta que el paciente lograra la compensación necesaria para afrontarla con menor riesgo de morbimortalidad.
Polipectomia endometrial histeroscópica: tratamento ambulatorial versus convencional
Bergamo, Angela Mendes;Depes, Daniella de Batista;Pereira, Ana Maria Gomes;Santana, Taciana Cristina Duarte de;Lippi, Umberto Gazi;Lopes, Reginaldo Guedes Coelho;
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082012000300012
Abstract: objective: to compare results of hysteroscopic polypectomy of the endometrium performed in an outpatient clinic, under no anesthesia, to conventional hysteroscopic polypectomy under anesthesia in the operating theatre, assessing success rate, procedure time and complications; and to measure pain referred by patients in both groups. methods: an observational cross-sectional study of 60 patients with hysteroscopic diagnosis of endometrial polyps, divided into two groups: the outpatient group, comprising patients submitted to outpatient′s hysteroscopic polypectomy by continuous flow vaginoscopy using endoscopic forceps under no anesthesia, and the conventional group with patients submitted to hysteroscopic polypectomy in the operating theater, using a monopolar resectoscope under anesthesia. results: the groups were similar as to age, parity, mode of delivery and menopausal status. both groups presented 100% efficacy in exeresis of polyps. the mean time of procedure was 7 minutes in the outpatient group and 35.16 minutes in the conventional group. in the outpatient group, menopausal patients (p=0.04) and those with polyps >1cm (p=0.01) had longer procedures. using the verbal analog scale of pain, the mean score of pain referred by patients during the procedure was 2.93 in the outpatient group and, after anesthetic effect, 1.42 in the conventional group. there were no complications in the outpatient group. there was one case of uterine perforation and one case of false passage in the conventional group. conclusion: hysteroscopic polypectomy performed in an outpatient setting under no anesthesia is a well-tolerated procedure. as compared to conventional treatment, it displays the same efficacy, but the procedure time is shorter and the complication rate is lower.
Influência da macera??o carb?nica e da irradia??o ultravioleta nos níveis de trans-resveratrol em vinhos de uva cabernet sauvignon
Bertagnolli, Silvana Maria Michelin;Rossato, Simone Bertazzo;Silva, Vagner Lopes;Cervo, Taciana;Sautter, Cláudia Kachler;Hecktheuer, Luisa Helena;Penna, Neidi Garcia;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-93322007000100009
Abstract: the moderate consumption of wine reduces the risks of heart diseases significantly. this effect is attributed to the polyphenols found in the wine, in special to resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihidroxistilbene) that it is a phytoalexin found in the various parts of the vine, including in the skin of the grape, as well as in other species of plants. grapes of cultivar cabernet sauvignon had been submitted to the irradiation with ultra-violet light and carbonic maceration and after fermented. it was proceeded all collection from samples during the experiment, which later had been analyzed how much to the concentration of trans-resveratrol using the liquid chromatography of high efficiency. the of the content of trans-resveratrol was ascendent during the vinification phases. differences had occurred in the end of the fermentation where the samples of wines with carbonic maceration had presentes low decline, possibly for the co2 atmosphere in which they were stored, in this way, inhibiting the formation of resveratrol. at the end of the main fermentation, the concentration of trans-resveratrol was 15 mg.l-1 in all treatments, arriving of 1.5 mg.l-1, in average, at the end of storage period.
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