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Shell Form Variation of a Freshwater Mussel Velesunio ambiguus Philippi from the Ross River, Australia
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2007,
Abstract: Based on mussels collected from the Ross River, Australia, within 13 months, I studied the variation of their shell forms since the Ross River has changed from a flowing-water to a relatively still-water. At least four different shell forms were found including shells with characters of flowing-water species. Young mussels had distinctive “wings” at dorso-posterior part of the shells and in most cases, as the shells grew bigger, the wing development was less obvious. No significant differences were observed in obesity and relative height among mussels living in three different microhabitats (i.e. solid mud and plant litter, soft silt, soft silt and sand). The shells from Mt. Margaret Dam (a temporary dam) were thinner and their growth lines were easier to discriminate than those from the Ross River. Comparing with those living in temperate regions of Australia, the obesity and the relative height of mussels from the Ross River were smaller. Only few abnormal shells were found which usually appeared only as external deformations, such as: a light deflection on ventral margin and scars on the surface of shells. Seven age classes were found ranging between 6 and 12 years and it was estimated that the lifespan of the mussel in the Ross River was about 15 years.
Morphological Characters and Histology of Pheretima darnleiensis
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Pheretima darnleiensis is a native earthworm of Southeast Asia, India, and Japan. Although it is commonly found in Indonesia, the earthworm has never been studied well. This study was aimed to examine the morphological characters and structure of its several organs for an identification purpose, which is important for the earthworm culture. Earthworms were collected in a plot of 55-150 x 55-150 cm width and 20 cm depth at Bogor Agricultural University in Darmaga and Baranangsiang Campuses by hand sorting method. Examinations were carried out on its external as well as internal characters. The histology of the organs was studied using paraffin method. The observed characters on P. darnleiensis were the presence of prostate gland, one pair of male pores on segment XVIII, a cylindrical body with perichaetine setae, caeca on segment XXVII, copulatory pouches without diverticula and stalked glands, bithecal spermatheca with nephridia, and the first spermathecal pore on segment 4/5. In addition, other characters found on P. darnleiensis were the presence of an annular clitellum on segment XIV-XVI, an epilobus prostomium with open base, approximately 40 single pointed setae on segment XIII, one midventral female pore on segment XIV, one pair of lateroventral male pores on segment XVIII, four pairs of lateroventral spermathecal pores on segment 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, and the first middorsal dorsal pore on segment 12/13. The histology of P. darnleiensis showed basic structure as found in other earthworms.
Extra Dimensions Corrections for Fermionic Casimir Effect in Three Dimensional Box  [PDF]
Heru Sukamto, Agus Purwanto
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.45085

We want to show extra-dimensions corrections for Fermionic Casimir Effect. Firstly, we determined quantization fermion field in Three dimensional Box. Then we calculated the Casimir energy for massless fermionic field confined inside a three-dimensional rectangular box with one compact extra-dimension. We use the MIT bag model boundary condition for the confinement and M4 × S1 as the background spacetime. We use the direct mode summation method along with the Abel-Plana formula to compute the Casimir energy. We show analytically the extra-dimension corrections to the Fermionic Casimir effect to forward a new method of exploring the existence of the extra dimensions of the universe.

A Study on Parallel Computation Tools on Networked PCs
Heru Suhartanto
Makara Seri Teknologi , 2006,
Abstract: Many models for natural phenomena, engineering applications and industries need powerfull computing resources to solve their problems. High Performance Computing resources were introduced by many researchers. This comes in the form of Supercomputers and with operating systems and tools for development such as parallel compiler and its library. However, these resources are expensive for the investation and maintenance, hence people need some alternatives. Many people then introduced parallel distributed computing by using available computing resource such as PCs. Each of these PCs is treated as a processors, hence the cluster of the PC behaves as Multiprocessors Computer. Many tools are developed for such purposes. This paper studies the peformance of the currently popular tools such as Parallel Virtaual Machine (PVM), Message Passing Interface (MPI), Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Java Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). Some experiments were conducted on a cluster of PCs, the results show significant speed up. Each of those tools are identified suitable for a certain implementation and programming purposes.
Mengungkap Segudang Khasiat Tanaman Pepaya
Heru Yuniati
Media of Health Research and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Pepaya merupakan tanaman yang tidak asing lagi di kalangan masyarakat, baik perkota- an ataupun yang tinggal di pedesaan. Pepaya bemilai gizi tinggi dan mempunyai manfaat mulai dari akar, daun, bunga, buah, getah dan biji. Seluruh organnya ini dapat dipergunakan baik untuk manusia maupun hewan. Di Indonesia pemanfaatan pepaya belum optimal dibandingkan di luar negeri. Sebab di luar negeri semua unsur pepaya dapat dimanfaatkan selain untuk makanan juga untuk pengobatan.
Heru Sudrajad
Media of Health Research and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Beberapa simplisia perlu mengalami proses seperti perajangan dan blanching. Perajangan dilakukan untuk mempermudah proses pengeringan, pengepakan dan penggilingan. Semakin tipis bahan yang dikeringkan, semakin cepat penguapan air yang dikandung, sehingga mempercepat waktu pengeringan. Namun irisan yang terlalu tipis menyebabkan zat yang mudah menguap seperti minyak atsiri akan berkurang kadarnya, sehingga mempengaruhi komposisi, bau dan rasa terutama pada simplisia seperti temu lawak, temu giring, jahe, kencur dan bahan sejenis lainnya. Perebusan (blanching) adalah suatu proses pemanasan yang diberikan kepada bahan mentah selama beberapa menit pada suhu air mendidih yang bertujuan untuk memperbaiki kualitas produk yang diolah. Rimpang tanaman ini secara empiris digunakan sebagai insektisida, demam nifas, karminatif. disentri dan limpa bengkak. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat pengaruh ketebalan irisan dan lama perebusan (blanching) terhadap gambaran makroskopis dan kadar minyak atsiri simplisia dringo (Acorus calamus L). Sebagai model digunakan Acorus calamus L. Penelitian disusun dalam rancangan acak lengkap menggunakan 2 faktor perlakuan, yaitu faktor pertama ketebalan irisan (K). yaitu K1 =2 mm, K2 =4 mm. K3 = 6 mm dan lama blanching (B) yaitu BO = tanpa blanching, B 1 = 5 menit dan B2 = 10 menit. Pengamatan dilakukan terhadap kualitas (warna, bentuk permukaan dan tekstur) simplisia dan kadar minyak atsiri rimpang dringo. Simplisia dengan ketebalan irisan 2 mm tanpa perlakuan blanching menghasilkan minyak atsiri lebih tinggi (4,5%) dengan kualitas simplisia yang lebih baik (warna putih kekuningan, permukaan rata dan tekstur liat, mudah dipatahkan) sedangkan yang hasil terendah diperoleh pada perlakuan ketebalan irisan 2 mm dengan perlakuan lama blanching 10 menit yaitu warna simplisia coklat, keadaan fisik irisan bergelombang, permukaan keras, sukar dipatahkan dengan kadar minyak atsiri (2%). Hasil percobaan menunjukkan bahwa tebal irisan 2 s.d. 6 mm dan lama blanching berpengaruh terbaik terhadap minyak atsiri dan kualitas simplisia dringo
The State and Society in Conflict Resolution in Indonesia (Conflict Area of West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan)
Heru Cahyono
Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities , 2009,
Abstract: Several bloody communal conflicts shook some areas in Indonesia from the late 1990s to early 2000s, including widespread violent conflicts in West and Central Kalimantan. Two groups, the Dayaks and the Malays, both asserting their status as indigenous ethnic groups, fought another ethnic group, migrants from Madura (the Madurese).
Heru Yuniati
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Abstract: In the Dairy Industry Manager is not all milk from the farmers can be accepted by the Cooperative Dairy Gatherers (KPS), fresh milk must meet several requirements both chemical and physical. Rejection of milk by Dairy Management Industry due to the quality of the milk that does not qualify, among other things fat and lactose are fermented microorganisms polluters. Nevertheless the rejected milk is high nutritional value with 3.4 g % protein levels, which can still be used for growing children. This study aims to utilize fresh milk which rejected by Cooperative Dairy Gatherers into low-lactose milk that can be used for special diets in children / infants with poor nutritional status or intolerant to lactose. Materials (samples) used was fresh milk which rejected by IPS and taken from the Cooperative Dairy Gatherers (KPS) Cipanas and Pengalengan. The analysis includes determining the composition of the sample protein content, fat content, ash content, water content, levels of lactose, glucose, microbiological testing. Analyses were performed at the Laboratory Center for Applied Technology Health and Clinical Epidemiology (Nutrition Research Bogor), Ministry of Health Research and Development Agency. From the analysis, milk fermented using Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria can reduce levels of lactose, from 1.48% to 1.06%. Microbiological test results of low lactose milk is 1.55 x104 colony / g, whereas according to National Standard No. 01-6366 - 2000 total colony count of milk powder 5x104 / g. Conclusion of a study that fresh milk which was rejected by the Dairy Processing Industry can still be utilized as a low lactose content of milk, because the source of protein and fat is still high. The results of this study meets the National Standards of Indonesia and is safe for consumption. Key words: milk that is rejected, fermented, laktobacillus bulgaricus , high in protein and low levels of lactose milk Abstrak Dalam Industri Pengelola Susu (IPS) tidak semua susu dari peternak dapat diterima oleh Koperasi Pengumpul Susu (KPS), susu segar harus memenuhi beberapa persyratan baik kimia maupun fisik. Penolakan susu oleh Industri Pengelola Susu disebabkan oleh kualitas susu yang tidak memenuhi syarat, antara lain lemak dan laktosa yang sudah terfermentasi mikroorganisme pencemar. Walaupun demikian susu yang ditolak ini bernilai gizi tinggi dengan kadar protein 3,4 g%, yang masih bisa dimanfaatkan untuk pertumbuhan anak. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memanfaatkan susu segar yang ditolak KPS menjadi susu rendah laktosa yang dapat digunakan untuk diet khusus pada
Heru Setiawan
Jurnal Hutan Tropis , DOI: -
Abstract: Landslide in Tawangmangu Sub-district in 2007 resulted in dozens of houses were damaged and dozens loss of lives. Government with other stakeholders undertakes mitigation measures to landslides to prevent similar incidents in the future. To obtain maximum results, landslide mitigation efforts should be done by involving the local community. This study aims to determine the forms of landslide mitigation and the level of acceptance by the local community. The study was conducted using a survey method approach,with random sampling techniques. Total respondents 93 spread proportionally in five hamlets comprise Plalar,Guyon, Sodong, Salere and Ngledoksari. Data were collected by interview and questionnaire method.The results showed that government with other stakeholders conductedseveral landslide mitigation programs thatcan be grouped into two, namely structural mitigation and non-structural mitigation. In general, the level of local people acceptance to landslide mitigation programs categorized in the medium categorywith percentage 38%,followed by low category with 33% respondents and high category with 29% respondents.Factors affecting the level of public acceptance of landslide mitigation program are age, gender and experience to landslide.
Imaging Rock Density Distribution beneath Liwa Fracture Zone in the Southern Part of the Great Sumatran Fault System, Indonesia  [PDF]
Djedi S. Widarto, Tedi Yudistira, Jun-Ichi Nishida, Ikuo Katsura, Eddy Z. Gaffar, Susumu Nishimura
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2016.74046
Abstract: We have imaged rock density distribution beneath Liwa fracture zone in the southern part of the the Sumatran Fault Zone by modelling and inverting Bouguer gravity data in two-and three-dimensional environments, respectively.The purpose of this study is aimed to figure out the subsurface distribution of rock densities associated with subsurface basement structure representing the evidence of trans-tensional tectonic product in the SF.In the gravity modeling, to eliminate distortions to the measured gravity values before modelling and inverting the data, Bouguer anomalies obtained in field measurements are reduced to the horizontal plane of z = +800 m as a representation of the average elevation in Liwa. For the inversion, we used algorithm implementing depth-and minimum volume weighting parameters in order to obtain a smooth model with better vertical resolution. The two-dimensional models show clearly surface topography of the basement rocks and the presence of normal faults. The reduced Bouguer anomaly of +800 m elevation shows the presence of structural lineaments extending primarily in a northwest-southeast direction, parallel to Sumatran Fault Zone and older graben faults showing a negative flower structure. From the three-dimensional inversion, the model illustrates an increase of density contrast, lower values being found near the surface and higher values in the deeper parts. The lower density contrast of 0.15 to 0.3 g/cm3found in the rock groups at depths of 2 km and less is characteristic of relatively homogeneous and poorly compacted rocks. Rocks with moderate to high density contrast (>1.0 g/cm3) are recognized at depths of over 2 km. This model suggests a change of basement morphology as a function of depth, and delineates structural lineaments extending in northwest-southeast direction. This study supports the previous thought that Liwa area is underlain by graben structures, formed
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