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Effects of Ultrasound on the Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Electrodes

WANG Ya-Qiong,TONG Hong-Yang,XU Wen-Lin,WANG Peng,

无机材料学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The morphology and microstructure of the electrodes under ultrasound were observed and analyzed by means of ESEM and XRD. The effects of ultrasonic irradiation time on the electrochemical active surface of the Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 electrodes in 1.0mol/L H2SO4 solutions were studied by cyclic voltammetry. The experimental results show that the ultrasound has the influence on the morphology and microstructure of the electrodes surfaces. Under ultrasound for 20min, the cyclic voltammetric peak current density is about two times as high as that of the anode without ultrasonic irradiation. The voltammetric charge of the electrodes increases firstly as the time under ultrasound increases, after ultrasonic irradiation 20min, and the voltammetric charge decreases with increasing ultrasonic irradiation time. The voltammetric charge is the highest under the condition of ultrasonic irradiation for 20min, which means that the electrochemical active surface of the electrodes is the largest at the ultrasonic irradiation time.
Characteristics and Electrochemical Behaviors of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Anode Prepared by Thermal Decomposition

WANG Ya-Qiong,TONG Hong-Yang,XU Wen-Lin,

无机材料学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The characteristics and electrochemical behavior of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode prepared by thermal decomposition in sulphuric acid solution were studied. The ESEM results showed that the SnSb intermediate oxide layer of the electrode was compact and ordered, so it could effectively prevent the diffusion of new-born oxygen toward Ti substrate and delay the forming of insulated TiO2 layer. The cyclic voltammetry results indicated that the compositions of electrode surface were changed in the course of oxygen evolution. At the same time, the anode lifetime of 30h was also assessed by the accelerated lifetime test in the 1.0 mol/L H2S04 solution.
Electrochemical Characteristics of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Anode for the Oxidation of Cr3+ in Sulfuric Acid Solution

WANG Ya-qiong,CHEN Chang-ping,TONG Hong-yang,XU Wen-lin,

过程工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The electrochemical characteristics of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode prepared by the polymeric precursor method and thermal decomposition was studied with the electro-oxidation of Cr3+ in H2SO4 solution. The polarization curves of electrochemical oxidation of Cr3+ were determined and the resistance to corrosion was tested using Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 and PbO2 as anode respectively. The operation factors, such as current density, concentration of chromium, temperature and sulfuric acid concentration, which had effects on process current efficiency,were also studied. The experimental results showed that the Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode prepared by the polymeric precursor method and thermal decomposition had good resistance to corrosion. The current density of electrochemical oxidation of Cr3+ with Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode was 3~6 times higher than that with PbO2 anode at the same potential. The current efficiency of electrochemical oxidation of Cr3+ with Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 was much higher than that with PbO2 anode at the same reaction conditions. The Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode demonstrated good electrocatalysis performance.
Electrocatalytic Activity of Ti/TiO2 Electrodes in H2SO4 Solution
WANG Ya-qiong,
WANG Ya-qiong王雅琼
,TONG Hong-yang童宏扬,XU Wen-lin许文林

过程工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Ti/TiO2 electrodes were prepared with the polymeric precursor method (PPM). The structure and morphology of Ti/TiO2 electrodes were examined with XRD and ESEM. The voltammetric charge (q*) of Ti/TiO2 electrodes as cathode in 0.5 mol/L H2SO4 solution was investigated with cyclic voltammetry. It was found that the electrocatalytic activity of the Ti/TiO2 electrodes was affected by the structure and morphology of the Ti/TiO2 electrodes, in other words, was affected by the calcination conditions of preparing the electrodes. The value of q*ln was considerably larger than that of q*out,which means that the 'inner' active surface area was much larger than the 'outer' active surface area, and 'inner' active surface played a main role in the electrocatalytic activity of the Ti/TiO2 electrodes.
Variations in Leaf Traits of 52 Plants in Horqin Sand Land

ZHAO Hong-yang,LI Yu-lin,WANG Xin-yuan,MAO Wei,ZHAO Xue-yong,ZHANG Tong-hui,

中国沙漠 , 2010,
Abstract: 研究严重沙化生境中植物叶片性状的变异特征,不仅有助于了解植物对区域环境变化的适应特征,而且还可以为群落分类、群落结构特征的揭示等提供重要的依据。本研究以科尔沁沙地52种植物为对象,比较不同功能群植物叶片性状的变异特征,分析植物各叶片性状之间的关系。结果表明,科尔沁沙地52种植物比叶面积在6.9~34.4 m2·kg-1之间变动,与其他区域的研究结果相比,该区域植物比叶面积偏小,说明该区域植物能较好地适应贫瘠环境。52种植物中,大多数植物的氮磷比小于14,说明科尔沁沙地植物主要受氮制约。研究结果还表明,不同功能群植物的叶性状存在显著差异。固氮植物叶片氮含量最高,杂类草的叶干物质含量(平均值为0.22±0.06 g·g-1)显著小于其他功能群植物,但是植物叶片磷含量和比叶面积在不同功能群之间差异不显著。相对于多年生植物,一年生草本植物的比叶面积显著偏大,但是叶干物质含量显著偏小。科尔沁沙地52种植物叶干物质含量分别与比叶面积和叶片氮含量呈显著负相关,叶片磷含量和氮含量之间呈显著正相关。
Migration and Precipitation Behavior of Fe Components in Copper Smelting Slag

CAO Hong-yang,FU Nian-xin,ZHANG Li,XIA Feng-shen,SUI Zhi-tong,FENG Nai-xiang,

过程工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The migration and precipitation of Fe components in the copper slag from a copper smelter were studied by a high temperature oxidation method.The effects of oxygen flow rate,time and temperature on the migration and precipitation were systematically examined.Phase composition and morphology of the modified slag were examined with XRD and SEM,and the grain size and volume fraction of magnetite phase measured.The results showed that the migration,enrichment,precipitation and growth of Fe components in the sla...
Poly[[tetraaquadi-μ3-oxalato-μ2-oxalato-diprasedymium(III)] dihydrate]
Jian-Hong Chen,Hua-Cai Fang,Hong-Yang Jia,Shan-Shan Li
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809053598
Abstract: In the title compound, {[Pr2(C2O4)3(H2O)4]·2H2O}n, the three-dimensional network structure has the PrIII ion coordinated by nine O atoms in a distorted tricapped trigonal-prismatic geometry. The coordinated and uncoordinated water molecules interact with the carboxylate O atoms to consolidate the network via O—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Impact of neutron star crust on gravitational waves from the axial w-modes

Wen De-Hu,Fu Hong-Yang,Chen Wei,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: The imprints of the neutron star crust on the gravitational waves emitted from the axial w-modes are investigated by adopting two typical equations of state (EOSs) of the crust matter and two representative EOSs of the core matter. It is shown that there is a significant effect of the crust EOSs on the gravitational waves from the axial w-mode oscillation for a stiff core EOS.
Simple and High Precision Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm

LU Ji-yuan,CHAO Hong-yang,

计算机科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Because of intense requirement of image quality for digital television,high precision motion estimation algorithms were recommended instead of simple motion estimation algorithms.To benefit from both the speed of simple search and the accuracy of high precision search,a new method making use of inter macroblock characteristic was proposed. According to experiments,a reduction of 70%execution time is attained while still maintaining the same accuracy of high precision search.
Adaptive bit allocation for hierarchical B pictures rate control algorithm in H.264/SVC

FU Yun,ZHANG Ping,YU Hong-yang,
付 鋆
,张 萍,于鸿洋

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: For reducing the variation between the actual bit rate, and target bit rate and improving the coding quality at the last coding frames, this paper proposed a new rate control algorithm to compensate the original rate control algorithm for SVC. Based on the correlation between frames and consideration of constant coding quality, it allocated bits evenly between GOPsgroup of pictures. Besides, inside a GOP, it proposed an adaptive bit allocation on frame level based on coding complexity. Furthermore, taking appropriate adjustments on initial QP, then it calculated QPs for both P frames and B frames based on target bit respectively. Experiments on different video sequences show that the proposed algorithm is accurate and effective.
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