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Study on the Movement of Population and Economic Gravity Center in Chongqing Form 1999 to 2010
CAO Xiao-yi,LIN Tian-ying,ZHANG Yan-fang,DONG Zhi-bao
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2012,
Abstract: : Changing of region gravity center over time reflects dynamic evolution of spatial variation. This paper selects population, GDP, primary industry GDP, secondary industry GDP and tertiary industry GDP, s data of every country in Chongqing to calculate each gravity center by the model of region gravity center, and the dynamic evolution is to be analyzed. And the results show that:1) the distribution of population and economic is not balance in Chongqing, and spatial variation is from northwest to southwest; 2) secondary industry and primary industry migrate vigorous and GDP and population remain steady; 3)balance performances that:population>primary industry>GDP>tertiary industry>secondary industry, and distribution of them is gradually to be balanced; 4) primary industry and tertiary industry are the main factors to influence the migration of the population.
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Growth Quality Traits in a Chicken Population on Chromosome 8, 9, 10, 11, 13
Sun Gui-Rong,Zhang Yan-Fang,Li GuoXi,Han RuiLi,Tian Ya-Dong,Sun YiMei,Kang XiangTao
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.1939.1945
Abstract: The objective of the current study was to identify QTL associated with growth trait. An F2 resource population of Gushi chicken crossing with Anka broiler was used in the current study. Thirty two growth traits at different weeks in this study were measured in the F2 population which included body weight (measured every 2 weeks from hatch) and body size index measured every 4 weeks containing shank length, shank circle, chest depth chest width, chest angle, pelvis width, breast bone length and body slanting length. A total of 860 F2 individuals produced from 7 F1 families their parents and the grandparents F0 birds were genotyped by 19 microsatellite markers on Chromosome 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13. Interval mapping was conducted to identify putative QTL. For the 32 growth traits, the QTL significant at the genome wide level that affected bodyweight at all ages were identified on Chromosomes 8. The QTL related to BW at early ages were identified on Chromosome 10 and 11 and only one QTL affected body weight were located on Chromosome 13. The QTL for body size index were first in detail reported on all the five chromosomes.
Energy dissipation of the mixed traffic system with automatic cruise

Zhu Liu-Hu,Zheng Rong-Sen,Tian Huan-Huan,Wei Yan-Fang,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Based on the cellular automaton traffic flow model of automatic cruise controlling, the influences of speed maximum, mixing ratio, expectation factor of speed, and mass of vehicle on energy dissipations of the mixed traffic system are studied. Through computer simulation, the energy dissipations of mixed traffic system under the different parameters are obtained and analysed by the mean field theory. The theoretical analyses are consistent with the results of numerical simulation.
Water and fertilizer use efficiency of potato under different irrigation patterns in North Yin Mountain Region

QIN Yong-Lin,JING Tao,KANG Wen-Qin,TIAN Yan-Fang,FAN Ming-Shou,
,井 涛,康文钦,田艳芳,樊明寿

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: The North Yin Mountain Region (NYMR), the main potato production region in Inner Mongolia, is highly limited in water resources. Water-saving cultivation techniques have therefore been increasingly used in this region in recent years. To evaluate the effects of different irrigation methods on water and nutrient use efficiency and the eco-environmental benefits of potato cultivation, field experiments were conducted in 2009-2010 in the Wuchuan Region of NYMR, Inner Mongolia. The field experiment was consisted of four different irrigation patterns - flood irrigation (FI), ground sprinkler (GS), drip irrigation (DI) and under-mulch-drip irrigation (UMDI). The irrigation patterns were compared in terms of potato tuber yield, water and nutrient use efficiency, net economic income and soil inorganic nitrogen residue. The results showed that UMDI increased potato yield over conventional farm practice FI, GS and DI by 35.7%, 26.0% and 12.9%, water use efficiency by 200.2%, 91.8% and 23.7% and net economic income by 37.7%, 30.1% and 10.7%, respectively. Nitrogen fertilizer partial factor productivity under UMDI was respectively 50.6 kg·kg-1, 39.8 kg·kg-1 and 22.0 kg·kg-1 higher than those under FI, GS and DI. Also phosphorus fertilizer partial factor productivity under UMDI was respectively 126.6 kg·kg-1, 99.4 kg·kg-1 and 55.0 kg·kg-1 higher than those under FI, GS and DI. Then potassium fertilizer partial factor productivity under UMDI was respectively 42.3 kg·kg-1, 33.2 kg·kg-1 and 18.4 kg·kg-1 higher than those under FI, GS and DI. Soil inorganic nitrogen residue in the 60~120 cm soil layer after potato harvest was 102.95 kg·hm-2 under FI, which was 0.36, 1.11 and 1.28 times higher than those under GS, DI and UMDI, respectively. The above results suggested that DI and UMDI not only saved water resources, but also enhanced potato yield, nutrient use efficiency and net economic income in the research area. This was critical for reducing the risk of environmental pollution due to nitrogen leaching. It was therefore important to intensify DI and UMDI irrigation patterns in potato fields in the NYMR for higher yields, resources use efficiencies and low environmental pollution risks.
Uncertainty Analysis of Decomposition Level Choice in Wavelet Threshold De-Noising
Yan-Fang Sang,Dong Wang,Ji-Chun Wu
Entropy , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/e12122386
Abstract: In this paper, the complexities of various noises, which are quantified by wavelet energy entropy (WEE) and differential coefficient of WEE (D(WEE)), were first analyzed and their uncertainties then estimated and described using confidence intervals. Then, quantitative criterion for judging the WEE and D(WEE) difference between noisy series and noise was put forward, based on which the decomposition level (DL) choice method in wavelet threshold de-noising proposed in 2010 by Sang et al. was improved. Finally, analytical results from examples verified the performance of the improved method, and also demonstrated its much wider applicability; moreover, the DL chosen using it is more reliable because of the fact that uncertainty is taken into consideration.
Entropy-Based Method of Choosing the Decomposition Level in Wavelet Threshold De-noising
Yan-Fang Sang,Dong Wang,Ji-Chun Wu
Entropy , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/e12061499
Abstract: In this paper, the energy distributions of various noises following normal, log-normal and Pearson-III distributions are first described quantitatively using the wavelet energy entropy (WEE), and the results are compared and discussed. Then, on the basis of these analytic results, a method for use in choosing the decomposition level (DL) in wavelet threshold de-noising (WTD) is put forward. Finally, the performance of the proposed method is verified by analysis of both synthetic and observed series. Analytic results indicate that the proposed method is easy to operate and suitable for various signals. Moreover, contrary to traditional white noise testing which depends on “autocorrelations”, the proposed method uses energy distributions to distinguish real signals and noise in noisy series, therefore the chosen DL is reliable, and the WTD results of time series can be improved.
3,4,7,8-Tetramethyl-1,10-phenanthrolin-1-ium nitrate monohydrate
Ke-Jie Zhang,Yan-Fang Zhang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812023318
Abstract: In the crystal of the title compound, C16H17N2+·NO3 ·H2O, the tetramethyl-1,10-phenanthrolinium cations, nitrate anions and lattice water molecules are all located on a mirror plane with the methyl H atoms of the cation equally disordered over two sites about the mirror plane. The cation, anion and water molecule are linked by O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen bonds into a sheet parallel to the bc plane. π–π stacking between phenanthroline ring systems is observed in the crystal structure, the centroid–centroid distance being 3.4745 (6) .
Ischemic post-conditioning to counteract intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury
Yan-Fang Guan, Timothy A Pritts, Marshall H Montrose
World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology , 2010,
Abstract: Intestinal ischemia is a severe disorder with a variety of causes. Reperfusion is a common occurrence during treatment of acute intestinal ischemia but the injury resulting from ischemia/reperfusion (IR) may lead to even more serious complications from intestinal atrophy to multiple organ failure and death. The susceptibility of the intestine to IR-induced injury (IRI) appears from various experimental studies and clinical settings such as cardiac and major vascular surgery and organ transplantation. Whereas oxygen free radicals, activation of leukocytes, failure of microvascular perfusion, cellular acidosis and disturbance of intracellular homeostasis have been implicated as important factors in the pathogenesis of intestinal IRI, the mechanisms underlying this disorder are not well known. To date, increasing attention is being paid in animal studies to potential pre- and post-ischemia treatments that protect against intestinal IRI such as drug interference with IR-induced apoptosis and inflammation processes and ischemic pre-conditioning. However, better insight is needed into the molecular and cellular events associated with reperfusion-induced damage to develop effective clinical protection protocols to combat this disorder. In this respect, the use of ischemic post-conditioning in combination with experimentally prolonged acidosis blocking deleterious reperfusion actions may turn out to have particular clinical relevance.
Observation of double percolation transitions in Ag-SnO$_2$ nanogranular films
Yan-Fang Wei,Zhi-Qing Li
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4800568
Abstract: Two percolation transitions are observed in Ag$_x$(SnO$_2)_{1-x}$ nanogranular films with Ag volume fraction $x$ ranging from $\sim$0.2 to $\sim$0.9. In the vicinity of each percolation threshold $x_{ci}$ ($i$$=$1, 2), the variation in $\sigma$ with $x$ obeys a power law for $x$$>$$x_{ci}$. The origin of the first percolation transition at $x_{c1}$ ($x_{c1}$$>$$x_{c2}$) is similar to that of the classical one, while the second transition is explained as originating from the tunneling to the second-nearest neighboring Ag particles. These observations provide strong experimental support for the validity of current theories concerning tunneling effect in conductor-insulator nanogranular composites.
Positive radial solutions for coupled Schr?dinger system with critical exponent in $\R^N\,(N\geq5)$
Yan-fang Peng,Hong-yu Ye
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study the following coupled Schr\"odinger system \ds -\Delta u+u=u^{2^*-1}+\be u^{\frac{2^*}{2}-1}v^{\frac{2^*}{2}}+\la_1u^{\al-1}, &x\in \R^N, \ds -\Delta v+v=v^{2^*-1}+\be u^{\frac{2^*}{2}}v^{\frac{2^*}{2}-1}+\la_2v^{r-1}, &x\in \R^N, u,v > 0, &x\in \R^N, where $N\geq 5, \la_1,\la_2>0,\be\neq 0, 2<\al,r<2^*,2^*\triangleq \frac{2N}{N-2}.$ Note that the nonlinearity and the coupling terms are both critical. Using the Mountain Pass Theorem, Ekeland's variational principle and Nehari mainfold, we show that this critical system has a positive radial solution for positive $\be$ and some negative $\be$ respectively.
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