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Researh Progress on Auxin Binding Proteins

Tian Xing-shan,Pan Rui-chi,

植物学报 , 1996,
The function of plant-associated bacterial genome research on bac-teria-plant interactions

ZHANG Ling-Hua,FENG Li,TIAN Xing-Shan,

遗传 , 2007,
Abstract: Genomic and post-genomic research is responsible for the accumulation of enormous data, which allows the formation of whole views of the organisms under investigation. Genome research on pathogenic and associative bacteria is providing important information on bacteria-plant interactions, especially on type-III secretion systems (TTSS) and their role in the interaction of bacteria with plants. In the present paper, we summarized plant-associated bacterial genome research on bacteria-plant interactions in details. Trends in future research have also been analyzed.
Chemical Control of Ipomoea cairica with Three Herbicides and Effect of 2,4-D Butylate on the Environment

ZHANG Tai-jie,LUO Jian-ning,LI Wei-hu,LIANG Meng-y,TIAN Xing-shan,PENG Chang-lian,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Ipomoea cairica is a notorious weed which has serious harm to the environment in South China. The effects of three chemical herbicides, such as 2,4-D butylate, dicamba and fluroxypyr, on control of I. cairica in the field were studied. The results showed that 2,4-D butylate (1.00 mL L-1) could eradicate this weed. The death rate of I. cairica stems and leaves was close to 100% after spraying 2,4-D butylate (1.00 mL L-1) in 20 days. The total biomass also decreased significantly in 60 days (P<0.05), and the growth did not recovery after 90 days. The final control effect of 2,4-D butylate (1.00 mL L-1) on Ipomoea cairica was 99.8%. After spraying dicamba (1.00 mL L-1) and fluroxypyr (1.00 mL L-1) in 40 days, the death rate of I. cairica stems and leaves were 99.0% and 100%, respectively, and the regeneration rate of I. cairica was 10% and 100% after 90 days. A few roots were survival sprayed dicamba (1.00 mL L-1) after 40 days. The herbicide residue analysis showed that 2,4-D butylate could degrade quickly with half-life for 14 days, and it could not be detected in the soil after 80 days. Furthermore, 2,4-D butylate (1.00 mL L-1) was relatively safe to other plants, which could regenerate after spraying 2,4-D butylate in 1 year. Therefore, it suggested that the Ipomoea cairica growth could be good control treated with 1.00 mL L-1 2,4-D butylate.
Allelopathy of 12 Species Including Eupatorium catarium on Bidens alba Seedlings

CHEN Zhi-yun,LIANG Shui-feng,LI Dong-wen,FENG Zhuo-sen,LI Wei-hu,PENG Chang-lian,TIAN Xing-shan,ZHOU Xian-ye,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 用具有化感作用或潜在抑草活性的12种植物的叶片水浸液对白花鬼针草(Bidens alba)幼苗进行处理,对其幼苗的生长 进行研究,以期筛选出对白花鬼针草生长有较强抑制作用的植物种类。结果表明,12种供体植物叶片水浸液(0.05 g DW mL-1) 均能显著抑制白花鬼针草幼苗的生长(P<0.05),综合化感效应(SE)均为负值(≤-0.2),抑制强度依次为假臭草(Eupatorium catarium)>胜红蓟(Ageratum conyzoides)>海芋(Alocasia macrorrhiza)>水茄(Solanum torvum)>马缨丹(Lantana camara)>薇甘菊(Mikania micrantha)>构树(Broussonetia papyrifera)>南美蟛蜞菊(Wedelia trilobata)>三裂叶薯(Ipomoea triloba)>葛藤(Pueraria lobata)>鸡矢藤(Paederia scandens)>五爪金龙(Ipomoea cairica),其中假臭草叶水浸液浓度仅为0.04 g DW mL-1时就可以使白花鬼针草死亡。假臭草和胜红蓟的茎水浸液也可以显著抑制白花鬼针草的生长(P<0.05),抑制效果略低于叶水浸液。回归分析表明,假臭草叶水浸液浓度与白花鬼针草的生物量等指标之间有线性回归关系(R2>0.85, P<0.001),随着水浸液浓度的增加,白花鬼针草的生物量等指标下降。防除白花鬼针草时使用假臭草和胜红蓟的茎、叶水浸液, 其有效浓度低且资源丰富,可作为白花鬼针草天然除草剂的主要资源植物。
Do Chinese Readers Follow the National Standard Rules for Word Segmentation during Reading?
Ping-Ping Liu, Wei-Jun Li, Nan Lin, Xing-Shan Li
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055440
Abstract: We conducted a preliminary study to examine whether Chinese readers’ spontaneous word segmentation processing is consistent with the national standard rules of word segmentation based on the Contemporary Chinese language word segmentation specification for information processing (CCLWSSIP). Participants were asked to segment Chinese sentences into individual words according to their prior knowledge of words. The results showed that Chinese readers did not follow the segmentation rules of the CCLWSSIP, and their word segmentation processing was influenced by the syntactic categories of consecutive words. In many cases, the participants did not consider the auxiliary words, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, verbs, numerals and quantifiers as single word units. Generally, Chinese readers tended to combine function words with content words to form single word units, indicating they were inclined to chunk single words into large information units during word segmentation. Additionally, the “overextension of monosyllable words” hypothesis was tested and it might need to be corrected to some degree, implying that word length have an implicit influence on Chinese readers’ segmentation processing. Implications of these results for models of word recognition and eye movement control are discussed.

LI Xing-shan,SUN Xiao,YUAN Chun-wei,

生物物理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Automatic gene chip image grid localization is an essential task for gene chip image analysis. An automatic gene chip image grid localization method is proposed. Using deformable template matching method, the automatic gene chip image grid localization problem is turned into an optimizing problem, which is settled by Genetic Algorithm. Experiments show that this method is precise, credible and robust.
Advances in Cognitive Mechanisms of Word Segmentation During Chinese Reading

LI Xing-Shan,LIU Ping-Ping,MA Guo-Jie,

心理科学进展 , 2011,
Abstract: A number of cognitive studies have indicated that words play a critical role in reading.Hence,word segmentation is an important procedure in reading.Unlike alphabetic writing systems such as English,there are no spaces between words.Without spaces,how do Chinese readers segment words? In this article,recent progresses in the following topics on Chinese word segmentation are reviewed:1) Evidences that Chinese characters belonging to a word are processed as a unit;2) Some recent psychological studies on Chine...
Survey on Employee Silence and the Impact of Trust on it in China

ZHENG Xiao-Tao,KE Jiang-Lin,SHI Jin-Tao,ZHENG Xing-Shan,

心理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 应用自行编制的员工沉默行为调查问卷,通过对928名被试的调查,对中国背景下员工沉默行为的结构维度进行了探讨.探索性因素分析结果表明,员工沉默由三个因素构成.三因素结构的结果在验证性因素分析中得到了证实.由此得到结论,员工沉默有三维结构:默许沉默、漠视沉默和防御沉默.以员工沉默的三个维度为因变量,以员工对上级和组织的信任为自变量进行回归分析,结果表明,员工对上级信任对员工沉默三个维度都有负面影响,而员工对组织信任对默许沉默和漠视沉默有负向影响,对防御沉默的影响并不显著.

LI Shun,Shan,YANG Ming,Xing,ZHUANG Tian,Ge,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2001,
Abstract: A new method was presented to retrieve medical image, which is based on mutual information method. A database of ultrasonic images was retrieved by the method. The result shows that this method not only has the features of translation invarant, rotation invariant and scale invariant, but also avoids image segmentation which may lead to a complex calculation. The method has the advantage that the speed of retrieval will not get slow with the increase of the number of images. This new method can also be used to retrieve similar non medical image.
Characteristics of Soliton Evolution in the Wave-Breaking-Free Regime in a Passively Mode-Locked Yb-Doped Fiber Laser

WU Ge,TIAN Xiao-Jian,GAO Bo,SHAN Jiang-Dong,RU Yu-Xing,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
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