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Distribution of Fish in the Upper Citarum River: an Adaptive Response to Physico-Chemical Properties
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Distribution of fish in river is controlled by physico-chemical properties of the water which is affected by land-use complexity and intensity of human intervention. A study on fish distribution was carried out in the upper Citarum River to map the effects of physio-chemical properties on habitat use. A survey was conducted to collect fish and to measure the water quality both on dry and rainy season. The result showed that distribution of the fish, in general, represented their adaptive response to physico-chemical properties. The river environment could be grouped into two categories: (i) clean and relatively unpolluted sites, which associated with high DO and water current, and (ii) polluted sites characterized by low DO, high COD, BOD, water temperature, NO3, PO4, H2S, NH3, and surfactant. Fish inhabiting the first sites were Xiphophorus helleri, Punctius binotatus, Xiphophorus maculatus, and Oreochromis mossambicus. Meanwhile, the latter sites were inhabited by Liposarcus pardalis, Trichogaster trichopterus, and Poecilia reticulata. Knowledge about fish distribution in association with the pysico-chemical properties of water is crucial especially for the river management.
Does Choice between an Endogenous and a Fixed Poverty Line Affect the Poverty Outcome of Policy Reforms?  [PDF]
Teguh Dartanto
Modern Economy (ME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/me.2011.24074
Abstract: Most of studies on the poverty impact of policy reforms assumed the poverty line as a fixed line; thus, the poverty outcome of policy reforms may underestimate (overestimate) and mislead in policy guidance. This research aims at theoretically investigating the difference of poverty outcomes between applying a fixed and an endogenous poverty line. Applying the microeconomic theory of consumer behavior and the properties of the poverty function, this study has theoretically proven that, if the fixed poverty line is applied, the poverty impact of policy reforms which significantly increase (decrease) price will always be underestimated (overestimated). Further, if the policy reforms do not change the price level in the economy, choice either an endogenous poverty line or a fixed poverty line does not affect the poverty outcome. However, this is difficult to guarantee that the policy reforms do not influence the price level, so applying an endogenous poverty line will result the best poverty outcome.
Income Shocks and Consumption Smoothing Strategies: An Empirical Investigation of Maize Farmer’s Behavior in Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia  [PDF]
Teguh Dartanto, Nurkholis .
Modern Economy (ME) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/me.2010.13017
Abstract: Farmers in most developing countries usually face vulnerability in consumption due to income shocks caused by crop loss, price falls, disaster, sickness and death and unexpected expenditure. They will respond differently to income shocks depending on their asset ownership, labor endowment, access to loan, family assistance, and family structure. We quantitatively analyze the consumption smoothing strategies of maize farmers’ response to income shocks in Kebumen, Central Java-Indonesia. The Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method confirms that selling cattle plays a central role in protecting consumption especially from income shocks such as price falls and crop loss. Farmers that experienced income shocks related to demographic shocks such as sickness and death and experienced expenditure shocks related to custom such as birth, mar- riage and religious event require large effort by combining strategies to smooth their consumption. In this case, farmers are forced to sell their land even though it is a costly alternative. However, widening access to the loan market helps them maintain their consumption. Unfortunately, the hypothesis that the government policies such as cheap rice, cash transfer and health insurance are effective instrument to smooth consumption is not supported by consistent statistical evidences in all models.
Teguh Budiharso
TEFLIN Journal , 2006,
Abstract: This study was aimed at analyzing the similarities and differences between English and Indonesian essays made by EFL undergraduate students. The problems rise from the transfer of first language (L1) cultural conventions to second language (L2) performance. Three rhetorical aspects: general patterns of thought (linear or non-linear), development of ideas, and coherence were compared and analyzed by using content analysis. The results of the analysis showed that EFL students devoted similar rhetoric features in writing English and Indonesian essays. The rhetoric similarity was shared in the use of linearity and non-linearity of ideas, the development of ideas in the whole essays as well as the coherence quality.
Teguh Prasetyo
Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen , 2013,
Abstract: This study aims to test theagency theory in Indonesian capital market wasproxiedbythe theagency conflicts controlling mechanism which are dividends, debtand institution alownership.The data is pooled data with the observation period from the year 2004-2010. The method of analysis used in this study is multiple regression analysis, and Two-Stages Least Square (2SLS). The results showthe dividend has a positive effect on performance an debt has negative effect. More over, institution alownership has a positive effect on performance. Meanwhile, Simultaneously relationship between the three models are not significant. However, the relationship between dividends and debt significant. It means that dividends can replace debt andvice versato control the agency conflict.
First record of Odontanthias unimaculatus (Tanaka 1917) (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Indonesia
Biodiversitas , 2011,
Abstract: Peristiwady T (2011) First record of Odontanthias unimaculatus (Tanaka 1917) (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Indonesia. Biodiversitas 12: 136-140. Seven specimens of O. unimaculatus were collected from Bitung, North Sulawesi between 7 January and 18 August 2009. They were caught from depths of about 100 m in association with other deep water fishes as Epinephelus, Pristipomoides and Etelis. O. unimaculatus was most similar to O. grahami, in sharing the following characters: dorsal fin soft rays 14, anal fin soft rays 7, scales on lateral line 36-37 and gill rakers on upper limb 13-14. If caudal fin shape and coloration were ignored, O. unimaculatus would seem most closely related to O. tapui and O. chrysostictus. Their body proportions were nearly the same. However the later species had longer body width, third dorsal and second anal spine but had shorter longest dorsal ray length, longest anal rays, caudal-fin length and caudal concavity. Other little different characters of O. unimaculatus with other seven species were the proportion of upper jaws length and proportion of body depth. Initially this species was described as new species from Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Other specimens were reported from Suruga Bay, Japan, Keelung and Kaohsiun, Taiwan and Lubang Island, Philippines and now recorded also in Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Besar Tirto Husodo,Laksmono Widagdo
Makara Seri Kesehatan , 2008,
Abstract: Knowledge and Attitude of Junior and Senior High School Counselors on Health Reproduction Counseling in Semarang. To provide of in dissemination of information on reproduction health (RH) is important for adolescents. This research aimed to assess both knowledge and attitude towards RH among counselors of junior as well as senior high schools in Semarang. Using a cross sectional survey, data was gathered using pre-test before and post test after intervention that measure knowledge and attitude. Thirty respondents were participated in the study. They consisted of 15 counselor teachers from 8 junior high schools and 8 senior high schools in Semarang City. The results showed that there were significant increase in knowledge score on RH before and after intervention in both groups. There was also significant improvement in each group in their supportive attitude toward RH education. The result shows that respondents’ knowledge after the research is good junior high group, (80%) and high school group (100%). Respondents support RH education both from junior high group (93.3%) and high school group (100%). There was a significant knowledge increase (p = 0.001), and significant attitude change (p = 0.003) after RH education for junior high counselor. In senior high group, there was a significant knowledge increase (p = 0.0095) and significant attitude change (p= 0, 0095) after RH education for high school counselors. It is recommended that similar RH education is conducted among both junior and high school counselor.
Laksmono Widagdo,Besar Tirto Husodo
Makara Seri Kesehatan , 2009,
Abstract: The Utilization of KIA Book by the Cadre of Posyandu: A Study of Cadre in Posyandu in the Working Area of Puskesmas Kedungadem, Bojonegoro District. One of the government policies for maternal and child health (KIA) service based on community is Posyandu (Primary Health Care). In the activity of KIA in Posyandu cadres have three roles, such as executive, manager and consumer or user. Cadres have to read and gradually to study KIA book as national guidance after they have finished their activities in Posyandu as the evaluation to what they have done. In the KIA activities in Posyandu the exploration of KIA book in the working area at Puskesmas (Public Health Centre), Kedungadem, Bojonegoro is still low. The research aim is to analyze the influence of Posyandu cadre characteristics and roles concerning with the KIA Book in the working area of Puskesmas. This research has been done by cross sectional approach, with the population of 64 Posyandu cadres as sample in the working area of Puskesmas. The univariate analyzis has been done for the frequency distribution, the bivariate analyzis tested by Chi Square to know the relation. Variables which statistically significant tested by the multiple logistic regression-multivariate. Research results: respondent ages < 35.2 years old (56%), working duration at home < 8 hours per day (58%), family income less than regional minimum income (66%), elementary education (81%) year of service ≥ 8 year (52%), training ≥ 2 times (81%), poor knowledge (56.25%), good role as executor of the KIA book (76.56%), good role as the KIA book manager (56,25%), the exploration of the KIA book (56.25%). Related variables in the exploration of the KIA Book are the working duration at home (p=0.017), role as executor (p=0.016), role as manager (p=0.003). The most influenced variable of the use of KIA book is the role as executor (p=0.032), EXP (B)= 6.630). Age and working duration at home influence the utilization of KIA book by Posyandu Cadres. Family income, education level, length of service, training frequency, and knowledge do not affect the utilization of KIA book. Suggestion to Puskesmas is to increase the Posyandu cadre knowledge through counselling and at the time of meeting in Puskesmas, they have to be present and to joint routinely, active participation and conducting the role according to the duty in Posyandu.
Augmented Reality sebagai Metafora Baru dalam Teknologi Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer
Kurniawan Teguh Martono
Jurnal Sistem Komputer , 2011,
Abstract: This paper contains about how the augmented reality technology used in new metaphors in computer interaction technology. Metaphor is one form of change. With changes in the field of interaction it will improve the user experience when operating the application. Augmented reality is the additional reality that is used to blend or combine objects in the virtual world with real-world environment. By using this technology are expected participation of users in interacting with existing applications, various fields such as military, health, education and other fields of applied science which has been implemented as part of augmented reality technology in its environment. Using augmented reality technology is expected to application users will feel the direct interaction process.
Pemanfaatan Tithonia Diversifolia pada Tanah Sawah yang Dipupuk P Secara Starter terhadap Produksi serta Serapan Hara N, P, dan K Tanaman Padi
Gusnidar,Teguh Budi Prasetyo
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2008,
Abstract: The research of Tithonia diversifolia utilization in the paddy soil that was fertilized P-starter on yield and N, P, K uptake on rice crop, has been conducted from August to December 2005. The objective of this research was to determine an interaction between P-starter levels, and tithonia levels on production and N, P, K element uptake of rice crop. The research was pot experiment in the green house in factorial design 4 x 4. First factor was 4 levels of tithonia with reduce dosage fertilizer applied (T0 = 0 t ha-1 of tithonia + 200 kg ha-1 of urea + 75 kg ha-1 of KCl ; T1= 2,5 t ha-1 of tithonia+ 150 kg ha-1 of urea , without KCl; T2 = 5,0 ton ha-1 of tithonia+ 100 kg ha-1 of urea , without KCl; dan T3 = 7,5 t ha-1 of tithonia + 50 kg ha-1 of urea, without KCl). The second factor was 4 levels of P-starter (0, 2, 4, and 6 kg P ha-1). The result showed that combination of T3 treatment and 2-4 kg P-starter ha-1 increased the grain yield 20,51-21,08 g pot-1 (18,65-19,21 %). Effect of T3 treatment was not significantly differences with T2 treatment on the grain yield. The best interaction was T3 treatment on N and K uptake (0,84 g pot-1 for N, dan 0,82 g pot-1 for K).
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