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Resistor Loaded EBG Surfaces for Slot Antenna Design  [PDF]
Shenyi Cao, Yunqi Fu
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2013.57045

We present a resistor loaded EBG surface (REBG) for antenna design. Specifically, lumped resistors are embedded between periodic metal patches of mushroom like EBG structures. Surface wave propagation along the REBG surface is analyzed as a periodically loaded transmission line model and low transmission bandgap is identified and experimentally verified. The reflection properties of REBG surface to the incident electromagnetic waves are also studied. Slot antenna is placed within the REBG surface. The REBG surface is used to suppress surface waves across the antenna aperture, resulting in radiation performance improvement. Concurrently, the REBG surface can also absorb electromagnetic energy to reduce antenna radar cross section (RCS).

Magnetron Sputtering Coating of Protective Fabric Study on Influence of Thermal Properties  [PDF]
Yunqi Zhai, Xiaoxia Liu, Li Xiao
Journal of Textile Science and Technology (JTST) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jtst.2015.13014
Abstract: Protective fabric has been the focus of research of the textile materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of the robot, its protective fabric has been developed quickly. This paper is making Al, SiO2 as the sputtering target materials, magnetron sputtering as technology, on the back of the fabric sputtering Al layer, double-layer Al/SiO2 film, and three-layer SiO2/Al/SiO2 film through the test of the heat reflectivity of the composite materials. As a result, the highest reflectivity of the SiO2/Al/SiO2, SiO2/Al, and single Al film is 64.97%, 57.38%, and 51.59%, respectively. It is clear that reflectivity increases with the increase of the membrane layer. In three kinds of membrane structures, there are nanometer Al particles in the formation of dense membrane structure, which can improve the reflectivity of the fabric.
PROTS-RF: A Robust Model for Predicting Mutation-Induced Protein Stability Changes
Yunqi Li, Jianwen Fang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0047247
Abstract: The ability to improve protein thermostability via protein engineering is of great scientific interest and also has significant practical value. In this report we present PROTS-RF, a robust model based on the Random Forest algorithm capable of predicting thermostability changes induced by not only single-, but also double- or multiple-point mutations. The model is built using 41 features including evolutionary information, secondary structure, solvent accessibility and a set of fragment-based features. It achieves accuracies of 0.799,0.782, 0.787, and areas under receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves of 0.873, 0.868 and 0.862 for single-, double- and multiple- point mutation datasets, respectively. Contrary to previous suggestions, our results clearly demonstrate that a robust predictive model trained for predicting single point mutation induced thermostability changes can be capable of predicting double and multiple point mutations. It also shows high levels of robustness in the tests using hypothetical reverse mutations. We demonstrate that testing datasets created based on physical principles can be highly useful for testing the robustness of predictive models.
Perturbations around the AdS Born-Infeld black holes
Yunqi Liu,Bin Wang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.85.046011
Abstract: We study the quasinormal mode of the perturbation of the scalar field interacting with the electromagnetic field in the backgrounds of Schwarzschild AdS black hole, the Reissner-Nordstrom AdS black hole and the Born-Infeld AdS black hole. We disclose influence by the electric charge $Q$, the coupling between the scalar and electromagnetic field $q$ and the Born-Infeld parameter $b$ on the quasinormal frequencies of the scalar perturbation. We observe the possible growing mode in the perturbation when the scalar field strongly couples to the electromagnetic field. When the electromagnetic field becomes nonlinear described by the Born-Infeld electrodynamics, the nonlinearity described by the Born-Infeld parameter can hinder the growing mode to appear in the scalar perturbation. The quasinormal mode of the scalar field perturbation can help us further understand the physics in the holographic superconductor.

XU Jiang,LI Shuchun,TANG Xiaojun,TAO Yunqi,JIANG Yongdong,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 应用声发射及其定位技术,在单轴压缩载荷作用下,采用实验方法观察重庆细砂岩试样破裂失稳过程中其内部微裂纹孕育、发展的三维空间演化模式,研究岩石声发射定位实验的影响因素.实验结果表明:(1) 端部摩擦对岩石破裂过程中的声发射特征影响显著,采用1:1(质量比)硬脂酸和凡士林的混合物作为减摩剂进行AE定位实验,在试样初始压密阶段基本没有AE事件,取得较好的效果.(2) 重庆细砂岩的AE定位事件主要分布在中部,呈散漫分布,两端没有明显的条带丛集现象,中部没有得到声发射定位事件的"空白区",通过与相关成果的对比,说明岩石的种类、构造和均匀程度是AE定位实验的主要影响因素之一.(3) 加载方式和加载的控制方式会直接影响岩石试样破坏的进程和程度,从而影响AE事件.(4) 通过重庆细砂岩试样疲劳荷载AE定位实验说明加载历史对AE时间序列及AE事件均有影响.以上实验和分析结果可以为岩石声发射定位实验的方案设计提供参考.

XU Jiang,TAO Yunqi,YIN Guangzhi,LI Shuchun,WANG Weizhong,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 为更深层次地探索煤与瓦斯突出机制,在同类突出装置的基础上自主研发了"大型煤与瓦斯突出模拟试验台",其主要由煤与瓦斯突出模具、快速释放机构、承载框架、电流伺服加载系统、翻转机构、主机支架及附属装置组成.分析后认为该试验台具有如下功能:(1)利用电流伺服加载系统可对突出煤样施加均布荷载和阶梯形荷载,模拟工作面前方造成突出的局部应力集中现象.(2)可实现5种不同倾角煤层在不同地应力、不同瓦斯压力下的煤与瓦斯突出模拟试验.(3)利用泡沫不锈钢隔离煤样与进气孔,实现了对突出煤样的"面充气"功能.(4)通过快速释放机构,可瞬间打开突出口使突出端突然卸压.(5)实现了煤与瓦斯突出试验的全过程回放.试验结果表明:有典型的梨形突出孔洞出现,突出的粉煤有明显分选性,且瓦斯压力越大其突出强度越大.所得试验结果与现场突出特征吻合,说明该试验台具有良好的煤与瓦斯突出试验模拟功能.
Progress in Preparation and Application of Fabric Electrodes  [PDF]
Yunqi Zhai, Xiaoxia Liu, Ya Wang, Xiao Li
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2014.26061
Abstract: Fabric electrode is an emerging electrode element; due to some of its advantages, it can replace traditional conductive gel to become the next generation of electrode. This paper starts from the definition of fabric electrode, introduces the definition and working principle of fabric electrode, materials of producing electrodes preparation methods, and highlights the fabric used in the myoelectric prosthetic electrodes, supercapacitors and ECG tests.
Analysis on the Spinning Process and Properties of Tencel Yarn  [PDF]
Ya Wang, Dudi Gong, Yan Bai, Yunqi Zhai
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2015.31006
Abstract: Tencel fiber, as a new type of green environmental protection fiber, is drawing attention from the society and people’s favorite. In paper, the spinning process and properties of tencel yarn were studied. Also traditional cotton yarn was tested and compared to understand tencel better as they are now both widely used in apparel. Compared with cotton yarn of the same count, the weight CV of tencel quality is lower, while the twist CV is higher; breaking elongation of tencel yarn is larger, while CV of breaking elongation of tencel yarn is slightly higher; unevenness of tencel spinning yarn is lower.
A Numerical Experiment Study for Effects of the Grassland Desertification on Summer Drought in North China
A Numerical Experiment Study for Effects of the GrasslandDesertification on Summer Drought in North China

Zheng Weizhong,Ni Yunqi,
Zheng Weizhong
,Ni Yunqi

大气科学进展 , 1999,
Abstract: In this paper, the summer climate of 1991 in North China is simulated by using the high- resolution regional climate model (RegCM2) and the effects of the grassland desertification on summer drought in the central and the northern parts of North China as well as Mongolia are studied. It shows that the regional climate model essentially catches the characteristics on distribution and seasonal variation of the precipitation that keep good agreement with the observation. The desertification makes precipitation in the central part of North China during its flood period de-crease obviously in July. The border of the precipitation or the soil moisture reduction in the desertification region extends about one latitude southeastward and beyond the southeast edge of the desertification. Thus, vegetation in the border region approaches desertification further. How-ever, there appears evident difference of variation of precipitation over the whole desertification region. The grassland desertification greatly changes the transfers of fluxes between land and at-mosphere. The secondary circulation or secondary circulation cells in the desertification region are excited and as a result moisture transport is changed. The variation of flux transfers between land and atmosphere as well as the vertical motion of atmosphere is closely related to that of precipita-tion.
The Influence of Tibetan Plateau on the Interannual Variability of Asian Monsoon
Wu Aiming,Ni Yunqi,
Wu Aiming
,Ni Yunqi

大气科学进展 , 1997,
Abstract: Forced by the realistic SST, an atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM) with 9 sigma levels in vertical and rhomboidal truncation at wave number 15 in the horizontal is run for 16 years with and without the Tibetan Pla-teau respectively (called TP and NTP experiment). The result simulated is used to investigate the influence of the Tibetan Plateau on the interannual variability of Asian monsoon. It is found that the interannual variability of Asian monsoon associated with El Nino / La Nina in NTP experiment is quite different from that in TP experiment. With the Tibetan Plateau included, the results are consistent with the observation very well. To a great extent, the anoma-lous variation of Asian monsoon during El Nino / La Nina period in observation is due to the existence of the Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, the topography of the Tibetan Plateau is an important factor to the interannual variabili-ty of Asian monsoon.
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