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Trends in surgical site infections in general surgery at a tertiary hospital
B. Ravinder Reddy,Jhansi Vani,Prashant S. Gade,Swapnil V. Kurkure
Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Surgical site infections (SSI) are a preventable cause of hospital acquired infections, which increase morbidity and mortality. This is a retrospective analysis of SSIs in patients undergoing general surgical and gastroenterological operations. The observed incidence was 3.63%. The commonest procedures resulting in SSI were those who underwent laparotomy for bowel resections. The commonest organisms isolated were Enterococcus and Klebsiella species. SSIs can be further reduced by strict adherence to SSI prevention guide-lines.
From the desk of Hon. Secreatary and Managing Trustee
Kurkure Arun
Indian Journal of Cancer , 2005,
From the desk of Hon. Secreatary and Managing Trustee
Kurkure Arun
Indian Journal of Cancer , 2005,
Experimental Afla and Ochratoxin Induced Mixed Mycotoxicosis in Broilers and its Amelioration with Herbomineral Toxin Binder Toxiroak Gold
A.R. Sawarkar,P.M. Sonkusale,N.V. Kurkure,C.R. Jangade
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2011,
Abstract: A study was conducted in 75 dayold Vencobb broiler chicks to evaluate toxic effects of aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A and efficacy of herbomineral toxin binder product (Toxiroak Gold) in preventing co-mycotoxicosis. Chicks were randomly divided into three groups of 25 each. Group I served as healthy control (C) and given standard basal ration and no treatment, Group T0 and T1 comprised healthy birds fed standard basal diet and mycotoxicated with 100 ppb each of aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A from 0-42 days. Group T0 is not given any treatment and served as positive control; however, mycotoxicated group T1 was administered herbomineral toxin binder product Toxiroak [email protected]/tonne of feed for 6 weeks. Mycotoxin adversely affected body weight gain, feed consumption, feed efficiency, haematobiochemical profile. However, supplementation of herbomineral toxin binder feed supplement has provided amelioration in mixed mycotoxicosis in broilers.
Relapsed testicular leukemia: Local insights in to a vanishing disease
Arora B,Kurkure P
Indian Journal of Cancer , 2010,
Synthesis of Thienopyrimidines and their Antipsychotic Activity
Chanchal Sharma,Swapnil Yerande,Rajashree Chavan,A. V. Bhosale
Journal of Chemistry , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/369141
The behavior of magnetic ordering and the KOndo effect in the alloys, Ce2Rh(1-x)Co(x)Si3: Evidence from bulk studies for Fermi-surface change during magnetic ordering - QCP transformation and applicability of SDW pictur
Swapnil Patil,Kartik K Iyer,K. Maiti,E. V. Sampathkumaran
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: The results of magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity (rho), and heat capacity measurements as a function of temperature are reported for the alloys, Ce2Rh(1-x)Co(x)Si3, crystallizing in an AlB2-derived hexagonal strcture. Ce2RhSi3 exhibits antiferromagnetic ordering at 7 K. The Neel temperature decreases gradually with the increase in Co concentration. For x greater than 0.6, no magnetic ordering is observed down to 0.5 K. Interestingly, the x= 0.6 alloy exhibits signatutes of non-Fermi liquid behavior, while the Co end member is a Fermi liquid. Thus, a transformation of magnetic ordering state to non-magnetism via non-Fermiliquid state by isoelectronic chemical doping is evident in this solid solution. The electrical resistivity data for x= 0.2 and 0.3 alloys show an upturn at respective Neel temperatures, establishing the formation of a magnetism-induced pseudo-gap for these intermediate compositions alone as though there is a gradual Fermi surface transformation as the quantum critical point is approached.
Examining the Field of Static Point Scalar Charge in Schwarzschild Spacetime
Swapnil Tripathi
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper we examine some aspects of the field of a scalar point charge in curved spacetimes. First we find the closed form solution for the scalar field due to a point charge in Schwarzschild spacetime. Then we expand it locally in powers of r (coordinate distance from the charge) and compare it to Quinn's local expansion for the field of scalar charge. We show a term by term match, except for a mismatch in one term arising due to an error in a Riemann tensor term in Quinn's expression. We show the correct expression, the detailed derivation of which will be subject of a later paper.
Origin of non-Fermi liquid behavior in heavy fermion systems: A conceptual view
Swapnil Patil
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: We critically examine the non-Fermi liquid (NFL) behavior observed in heavy fermion systems located close to a magnetic instability and suggest a conceptual advance in physics in order to explain its origin. We argue that the treatment of electronic states responsible for magnetism near the Quantum Critical Point (QCP), should not be accomplished within the quantum mechanical formalism; instead they should be treated semi-classically. The observed NFL behavior can be explained within such a scenario. As a sequel we attempt to discuss its consequences for the explanation of high-TC superconductivity observed in Cuprates.
Improvements in the contemporary photoemission spectroscopy implementation: A message to the ARPES community
Swapnil Patil
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: In this short communication, we highlight the deficiencies within the contemporary angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) implementations and point out few remedies towards their resolution. These deficiencies prohibit the current version of the ARPES technique from revealing the many-body physics of solids in its entirety. It is believed that the origin of these deficiencies lie within the prevailing data acquisition methods used for registering information from the photoelectron. It is argued that a slight change in the data acquisition methods would remedy the situation.

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