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Curriculum of EFL Teacher Education and Indonesian Qualification Framework: A Blip of the Future Direction
DINAMIKA ILMU , 2015, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21093/di.v15i1.98
Abstract: Indonesian Qualification Framework (IQF) is a description of qualification levels for all Indonesian learning outcomes or certificate statements in Indonesian schooling from year 9 to higher education. The IQF holds a legal endorsement in the form of Presidential Decree no. 8/2012. This IQF will specify equivalencies between Indonesian and foreign qualifications, thus improving Indonesia’s international competitiveness and making the country more open to global trade. As a consequence, the structures of curriculum in all Indonesian educations should base on this document. Defined as the expanding circle countries in Kachru’s concentric circles, Indonesia needs English language teacher education with appropriate structures of curriculum relevant to the global world and 21st century learning. This article intends to describe the IQF, the 21st Century learning, and the upcoming structure of the EL Teacher education Curriculum in Indonesia. More specifically, this article aims at analyzing: 1) how Indonesian Teachers should develop their curriculum according to the IQF descriptors; 2) how macro-social factors in SLA such as global and national status of L2, boundaries and identities, or institutional forces and constraints should be considered in the development of the curriculum structures of English language teacher education; and 3) how the 21st century trends should be blended in the curriculum.
Eddy Subandrijo,Susilo Susilo
TEFLIN Journal , 2007,
Abstract: This is a report of a qualitative study on contrastive thought patterns of Indonesian bilingual writers. The data are the thought patterns reflected in the linguistic features in English and Indonesian letters. The results reveal that rhetorical organizations developed and organized in both letters are similar in three ways. The paragraphs in both letters indicate similarities in terms of coherence. Three ways of sentence construction are found; four different shifts in grammatical style are made by the writers. The diction shows that for the English letters, in addition to using the colloquial lexemes, two kinds of lexemes are found: (a) jargon, and (b) attitudinal. For the Indonesian letters, three kinds of lexemes are found: (a) jargon, (b) attitudinal, (c) for-mality. In general, the results show that a large number of Indonesian letters follow quasi-linear thought patterns (QL), while a small number still follow the non-linear thought patterns (NL). For the English letters, the results reveal that the most percentage is converged on the line of category linear (L); less percentage is on category QL.
TAREKAT QADIRIYAH: Studi terhadap Ajaran Tasawuf Syaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir Jilani
Susilo Surahman
Mukaddimah : Jurnal Studi Islam , 2011,
Abstract: This article discusses Islamic mysticism or Sufism, namely Qadiriyah, one of most important Sufism in the muslim world. It was developed by Syaikh ’Abd Qadir al-Jilani, a sufi master with Hambali orientation in his Islamic school (mazhab). Some key principles are discussed, among others is esoterism by which the purity of hearts is given a priority in order to arrive at the stage of knowing or makrifat. Artikel ini mendiskusikan tarekat Qadiriyah yang dibentuk oleh Syaikh ’Abd Qadir al-Jilani. Al-Jilani adalah seorang sufi yang bermazhab Hambali. Tarekat ini menempati posisi yang amat penting dalam sejarah spiritualitas Islam karena menjadi pelopor lahirnya organisasi tarekat di dunia Islam. Ajaran kunci tarekat Qadiriyah akan dijelaskan melalui artikel ini, yaitu ajaran esoterisme Islam yang menekankan kebersihan dan kesucian hati dengan banyak melakukan ibadah agar mencapai makrifat. Kata Kunci: Qadiriyah, ‘Abd al-Qadir Jilani, tasawuf
Karakteristik Distribusi Temperatur Build Part pada Proses Pressureless Indirect Sintering
Susilo Adi Widyanto,Syaiful .
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2011,
Abstract: Curling phenomenon on rapid prototyping (RP) product is an actual problem which has not been solved clearly, also on MMD-Is product. Previous experiment showed, it was caused dominantly by un-uniformity of temperature distribution in build part system when sintering was executed. Differ to the sintering process in the common commercial RP process, sintering process in MMD-Is is conducted in supporting powder media. The research is aimed to observe the effect of supporting powder materials, particle size and configuration of heater system on temperature distribution of the build part. Temperature distribution was measured by immersing thermocouples into supporting powder in vertical and horizontal formation. The experimental results show that the un-uniformity of the build part temperature is caused by secondary heating phenomenon by piston material at base position.
Sintering Temperature and Deposition Orientation Effects on Mechanical, PhysicalProperties and Geometric Distortion of Cu–Ni Single and Multi Material Indirect Sintering Products
Susilo Adi Widyanto,EkoSutarto
Makara Seri Sains , 2012,
Abstract: Development of multi material mechanical parts is constantly undertaken to increase functional aspectsas well as life cycle.One example is the use of bimaterial which is widely used as a temperature contactor. This paper presents mechanical, physical properties and geometric distortion of Cu-Ni indirect sintering products used to develop Cu-Ni bimaterial products. The experiment was executed with the following method: firstly, Cu and/or Ni powders were deposited into cast iron powder as the supporting powder. Secondly, it was heated in a furnace with varying temperatures of 870 C, 900 C and 930 C with a holding time of four hours. Lastly, deposition orientation was varied to observe the effect on the occurence of shrinkage.To initiate the multi materials sintering process, single material sintering was performed to observe the physical and mechanical properties. Based onprevious work, multi material sintering of Cu and Ni powders was conducted. The experiment results showed that the geometric distortion of the sintering products was influenced by deposition orientation. The Cu and Ni products shrinkage were 49% and 35.33%, respectively. Although the melting temperature of Cu and Ni is close, the binding mechanism of the sintered product did not occur. The significant difference of shrinkage levelswas the main factor for the binding mechanism failure between Cu and Ni materials.
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of East Java Region, Indonesia
Adi Susilo,Zulkarnain Adnan
International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcee.2013.v5.728
Abstract: Seismic hazard analysis has been conducted in the region of East Java by using the Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA). This research is used to perform seismic hazard analysis with the modeling of 3-dimensional seismic sources for return period of 500 years. PSHA analysis for East Java region performed at T = 0 second (PGA), T = 0.2 second (short period) and T = 1 seconds (long period). Model of the earthquake catalog used in this analysis is the historical earthquake from 1900 to July 2011, with the area of 5oSL – 12oSL and 105oWL - 116oWL taken from MCGA, USGS which consists of NEIC-USGS, NOAA, the PDQ and the combined catalog of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS), as well as the catalog of the International Seismological Center (ISC) and Engdahl, vander Hilst, and Buland (EHB) with a depth of 0-300 km and magnitude ≥ 5MW. The results showed that for the acceleration of bedrock at T = 0 second (PGA), T=0.2 seconds (short period) and T = 1 seconds (long period) have values between 0.09 g - 0.29 g, 0.19 g - 0.61 g, and 0.06 g - 0.29 g respectively. The districts having lowest and highest PGA are Sumenep and Pacitan respectively.
Cryptanalysis of Modification to Self-Certified Group-Oriented Cryptosystem without A Combiner
Willy Susilo,Hiroaki Kikuchi
International Journal of Network Security , 2007,
Abstract: It is generally agreed that two key points always attract special concerns during the modelling of anomaly-based intrusion detection. One is the techniques about discerning two classes with different features, another is the construction/selection of the observed sample of normally occurring patterns for system normality characterization. In this paper, instead of focusing on the design of specific anomaly detection models, we restrict our attention to the analysis of the anomaly detector's operating environments, which facilitates us to insight into anomaly detectors' operational capabilities, including their detection coverage and blind spots, and thus to evaluate them in convincing manners. Taking the similarity with the induction problem as the starting point, we cast anomaly detection in a statistical framework, which gives a formal analysis of anomaly detector's anticipated behavior from a high level. Some existing problems and possible solutions about the normality characterization for the observable subjects that from hosts and networks are addressed respectively. As case studies, several typical anomaly detectors are analyzed and compared from the prospective of their operating environments, especially those factors causing their special detection coverage or blind spots. Moreover, the evaluation of anomaly detectors are also roughly discussed based on some existing benchmarks. Careful analysis shows that the fundamental understanding of the operating environments (i.e., properties of observable subjects) is the elementary but essential stage in the process of establishing an effective anomaly detection model, which therefore worth insightful exploration, especially when we face the dilemma between anomaly detection performance and the computational cost.
MANUSIA DAN GEGURITAN DI SURABAYA (Kajian Semiotik Disertai Telaah Subkultur)
Joko Susilo, Niko Fediyanto
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora , 2017, DOI: 10.12962/j24433527.v10i1.2159
Abstract: The movement of geguritan (javanese poem) is not just a resistance movement towards the general rule of Javanese literature. It provides convenience for the community (in the same subculture) to understand Javanese culture easier. This movement refers to the 'whole way of life' or 'maps of meaning' that makes this world understandable by its members. The word 'sub' connotes a specific, unique condition and different than the dominant society. Person who was born in arekan environment or Suroboyoan often encounter difficulties when trying to comprehend Mataraman Javanese. Geguritan is a manifestation of the ideas or creativity generated by penggurit (poet). In Surabaya, a group of geguritan authors is one subculture, that offers a new view, reinterpret the old view, and sometimes even break a single truth that have been taught long enough to Javanese community in Surabaya.
Fault current Characterization Based on Fuzzy Algorithm for DOCR Application  [PDF]
Luly Susilo, J. C. Gu, S. K. Huang
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B178

Penetration of distribution generation (DG) into power system might disturb the existing fault diagnosis system. The detection of fault, fault classification, and random changes of direction of fault current cannot always be monitored and determined via on-line by conventional fault diagnosis system due to DG penetration. In this paper, a fault current characterization which based on fuzzy logic algorithm (FLA) is proposed. Fault detection, fault classification, and fault current direction are extracted after processing the measurement result of three-phase line current. The ability of fault current characterization based on FLA is reflected in directional overcurrent relay (DOCR) model. The proposed DOCR model has been validated in microgrid test system simulation in Matlab environment. The simulation result showed accurate result for different fault location and type. The proposed DOCR model can operate as common protection device (PD) unit as well as unit to improve the effectiveness of existing fault diagnosis system when DG is present.

Diversity and Abundance of Beetle (Coleoptera) Functional Groups in a Range of Land Use System in Jambi, Sumatra
Biodiversitas , 2009,
Abstract: Degradation of tropical rain forest might exert impacts on biodiversity loss and affect the function and stability of the related ecosystems. The objective of this study was to study the impact of land use systems (LUS) on the diversity and abundance of beetle functional groups in Jambi area, Sumatra. This research was carried out during the rainy season (May-June) of 2004. Inventory and collection of beetles have been conducted using winkler method across six land use systems, i.e. primary forest, secondary forest, Imperata grassland, rubber plantation, oilpalm plantation, and cassava garden. The result showed that a total of 47 families and subfamilies of beetles was found in the study area, and they were classified into four major functional groups, i.e. herbivore, predator, scavenger, and fungivore. There were apparent changes in proportion, diversity, and abundance of beetle functional groups from forests to other land use systems. The bulk of beetle diversity and abundance appeared to converge in primary forest and secondary forest and predatory beetles were the most diverse and the most abundant of the four major functional groups.

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