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A educa??o física escolar e o projeto político pedagógico: um processo de constru??o coletiva a partir da pesquisa-a??o
Venancio, Luciana;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-55092012000100010
Abstract: the purpose of this study is to present the understanding of a group of physical education female teachers, who work in elementary education in s?o paulo's public schools, about the meaning of the political pedagogical project (ppp) in the everyday practices. besides, we tried to provide subsidies for the elaboration and development of a ppp, and point out the limits and possibilities of collective action within the school context. for this qualitative investigation we used one type of action-research as methodological referential. we have conducted an analysis of relevant works focusing on the ppp topic, in order to elaborate categories for a careful discussion about the selected theoretical framework. results indicated that it is necessary to deepen meanings and readdress understandings of the school's function and its role, physical education's role as curriculum component, and also other curriculum components'. we highlighted the urgent need to rethink and organize the school from a pedagogical, political, and collective perspective, so that actions can have meaning and significance for students and teachers. the curricula of higher education institutions were also mentioned as important to comprehend the purpose of collective work. the ppp can establish itself as a legitimate instrument for physical education teachers' political and pedagogical participation and involvement, and to guide collective actions in the school every day practices.
O livro didático na Educa??o Física escolar: a vis?o dos professores
Rodrigues, Heitor de Andrade;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2011, DOI: 10.5016/1980-6574.2011v17n1p48
Abstract: nowadays, textbook has been recognized, to a significant portion of education experts, as a relevant material to education process. in the field of physical education the textbook's production and study became practically neglectful. the objective of this study was to evaluate the applicability of a basketball textbook, built specifically for this study, with five teachers of physical education. the methodology used was qualitative, the interview was a data collection instrument. the results pointed that teachers established a critical relationship against the textbook of basketball and they pointed advantages and disadvantages for its use in school context.
Pedagogia do esporte e das lutas: em busca de aproxima??es
Rufino, Luiz Gustavo Bonatto;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-55092012000200011
Abstract: the sport pedagogy is concerned with the systematic study of the teaching and learning process related to sports. the body's ???ghts are also practices that should be involved in pedagogical contextualization. thus, this study sought to examine the relationship between the concepts of sport pedagogy and the teaching of body's ???ghts. for this, we made a review of literature with the following topics: the pedagogical approach of sport, the sport pedagogy and the body ???ghts and considerations about the pedagogical practice of body ???ghts. we also establish ways to pedagogized the body ???ghts, considering some guiding principles: why teaching the body ???ghts, what to teach about them, how to teach them and how to evaluated the teaching of them. the body′s ???ghts should be involved in pedagogical approaches focused on the person that is moving, allowing the subjects to re???ect about their own actions, re-meaning those actions and giving directions that can help them to reach autonomy and emancipation.
A Técnica Esportiva em Aulas de Educa o Física: um olhar sobre as tendências sócio-culturais
Heitor de Andrade Rodrigues,Suraya Cristina Darido
Movimento , 2008,
Abstract: La ense anza de la técnica deportiva en clases de Educación Física es un asunto polémico. Es necesario destacar que nos llama la atención el mal-entendido de que tratar el deporte de forma crítica seria el mismo que ser contrario a la ense anza de la técnica. Diversos factores contribuyeran en la configuración de esta realidad, dentro ellos sospechamos de la incomprensión de las propuestas elaboradas en el ámbito de las tendencias socio-culturales. Siendo así, el objetivo de este trabajo fue investigar la concepción de la técnica deportiva de la ense anza de la Educación Física, en el ámbito de las tendencias socio-culturales. Al transcurrir del texto es posible identificar nuevas finalidades cuanto a la ense anza de las técnicas deportivas como, la preocupación con losintereses de los alumnos que se movimentan, consideración del repertorio cultural de estos alumnos, a parte de proponer que las clases no se restrinjan a la realización de estos movimientos, pero también incluyan el conocimiento del universo social, político, económico y cultural de las manifestaciones deportivas.
Livro didático: uma ferramenta possível de trabalho com a dan?a na Educa??o Física Escolar
Diniz, Irlla Karla dos Santos;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65742012000100018
Abstract: this essay proposes some reflections on how the textbook is linked to physical education, pointing out some discussions on the process of developing a material constructed specifically about dance from the perspective of cultural diversity focused on the teacher and the student. the text gives some suggestions on how to build a book with this goal for the area, considering the context of this curricular component with regard to this material. and finally discusses some issues about the importance of the teacher's autonomy in the process of teaching and learning as well as the use that he or she can do of the textbook.
O atletismo nos cursos de gradua??o em educa??o física
Silva, Eduardo Vinícius Mota e;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65742011000300015
Abstract: this study has the purpose to investigate the characteristics and the role of the athletics-related sports disciplines in four physical education undergraduate courses. in order to reach the goal, it was conducted as a qualitative-type research. data was collected through documental analysis on disciplines briefings and programs, and also from classes observations and interviews with professors and students from the institutions (two state-boarded and two private) responsible for the courses. through these analyses it was perceived that those disciplines have surpassed some characteristics of the traditional undergraduate program, which is based on sports. regarding the role of the disciplines, it was noted that professors consider them as responsible for providing students with basic conditions, so they could benefit from sports as instrumental subjects for their professional intervention.
Pedagogia do Esporte: livro didático aplicado aos Jogos Esportivos Coletivos
Galatti, Larissa Rafaela;Paes, Roberto Rodrigues;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2010, DOI: 10.5016/1980-6574.2010v16n3p751
Abstract: the study deals with the pedagogical possibilities of text books as a resource for physical education (pe) classes based on sports, specifically team sports. it started from a bibliographical review on the cited terms and after that we advanced our studies in order to propose a didactic text book on team sports for pe classes considering two benchmarks: one technical-tactic and the other social-educational. in order to do so, we used methods from linguistics, and the development of a didactic sequence allowed the selection and distribution of the contents to be presented in the book in an orderly and judicious way. the focus in team sports is justified by its social-cultural insertion and by the need to transform recent studies into new pedagogical procedures for practicing them. the didactic text book, as well as the adequate preparation of the professionals who will use it, is pointed out as facilitator in the process of teaching, experiencing and learning team sports.
Refletindo sobre a tematiza??o do futebol na Educa??o Física escolar
Souza Júnior, Osmar Moreira de;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2010, DOI: 10.5016/1980-6574.2010v16n4p920
Abstract: physical education should provide students the means to enable them the exercise of their citizenship, which will allow them to acquire autonomy through critical reflection on the knowledge of practicing body movement. nevertheless, in the school curriculum the subject still lacks support in order to organize its contents. as such, the target of this study is to highlight a number of relevant issues on the contents of football practice, which may be used in an attempt to codify physical education as a school subject. nine issues are here presented, which discuss relevant aspects of football, as well as its correlation with art, its history, and the female football background. fin ally, we get into a deeper study of the games used in popular culture and its link to football, through games such as "button football", including learning processes such as rule system, the interpretation of competitions, and the appraisal of popular culture.
Voleibol escolar: uma proposta de ensino nas dimens?es conceitual, procedimental e atitudinal do conteúdo
Barroso, André Luís Rugiero;Darido, Suraya Cristina;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-55092010000200003
Abstract: the objective of this study was to build, implement and evaluate a proposal to teaching of volleyball in the three dimensions of content: concept, procedure and attitude. for the development of the present work it was used the method of search-action. eight meetings were held with the participation of four teachers. the results obtained were discussed in the perspective of working conditions, in the reasons and contents of teaching the sport (volleyball), technology and sports performance, in the dimensions of the content and features, expectations and participation of students. it was found that, in some schools, the working conditions, in relation to the physical space, the available material, the under evaluation of the physical education or even the suspicion of other teachers and supervisors, present themselves as obstacles to the development of this component curriculum. however, it was observed that the teachers participating successfully develop a quality education, contributing to rebuilding importance of physical education in the environment of formal education. it was confirmed the possibility of developing contents that may go beyond procedure dimension, facilitating the approach of the dimensions concept and attitude of volleyball. moreover, it was for the effective participation of students, but it has only been due to the provision of teachers in structuring as appropriate their classes, studying, intended time for preparation of activities and offering diverse strategies that stimulated the involvement of students
Os conteúdos escolares das disciplinas de história e ciências e suas rela es com a organiza o curricular da Educa o Física na escola Contenidos de los cursos de historia y de la ciencia y sus relaciones con la organización del currículo de educación física en la escuela Contents of history and science disciplines and their relation to the organization of physical education curriculum in school
Luís Fernando Rocha Rosário,Suraya Cristina Darido
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1807-55092012000400013
Abstract: O propósito desse estudo foi investigaras rela es entre os conteúdos das disciplinas de História e Ciências com a Educa o Física. Assim, buscou-se apontar princípios para a organiza o dos conteúdos conforme os ciclos escolares do 6o ao 9o ano, garantindo sua integra o com o projeto político pedagógico. Os resultados mostraram que os livros das demais disciplinas auxiliam a sistematiza o dos conteúdos da Educa o Física na escola e que é fundamental o professor participar da elabora o do projeto político pedagógico e dos projetos de ensino, além de conhecer os livros didáticos adotados pela escola. Da mesma forma, é importante que se esclare a aos demais professores o corpo de conhecimentos específicos da Educa o Física e qual seu papel nos projetos escolares, possibilitando a reflex o sobre como organizar os conteúdos e sobre como aproveitar as informa es deste trabalho. El propósito de este estudio fue investigar la relación entre el contenido de las disciplinas de Historia y Ciencias con de la Educación Física. Por lo tanto, hemos tratado de se alar principios para la organización de contenidos como los ciclos escolares a partir del 6 o al 9 o grado, lo que asegura su integración con el proyecto político pedagógico. Los resultados mostraron que los libros de otras disciplinas ayudan a sistematizar los contenidos de la educación física en la escuela y el maestro es crucial que participen en el desarrollo de los proyectos de ense anza políticos y pedagógicos, además de conocer los libros de texto aprobados por la escuela. Asimismo, es importante aclarar a otros profesores del cuerpo específico de conocimiento de la educación física y su papel en proyectos de la escuela, lo que permite la reflexión sobre la forma de organizar el contenido y la información sobre la manera de hacer este trabajo. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relations between the contents of History and Science and Physical Education (PE) at school. Therefore, an effort was made to set principles to establish the sequence of contents for the 6t h to 9t h grades, and at the same time assuring the integration of PE to the school's political pedagogical proposal. The results demonstrate that those documents present a set of knowledge that offers possibilities to systematize the PE contents at school and show that the participation of PE teachers and their knowledge about books adopted is essential to build the political pedagogical proposal. Moreover, teachers from other disciplines should be aware of Physical Education specific knowledge and its value to school pro
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