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Delayed Presentation of Traumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture with Herniation of the Left Kidney and Bowel Loops
Amiya Kumar Dwari,Abhijit Mandal,Sibes Kumar Das,Sudhansu Sarkar
Case Reports in Pulmonology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/814632
Abstract: Rupture of the diaphragm mostly occurs following major trauma. We report a case of delayed presentation of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia on the left side in a 44-year-old male who presented two weeks after a minor blunt trauma. Left kidney and intestinals coils were found to herniate through the diaphragmatic tear. This case demonstrates the importance of considering the diagnosis in all cases of blunt trauma of the trunk. It also illustrates the rare possibility of herniation of kidney through the diaphragmatic tear. 1. Introduction Traumatic diaphragmatic hernias (DH) represents only small percentage of all diaphragmatic hernias but it is no longer an uncommon entity. Injury is mostly caused by severe blunt or penetrating trauma [1]. DH may be recognized during the period of hospitalization immediately following trauma. If the diaphragmatic injury is not recognized during the immediate posttraumatic period, the patient may recover and remain symptom free or present either with chronic thoracoabdominal symptoms or with acute emergency due to intestinal strangulation [2]. During the delayed presentation with chronic thoracoabdominal symptoms, the trauma responsible for the injury is often forgotten and the diagnosis is not suspected. A careful history, physical examination, and awareness of the possibility are the prerequisite for timely diagnosis. Abdominal organs that commonly herniate are stomach, spleen, liver, mesentery, and small and large bowels. Kidney is rarely found to herniate through the diaphragmatic tear [3]. The case is unique due to occurrence of the DH with minor trauma, its delayed presentation, and herniation of the left kidney into the thorax. 2. Case Report A 44-year-old male patient was kicked in his left lower chest and upper abdomen by a neighbour during a family quarrel. Considering it to be a minor trauma, he continued his daily activities for the next two weeks. He presented to pulmonary medicine outpatient department with left sided dull aching chest pain and nonproductive cough for ten days. There was no history of abdominal pain or haematuria. On examination, he was afebrile but dyspneic (MMRC grade 2) with respiratory rate of 22 breaths/min, oxygen saturation of 96% with room air, pulse rate of 90/min, and blood pressure of 138/84?mm of Hg. On examination of the chest, there was dull note over left infraclavicular area and bowel sounds were audible over the left side of the chest. Examination of other systems was within normal limits. His chest X-ray PA view revealed a heterogeneous opacity in left lower zone but no
Effect of underlap and gate length on device performance of an AlInN/GaN underlap MOSFET
Effect of Underlap and Gate length on device performance of AlInN/GaN Underlap MOSFET

Hemant Pardeshi,Sudhansu Kumar Pati,Godwin Raj,N Mohankumar,Chandan Kumar Sarkar,
Hemant Pardeshi
,Sudhansu Kumar Pati,Godwin Raj,N Mohankumar,Chandan Kumar Sarkar

半导体学报 , 2012,
Abstract: We investigate the performance of an 18 nm gate length AlInN/GaN heterostructure underlap double gate MOSFET, using 2D Sentaurus TCAD simulation. The device uses lattice-matched wideband Al0.83In0.17N and narrowband GaN layers, along with high-k Al2O3 as the gate dielectric. The device has an ultrathin body and is designed according to the ITRS specifications. The simulation is done using the hydrodynamic model and interface traps are also considered. Due to the large two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) density and high velocity, the maximal drain current density achieved is very high. Extensive device simulation of the major device performance metrics such as drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL), subthreshold slope (SS), delay, threshold voltage (Vt), Ion/Ioff ratio and energy delay product have been done for a wide range of gate and underlap lengths. Encouraging results for delay, Ion, DIBL and energy delay product are obtained. The results indicate that there is a need to optimize the Ioff and SS values for specific logic design. The proposed AlInN/GaN heterostructure underlap DG MOSFET shows excellent promise as one of the candidates to substitute currently used MOSFETs for future high speed applications.
Flicker and thermal noise in an n-channel underlap DG FinFET in a weak inversion region
Study of Flicker and Thermal Noise in n-channel Underlap DG FinFET in weak inversion Region

Sudhansu Kumar Pati,Hemant Pardeshi,Godwin Raj,N Mohankumar,Chandan Kumar Sarkar,
Sudhansu Kumar Pati
,Hemant Pardeshi,Godwin Raj,N Mohankumar,Chandan Kumar Sarkar

半导体学报 , 2013,
Abstract: We propose an analytical model for drain current and inversion charge in the subthreshold region for an underlap DG FinFET by using the minimum channel potential method, i.e., the virtual source. The flicker and thermal noise spectral density models are also developed using these charge and current models expression. The model is validated with already published experimental results of flicker noise for DG FinFETs. For an ultrathin body, the degradation of effective mobility and variation of the scattering parameter are considered. The effect of device parameters like gate length Lg and underlap length Lun on both flicker and thermal noise spectral densities are also analyzed. Increasing Lg and Lun, increases the effective gate length, which reduces drain current, resulting in decreased flicker and thermal noise density. A decrease of flicker noise is observed for an increase of frequency, which indicates that the device can be used for wide range of frequency applications.
Spin-flip and spin-wave excitations in arbitrarily polarized quantum Hall states
Sudhansu S. Mandal
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.56.7525
Abstract: We study spin-flip and spin-wave excitations for arbitrarily polarized quantum Hall states by employing a fermionic Chern-Simons gauge theory in the low Zeeman energy limit. We show that the spin-flip correlation functions do not get renormalized by the fluctuations of Chern-Simons gauge field. As a consequence, the excitations for a given integer quantum Hall state are identical to fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level having the same numerator equal to the integer quantum Hall state. Fully and partially polarized states possess only spin-wave excitations while spin-flip excitations are possible for all states, irrespective of their polarizations.
Unified Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
Sudhansu S. Mandal
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: I propose quasiparticle and quasihole operators which operating on the Laughlin wave functions describing the Laughlin condensates (LCs) at the filling factors $\nu =1/m$ in a specific Hilbert-subspace, {\em generate} composite fermions (CFs) by expelling electrons from the condensate to a different Hilbert-subspace. The condensation of these expelled electrons into $\nu =1/m$ together with the original LC, form a new condensate at $\nu = 2/[2(m- 1) + 1]$. In general, hierarchically constructed states are coupled LCs formed at different Hilbert-subspaces and the corresponding wave functions are {\em identical} with those proposed in the CF theory. This theory further predicts that the half and the quarter filled lowest Landau level are quantum critical points for topological phase transitions.
Perfect Entanglement Transport in Quantum Spin Chain Systems  [PDF]
Sujit Sarkar
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2011.13014
Abstract: We propose a mechanism for perfect entanglement transport in anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) quantum spin chain systems with modulated exchange coupling and also for the modulation of on-site magnetic field. We use the principle of adiabatic quantum pumping process for entanglement transfer in the spin chain systems. We achieve the perfect entanglement transfer over an arbitrarily long distance and a better entanglement transport for longer AFM spin chain system than for the ferromagnetic one. We explain analytically and physically—why the entanglement hops in alternate sites. We find the condition for blocking of entanglement transport even in the perfect pumping situation. Our analytical solution interconnects quantum many body physics and quantum information science.
Bayesian Estimation of Generalized Process Capability Indices
Sudhansu S. Maiti,Mahendra Saha
Journal of Probability and Statistics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/819730
Abstract: Process capability indices (PCIs) aim to quantify the capability of a process of quality characteristic (X) to meet some specifications that are related to a measurable characteristic of its produced items. One such quality characteristic is life time of items. The specifications are determined through the lower specification limit (L), the upper specification limit (U), and the target value (T). Maiti et al. (2010) have proposed a generalized process capability index that is the ratio of proportion of specification conformance to proportion of desired conformance. Bayesian estimation of the index has been considered under squared error loss function. Normal, exponential (nonnormal), and Poisson (discrete) processes have been taken into account. Bayes estimates of the index have been compared with the frequentist counterparts. Data sets have been analyzed.
Bayesian Inference on the Shape Parameter and Future Observation of Exponentiated Family of Distributions
Sanku Dey,Sudhansu S. Maiti
Journal of Probability and Statistics , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/457472
Abstract: The Bayes estimators of the shape parameter of exponentiated family of distributions have been derived by considering extension of Jeffreys' noninformative as well as conjugate priors under different scale-invariant loss functions, namely, weighted quadratic loss function, squared-log error loss function and general entropy loss function. The risk functions of these estimators have been studied. We have also considered the highest posterior density (HPD) intervals for the parameter and the equal-tail and HPD prediction intervals for future observation. Finally, we analyze one data set for illustration.
Sudhansu S. Maiti,Sudhir Murmu
Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/pjsor.v7i2.208
Abstract: Inference on R = P(X < Y ) has been considered when X and Y belong to independent exponentiated family of distributions. Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MLE), Uniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator (UMVUE) and Bayes Estimator of R has been derived and compared through simulation study. Exact and approximate confidence intervals and Bayesian credible intervals have also been derived.
Direct test of composite fermion model in quantum Hall systems
Sudhansu S. Mandal,V. Ravishankar
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.54.8699
Abstract: We show that neutron scattering and Raman scattering experiments can unambiguously determine a composite fermion parameter, viz., the effective number of Landau Levels filled by the composite fermions. For this purpose, one needs partially polarized or more preferably unpolarized quantum Hall states. We further find that spin correlation function acts as an order parameter in the spin transition.
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