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The relations between China and the European Union heading into the new century
Guan Chengyuan
Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals , 2003,
Abstract: After giving a brief historical review of the political and economic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the European Union, the author focuses on the present state of these relations and on their future prospects. In this sense, the author highlights the good state of bilateral contacts and common ground between both geographical areas, mainly in their view of the current international context, post-September 11 and with China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation.
Process optimization for degradation of crystal violet by ferric-carbon micro-electrolysis using Box-Behnken response surface methodology

Su Chengyuan,Li Weiguang,Wang Yong,Li Yunbei,

环境工程学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 在单因素实验的基础上,以结晶紫脱色率为评价指标,铁炭比、反应时间与曝气量为考察因素,采用Box-Behnken响应曲面法优化铁炭微电解降解结晶紫的工艺条件,同时得出相应的数学模型。实验表明,在结晶紫初始浓度为100 mg/L和体积为300 mL,pH为3,反应时间为80 min,铁屑的投加量为20 g,铁炭质量比为2∶1,曝气量为20 L/h的条件下,铁炭微电解对结晶紫的脱色率可达到89.6%。通过Box-Behnken响应曲面可知,铁炭比、反应时间、曝气量以及铁炭比和反应时间的交互作用对结晶紫的脱色率均有显著影响,其中曝气量对脱色率的影响尤为显著;回归模型决定系数R2=0.9067,P=0.039,表明此模型拟合程度良好,且模型显著。铁炭微电解降解结晶紫最佳的工艺条件为:铁炭比为2.4∶1,反应时间为84 min、曝气量为40 L/h,脱色率为93.25%,回归模型的预测值与测定值偏差率为2.26%。
Optimal preparation conditions of sepiolite-supported nanoscale iron using response surface methodology

SU Chengyuan,LI Weiguang,LIU Xingzhe,LI Xin,

环境科学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 以直接耐晒黑为目标污染物,以FeSO4浓度、KBH4浓度和改性海泡石的投加量为影响因素,应用Box-Behnken响应曲面法进行了三因素三水平试验,优化了以改性海泡石为载体的纳米铁材料的制备方法.结果表明:在所选的试验范围内,FeSO4浓度和KBH4浓度的交互作用对纳米铁材料的制备有显著影响,对其去除直接耐晒黑性能的影响起到了关键性作用,且FeSO4浓度的影响更为显著;而改性海泡石的投加量和KBH4浓度的交互作用不显著.改性海泡石负载纳米铁的最佳制备条件为:0.13 mol·L-1的FeSO4溶液50 mL,0.18 mol·L-1的KBH4溶液50 mL,改性海泡石的投加量为2.86 g.在此条件下制得的纳米铁材料,其XRD谱图在2θ=44.7°处出现了Fe0的特征衍射吸收峰;对直接耐晒黑处理3 h后,直接耐晒黑的去除率可达98.9%,比仅采用改性海泡石的去除率提高了35.7%.
Agent Risk Taking and Efforts in the Context of Multiple Heterogeneous References  [PDF]
Qiong Wang, Chengyuan Wang, Liang Wan
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2014.76038
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss agent risk taking and efforts in the context of multiple heterogeneous references. We focus on two key references in terms of performance target and aspiration income. And we also introduce them into the principal-agent model. By the method of numerical simulation, our results show that performance target and the gap of psychological reference income have complex interaction influences on agent risk taking and efforts. In addition, profit-sharing coefficient plays moderating role in these complex relationships. Our results also provide good evidence and supplement to Pepper and Gore’s proposition.
Dimension-contraction transform for the simulation of fire control system of artillery
Chengyu Tu,Chengyuan Tu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02884241
Optimization on homogeneous Fenton advanced treatment of tannery wastewater using response surface methodology

WANG Yong,LI Weiguang,SU Chengyuan,YANG Li,LI Yuhong,WANG Xu,

环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 均相Fenton深度处理皮革废水,试验用水为A/O反应池的出水,COD介于180~200mg·L-1.基于Box-Behnken响应曲面法,考察了初始pH值、H2O2/Fe2+摩尔比、过氧化氢投加量、反应时间的单独作用及交互作用,并建立COD去除率数学模型,结果表明:影响因子显著性顺序为:pH>H2O2投加量>反应时间>H2O2/Fe2+摩尔比,初始pH值与H2O2投加量的交互作用显著;数学模型回归性较好,预测最大COD去除率为55.87%,最佳条件组合为:pH=4.0,H2O2投加量=14.00mmol·L-1,H2O2:Fe2+=10.6:1,Time=3h及T=25℃,验证试验结果为53.35%,与预测值相比偏差为4.51%.采用均相Fenton深度处理皮革废水,可以满足《污水综合排放标准》(GB8978—1996)一级标准中对COD≤100mg.L-1的限制要求.
The effects of land-use types and conversions on desertification in Mu Us Sandy Land of China

HAO Chengyuan,WU Shaohong,

地理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on multi-temporal remotely sensed materials of both 1985 and 2000, we analyzed the effects of land-use types and their conversions on desertification in Mu Us Sandy Land in the agro-pastoral transitional zone of north central China. In this study, the desertified land was classified into five degrees: potential, light, medium, severe and extreme. The results indicate that the extent of desertification expands slightly, while desertification degree is enhanced significantly. About 22.35% of the total land area in the study area is in the desertification course, and the expanded area of both severely and extremely desertified land accounts for 3.67% of the total area of Mu Us Sandy Land. About 9053 km2 of area witnessed changes in land-use types between 1985 and 2000, which accounted for 10.75% of the total. More importantly, the area of conversions among cultivated land, forestland and rangeland added up to 971.6 km2. This research reveals that both improper land-use types and conversions could accelerate the desertification process. Both cultivated land and forestland have more effects on the desertification development than rangeland. Some land-use type conversions, such as rangeland to cultivated land, rangeland to forestland and forestland to cultivated land, are attributed to the acceleration of the desertification development while the opposite can control the desertification development.
Dimension-contraction transform for the simulation of fire control system of artillery

Chengyu Tu,Chengyuan Tu,

科学通报(英文版) , 1997,
Geological Characteristics, Emplacement Mechanisms and Timing of the Ophiolites in Solonker Zone, Inner Mongolia

XUE Jianping
,SU Shangguo,LI Chengyuan,HOU Wanrong, DONG Mingming, LIU Yongxin,LIANG Yuesheng

- , 2017,
Abstract: 摘要: 内蒙古索伦山地区出露蛇绿岩,其研究对探讨古亚洲洋演化具有重要意义。对内蒙古索伦山地区蛇绿岩进行了系统的调查和研究,探讨了其就位机制与时限。 结合索伦山蛇绿岩地质特征和区域地质背景综合分析,认为研究区蛇绿岩组合包括地幔与洋壳组分。索伦山地区蛇绿岩存在较为完整的蛇绿岩组合模式,出露地幔岩石组合为蛇纹石化纯橄榄岩、蛇纹石化二辉-方辉橄榄岩、橄榄辉石岩和硅化碳酸盐化蚀变超基性岩(风化壳)等。蛇绿岩组合中洋壳组分为辉长岩、辉绿岩、玄武岩和硅质岩。蛇绿岩就位机制划分为4种,即碰撞仰冲型、增生底垫型、俯冲剥离型和角流型。其中,俯冲剥离型就位机制表现为岩石组合齐全完整的特征,产出形态为岩块、岩片,其中岩块、岩片与基质为构造断层接触;在俯冲带近大陆一侧常形成岛弧岩浆岩等特征。索伦山蛇绿岩地质特征与俯冲剥离型就位机制特征完全相符,故索伦山蛇绿岩就位机制大致为洋中脊俯冲剥离型。根据大洋岩石圈形成之后在10 Ma之内就位这一原则,结合索伦山地区辉长岩SHRIMP锆石UPb年龄为(2807±53) Ma,认为索伦山蛇绿岩就位时限在270 Ma左右。
Abstract: The ophiolites in Solonker zone, Inner Mongolia is of significance on evolution of the PaleoAsian Ocean. The ophiolites from the study area have been investigated and studied systematically on petrology. On that basis, emplacement mechanisms and timing of the Solonker zone ophiolites were discussed. Combined with analyses of the geological and tectonic characteristics of the ophiolites from Solonker,we concluded that the ophiolites consist of compositions of both mantle and oceanic crust. There are a relatively complete sequence of the ophiolite in Solonker zone.In Solonker zone, mantle rocks are composed of serpentinized dunite,serpentinized lherzolite, serpentinized harzburgite, olivine pyroxenite and silicified, carbonated metamorphic ultrabasic rock(weathering crust)and so on. Oceanic crust rocks are composed of gabbro, diabase, basalt and chert.The ophiolites occur in the form of tectonic slices and blocks. The contact relationship between the ophiolites and adjacent geological body rocks is fault contact. Based on different proeesses and characteristics,four mechanisms of ophiolite emplacement are mainly discussed:collisionobduction type, accretionunderplating type,subductionflake type, and corner flow type.Among the four mechanisms,the characteristics of subductionflake type ophiolite emplacement mechanisms are as the following: sequence in rock associations of ophiolite is complete; the ophiolites emerge in the form of tectonic slices and blocks;the contact relationship between tectonic slices,blocks and matrix is fault contact; arc magmatic rocks occur in the subducting belts next to continent and so on. Geological characteristics of the ophiolites from Solonker conform basically with the characteristics of subductionflake type ophiolite emplacement mechanisms. Emplacement mechanism of ophiolites in the Solonker zone is mainly subductionflake of midocean ridge type.Since ophiolites emplacement occur in 10 Ma after forming oceanic lithosphere and the SHRIMP UPb age dating of zircons from the gabbro of ophiolite is (2807±53) Ma, emplacement timing of

He Chengyuan,

系统科学与数学 , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper, we give a fast solution of r-circulant lineax systems. When rcirculat matrix is nonsingular, we compute the solitary solution of r-circulant linear systems; when r-circulant matrix singular, we compute the special solution and general solution of rcirculat linear systems.
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