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One solution of main controller in thermal power plants
Radmilovi? Neboj?a,StojakoviSlavia,Kva??ev Goran
Journal of Automatic Control , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/jac0801005r
Abstract: This paper describes functionality between pressure regulation of steam boiler and electrical power regulation of turbine-generator system at thermal power plants. Importans of this control is essentially in coordinate work mode when these complex and non-linear systems have to work as one integrated entity with tendency to produce electrical power at optimal and stable way. Steam generator - boiler is system with long transport delay and here is recommendation for improving pressure regulation. This regulation realized at thermal power plant nominal power 308MW and given working results in real time. Index Terms - boiler control, combustion control, thermal power plants, PID controller.
Irrigation water quality as indicator of sustainable rural development
Trajkovi? Slavia 1
Spatium , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/spat0411106t
Abstract: The sustainable rural development more and more depends on the efficient usage of water resources. Most often, at least in one part of the year, the rain is not sufficient for plant growth and rain plant production significantly depends on the yearly precipitation variation. The increase and stability of the agricultural production is possible in the irrigation conditions. The most part (around 70%) of the global water resources is used for food production. Irrigation water quality indicator is used to show if the available water resources have the required quality for application in agriculture. Irrigation is characterised by the complex water-plant-soil relationship, and in that eco-system the man as the end user of the irrigated fields occupies a very important place. That explains the difficulties in producing one universal classification of irrigation water quality. The paper analyses numerous water quality classifications from the aspect of the applicability on the quantifying of this indicator. The adopted classification should possess understandable, qualified and internationally comparable indicator. Thus, local classifications (Neigebauer, Miljkovic) cannot be used for this indicator. United Nation Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and US Salinity Laboratory (USSL) classifications are used for the evaluation of the irrigation water quality throughout the world. FAO classification gives the complex picture of the usability of the irrigation water from the point of its influence on the soil and the plants. However, the scope of the analyses is not often suited to the needs of that classification, which makes it difficult to apply. The conclusion is that the USSL (US Salinity Laboratory) classification is best suited to this range of chemical water analyses. The evaluation of the irrigation water quality indicator in the Juzna Morava river basin, upstream from the Toplica river estuary is given in this paper. Based on the obtained results, it can be concluded that the irrigation isn’t limitation for sustainable rural development.
Slavia Djurdjevic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2002,
Abstract: Upon 20 breast-feeding women with hypogalactia in the first post partus month the physical therapy was applied, namely, infrared (IR) and galvanotherapy (GT) of the breasts and the transcraniocervical galvanization in a 14 days series. The morning prolactinemia was monitored at the initial 14 post partus days measurement with the valnes X±SD=111,95± 24,93 and at the final 28 post partus days measure-ment X ± SD = 115,35 ± 0,45 mmol/1 in the serum.
Modeling of a light elastic beam by a system of rigid bodies
?alini? Slavia
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/tam0404395s
Abstract: This paper has shown that a light elastic beam, in the case of small elastic deformations, can be modeled by a kinematic chain without branching composed of rigid bodies which are connected by passive revolute or prismatic joints with corresponding springs in them. Elastic properties of the beam are modeled by the springs introduced. The potential energy of the elastic beam is expressed as a function of components of the vector of elastic displacement and the vector of elastic rotation calculated for the elastic centre of the beam, which results in the diagonal stiffness matrix of the beam. As the potential energy of the introduced system of bodies with springs is expressed in the function of relative joint displacements, the diagonal stiffness matrix is obtained. In addition, these two stiffness matrices are equal. The modeling process has been demonstrated on the example of an elastic beam rotating about a fixed vertical axis, with a rigid body whose mass is considerably larger than the beam mass fixed to its free end. Differential equations of motion have been formed for this mechanical system. The modeling technique described here aims at expanding of usage of well developed methods of dynamics of systems of rigid bodies to the analysis of systems with elastic bodies. .
Slavia ?ur?evi?
Acta Medica Medianae , 2002,
Abstract: Upon 20 women-breast-feeders primopara with hypogalactia up to 14 days post partum the infrared and galvanotherapy have been applied to the breast region in addition to he transcranial galvanization for 2 weeks. The lactation is monitored in 24 hours at the initial measurement of 14 days with the values of X±SD = 334,50±22,82 ml, at the control measurement on the 21 st day they are X±SD = 426±35,75 ml, while at the final measurement on the 28 th day they are X±SD = 475,50147,40 ml with a significant lactation increase in both the periods.
Slavia Djurdjevic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2002,
Abstract: In 18 patients with NIDDM diabetes on the oral hypoglycemic therapy there has been a short-wave diathermy (KTD) applied upon the Head pancreas zones for 10 minutes and in 10 days series. The values of glycemia before KTD were X+SD=9,72+0,25 mmol/1 while on the tenth day they amounted to X+SD=7,28+0,32 mmol/1 thus recording a significant drop
A new solving procedure by m-M calculus for problems of constrained optimization
Pre?i? Slavia
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/yjor0701001p
Abstract: In this paper we state two procedures for constrained optimization based on the concepts of m-M Calculus. The first procedure is called basic and the second is called quick solving procedure. The quick solving procedure is very effective. It can also be applied to problems of unconstrained optimization. .
European politics of survivance: Europeanization as a rite of passage
Slavia Rakovi?
Dru?boslovne Razprave , 2013,
Abstract: This paper attempts to examine Europeanization as a politics that inaugurates an imagined common sociality among imagined Europeans. It is argued that Europeanization may be viewed as a rite of passage that comes out of a social drama staged for the purpose of surpassing the flaws of the European existence, and for the sake of survivance (risk reduction). The notion of Europeanization is examined against a body of empirical (secondary) data as well as against theoretical concepts stemming from different areas of humanistic knowledge. The conclusion is that Europeanization is staged as a process of bringing about qualitative changes in politics, the economy and the social order with the aim to create and maintain the desired image of an imagined progressive Europe.
Estimating hourly reference evapotranspiration from limited weather data by sequentially adaptive RBF network
Trajkovi? Slavia
Facta Universitatis Series : Architecture and Civil Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/fuace1103473t
Abstract: This study investigates the utility of adaptive Radial Basis Function (RBF) networks for estimating hourly grass reference evapotranspiration (ET0) from limited weather data. Nineteen days of micrometeorological and lysimeter data collected at half-hour intervals during 1962-63 and 1966-67 in the Campbell Tract research site in Davis, California were used in this study. Ten randomly chosen days (234 patterns) were selected for the RBF networks training. Two sequentially adaptive RBF networks with different number of inputs (ANNTR and ANNTHR) and two Penman-Monteith equations with different canopy resistance values (PM42 and PM70) were tested against hourly lysimeter data from remaining nine days (200 patterns). The ANNTR requires only two parameters (air temperature and net radiation) as inputs. Air temperature, humidity, net radiation and soil heat flux were used as inputs in the ANNTHR. PM equations use air temperature, humidity, wind speed, net radiation and soil heat flux density as inputs. The results reveal that ANNTR and PM42 were generally the best in estimating hourly ET0. The ANNTHR performed less well, but the results were acceptable for estimating ET0. These results are of significant practical use because the RBF network with air temperature and net radiation as inputs could be used to estimate hourly ET0 at Davis, California.
Teaching Materials “Surface Area of Geometric Figures,” Created Using the Software Package GeoGebra
Slavia RADOVI?
European Journal of Contemporary Education , 2013, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13187/ejced.2013.4.72
Abstract: Social development, the progress of technology, and changing economic forces certainly affect the development of the current educational system. One of the main problems of today’s school system is how to maintain focus, concentration, and interest among students with regards to the learning that takes place during classes. An important feature of modern teaching is multimedia. However, the use of multimedia requires a certain transformation in the teaching process. Given the fact that the focus of the teaching process has been shifting away from the curriculum and the teacher, and towards the student, multimedia will undoubtedly contribute in a significant way to the modernization of traditional teaching. It is not unrealistic to think that technology will become a regular part of the daily routines of teaching. In this work, an innovative approach to teaching mathematics in elementary and high schools through the use of the software known as GeoGebra is introduced. This approach is demonstrated using the example of ‘surface area’ as a mathematical concept, wherein the goal was to increase interactivity between teachers and students, and to improve the quality of teaching.
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