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Electronic Outbreak Surveillance in Germany: A First Evaluation for Nosocomial Norovirus Outbreaks
Anja M. Hauri,Hans-Jürgen Westbrock,Herman Claus,Steffen Geis,Siegfried Giernat,Michael Forβbohm,Helmut Uphoff
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0017341
Abstract: In Germany, surveillance for infectious disease outbreaks is integrated into an electronic surveillance system. For 2007, the national surveillance database contains case-based information on 201,224 norovirus cases, three-quarters of which are linked to outbreaks. We evaluated the data quality of the national database in reflecting nosocomial norovirus outbreak (NNO) data available in 19 Hessian local public health authorities (LPHAs) and the influence of differences between LPHA's follow-up procedures for laboratory notifications of Norovirus positive stool samples on outbreak underascertainment.
Jurisprudència i bibliografia sobre la funció pública - The Civil Service: Case Law and Literature - Jurisprudencia y bibliografía sobre la función pública
Gemma Geis Carreras
Revista Catalana de Dret Públic , 2012,
Abstract: L’article analitza les novetats jurisprudencials i doctrinals aparegudes amb posterioritat a l’aprovació de Estatut bàsic de l'empleat públic (EBEP). En aquest sentit, s’inicia un recorregut amb les darreres sentències del Tribunal Constitucional respecte del dret fonamental a l’accés a la funció pública, passant pels requisits d’accés a la funció pública, les garanties del procediment de selecció envers les mesures de discriminació positiva, polítiques d’igualtat i d’inserció de les persones discapacitades, finalitzant amb l’adquisició i pèrdua de la condició de funcionari. Cal destacar que el context de crisi econòmica actual està present en el treball. L’aprovació de mesures d’un control més gran del dèficit públic ha comportat la impugnació davant dels tribunals de justícia de l’adopció de mesures que afecten els drets retributius dels empleats públics, especialment, del personal laboral. D’altra banda, es fa esment a la publicació de treballs que reflexionen respecte de les mesures de reorganització administrativa, reducció de treballadors públics, la incidència de la reforma laboral en la negociació col·lectiva i la modificació de les condicions de treball dels treballadors públics en el si de les administracions públiques. This article analyzes the novelties in case law and doctrine that have appeared subsequent to the passage of the Basic Statute for Public Employees. In this regard, the article reviews the most recent sentences of the Constitutional Court regarding the fundamental right of access to the civil service, including the requirements for joining the civil service, the guarantees of the selection procedure with respect to affirmative action and the policies for the equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities, and lastly, the acquisition and loss of one′s status as a civil servant. It should be emphasized that the context of the current economic crisis is present in this paper. The passage of measures to better control the public deficit has meant that the adoption of measures affecting the rights of compensation of public employees, especially, those civil servants employed on a group contract basis, has been challenged in the courts. On the other hand, mention is made of the publication of papers that reflect on the measures of administrative reorganization, the reduction in the number of public sector workers, the effect of labor reform on collective bargaining and the modification of working conditions for public workers working for public authorities. El artículo analiza las novedades jurisprudenciales y doctrinales apareci
Combinatorial simpliciality of arrangements of hyperplanes
Michael Cuntz,David Geis
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We introduce a combinatorial characterization of simpliciality for arrangements of hyperplanes. We then give a sharp upper bound for the number of hyperplanes of such an arrangement in the projective plane over a finite field, and present some series of arrangements related to the known arrangements in characteristic zero. We further enumerate simplicial arrangements with given symmetry groups. Finally, we determine all finite complex reflection groups affording combinatorially simplicial arrangements. It turns out that combinatorial simpliciality coincides with inductive freeness for finite complex reflection groups except for the Shephard-Todd group $G_{31}$.
The Anthropocene, global change and sleeping giants: where on Earth are we going?
Will Steffen
Carbon Balance and Management , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1750-0680-1-3
Abstract: Although a very important exercise, this approach to defining dangerous climate change can itself be dangerous, in particular because it often ignores the systemic nature of the global environment. Feedbacks and nonlinearities are the rule, not the exception, in the functioning of the Earth System [2], and in this Anthropocene era, where human activities have become a global geophysical force in their own right, there is no doubt that surprises await those who apply linear logic to the climate problem. The carbon cycle is centrally involved in many of these feedbacks and nonlinearities.Here we briefly review several of the more important so-called "sleeping giants" in the carbon cycle, processes that have the potential to accelerate the rate of warming beyond that attributed to human emissions of greenhouse gases [3]. The first of these is based on the impact on soil respiration of rising temperature and changing soil moisture, an example of a response of ecosystem physiology to climate change. Although there is still debate about the magnitude of the increase in soil respiration with temperature, and whether there are compensating effects of enhanced plant growth due to mobilisation of nitrogen in the process, the general consensus is that increasing temperature will cause an increase in the emission of CO2 from soil carbon [4].A second "sleeping giant" is the increase in disturbance in terrestrial ecosystems, often associated with pulses of carbon to the atmosphere. The most notable of these are wildfires and pest outbreaks, both sensitive to both warming and changes in the moisture regime. Although these are natural phenomena in the dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems, an increase in the frequency or extent of these disturbances results in a net loss of carbon to the atmosphere. Observations of the large areas of boreal forest in the northern high latitudes suggest that over the past couple of decades, these forests have experienced enhanced rates and/or areas of
Optical properties of Au Pt Pd-based high noble dental alloys
Takanobu Shiraishi,Juergen Geis-Gerstorfer
Gold Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/BF03215527
Abstract: The effects of the addition of various alloying elements (In, Sn, Zn) of up to 4 mass % on the optical properties of Au-Pt-Pd-based high noble dental alloys were investigated by means of spectrophotometric colourimetry. Spectral reflectance data from the mirror-polished flat samples were collected at 10 nm intervals in the wavelengths ranging from 360 nm to 740 nm under the CIE standard illuminant D65 and the observer of 10 degrees. Three dimensional colour coordinates in the CIEL *a*b* andL *C*h colour spaces were also obtained to specify the alloy colour. The alloying addition of a small amount of Sn and/or In increased the reflectance in the long-wavelength range and decreased the reflectance in the shortwavelength range. As a result, the maximum slope of the spectral reflectance curve at the absorption edge near 520 nm apparently increased with the additions of Sn and/or In. This change in shape of the spectral reflectance curve caused the increased chromaticity indices,a*, b*, and chroma,C*. On the other hand, the hue angle was not greatly affected by the alloying elements, with the exception of the alloy containing 4 mass % Sn showing a slightly lower hue angle. It was evidenced that in the single-phase structured alloys the average number of valence electrons per atom,e/a, in an alloy is a controlling factor of the colour of Au Pt Pd-based high noble dental alloys. That is, by increasinge/a-value,a*-, b*-, C*- coordinates systematically increased, giving a slight gold tinge to the parent Au-Pt-Pd alloy within the limitation that the structure of an alloy is a single phase. The addition of Sn of 2 mass % or more produced a small amount of the second phase of possible intermetallic compounds between Sn and Pd or Pt. The coexistence of a small amount of the second phase of possible intermetallic compounds further increased a gold tinge. However, the inclusion of 4 mass % Sn to the parent Au-Pt-Pd alloy gave a very light tint of red to the alloy. Results of the present study are expected to be useful in controlling colour of Au-Pt-Pd-based high noble dental alloys.
Optimierungsverfahren für schaltungstechnische Realisierungen zellularer Rechner
G. Geis,F. Gollas,R. Tetzlaff
Advances in Radio Science : Kleinheubacher Berichte , 2007,
Abstract: Bei intelligenten Sensoren soll die Aufnahme von Signalen und deren, zumindest teilweise durchgeführte, Verarbeitung mit einer einzigen Anordnung erfolgen. Dazu steht h ufig eine elektronische Schaltung zur Verfügung, die allerdings zur Einhaltung von Echtzeitbedingungen nur für eine relativ einfache Signalverarbeitung verwendet werden kann. Einen m glichen Ausweg bildet die Verwendung parallel arbeitender Rechnersysteme. In dieser Hinsicht sind programmierbare Schaltungen mit z.B. optischen Sensor-Anordnungen besonders interessant, die auf Zellularen Nichtlinearen Netzwerken basieren. Derartige miniaturisierte Systeme er ffnen aufgrund ihrer zellularen Architektur neue M glichkeiten zur Signalverarbeitung mit einem Leistungsverm gen, das im Bereich von Tera-Operationen pro Sekunde liegt. Für viele aktuelle Problemstellungen w re es von Vorteil, wenn diese zellularen Systeme eigenst ndig Parameteradaptionen durchführen k nnten. Eingangssignale, die beispielsweise über die vorhandenen optischen Sensoren aufgenommen werden, führten dann zu einer Neuberechnung bzw. Anpassung der Netzwerksparameter. Aufgrund der beachtlichen Leistungsf higkeit solcher Schaltungen w re damit die M glichkeit gegeben, eine adaptive Signalverarbeitung bei zeitlich ver nderlichen Problemen vorzunehmen. In diesem Beitrag wird die Implementierung und Analyse von Lernverfahren auf dem EyeRISTM System, das einen zellularen Prozessor ACE16kv2TM mit 128×128 Zellen enth lt, zur adaptiven Parameterbestimmung betrachtet. Anhand verschiedener Problemstellungen aus dem Bereich der Bildverarbeitung werden unterschiedliche Lernverfahren verglichen und deren Leistungsf higkeit untersucht.
The Extraordinary Condition of Extraordinary Rendition: The C.I.A., the D.E.A., Kidnaping, Torture, and the Law
Joseph F.C. DiMento,Gilbert Geis
War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity , 2006,
Abstract: Extraordinary rendition is a maneuver in which United States agents abduct or arrange for the abduction of persons in foreign countries who they suspect of terrorist activities. These persons are then taken to other nations where they often are tortured by local enforcement personnel in order to secure information that the Americans desire. The article portrays an egregious episode in which a Muslim cleric was kidnaped in Milan by C.I.A. operatives and flown the Egypt where he was severely manhandled. It also traces the legal background in American law of rendition and offers an interpretative analysis.
Flow Structures Inside a Rotor-Stator Cavity
T. Geis,J. Ebner,S. Kim,S. Wittig
International Journal of Rotating Machinery , 2001, DOI: 10.1155/s1023621x01000240
Abstract: This paper describes an experimental investigation initiated to determine the threedimensional flow field inside the rim seal cavity of a double-shrouded rotor-stator system. Thereby, the effects caused by perturbances in the rotor wall were additionally examined. The objective of this work is to provide detailed information about the mechanisms that can promote elevated temperature levels in the high pressure section of a gas turbine. Both ingested hot gas and windage heating generated at the rotor-stator interface can severely affect the material temperatures and thus considerably increase the thermal load of the rotating parts.
Future direction of pathogenesis and treatment for rheumatic disorders
Steffen Gay
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/ar3556
Abstract: Millions of patients have tremendously benefitted. However, we cannot cure these diseases yet and have to search for additional therapeutic targets.Since it was shown that synovial fibroblasts (SF) are not only effector cells responding to inflammatory stimuli, but appear endogenously activated and potentially involved into spreading the disease [1], we searched for the epigenetic modifications leading to the activated phenotype of these cells.Epigenetics in its scientific definition "is the study of all heritable and potentially reversible changes in genome function that do not alter the nucleotide sequence within the DNA", but might be considered in simpler terms as the regulation of gene expression.Epigenetic modifications include:Acetylation,Methylation,Phosphorylation,Sumoylation,miRs or microRNAs.Our laboratory is studying these processes and we have found that RASF reside in a hyperacetylated synovial tissue and appear hypomethylated [2]. Hypomethylation leads to the activated phenotype of RASF which is characterized by the production of matrix-degrading enzymes and of potent chemokines induced by Toll-like receptor signalling. Current strategies are designed to methylate these cells to deactivate and "normalise" them again.miRs are about 20 nucleotide long smallRNAs acting to destroy specific mRNA.In the race to identify specific miRs as novel targets we have identified for example, that interleukin-6 modulates the expression of the Bone Morphogenic Protein Receptor Type II through a novel STAT3microRNA cluster 17/92 pathway, which helps to explain the loss of the BMPR2 in the vascular cells in pulmonary hypertension [3]. Moreover, miR-203 is regulating the production of IL-6 [4].Most interestingly, epigenetic therapy is also on the horizon [5].
Sustainable Construction for Urban Infill Development Using Engineered Massive Wood Panel Systems
Steffen Lehmann
Sustainability , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/su4102707
Abstract: Prefabricated engineered solid wood panel construction systems can sequester and store CO2. Modular cross-laminated timber (CLT, also called cross-lam) panels form the basis of low-carbon, engineered construction systems using solid wood panels that can be used to build residential infill developments of 10 storeys or higher. Multi-apartment buildings of 4 to 10 storeys constructed entirely in timber, such as recently in Europe, are innovative, but their social and cultural acceptance in Australia and North America is at this stage still uncertain. Future commercial utilisation is only possible if there is a user acceptance. The author is part of a research team that aims to study two problems: first models of urban infill; then focus on how the use of the CLT systems can play an important role in facilitating a more livable city with better models of infill housing. Wood is an important contemporary building resource due to its low embodied energy and unique attributes. The potential of prefabricated engineered solid wood panel systems, such as CLT, as a sustainable building material and system is only just being realised around the globe. Since timber is one of the few materials that has the capacity to store carbon in large quantities over a long period of time, solid wood panel construction offers the opportunity of carbon engineering, to turn buildings into ‘carbon sinks’. Thus some of the historically negative environmental impact of urban development and construction can be turned around with CLT construction on brownfield sites.
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