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Microscopic observation on mycorrhiza of Doritis pulcherrima

CHEN Jin-Hua HU Mei-Jiao SONG Xi-Qiang,HE Ming-Gao LUO Yi-Bo Key Laboratory of Tropical Horticultural Plant Resources,Genetic Improvement Affiliated to Ministry of Education,Hainan University,Danzhou,China Environment,Plant Protection Institute,Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences,China State Key Laboratory of Systematic,Evolutionary Botany,Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 兰科菌根菌对兰花种子萌发和原球茎生长起了重要作用,在成年阶段也扮演着重要角色(即使该兰花含有叶绿素)。为了解东南亚特有种五唇兰的菌根形态和菌根真菌的动态侵染过程,对不同生境下两种变异类型叶背绿色和叶背紫色的成年植株菌根分三个时间段采样并进行显微观察。结果表明,成年的五唇兰植株与菌根真菌有着密切关系,菌丝的侵染、定殖和消解程度随着生长发育变化而变化;在营养生长阶段和生殖生长阶段都发现菌丝结,这两个阶段的菌丝特征有所不同;而在休眠阶段的菌根中观察不到菌丝结;不同生境和不同变异类型的菌根结构无明显区别。研究结果为附生兰、地生兰和腐生兰的菌根结构的比较提供了参考。
The butterfly Pieris rapae resulting in the reproductive success of two transplanted orchids in a botanical garden

Hongfang Zhang,Liqiang Li,Zhongjian Liu,Yibo Luo,State Key Laboratory of Systematic,Evolutionary Botany,Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Bei-jing The National Orchid Conservation Center,Shenzhen,Guangdong Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

生物多样性 , 2010,
Abstract: Ex-situ conservation is an effective measure to prevent extinction of species.In order to learn the plant-pollinator relationship in ex situ habitat and shed insights into the ex situ conservation,we studied the pollination system and reproductive strategy of two orchids Ludisia discolor from Wutong Mountains,Shenzhen and Calanthe argenteo-striata from Malipo,Yunnan in the Botanical Garden of the National Orchid Conservation Center(NOCC),Shenzhen,southeastern China in 2007 and 2008.Both species have inflore...
The Optimized Configuration for Reflective Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays by a Novel Method

(State Key Laboratory,Optical Engineering,

光子学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The state of polarization plays an important role in twisted nematic liquid crystal displays. Combined with Jones matrix and j-circle method based on Stokes vectors, a novel method is proposed for the optimization of reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal displays. The difference between the space parameters method and the present method is that by chasing the polarization state in propagation the optimum condition is obtained. The proposed method has the advantage of ease to understand and can simultaneously optimize several parameters. The new optimal displays modes are found.
Analysis of Liquid Crystal Tunable Febry-Perot Etalon Filters

(State Key Laboratory,

光子学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The influence of the reflectance phase shift of the reflector on the peak wavelength in a liquid crystal Febry-Perot etalon (LCFPE) filter is discussed. In the tunable LCFPE filter, the peak wavelength is selected by adjusting the applied external voltage. The peak wavelength shifts due to the wavelength-dependent phase shift of the reflector. A set of simple formulas which can give quickly the phase shift are derived. The simulation results indicate that the reflective phase shift can not be ignored in the design of a LCFPE filter as it plays an important role in determining the peak wavelength and the applied voltage of the device. Using these formulas, a tunable LCFPE filter in the optical communication C-Band is designed.
Quantum Analysis of Modern Cryptosystems

LU Xin,FENG Deng-Guo State Key Laboratory of Information Security,Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing State Key Laboratory of Information Security,

计算机科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Many fast quantum algorithms,which cannot be solved efficiently by classical probabilistic algorithms,can be reduced to the discussion of hidden subgroup problems. The quantum algorithms of hidden subgroup problems are reviewed and the advantages of quantum algorithm over group are analyzed in the paper. This paper surveys the mod- ern cryptosystems that can be broken by quantum hidden subgroup algorithms in polynomial time. Limits of the hid- den subgroup problems quantum algorithms are also discussed.
Petrology and geochemistry of the granulite xenoliths from Cenozoic Qiangtang volcanic field: Implication for the nature of the lower crust in the northern Tibetan plateau and the genesis of Cenozoic volcanic rocks

LAI ShaoCong QIN JiangFeng State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics,

岩石学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 青藏高原北部羌塘地块的新生代高钾钙碱性火山岩中含有很多下地壳捕虏体,这些捕虏体的主要岩石类型为二辉石麻粒岩和单斜辉石麻粒岩。本文对鸟兰乌拉湖南侧枕头崖地区新生代高钾钙碱性火山岩中的9个麻粒岩样品(6个基性麻粒岩和3个酸性麻粒岩)进行了系统的岩石学,矿物化学,地球化学和Sr-Nd-Pb同位素地球化学研究。其中,紫苏辉石具有高MgO FeO,低Al_2O_3的特征,单斜辉石具有低Al_2O_3和TiO_2的特征,黑云母具有高TiO_2的特征,这些特征都表明这些矿物为变质成因。矿物温压计算表明二辉石麻粒岩形成的平衡温度为783℃~818℃。单斜辉石麻粒岩形成压力在0.845~0.858GPa之间,来源深度约28km。表明它们可能是来自青藏高原加厚陆壳中部的岩石样品。基性麻粒岩的SiO_2=48.76%~58.61%,Al_2O_3=18.34%~24.50%,Na_2O=3.16%~5.41%,K_2O=1.58%~3.01%,低Mg~#(30~67),富集轻稀土(LREE)和大离子亲石元素(LILE),其具有较高的Rb/Sr(0.09~0.21)和(La/Yb)_N(17.32~49.35),具有较低的Nb/Ta (9.76~14.92),其Eu异常变化于0.19~0.89之间。基性麻粒岩的Sr-Nd-Pb同位素地球化学表现为~(87)Sr/~(86)Sr=0.710812~0.713241,ε_(Sr)=169.13~203.88,~(143)Nd/~(144)Nd=0.512113~0.512397;ε_(Nd)=-4.70~-10.05,~(206)Pb/~(204)Pb=18.7000~-18.9565,~(207)Pb/~(204)Pb=15.7135~-15.7662,~(208)Pb/~(204)Pb=39.1090~39.4733。和基性麻粒岩类似,酸性麻粒岩也表现出富集轻稀土(LREE)和大离子亲石元素(LILE)的特征,它们的~(87)Sr/~(86)Sr=0.712041~0.729088,ε_(Sr)=180.71~430.59,~(143)Nd/~(144)Nd=0.512230~-0.512388;ε_(Nd)=-4.74~-7.96,~(206)Pb/~(204)Pb=18.9250~-19.1717,~(207)Pb/~(204)Pb=1
A universal numerical discretization method on different meshes

Cai Qingdong State Key Laboratory of Turbulence,Complex System,Peking University,Beijing,China,

力学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: A universal discretization method is prestented in this paper, it can be used on arbitary meshes. Considering the common properties of all different kinds of meshes, we established this numerical difference scheme by Taylor series expansion and the least square method. We can obtain the local difference matrix(LDM) and global difference matrix(GDM) on any mesh by this method, then the difference operator can be interpreted as its matrix form in discreted space directly. This skill can apply to many numerical schemes developed on structured grid, then those schemes will work on arbitary meshes, the complexity of the computation domain will no longer be any problems. In order to verify the skill in this paper, we first compute the numerical difference of an analytical function, and compare the results with the exact solutions. It shows that the method has the 2nd order accuracy as the center difference scheme. Another two examples are numerical simulation of incompressible flow in a two dimension backward-facing step and three dimension driven cavity. The vorticity-stream function equation and Navier-Stokes equations in velocity-pressure form are used respectively. The results in this paper are agreement with the classical ones on structured meshes. But the method here can be applied on any grid.

Zhu ZuojinThe State Key Laboratory of Fire Science,

力学学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The transient 3D viscous laminar flow around two identical square cylinders in closelystaggered arrangement at moderate Reynolds numbers has been simulated numerically by solvingthe incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with a fractional algorithm, where the fourth orderAdams scheme were used to evaluate the intermediate velocity field, and the AF1 (approximatefactorization one) as well as the stablized bi-conjugate gradient (Bi-CGSTAB) algorithm werecombined to obtain the pressure field by solving the derived pressure Poisson's equation, fromwhich the velocity at the new time level was evaluated. It was found that, when the squarecylinders are closely stagger arrangement, the values for the spanwise-averaged mean lift indicatethat the hydrodynamic forces due to vortex motion will make them attracted each other. Inaddition, the Strouhal number for upstream cylinder is found larger than that for the downstreamone. The stagger arrangement appears a significant effect on the flow pattern. The results obtainedin the current study are qualiatively in a good agreemeat with experiments, and more elegantthan those obtained by MAC-AF1 method.
Grain Boundary Sliding in Fatigue of Pure Aluminum
Wenlin HE,Qishan ZANG,Zhongguang WANG,State Key Laboratory for Fatigue,Fracture of Materials,

材料科学技术学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The distributions of plastic strain near grain boundaries induced by fatigue loading were investigatedby the fiducial grid method in pure aluminum specimens, and the resulted grain boundary sliding(GBS) was systematically analysed. The results show that the strain field near a grain boundary isnonuniform. GBS is restricted by the junction of grain boundaries and causes discontinuities of bothdisplacement and strain. A peak value of shear strain was created in short-range area across the grainboundary. GBS plays an important role in cyclic softening and secondary hardening. The control fac-tor of GBS is the relative orientation between two grains and the macro orientation of the grainboundary rather than the ∑ value of the boundary.
Study on Measurement Method of Thermal Performances for High Power LED and its Applications

State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou,

光子学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The maesurement principle and procedure based on the dynamic electrical measurement method for thermal resistance and junction temperature of high power LED and the factors which influenced measuring results were investigated. At the same time, the setup of the test system for the measuring of thermal resistance was designed. The experimental results show that the metod has the advantages of simple structure and good stability, and it can be performed to measure thermal resistance and junction temperature of high power LED as a effective measurement method.
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